Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 095

Chapter 95: Actually, I am very ugly (I)

Ye Hua glanced at Long Hao Chen, and said with a snort, “Stinky kid, so this was your background.”

Long Hao Chen lowered his head, “Teacher, I…”

Ye Hua waved his hands and said, “No need to tell me. In fact, when that fatty Nalan let me teach you, I already knew that you had a peculiar background, otherwise, how could you have attained this level of cultivation at such a young age? Is this background your father?”

Long Hao Chen nodded.

Ye Hua patted his shoulder, “No need to overthink this, I don’t blame you. Besides, your luck is indeed quite bad, to meet an opponent of the fifth step in this match. Although you won, your secret has been exposed.”

Long Hao Chen gave Ye Hua a concerned look. His mind in disorder, he approached Ye Hua’s ear and told him something in a very low voice.

Ye Hua’s eyes were instantly wide open, and he looked at Long Hao Chen, astonished.

Long Hao Chen nodded at his direction.
Ye Hua’s ice-cold face revealed a smile even uglier than a crying expression, before giving him a thumbs up.

“Teacher, what is a retainer knight?” Long Hao Chen asked, full of curiosity.

Ye Hua answered, “What you gained this time was quite convenient. A retainer knight is like the retainer warriors of a mage. The sole difference, is that one’s retainer knight can be considered as his servant, rather than a regular partner of his. The fact he made an oath implies that if you are to meet a dangerous situation, he will have no other choice than to risk his life by your side. It’s like a human shield. According to the rules and regulations of the Demon Hunt Squads, this kind of existences called retenues are normally not allowed, but knight retenues are the exception. If a knight is a Retribution Knight, then he is permitted to have a training Guardian Knight as his retinue. It is because in regard to Demon Hunt Squads, Guardian Knights are extremely useful.”

“Only, there is almost no knight that is willing to become someone’s retinue. Consequently, you can be said to have picked up a treasure. And this retinue is in addition a knight of the fifth step! When you will enter a Demon Hunt Squad in the future, in terms of sustainability, he will be extremely useful. Furthermore, for having reached the fifth step before his 25 years-old, his background cannot be so simple.”

Long Hao Chen scratched his head, and said, “But, his cultivation level is higher than mine, he may not necessarily accept this.”

Ye Hua showed a mysterious smile, “You are looking down on the oath of a retainer knight. No matter how proud he is, under this oath, you will be his everything, his master. Even if deep inside, he doesn’t accept it, all his thoughts will have to be directed to your sake.”

“Teacher, I’ll be returning first, I have already fully recovered and I also have to rest for tomorrow’s match.” Long Hao Chen hadn’t forgotten the promise he made to Cai’er, and now that his match had ended, he felt an urge to fulfill it as soon as possible.

Ye Hua nodded, and gave his agreement, “Go. However, don’t be over-hasty, there will be no need for you to participate in tomorrow’s match.”

“Huh?” Long Hao Chen stared at him, completely astonished.

The nearby Li Xin was smiling, “Foolish brother, did you forget about the vacant place? If no one else other than you can beat a knight of the fifth step today, how could it run out of your palm?”

Long Hao Chen suddenly realized that now that he had defeated Han Yu, he should be able to seize this vacant place!

If the competition was the only issue, he wouldn’t be particularly rejoiced, because he hoped to increase his combat experience against powerful opponents, while arousing his potential.

But this last day was different. He was indeed on the verge of having his spiritual energy liquefied, after figuring out how [Storing Power] could be used as a training method. In such circumstances, what he needed the most was some time of quiet practice.

Exiting the Knight Stadium, Long Hao Chen impatiently headed at running pace to Cai’er’s location. In a distant place, he saw Cai’er who calmly stood there. She had stood at the same place of the street as before, for a long time, just like a sculpture, and was dressed up the same way as the last times.

The sunlight was sprinkled across her body, and under its warm rays, her purple hair seemed to have acquired a crystal-clear gloss.

“Cai’er.” Long Hao Chen called out, running at full speed toward her.

As soon as she heard his voice, Cai’er was shaken, but when she felt him approaching, she felt an intense chill scattering all over her body.

“Cai’er, what’s up?” Long Hao Chen was startled, suddenly stopping.

Cai’er’s voice didn’t have the slightest coldness, “You are injured? Who was it that injured you?” As she was speaking, she lifted up her hand, naturally grabbing Long Hao Chen’s.

Long Hao Chen had a curious look, “How do you know that I am injured?”

Cai’er said, “I could hear it. Although I cannot see, my hearing is a lot better than ordinary people’s. Your breathing is unnatural, so it is clear that you have been wounded.” At this moment, the chill she felt in her body had appeased, and she let go of Long Hao Chen’s hand.

Long Hao Chen chuckled, “It’s nothing. I am participating in the Demon Hunt Selection of the Alliance and today, I encountered a powerful opponent, so I have received minor injuries, but nothing serious. However, I won. Right, I haven’t told you yet, but I am a knight. Today, I had a good match, and since there will be a vacant place tomorrow, I should already be in the top ten.”

“Mh.” Cai’er lightly nodded, and her body wasn’t sending out chills anymore.

“Let’s go, I’m sending you back.” This time, it was Long Hao Chen who took the initiative to grab her little hand, slowly pulling her in the direction of her hotel.

The two youths slowly walked. The atmosphere was very quiet, and Long Hao Chen advanced slowly, just like a kid first learning how to walk. As the sunlight sprinkled across their bodies, a pleasant, warm feeling filled them as their heartbeats sped up.

However, no matter how slow they were, the path would finally meet its end.

In the instant they stopped in their tracks, a change appeared in Long Hao Chen; he was inwardly reluctant to part with her. After feeling the warmth of when he was holding her hand, he was unwilling to let it go.

“Rest quickly when you return. I will be waiting for you tomorrow.” Cai’er quietly said.

“Okay. I will definitely come early, tomorrow I’ll be taking the vacant place, so I’ll be able to come first and wait for you.”

His heart couldn’t bear to separate from her, “Go in first, I’ll wait for you to enter before leaving.”

But Cai’er shook her head and said, “I want to hear your footsteps as you leave, is it okay?”

He didn’t know why, but every time Long Hao Chen saw her expressionless eyes, he was unable to decline her, “Okay, then be careful when you go back, okay.”

“Don’t try to take risks like you did today, in your future matches.” Cai’er suddenly said.

Long Hao Chen chuckled, “I am not taking risks, I am being diligent. If I don’t try my utmost to become more powerful, who will be here to protect you?” At this point, he clearly felt that his heart was beating a lot faster. He didn’t dare stay here any longer, and left Cai’er, quickly running.

Listening to the sound of his steps as he was leaving, Cai’er’s face became ice-cold once again, “He was wounded. Fortunately, it’s nothing serious.” Her body suddenly flashed with an intense killing intent.


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  • Prakhar Garhwal

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