Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 092

Chapter 92: Retribution Knight Long Hao Chen (II)

The most astonishing thing was that this number 4 knight didn’t wear any armor. Clearly wearing a proud face, he carefully looked at Long Hao Chen, who was facing him.

“I’ve heard that during the two previous days, you have only been using [Storing Power] to prevail over your opponents. Don’t use this trashy skill against me, otherwise, you will only hideously lose.” said the knight bearing the number 4, full of disdain.

Long Hao Chen indifferently answered, “There’s no trashy skill, only trashy people.”

The knight bearing the number 4 narrowed his eyes, speaking loudly: “Very well.”

Because a knight of the fifth step participated in this match, the referee was replaced with a Saint Knight of the seventh step. This referee had the appearance of a middle aged man. His impressive figure stood proudly, similarly to a huge mountain, as he coldly snorted, “We don’t care about your bullshit, this place is not one to show off with your clever talk, match start.”

There was no difference compared to the two previous matches; as soon as the referee declared the start of the match, Long Hao Chen’s body was immediately surrounded by a gold-colored fog. It was, as before, [Storing Power].

#4’s eyes became completely cold, clearly filled with wrath. Unlike the other knights, he didn’t immediately summon his mount. He loudly knocked the broadsword in one of his hands against the shield in the other one, producing an enormous bang sound. He seemed almost stuck to the ground before, after a small period of time, charging at Long Hao Chen.

[Assault], a skill used by knights of the fifth step that relied on a formidable spiritual energy, enabling the user to charge with a faster speed while steadier than [Charge].

While he was launching [Assault], an intense bright light was being emitted by his body, but this light was entirely different than the one Long Hao Chen was emitting. They were beyond comparison, it looked as if a thin armor covered his whole body. This was precisely the result produced by liquefying the spiritual energy. This change had simultaneously appeared on the weapon he was wielding.

The distance of thirty meters was almost instantly cut in. The broadsword, emitting an intense glittering light, aimed straight at Long Hao Chen’s head. He used his actions to tell Long Hao Chen that [Storing Power] was useless. He went as far as not to summon his own mount.


The Radiant Shield accurately blocked the broadsword’s path, and with a loud sound, Long Hao Chen was pushed a step back. His body started to emit the radiance belonging to [Bright Vengeance], as his Light Sword chopped towards his opponent.

Although he didn’t charge [Storing Power] for long, including [Bright Vengeance]’s might, this blow’s power was amplified by 100%; only, Long Hao Chen was currently not using any other abilities.

As he sneered, full of disdain, competitor #4’s broadsword was indeed blocked by [Divine Obstruction]. Only, at the moment Long Hao Chen brandished his sword, chopping at his opponent, he had already launched a skill, [Shield Charge].

Pushing the heavy shield forward, he outrageously aimed at Long Hao Chen’s heavy sword.


A tyrannical explosive force immediately blasted into him. Long Hao Chen looked almost as if he had been knocked out by an elephant, as he was directly sent flying backward.

This was the gap between the fourth and the fifth step. Long Hao Chen was already a ninth ranked Grand Knight, but against a knight at the fifth step, who possessed a liquid spiritual energy, if the contest simply compared their spiritual energy, he would have basically no chance of winning.

[Assault]. This competitor #4 was arrogant, but really had the qualifications to be so conceited. His skill had attained a perfect cadence; as he sent Long Hao Chen flying, he immediately launched another [Assault]. As a brilliant glow appeared on his sword, a [Light Thorn] directly aimed at Long Hao Chen.

This [Light Thorn] was filled with liquefied spiritual energy; the blade launched was simply extended. It couldn’t even be recognized as spiritual energy: it looked extremely real. It directly aimed at Long Hao Chen, who used the Radiant Shield to stop it.

His body was still unsteady, but he hadn’t fallen on the ground yet. Long Hao Chen could basically not re-use [Divine Obstruction] yet, but he was able to use a [Holy Filter Shield] to enforce his defense in time.

Hong–, [Holy Filter Shield] was broken and Long Hao Chen spat out some blood, and was ruthlessly smashed on the ground. His Radiant Shield was sent flying as well.

