Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 093

Chapter 93: Retribution Knight Long Hao Chen (III)

Based on Long Hao Chen’s current strength, to prevail over a fifth step knight with a mount was extremely hard, almost impossible. Even if his innate talents were high, his opponent was after all one that had trained until the fifth step and beyond. As such, he could only rely on tactics to give himself a chance at winning.

Strength would forever be a crucial part of winning, but it wouldn’t be the only one. With clever tactics, even a child could kill an adult, let alone Long Hao Chen whose disparity with #4 wasn’t even that large.

Even though [Holy Mantle] was already a fourth step guardian knight’s skill, it still couldn’t block the liquid spiritual energy of the fifth step. But without a doubt, [Heavenly Battle Array] combined with [Holy Mantle] had already won him more than enough time.

He pulled out the Light Sword that was pierced into the ground with a dense, golden radiance, and simultaneously swept out horizontally, with the sword in his left hand in a blazing, red arc. This fiery red radiance combined with the golden radiance to form an intersecting [Instant Blast Cross Cut].

At this point in time, Long Hao Chen was already within Knight #4’s reach. But he had never imagined that this Long Hao Chen, who seemed to completely lack any means of resistance, would suddenly break into offense. Furthermore, it was so explosively fierce.

At this moment, he had already missed the opportunity to utilize any skills, and could only raise up his shield with difficulty to defend himself.


Light and fire crossed, forming an [Instant Blast Cross Cut] and fiercely hit #4’s shield. The number 4 knight was indeed excellent, deserving of the title of powerhouse at the fifth step. In such a disadvantageous situation, he was only forced to take two steps back by Long Hao Chen’s attack. It was, once again, because of the superiority of the liquid spiritual energy.

However, this was only the beginning. The intersected [Instant Blast Cross Cut] struck against competitor #4, who lost all opportunity to strike back. Long Hao Chen’s swords didn’t stop, even for half a second, immediately delivering another blow. But this time, his pair of swords shone with a bursting radiance.

A dazzling gold-colored light, together with a dazzling gold-red shine. The pair of swords actually immediately launched a [Shining Solar Strike], the most powerful skill of Retribution Knights of the fourth step.

Having just recently parried an attack, competitor #4 was in a shocked and angry state. Long Hao Chen’s two swords immediately chained with another blow, shining with an intimidating brilliance.


This time, knight #4 resisted, but wasn’t as relaxed. Under the powerful force of [Shining Solar Strike], his shield was pushed back and he almost lost his balance, stumbling forwards and backwards in succession, but still managing to stay on his feet.

The advantage Long Hao Chen gained was not small. The Flame Sword in his left hand was thrust forward, carrying a red glow, and a [Lightning Thrust] was directly aimed at #4’s chest. The Light Sword in his right hand wasn’t attacking together, but was lifted above his head. Above it, an incandescent luster shone, instantly amplifying. But there was a fundamental difference with [Shining Solar Strike]. It was that the Light Sword’s radiance wasn’t scattering, but completely concentrated in the sword. It seemed that the Light Sword was becoming immaterial, and could break through anything, as a holy aura was emanating from the Light Sword.

Long Hao Chen recited some incantations in a low voice, and this Light Sword revealed a change. At first glance, it looked like a [Pure White Edge], but compared to [Pure White Edge], the current Light Sword was superior by far, regardless of whether it was in terms of quality and purity of the spiritual energy, in terms of density of the holy aura emitted, or in terms of burden to the user.

In the platform, the Saint Knight that was sitting was completely astonished and declared, “Good boy, so he had this kind of secret. Turns out that he was not a Guardian Knight at all. No wonder he had been continuously using [Storing Power] and [Divine Obstruction]. He was from the beginning a Retribution Knight! What a good fellow, this is the ambidextruous high level retribution skill that can be learned at the fifth step of the vocation.”

#4 was completely dispirited: Long Hao Chen’s counterattack was something beyond his expectations. Furthermore, Long Hao Chen’s series of bursting attacks didn’t give him the slightest opportunity to counterattack.

