Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 087

Chapter 87: Possibility of Evolution for the Spiritual Stove (I)

“Mh?” He was about to head back to his hotel as quickly as possible, in order to cultivate and to meditate on his previous insight. But with a glance, not far ahead, he saw a blue bamboo cane lightly hitting the ground, making harmonious du, du, du sounds.

It was her! Long Hao Chen’s heart skipped a bit and instantly, his joy from the insight almost disappeared, and instead, a tingling and confused feeling filled his heart.

Quickly advancing, Long Hao Chen called out in a low voice, “Cai’er.”

Cai’er who was walking forward immediately stopped her steps, “Long Hao Chen, is it you?”

Long Hao Chen had already arrived by her side, “It’s me.”

Cai’er faintly smiled. Although she was wearing a veil, as before, and her face couldn’t be seen, Long Hao Chen was absolutely sure that she was currently smiling.

“Take me home, okay?” She took once again the initiative to lift up her hand.

“Yeah.” Long Hao Chen discovered to his surprise that his own hands, which were burning hot in the previous instant, had become cold because of the nervousness.

He gently and cautiously held Cai’er’s hand. It was as if he was afraid of being disrespectful towards her.

Her hand was as soft as before, but this time, it also felt warm, and the cold atmosphere that was previously emitted by her body had disappeared.

Long Hao Chen led her, still taking her hand, and they advanced little by little. They walked slowly, even more so than on the day before. At this very moment, his brain was completely empty, and he didn’t have a single thought related to his cultivation. He only felt calm, full of eagerness, and completely filled with a happy feeling. This tactile sensation gave him an indescribable sense of pleasure.

Regardless of how slow they were, the road had an end. What’s more, Cai’er’s dwelling was very close to the place where they met up.

Long Hao Chen went as far as to think, deep inside, Why doesn’t she live further away?

“We have arrived.“ Long Hao Chen stopped on his tracks. In his eyes, it could be seen that he was somewhat reluctant to part with her.

Cai’er lightly retrieved her hand, “Thank you.”

Long Hao Chen hastingly shook his head, but right after that, he suddenly realized that Cai’er could not see it.

Right at this time, Cai’er quietly said, “Tomorrow, I will have some matters to handle, so I will probably be a bit late. Will you still be willing to accompany me back? ”

“Yeah.” Long Hao Chen answered almost instantly. The next day, he will enter the third round of the competition. In the Knight Temple, the number of people that were still competing was already reduced to thirty-something, and the competition would definitely be finished quickly.

Cai’er waved her hand in his direction, and with her bamboo cane touching the ground, she turned towards her hotel.

This time, Long Hao Chen was continuously following her figure with his eyes until she disappeared from his field of vision. He really liked the feeling he had when he was together with this girl.

Long Hao Chen, who had only been cultivating for five years straight, was quite ignorant in regards to emotions between males and females. He didn’t even know what he was supposed to do. But just by thinking about the fact that he would be able to see her again on the next day, his heart was full of expectation.

Back in the residence, Long Hao Chen sat cross-legged on his bed. This time, he wasn’t as unsteady as on the previous day. Instead, he directly entered the state of meditation.

His mind was calm. It could even be described as serene. In Long Hao Chen’s mind, cultivation had already become a kind of pleasure.

He didn’t know why it became like that either, all he thought was that he was influenced by Cai’er’s special qualities.

An insipid gold-colored fog was surrounding Long Hao Chen’s body, [Storing Power]. Surprisingly, he used the skill [Storing Power] in his own room.

This time, because he didn’t have to observe the opponent or fight, his spirit was completely focused on observing the skill [Storing Power].

Long Hao Chen could clearly see that the internal spiritual energy within his body was passing through numerous different paths. With the rotations in spiral patterns in his chest, it seemed as if everything was frozen. It was no longer slowly rotating; it only calmly stopped there, like a gold-colored sharp cone.

Like a silk thread, the spiritual energy was uninterruptedly circulating. A large amount of internal spiritual energy softly moved accordingly to a particular tempo.

No matter how formidable the amount of surrounding spiritual energy in the external world was, the volume of cone-shaped energy that was rotating didn’t change from beginning to end. Only its color would become even purer.

That’s right, it’s the color.

A mild gold color, this was the color of his own internal spiritual energy. And it became a bright gold color after compression. On the surface of his body, changes of color appeared as well, because of this compression that occurred within his body.

In a split second, a new insight appeared in his mind. The gaseous and liquid states of the spiritual energy were actually due to a difference of compression of the spiritual energy.

Exactly! Liquid spiritual energy was in reality spiritual energy which had been compressed to a certain extent. The main problem was how to keep this liquid state steady.

As [Storing Power] proceeded, the gold-colored rotations also became more and more intense, and a gold-colored fog appeared once more, surrounding the Saint Spiritual Stove. Only, this time, Long Hao Chen didn’t compress 1500 units of spiritual energy before stopping, but went all-out, compressing all the spiritual energy in his body. He used [Storing Power] at its maximum might.

It was a compression with a duration of four minutes, but without a doubt, his spiritual energy had been consumed until the last drip. In fact his spiritual energy was only a bit higher than 1800, so with his external spiritual energy that was a little higher than 200, after completing the compression of 1500 units, there was already not much left.

Long Hao Chen could clearly see that, closely around his Saint Spiritual Stove, a thin fog was undulating. As his internal spiritual energy kept compressing, this fog gradually became thicker and thicker. One drop of gold-colored liquid after another appeared, starting to surround his Saint Spiritual Stove.

And at this moment, from his originally milky-white-colored Saint Spiritual Stove, a faint white light was suddenly emitted.

Ever since he obtained this spiritual stove, this was the first time Long Hao Chen discovered this phenomenon: as these drops of gold-colored liquid formed, a white glow appeared together with it, and simultaneously, the rotation around the Saint Spiritual Stove slowed down.

This, this is…

At this very moment, Long Hao Chen’s body suddenly shook, all the spiritual energy in his body had already been compressed, and the rotations violently accelerated. The compression reached his psyche. It was precisely because of Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity that Long Xing Yu dared include [Storing Power] among the skills unlocked at the fourth step, when he gave him the Heritage Ring.

Taking a deep breath, Long Hao Chen stopped [Storing Power], letting the enormous quantity of compressed spiritual energy to scatter accordingly.

But he didn’t end his observations at that, he watched the changes of his Saint Spiritual Stove, as calmly as before.

This feeling was marvellous, Long Hao Chen felt completely empty from inside, but in this state, his thinking was even quicker.

The rotations in Long Hao Chen’s body showed gradual changes, before the immense quantity of compressed spiritual energy began to scatter at a very quick pace. Immediately following, the fine drops of liquid around the Saint Spiritual Stove gradually dissipated.

But Long Hao Chen clearly noticed that the droplets of gold-colored liquid surrounding the Saint Spiritual Stove were a lot slower to dissipate than his spiritual energy.

Was this the benefit of the liquid state of the spiritual energy? Long Hao Chen was startled. Clearly, compared to the spiritual energy in its gaseous state, the liquid spiritual energy was a lot more pure.

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