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This page is an index that links to various informative pages about particular elements of Shen Yin Wang Zuo. It will contain no spoiler and will be updated as we advance in the story.

Here are the pages:

Pages I am considering doing:
3)Spiritual Stoves
4)To create a page for each Temple in particular, when we’ll have gotten enough informations. And the current Temples page would became a Temple Alliance page as well as a sub-index.
5)Kind of monsters, and their list
6)Objects, items and equipment
7)Long Hao Chen’s possible romance targets.

Please consider giving me ideas for wiki pages you would like to see in this section. Don’t hesitate to tell me if some of the ones I am planning to do look a bit useless, or should be fused with some others. Tell me if you see an error or something else I can improve. I will be very grateful towards you if you do so!

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  • Akki

    Nice idea with a wiki, especially with the ranking page, since that is information that is easily forgotten…

    And I started giggling so hard when I read the 7th considered page XD

  • Nirheim

    Hey, I here to clear some confusion on my part and gave some informations I found so far by reading from machine translation. Firstly, a spiritual stove, according to one chapter, it look along the line of a box, but that might be wrong thought. Second, the MC only have only one love interest, I not gonna spoil anyone but she is someone already appear in the story translated so far. Third, in the future chapter, there gonna be something along the line of fairy or elemental of western culture, but they translated as demon according to the machine translation, so I think you should change that into fairy, but don’t worry too much right now since there still a long way until you get into that chapter. Also, for some reason, the pastor seem more and more like a healer or priest as I read more and more, but I might be wrong on that one thought. Also, if you still translate the one that currently fighting humanity as evil spirit, I really think you should translate it as demon. Also, one thing still bug me a lot, the knight, in the series, you and the machine both translated as knight, but I think they should be name paladin because they only consist of using light element, also, I aware that paladin sometime use other elements, but in a normal fantasy novel/game, they normally only using light element.

    All of the thing above it just my suggestion to be more conveince for the reader to understand the term better, they might not be the direct translation, but it in better terminology because it seem like the author want to contain the fantasy genre in it, so using western name for some of them is better. Although, it just my opinion.

    • Sorry yeah I just saw it :), lemme the time to read it

    • A knight is a knight, I am a translator, not a rewriter, don’t forget that.

      1)I’m translating thing as they are written, and I see nothing wrong with my translation of spiritual stoves and their descriptions. If new details appear later, the readers will discover them at the same time as I translate them, I don’t see any problem. Basically you want me to add details that the author didn’t give at some moment, but this is not something I should do.

      2) This is in itself a big spoiler, reason why I had to delete the second copy of this comment sorry, you can repost it anywhere as long as there’s no spoiler. Can you please edit the 2?

      3) Don’t worry, I know what I am translating, but I’ll stick with the author’s words, if the author calls a f***** a d*****, I’ll translate accordingly. If the author named X thing somehow, there’s a reason, don’t you think so?

      4) Please don’t type a so long comment in a single line XD I feel lost in reading this

      People here want a translation not a rewriting. QiShi is knight, not paladin. If I renamed Qi Shi, I could also rename lizard as dragon(;..). Do you think its a wise choice?

      Anything else you want me to answer?

      • Nirheim

        Sorry if I offense you, it just that I want to contribute something to this site because I found the great novel because of you so I just want to do something that may help you. And I didn’t really think that I offense you by writing my suggestion, so I really sorry for that. Also, you feel free to delete my comment since I can’t find the edit function.

        • Okay alright, I’m just editing a part of it, since it contains several spoilers, but I’m keeping a copy of your advices in my computer, thanks a lot.

          Nonono I’m not offended at all actually, thanks for trying to help.

          • Nirheim

            Okay, I glad I didn’t offense you and feel very honored that you keeping my advice. Also, I guess my ‘hormones’ was acting up that time so I thought you was angry. Lol

  • thiec

    I have make some wiki in my free time. Please make a comment for it

    • Wooow that’s awesome buddy!!!
      I didn’t have a lot of time to update the Wiki truthfully.
      I’ve a question; would you mind us working together on it? Please leave your Skype or Mail address if you’re okay with that :),

      • thiec

        Sorry, i cant leave my mail address here but I have sent email to your gmail

        • Yeah I received thanks; actually I was going to delete the comment with your mail adress right after reading it; but I forgot you could simply send me a mail. ^^’

  • Taiki

    Hey Totobro, I love your translation. I just noticed that the Spiritual Stove is depicted in this picture from the manhua http://d.readmanga.ru/uploads/pics/00/51/854.jpg inside the golden light. I thought it might come in handy for giving readers a visual aid of what a spiritual stove actually looks like.

  • thunderhill

    Totobro, you might need a table on item grades and stuff like that.

  • Frank Uy

    The romance with he female assasin is good enough and makes people think about how strong their children can be so let people anticipate that for possible new manwha. Your fighting systems skills need more to be like an mmorpg game not short cut explanation. Imagine some skill that they created on their own. Move that they use all the time and evolves into a skill, power that is not too op but were learned from their master or a technique their family have to make them unique. Sacred weapons that are part of their body or created theough their scion level to make them legendary.

  • Tzakar

    Bonjour Totobro, je suis un traducteur Anglais/Français de light novel, avec ma team nous traduisons actuellement Re:Monster et The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor mais nous aimerions également traduire SYWZ. Je le lisais déjà mais une nouvelle recrue a vraiment envie de le faire donc voilà je te contacte pour en gros demander ton approbation ^^

    Sinon bon travail continuez comme ça je dois dire que je suis fan, je regarde aussi de très près le travail de gravity translation ( love zhan long and btth).
    En espérant avoir une réponse.
    Bonne journée à tous

    • I’ll send you a mail :). I usually don’t speak french in comment sections because it would not be cool to other people who cannot understand French.

  • Go to links and you’ll find it. Sorry btw, have to remove your comment for containing spoilers.

  • Rengel Sia

    Whaaat? Romance targets? He already had the approval of the Grandfather and the parents of Cai Er, including seemingly all the people around them. Should there be a need for LHC romance targets? How about we rephrase and state it like “women who likes LHC or something like that? Hmmn

  • CrazyStrawHat

    Hello Totobro, I’d like to propose an association for translation, is it possible to present this project by email? I hope you’ll be interested.


  • Anthony Federico

    I donated 2 days ago and no update on the tracker can’t find a way to contact you at all so im going to have to leave messages on all the comment pages i can find on this site.

  • leopold1983

    Hi there, so I hopped to the skill wiki but how can we halp/contribute to the wiki?

    • Hello, you can simply send me a mail of the added content to my usual mail address (tonytruanth@gmail.com), since I take time to notice comments generally (since they are quite dispersed in the site). Then, as soon as I can, i’ll update the site with the help of the datas from the contributing readers and leave my thanks.

  • Stephy chi


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