[Heavenly Battle Array], [Holy Mantle], two [Shining Solar Strike] and a [Lightning Thrust]. He didn’t even have the time to transfer his internal spiritual energy to obstruct these attacks, let alone to launch skills or summon his mount. He was completely caught in these attacks, and could do nothing else other than passively take them on. To stop Long Hao Chen’s chained attacks, he had to wait for a tiny gap, an opportunity to strike back.

Using his broadsword, he tried to contain these attacks as much as he could. Jingling sounds rang repeatedly on the surface of the stadium. Long Hao Chen’s [Lightning Thrust] was extremely fast, giving him the opportunity to use [Shining Solar Strike]. Competitor #4 couldn’t possibly completely stop these attacks. A gold-red light swept past his left arm, instantly leaving a black scorched mark.

A real powerhouse wouldn’t let pride blind him in the midst of the battlefield. Competitor 4, who didn’t even bother to wear any armor, had clearly violated this golden rule. He was hit by the Flame Sword that left a painful wound on his left arm, which became completely numb.

In fact, until that moment, competitor #4 had never thought that he could lose; even if Long Hao Chen was a Retribution Knight and could use so many abilities, wouldn’t his timing normally have a small gap after using them? As long as he had the chance to strike back, he was confident in his absolute superiority in terms of cultivation level to prevail over Long Hao Chen.

At this very moment, as Long Hao Chen completed [Lightning Thrust], a dazzling gold-red-colored radiance suddenly erupted. It was another [Shining Solar Strike], only, this time, it wasn’t used as a strike, but a stab.

It didn’t have [Lightning Thrust]’s speed, but it had [Shining Solar Strike]’s might. Competitor #4 had no choice but to block with his shield once again. An explosive sound could be heard, as he fell five steps back. His shield and his broadsword had both turned dull by then.

As he took a deep breath, while falling back, #4’s eyes were full of rage. With his entirely liquid spiritual energy, although he was currently unsteady, this fall back could also be described as an opportunity. Using a little bit of internal spiritual energy, he released a gold-colored [Holy Mantle]. It healed the injury in his left hand while taking shape and forming a powerful defense.

[Assault], Long Hao Chen dived with his sword, and in a split second, nothing else other than a white electric light could be seen as his outline became shapeless.

A single sword shape appeared–, but was it the Light Sword, or the Flame Sword?

A crystal clear pure-white bright sword created ripples in the air, instantly coming close.


The [Holy Mantle] created by the power of the knight of the fifth step unexpectedly couldn’t withstand this thrust of the Light Sword. With an ear-piercing sound, the Light Sword forcibly penetrated this [Holy Mantle].

[Holy Sword], the ultimate Retribution Knight skill of the fifth step. While possessing a tyrannical offensive power, this skill had a supplementary effect on creatures with a dark attribute, doubling the damage.
Competitor #4 was completely astonished, hastingly lifting up his Victorious Shield, but Long Hao Chen’s linking speed was just too high; he only had the time to use a [Holy Filter Shield] to enhance his shield’s defense.

And at this very moment, on the Light Sword, a white glow appeared, and ruthlessly struck #4’s shield, followed with a thrust from the Light Sword.


Under the gaze of the shocked spectators, #4’s shield was split open, finally broken by the Light Sword’s blows. However, the huge force of impact wasn’t limited to that, as he tumbled onto the ground.

The fiery-red-colored brilliance quietly approached, fearlessly falling on his shoulder. A scorching hot temperature approached #4’s neck, completely terrifying him.

Using the support of the Light Sword to prevent himself from falling down, he stuck the Flame Sword to #4’s neck. As he took big gasps to breath, Long Hao Chen’s mouth was covered in blood, blood that kept flowing out. But his eyes were still full of resolution, that didn’t change at all.

To use so many abilities to such an extent while wounded, the burden on Long Hao Chen’s body was obvious. But it was precisely this series of dangerous attacks that made him victorious.

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