Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 073

Chapter 73: Violent Priest (I)

Pa. Lin Xin abruptly slapped his thigh, “I’ve taken a gamble.”

He seemed resolute as he raised his head and looked at Long Hao Chen, telling him: “Little brother Long, although it is the first time we meet, I believe in my foresight, and I will bet on you.”

Long Hao Chen shook his head and replied: “Lin Xin, I don’t gamble.”

Lin Xin shook his head, and said: “I don’t want you to bet with me, I want to bet with myself. Here are three bottles of pills, take them. There are instructions in each bottle.” As he spoke, his hand twinkled with a red light, and three bottles of pills appeared in his hands. They were all bottles made of crystal and in each bottle, there were 10 pills about the size of a soybean. In terms of color, however, they had nothing in common.

Long Hao Chen didn’t directly retrieve these three bottles, he looked at Lin Xin with an inquiring look.

Lin Xin let out a small sigh, and said: “Little brother, these pills are not for free. I will say it once more, I want you to agree to the request I made earlier. Give me your promise.”

Long Hao Chen was shocked and looked at him, “Your pills are so valuable, but for a mere promise, you…”

Lin Xin faintly laughed: “That’s why it’s a bet. I believe in my intuition, furthermore, if I really win this bet, I will be the one to profit.”

“Of the things I produce, these are the ones I am most proud of. It’s even better than the energy pill to some extent. Furthermore, they’ve never been available for sale. In regards to manufacturing pills, I have confidence in my abilities. Truthfully speaking, I don’t really want to become an alchemist. My life’s biggest goal is to walk and explore the whole continent, to discover mysterious relics and ancient remains. In order to fulfill this goal, my greatest chance would be to become a member of a demon hunt squad.”

“I have a natural talent towards manufacturing alchemic medicine but in regards to magic, I’m quite lacking. I’m strong with auxiliary type spells, but with offensive spells, I am inadequate. Thus, even if I possess an abundant amount of magic power, I cannot put forth sufficient power when battling. This time I’ve registered for the Demon Hunt Selection, and within the Mage Temple, I am confident in my ability to pass the qualifiers. However, concerning the final rounds between the six great temples, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Especially because my fighting power is insufficient, I need a strong squad. If you can become one of the top three in the finals, then you’ll have the opportunity to choose me as one of the members of your squad. You only need to promise to give me that chance and these three bottles of pills will be yours. In the case that you cannot enter the top three, then just consider it as if I’ve wagered wrong.”

“I can kind of glimpse at your level of strength. Relying on your level of training, I’m afraid rushing to the top three will be a difficult task. But, when you factor in the pills I give you, the chances are no longer the same. It might really be that you’d have a chance. Brother Long, how about both of us give each other a chance?”
Right at this moment, Hao Yue ambled over. After Long Hao Chen stored the stone ball into his ‘forget-me-not’ ring, his mood had calmed quite a bit. In a very human like manner, he rose up on his hind legs and pushed his nose towards the three bottles in Lin Xin’s hand to take a whiff. After doing so, he turned to Long Hao Chen and nodded.

At this instant, a thought sent from Hao Yue appeared within Long Hao Chen’s heart, “This person has no malicious intent. You can trust him.”

What Hao Yue transmitted to Long Hao Chen was a type of feeling. Long Hao Chen didn’t know where it had come from. However, when he was on the battlefield, out of the two times Long Hao Chen had noticed the enemies’ intent of ambush, when they had detected the Dyke Clan member during the second battle, it was actually due to Hao Yue. Long Hao Chen was actually slower than him at discovering the enemy’s presence.

“Alright, I accept your proposal.” Long Hao Chen took the three bottles in Lin Xin’s hands as he answered solemnly.

In reality, this decision was painful to make for Lin Xin. He was well aware of the value of these three bottles of pills: they were nearly equivalent to a third of his savings. The reason he made this decision was due to that intuition of his. What convinced him was foremost the mystery surrounding Long Hao Chen and Hao Yue. The second, was Long Hao Chen’s personality. Only after using once more his [Identification Method] did he make this decision to gamble.

There might be an existence stronger than Long Hao Chen who would also attend the Demon Hunt Selection. However, after utilizing the [Identification Method] so many times, Lin Xin finally realized that there was a mysterious Spiritual Stove within Long Hao Chen’s body. To a mage of the same squad, a guardian knight who possessed a Spiritual Stove could be considered to be his lifeline! Furthermore, in such a short period of time, Lin Xin could not possibly find another elite from one of the great temples to cooperate with.

Of course, Lin Xin also had his crafty aspects. He had latched onto an important point, Long Hao Chen’s age. Participants of the Demon Hunt Selection had to be 25 years of age or younger. Even if Lin Xin couldn’t make it this time, how about five years later? Long Hao Chen was already at the fourth step. What level could he reach in five years? At that point in time, to take a risk as for whether he would become one of the top three would most likely no longer be a problem. Furthermore, Lin Xin himself was only eighteen years old. Five years later, he would still be within the age range to be eligible for the Demon Hunt Selection.

However, at present, he did not know what his decision entailed. In his lifetime, Lin Xin had produced countless pills. However, the ones that were worth the most on the market were in these three bottles. When he had made his final decision, Lady Luck was already on his side.

The auction outside continued without ado. None of the latter items were lacking in quality, but nobody was still interested in watching. As such, they excused themselves in advance and left the Holy Union’s auction house.

“Brother Long, I guess we’ll meet at the Holy Union then. Let’s both do our best.” Lin Xin didn’t linger much longer, and using his two hands to slightly brush his long, green hair behind his back, he showed Long Hao Chen a handsome smile and turned to leave.

Looking at his receding figure, Li Xin said in an accusing manner: “Little Bro, you were a bit too rash. We don’t even know what kind of person he is!”

Long Hao Chen laughed lightly, saying: “He shouldn’t be a bad person. Hao Yue told me by intuition that I could trust him.”

Little Light and Little Flame nodded then bit and pulled on the hem of Long Hao Chen’s pants. Clearly, they were still thinking about this mysterious stone orb.

Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu shared a look and didn’t say anything further. After all, this Lin Xin was still an alchemist; it was not bad for Long Hao Chen to befriend this kind of person.

Returning to the hotel, Long Hao Chen had barely closed the door when Hao Yue could not refrain himself from hopping up and down.

Long Hao Chen sighed helplessly: “You are so impatient.”. As he spoke, a soft and thin golden radiance was being emitted from his body, his [Divine Light Mantle]. Immediately, this [Divine Light Mantle] enveloped the room’s interior.

In regards to defense, [Divine Light Mantle] wasn’t that great. But its soundproof characteristic as well as the powerful aura emitted were extremely practical.

After completing the [Divine Light Mantle], Long Hao Chen took out the stone orb from his ‘forget-me-not’ ring, handing it to Hao Yue.

Little Light and Little Fire exchanged a look, and suddenly, Little Light opened his mouth wide and swallowed the stone orb with a single gulp.

One must know that this stone orb was the size of a human head. Although Hao Yue was two meters tall, his heads weren’t so big. Upon swallowing such a big stone orb so abruptly, Little Light’s neck protruded out, and, with difficulty, the stone orb gradually entered his belly.

“You ate it just like that?” Long Hao Chen gave a startled look to Little Light and Little Flame.

“Wuuwuu, wuuwuuwuuwuu…” Little Fire let out whimpering noises at Long Hao Chen. Although they weren’t able to speak, they could still transmit their thoughts to Long Hao Chen through their blood contract.

Long Hao Chen’s heart was abruptly startled, “What? You want to go back to your original world?”

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