Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 082

Chapter 82: Cai’er, the blind girl (IV)

Lin Xin showed a faint smile, “Hey you two, nice to meet you, my name is Lin Xin. I come from Aimei City. The three of us are all at the fifth step, so let’s be good friends. Anyway, considering our strength, entering the top ten shouldn’t be a problem to any of us. Besides my outwards appearance of mage, I also happen to be an alchemist. Look, these are the pills I made.”

As he spoke, Lin Xin took out a crystal bottle from his bosom, and his astute eyes stared at them. He was inwardly thinking this: Big Brother has drugs, he’s without equal in the whole world!

Priest Temple Stadium.

Ping.” The heavy magical staff in Sima Xian’s hand was completely overwhelming, ruthlessly smashing his opponent, as his [Sacred Hammer] directly smashed his opponent head on.

“I concede.”

His opponent was a youth whose face had already become pale, looking with disbelief at Sima Xian, “You, are you really a priest, or are you a warrior? Referee, this is unfair.”

Regardless of whether it was the people in the priests’ resting area, or the seniors in the platform of the stadium, everyone’s faces were filled with disbelief.

“If I don’t concede, I will be smashed to death.” The [Sacred Hammer] was slightly sunken down.

“I, I concede…”

Sima Xian retrieved the staff in his hand, and layer upon layer of the ground let out a muffled explosion, as the referee’s face changed completely. Sima Xian touched his own bald head, without heading back to the rest area yet.

Warrior Temple Stadium.

Chen Chen stood there with an agonized face, he simply couldn’t believe what had just happened. Although he didn’t feel extremely confident in his own abilities and didn’t have much hope, after suffering such a crushing defeat in the first round, how could he feel at ease? More importantly, he lost against a Shield Warrior!

It wasn’t that he couldn’t break through the opponent’s defense, or couldn’t attack him, but he had already conceded after merely three moves.

The Shield Warrior Chen Chen was facing was a young girl. She was roughly 1.7 meters tall, her black hair was combed neatly in a ponytail, and she looked tall and thin. The space between her eyebrows made her look quite threatening.

If it was only in terms of outwards appearance, who would have thought that this slender girl would be a warrior? But beside her, her shield was 1.8 meters high, 1.2 meters wide, and looked just like a large tower shield. And it was her only weapon, a heavy shield that didn’t seem any lighter than 250 kg. Just a moment ago, as she faced Chen Chen, her arms moved freely and effortlessly, flying up and down without problem.

On the platform of the Warrior Temple Stadium, an elder that seemed full of power and grandeur remarked, completely dumbstruck, “Is this girl a Shield Warrior or a Berserker? Eh, no, she looks rather like an Axe Warrior, did you see, just now, her tower shield was employed just like a heavy axe. Who was actually able to raise such a little freak?”

The Demon Hunt Selection’s first day of preliminaries lasted until late night and had concluded. The last ones to finish weren’t actually the Warrior Temple that was the most populated, but instead the Mage Temple.

After the first round of knock-out-competition ended, each judge from the Great Temples were seated and discussing their observations, more precisely, the most freakish competitors were especially numerous this year. It was only the first day, but a great part of them were out of the ordinary.

Reportedly, on the side of the Spiritual Temple, to everyone’s surprise, there was a fourth step summoner that used an unknown method to summon an enormous Three Headed Hell Dog of the eighth step, causing their opponent to faint.

Only, the elite youths of the Six Great Temples didn’t have the mood to examine the information. Instead, each and every one of them simply headed back to their dwelling place to rest. The preliminaries were simply a knockout competition. More importantly, it was a continuous competition. No matter when your first match concluded on the first day, you would have to keep competing on the second day. It also tested the ability of the competitors to recover their energy.

Faint streams of golden air were rotating around, emitted by the three milky-white foot of the Spiritual Stove and were becoming gradually more and more bright.

Just like a tiny thread, the faint golden internal spiritual energy was unceasingly circulating and rotating around his bones, spreading around his whole body. It seemed as if a golden gloss had passed through his whole body.

Long Hao Chen had been cultivating for a full day since returning yesterday morning. In this cultivating state, he absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, replenishing his body, and decreasing his need for food. He had only eaten a bit in the evening of the previous day. Apart from this short time, he had spent all his time cultivating from morning to night.

Stirred up by the medicines, the growth speed of Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy seemed completely stunning. After a single day, his internal spiritual energy had been increased by at least 20 levels. Going at such a speed, he’d break through the fifth step in at most ten days. Of course, a bottleneck should appear right before the fifth step, and it would be hard to say how long it would take to break through it.

From his first cultivation to this moment, by relying on his physique of a Scion of Light, Long Hao Chen had never encountered a real bottleneck.

“Hao Chen, we should depart.” With knocking sounds on the door, Li Xin’s voice could be heard from outside.

The golden light vanished, together with the white light from his chest. Long Hao Chen was awake from his cultivation state, “I am coming.”

Opening the door, Long Hao Chen looked at Li Xin, who was excitedly smiling.

“Sis, you won yesterday, right?” Long Hao Chen immediately guessed the reason of her excitement.

Li Xin nodded her head, “I won, and effortlessly. Only, I didn’t win as quickly as you. Lin Jia Lu also passed through this first round. Pity, though, Chen Si and Chen Chen were…”

Long Hao Chen was alarmed, “Eldest Brother Chen and Second Brother Chen both lost?”

Li Xin softly sighed, answering: “The competition within the Warrior Temple is more fierce and intense than ours. Almost all those who are capable of competing are fourth ranked powerhouses, so breaking through this obstacle is easier said than done. Let’s go, we should grab something to eat. Let’s try our best together during the second round of the competition that will take place today. Only thirty people will be left after this. Each round of competition will be even more challenging than the previous one. Lil’ bro, you can’t be careless. You must rush into the top ten. ”

After eating simple food, and joining up with Ye Hua, the group of three went once again to the Alliance’s Great Stadium.

Ye Hua gave Long Hao Chen a deep look, secretly nodding. This kid had been cultivating nonstop since he returned on the previous day, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to release such an imposing vital energy. He hoped that his luck today would be as good as that of the previous day so that he could have an early fight.

After passing through the competition of the first day, the number of knights competing was going to be once again reduced by a half. Although the number of people had decreased, the atmosphere had clearly become more tense. After the competition of the previous day, the young talents that were competing saw the cruelty of this competition, and all of them cautiously watched the other competitors, their potential future opponents. After all, no one could predict what the results of the lottery would be.

On the previous day, Long Hao Chen was the first one to appear on stage, and as a result, the participating knights were especially cautious against him. Long Hao Chen observed as well, but he only noticed a single person.

In the lounge, Long Hao Chen noticed this knight. It was a youth that seemed to be about 20 years old. This youth was quite tall: he was at least 1.9 meters tall, he had wide shoulders and a wide back, and short golden hair that stuck up like a long needle of steel. He had a handsome appearance and was extremely manly. His facial lines looked as sharp as a chisel.

He didn’t wear any armor, but instead, wore only a black outfit. Entering the lounge, he directly sat down on the central seat of the first row.

What a calm demeanor! Long Hao Chen was secretly in awe. This youth looked like he was only 20 years old, but he gave the impression that he was as steady as a mountain. In particular, his stoic look kept his state of mind hidden. Sitting perfectly straight, he didn’t move in the slightest. He stood there, completely immobile.

“Teacher, who is that person?” Long Hao Chen asked Ye Hua at his side in a low voice.

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