Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 079

Chapter 79: The title is hidden for now, the author teases us way too much with his titles and that is causing the crowds to get angry at the translator. Maybe~ -TwangyNewt, Toto’s brother (I)

In the first round of the Demon Hunt Selection, Long Hao Chen, as the competitor #97, faced a young knight bearing the number #29. With a word of the referee, this match officially started.

As soon as the #29 knight that wore a silver armor heard the referee’s start signal, he stood at the same place without the slightest hesitation, his hand emitting a golden light as he summoned his mount.

To participate in the Demon Hunt Competition, the requirement was to be a youth below 25 years old who reached the third step of his vocation. For that reason, all participating knights had the experience of having visited the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

But Long Hao Chen’s action completely exceeded the expectations of all spectators. He stood still, as if he were a nail, but didn’t summon his mount. With his left hand’s shield in front of his chest and his right hand’s heavy sword pointing at the ground, he looked at his surroundings, as a fog of golden light was created around him; it was a fantastic sight from outside to see this elegant fog rise up in the sky.

Guardian Knight and Retribution Knight shared skill, [Power Storing].

Seeing him use this skill, the people in the crowd couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. It was because [Power Storing] didn’t belong to the fourth step’s category, and could normally be only learned by fifth step Earth Knights or Airborne Knights.

Accompanying the fog surrounding his body, the Radiant Shield in Long Hao Chen’s hand brightened, together with his Light Sword, creating strong fluctuations of spiritual energy in the air. Under this golden fog, he looked the same as a brick of gold.

From the competitors’ resting area, Ye Hua looked completely amazed; after all, he never taught this skill to Long Hao Chen. Frankly speaking, even him, who was at the level of an Earth Knight, couldn’t use this skill.

[Power Storing][s wasn’t an average ability that any knight could learn to use; it was one of the secrets of the Knight Temple.

Simultaneously, Long Hao Chen’s opponent’s mount was summoned. It was an entirely white steed with four snow-white-colored legs, a Spiritual Snow Horse, magical beast of the fourth step.

In itself, a Spiritual Snow Horse’s greatest feature was its speed; it could run at a flying speed and in addition, possessed two innate skills of the ice attribute. Among magical beasts of the fourth step, it was one of quite a high level.

Looked at the fog surrounding Long Hao Chen, competitor #29 was startled, What is this skill? He didn’t know the skill Long Hao Chen was using at all.

Among the secrets of the Knight Temple, [Power Storing] was classified as one with relatively little interest, and as a result, among knights who accumulated some accomplishments, few chose to learn this skill.

Facing this skill he didn’t know the slightest bit, competitor #29 became cautious. Rising like a bullet, the Spiritual Snow Horse charged at Long Hao Chen, but it didn’t charge straight at him. It rushed at flying speed, aiming for the flank.

Long Hao Chen seemed as if he didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to it, standing at the same place as before; without even turning his body around, he kept accumulating golden light in his body, as before.

After the time of a few breaths, competitor #29 had already arrived by Long Hao Chen’s side, and seeing that his opponent didn’t move the slightest bit, he felt worried from the bottom of his heart. At last, he chose to charge. A white fog was scattered under the Spiritual Snow Horse’s feet, as it suddenly accelerated, just like white ray of light, directly charging at Long Hao Chen from the side.

Competitor #29 raised the heavy sword in his hand, and launched [Faith Halo] and [Guardian Favor] to strengthen his own body, and simultaneously, the heavy sword in his hand brightened. [Bright Radiance], a skill that concentrated spiritual energy in the tip of a sword, taking it in and out. It was the proof of a cultivation level at the fourth step.

A short moment later, the distance separating him from Long Hao Chen was still more than 10 meters. The Spiritual Snow Horse suddenly deviated from its path, and as the distance to Long Hao Chen reached five meters, it changed directions once again. At this moment, the heavy sword in his hand was lifted high up in the sky. Chopping out, an edge made of light was created. It was precisely the skill [Light Thrust], aiming straight for Long Hao Chen from the side.

This knight #29 was really cautious since he didn’t know what kind of ability Long Hao Chen was using; he initiated a probing attack

In addition, directly after he launched this attack with restraint, the Spiritual Snow Horse’s feet let out a mist, as it rushed towards Long Hao Chen. This was an innate skill possessed by Spiritual Snow Horses, [Ice Mist]. It reduced the speed of the opponent and impacted his offensive capabilities. Used against someone with a cultivation level much inferior, it could go as far as to freeze him.

At this very moment, the still calm and motionless Long Hao Chen finally started moving. With a little turning motion, he placed his shield.

With a Dang sound, the [Light Thrust] ferociously hit Long Hao Chen’s shield, while a glitter of golden light scattered over Long Hao Chen’s entire body.

[Divine Obstruction].

Almost at the next second, Long Hao Chen also created a golden edge made of light, launching it. It was a [Light Thrust] as well.

Similar skills, when used by different people, would have different effects.

The [Light Thrust] issued out by knight #29 was of an insipid golden color, it was the regular color for ordinary [Light Thrust]. However, the Long Hao Chen’s cut was extremely brilliant. This brilliant-gold-colored edge made of light was in addition at least twice as large.

The ice fog in front of him seemed as if it had been split open by Long Hao Chen’s attack; the brilliant golden light edge had a perfect angle, aiming straight at the Spiritual Ice Horse.

Competitor #29 turned pale with fright, and lowered his body, as a huge gold-colored edge made of light was launched at him. To knights, companion mounts were like a second life. Seeing Long Hao Chen’s [Light Thrust] that was bigger than any other he had seen before, how could he not feel the danger?


The shield in the hands of competitor #29 was inclined to the side of the Spiritual Snow Horse, the horse letting out sad calls, taking an angle completely different than before while leaning in the right side.

#29 was about to make an all-out effort. He was really worthy of belonging to the elite of those who participated the Demon Hunt Selection: at the crucial moment, he was able to launch a [Holy Filter Shield].

But this blow from Long Hao Chen was really too powerful, as it could already not be categorized as a [Light Thrust] anymore, and [Holy Light Filter Shield] was instantly broken through, a crack appearing on the shield of competitor #29. He also spat out some blood in response.

A charge.

Long Hao Chen seemed as pure as a maiden as he moved in maximal speed, going all out in his charge, just like a golden bolt of lightning charging into his opponent.

The Spiritual Snow Horse was indeed an amazing spiritual horse: in this circumstance, it still forced its body to stay steady, only stumbling a few steps forward. Its body was shaking intensely, but it didn’t collapse until the end.

Unfortunately, at this moment, Long Hao Chen arrived.

[Shield Charge].

Competitor #29 struck with his heavy sword, trying to hold Long Hao Chen back, but he was already wounded because of the previous attack, and with his left hand holding his shield completely numb, he was completely outstripped by this attack power.

Clang, the heavy sword was parried by the Radiant Shield raised up, and instantly, the Radiant Shield ruthlessly struck the Spiritual Snow Horse from the side.


The Spiritual Snow Horse of competitor #29 loudly fell to the ground because of the power of this blow, and was even knocked several meters back.

Putting to use the power from the charge, Long Hao Chen halted suddenly, and changed his direction, his twinkling figure arriving in a split second before his opponent. His heavy sword was directed forward, before the chest of his opponent.

Competitor #29 seemed completely dull. As the Spiritual Snow Horse fell to the ground because of the previous bump, its master was further injured as well. More importantly, he already didn’t try to resist the slightest bit.

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