Competitor #4 wasn’t hurried to pursue the attack; he simply coldly swept his eyes over the lounge, as if wanting to say, look here, this is the strength of the fifth step.

Suddenly turning over, Long Hao Chen stood up, his chest uninterruptedly moving up and down, while his mouth still had some bloodstains on its corner. The wounds he had received were clearly not light. But he didn’t dare pick up his Radiant Shield, as he stared fixedly at competitor #4 while staying on guard.

#4’s displayed an expression full of disdain, “I told you earlier that you mustn’t use this trashy skill [Power Storing] in front of me. Before absolute strength, everything is futile. Admit your defeat, and get lost!”

Because of his wounds, Long Hao Chen’s face was somewhat pale, but he resolutely shook his head, without the slightest hesitation. His body was still slightly dazed, but he hurried to use the Light Sword, sticking it in the ground to stabilize his own body and releasing at the same time a white [Healing Light] on himself.

#4 was glaring at him, “Refusing to be convinced until meeting the hard reality head-on? I will help you to accept it then.” This time, he didn’t even use [Assault], and simply advanced, step after step, towards Long Hao Chen. A rich holy light shone once again, as the broadsword aimed directly for Long Hao Chen’s shoulder. Each of his steps
left visible footprints on the ground.

Long Hao Chen’s hands grasped the Holy Sword’s hilt, bracing his whole body, and he looked focusedly at this competitor #4. His eyes contained a firm and stubborn look that didn’t weaken the slightest bit, even after sustaining so much damage.

The majestic referee was still tightly observing the two competitors. In case #4 was about to threat Long Hao Chen’s life, he would immediately interfere.

In the lounge, Li Xin, extremely nervous, grabbed Ye Hua’s arm, “Teacher, stop him, this bastard is about to kill Hao Chen. Hao Chen is already so wounded.”

Ye Hua firmly clenched his fists, “Trust him, he will win.”

At this moment, the knight bearing the number 4 was already only 3 meters away from Long Hao Chen. Grasping the broadsword, he slowly raised his head. He deliberately moved slowly, because he loved seeing his opponent showing a helpless expression in the sight of his absolute strength.

Unfortunately, Long Hao Chen didn’t show this kind of expression. From beginning to end, Long Hao Chen’s eyes were unflinching.

“Let’s end this.” Competitor #4 was pissed off by Long Hao Chen’s persistence. Lowering his broadsword he went straight at Long Hao Chen, aiming to smash him. Because of the great competition’s rules, he didn’t dare kill him in the end, but he was sure that Long Hao Chen would inevitably lose his fighting capabilities because of this blow.

But at this very moment, in Long Hao Chen’s limpid clear gold-colored eyes, a severe look appeared abruptly, seemingly piercing his opponent like a spear.

This severe look had already appeared on the day before, when he faced the black clad youth. But it was the first time it appeared in a match in the selection.

Bzz—, a glittering bright light suddenly surrounded Long Hao Chen’s body, rushing out from the ground. It was the Retribution Knight skill, [Heavenly Battle Array].

The descending broadsword was abruptly stopped by [Heavenly Battle Array]. In its fall, it instantly slowed down drastically, and immediately following, a mantle of light burst forth from Long Hao Chen’s body, [Holy Mantle].

He had been preparing these two abilities for quite some time, starting from when he stood up from the ground. Facing a knight of the fifth step that possessed a mount as well, Long Hao Chen knew that he wouldn’t have a lot of opportunities. Thus, he could only endure silently, waiting for the opportunity. Clearly, chance was on his side though, seeing that this competitor #4 didn’t even try to summon his mount.

When Long Hao Chen was in Hao Yue City, every day was combat practice against Ye Hua, an Airborne Knight. How could he be unable to block the attacks of a knight of the fifth step for a mere round? He was indeed wounded, but this was because he was far from having gone all out. He was only enduring silently, showing his opponent a weak self, while waiting for the opportunity, the very opportunity that had appeared before his eyes right now.

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