Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 083

Chapter 83: An Alarming Sword (I)

Looking at that youth, Ye Hua also showed an impressed demeanor, “I don’t recognize him, but I am sure he’s at the fifth step. In accordance to the rules of the selection, only competitors at the fifth step can sit on the first row. This time, there are a total of four people at the fifth step from our Knight Temple. He should be among them, as he came to look at the fights, unlike the other three, even though fifth step fighters are exempt from the participating in the first two rounds. This person is frightening, you’d better pray not to meet him during the competition.”

Hearing his teacher’s words, Long Hao Chen’s look gradually changed, becoming as sharp as a knife. His look was previously gentle, and normally, this change would only occur when he held a weapon. But at this moment, his stubborn self had been aroused. Steadily and sharply, Long Hao Chen instantly became an unsheathed sharp sword.

“Teacher, I want to challenge him.”Long Hao Chen said in a low voice.

Ye Hua was startled. As he was thinking about what to say, this seated black clad youth seemingly noticed Long Hao Chen’s gaze, and slowly turned around. And at the moment he saw Long Hao Chen, his eyes immediately filled with astonishment. However, it wasn’t known whether he was astonished by Long Hao Chen’s age or his handsome appearance. Slowly raising up his head, a deep glance suddenly burst forth; his look was full of fighting spirit.

Long Hao Chen stood there without moving, but his eyes weren’t weakening the slightest bit. The two people’s gazes intersected, as if arousing sparks.

The corners of the black-clad youth’s mouth gradually drew an arc, and while facing Long Hao Chen, he moved his lips. He immediately turned back after this.

“What is he saying?”Li Xin asked, perplexed.

Long Hao Chen answered in a low voice, “He is saying that he is waiting for my challenge.”

Taking a deep breath, Long Hao Chen slowly sat down. In this instant, he only felt that his innermost being had been igniting, becoming as flaming as a fireball. Basically, after coming to Holy City, it was the first time his fighting spirit had been aroused so much. His mental capacity was innately different from ordinary people’s, making his perception exceptionally good. He could clearly feel that this black-clad youth was powerful, extremely powerful; he seemed even more formidable than Ye Hua. And as this pressure filled his heart, Long Hao Chen’s fighting spirit was becoming stronger and stronger.

At this time, the same vigorous voice as the previous day could be heard from the platform.

“After the first day of competition, only half of the competitors remain. In yesterday’s competition, some competitors didn’t lose in terms of fighting capabilities, but they lost to themselves. Be careful, if one is careless in the battlefield, he will not only lose, but will also be unable to move forward. Therefore, I hope that you will be able to learn from your defeats. No loser is pathetic, and only one person can be the winner. The competition of this second day will still be a knockout competition, as before. Start.”

An enormous golden ball appeared little by little atop the dome, instantly drawing everyone’s attention. Number changed very quickly as all the competitors became tense.

Quickly, two numbers appeared in the air. Immediately, two knights appeared on the battlefield, and the contest began anew.

Today, Long Hao Chen wasn’t as lucky as yesterday; after three draws in a row, neither his number nor Li Xin’s appeared.

Long Hao Chen stood there, motionless. An indiscernible light was twinkling in his body.

Seated not far way was Gui Wu who was disdainfully curling his lips, “What use is there to rub your spear before the battle begins? To meditate here in spite of everything, he really doesn’t fear accidentally launching magic, wasting his internal spiritual energy.”

Gui Ying coldly shot a glance at his son, “I am starting to pray that you don’t meet him, it would really be for the best.”

Gui Wu protested, “Papa, how can you be impressed by another, drowning your own son’s ambition. His strength is not bad, but he doesn’t have a mount after all, I am not as foolish as his opponent from yesterday.”

Gui Ying’s face became an ugly sight to behold, “Your talent is not bad, but you are too impatient. It is my fault, I pampered you too much when you were young. No one can be successful because of sheer luck. In such circumstances, even if I let you meditate, would you manage to do so? ”

Gui Wu became silent , and rightly so! This stadium’s atmosphere was quite enthusiastic, and full of pressure as well. How could he possibly calm his heart enough? However, this youth managed to do so.

Gui Ying was staring at Long Hao Chen’s arm. During the fight of the previous day, he clearly saw Long Hao Chen use [Power Storing] and [Divine Obstruction], two great secret skills. A Heritage Ring, this youngster definitely had some background. And considering Ye Hua’s cultivation level, he fundamentally couldn’t possess a Heritage Ring. A skill like [Divine Obstruction] was something Ye Hua himself couldn’t use.

In fact, from a young age, Long Hao Chen was capable of entering cultivation state like that, relying not only on his innate talent, but also on his great efforts and his willpower that were stronger than normal people’s. A single person’s innate talent wasn’t so frightful, but also a person who had innate talent and perseverance at the same time was.

Simply said, Long Hao Chen had followed his father’s instruction in regards to his cultivation for five years. He had never slept for real and all his time was devoted to cultivation instead. It could be said that during these five years, he basically never really rested. Regardless of whether it was his father’s requirements or the later requirements of Ye Hua, this Asura teacher, he fulfilled all of them. This hellish training trained his willpower to an astonishing level. His innate talent was being gradually coaxed out and made use of during this process.

“#98, #46, enter.” Accompanying this call, these words displayed in a gold-color, and the new match was about to be carried out.

Li Xin was shaken; standing straight, she took a deep breath, and started taking large strides, heading forward. Today, she appeared on stage earlier than Long Hao Chen

Upon hearing this number, Long Hao Chen who was standing at the same place, silently cultivating, slowly opened his eyes, ending his short meditation.

Li Xin’s opponent was a knight with a sturdy build. As soon as the competition, or more precisely the second day of the preliminary contest restarted, there was no one who judged the opponents by their external appearance. Despite the fact that he was facing a female knight, this sturdy competitor #46 was extremely cautious.

The referee immediately made a sound to start the match, and the two parties simultaneously summoned their mounts.

Rose Unicorn, no matter where she was summoned, would become the focal point. Not only because she’s a powerful magical beast, but also because she’s a bright and beautiful creature.

Under the red-colored Rose Unicorn, Li Xin’s beautiful face stood out even more. Leaping on her horse, her swords were inclined toward the ground on either side. A rich golden radiance of light was emitted from her holy internal spiritual energy, as the Rose Unicorn emitted a red radiance, rapidly fusing together with it.

“Mh?” Seeing Li Xin seated on her Rose Unicorn mount, Long Hao Chen let out a gasp of surprise.

Ye Hua gave Long Hao Chen a suspicious look, “What’s going on?” He saw the change in his disciple. His perception was particularly astonishing, he could notice little changes that ordinary people would never find out.

Long Hao Chen said in a low voice: “It looks like Big Sis’ Rose evolved.”

Ye Hua was startled, “You mean, sixth step?”

Long Hao Chen calmly nodded. He revealed an excited expression: the fact that Rose evolved to an early sixth step beast implied that Li Xin had better odds to break through the top ten.

Ye Hua looked pleasantly surprised as well. The day before, after Long Hao Chen left, he watched all the others matches, and although a lot of potentially very powerful mounts appeared, they were all young ones, there wasn’t a single magical beast that had broken through the sixth step. A sixth step magical beast was equivalent to a fifth step human powerhouse!


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