Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 067

Chapter 67: Demon Hunt’s Secrets (III)

Though his injury had not yet healed, Long Hao Chen was pleasantly surprised due to discovering that both his internal and external spiritual energy had increased by a noticeable amount.

He was currently a Grand Knight of the eighth rank; the sum of his internal and external spiritual energy was above 1600. His external spiritual energy was at least at the 240th level. After the previous day’s struggles, his external spiritual energy had increased by approximately ten levels, while his internal spiritual energy had gained twenty levels. At the present time, he was almost a Grand Knight of the ninth rank.

Facing a situation of life or death had awakened his potential. Omitting the intense fight he had against the invisible enemy from the Dyke Clan, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon coming from the Zelin Clan had directed almost all of its attacks at Long Hao Chen, so his spiritual energy’s growth naturally increased at a substantial rate. Of course, this progress was only a rough estimation from Long Hao Chen’s point of view. Only after finally breaking through to the next step could he be sure of the actual progress made. Until then, he would have to go by his impression, with no way of distinguishing a concrete change in spiritual energy’s nature.

The other four awakened in succession, and right after, they looked pleasantly surprised. Each of them felt an increase in their level of cultivation.

After brushing their teeth and washing their faces, they had breakfast. When the five people were ready to leave, Feng Yangmu appeared once more before them.

“Set off. Like when you were completing the previous trial, I will be by your side.” After he finished speaking, a blue light shone and Feng Yangmu could not be seen anywhere anymore.

Li Xin stuck out her tongue, softly whispering: “Does this Teacher Feng have the cultivation level of a Chief Mage of the sixth step?”

After the yesterday’s bitter struggles, Lin Jia Lu and Li Xin’s relationship had obviously improved. Lin Jia Lu calmly nodded, and answered: “Teacher Feng is indeed a fourth ranked Chief Mage of the sixth step, an attendant of our Mage Temple.”

After the five thanked the people in the garrison, they immediately set off, Lin Jia Lu naturally riding Li Xin’s Rose Unicorn together with her, and as fast as lightning, they advanced towards the temple alliance in the northeast.


In a circular room inside of an imposing dark-gold-colored hall, 16.5 meters tall.

There was not a single window, and yet, an unusual gloomy light shone onto someone’s hair.

It was a dim blue color, or more precisely, a dark blue brilliance.

Golden lines were drawn on the ground, intertwining and forming a hexagram. Countless inscriptions extended from this hexagram throughout the hall. Whether it was the ground, the wall or the roof, everything was covered with these mysterious inscriptions.

If Long Hao Chen could enter, he would definitely have recognized that these inscriptions were exactly the same as those drawn in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, a mystical language used in ancient times.

The difference was that the mystical language used here was dark-colored, unlike back at the Sacred Mountain where it was filled with an austere, bright atmosphere. These were entirely different from the ancient patterns written in a mystical language in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain’s great array.

These dark blue-colored inscriptions created a restrictive atmosphere, as if forbidding something.

In the middle of the main hall, by the side of these hexagrams, a dagger quietly floated in mid-air. It had a pitch black color without emitting any luster. If not for the surrounding dark-blue radiance, this dagger could basically not be perceived.

There were no signs of spiritual energy, but this profound dark-colored item seemed to completely dominate the entire area, as if the blue-colored signs were only here to pay their respects toward it.

Under this pitch black colored dagger in the middle of the hexagrams, a person squatted. A young lady. She was seated cross-legged. Her long purple-colored hair was spread out onto her shoulders, as if emitting a layer of dark-blue-colored light. She had pure white skin, but this white color seemed a little unhealthy. Her nose, eyes, lips, tongue and ears didn’t look like those of a living person, but were closer to those of a statue.

Her eyes slowly opened, and her pupils could be seen. They were entirely ash gray-colored, and her face looked empty of thoughts, just like a closed window. She was stunning enough to make any other woman sigh with envy.

“We should set off now.” An ice cold voice sounded within the hall from all directions.

“En.” A soft puff of air blew from that beautiful, statuesque young girl’s jade-like nose. She slowly stood up and turned in the direction of the black dagger suspended in midair, raising her head to look up.

A dim light flashed, and the floating black dagger suddenly dropped down, directly passing through the space between the young girl’s eyebrows, disappearing without a trace.

In the next moment, all of the mystical inscriptions in the hall grew dim, quickly losing their dark blue radiance.


Ten days later.

Aimei City. The most flourishing of the big cities belonging to the Temple Alliance. Because it was located within the Temple Alliance, this large city almost never suffered from the baptisms of war. The extent to which this city flourished was second only to the Temple Alliance’s Holy City. The distance from Aimei City to Holy City was only about 400 kilometers or so, and two days worth of fast-paced travel on horseback was enough to reach it.

Long Hao Chen and his four companions had arrived at this bustling city early in the morning. In comparison with Aimei City, Hao Yue City was equivalent to the significance of a simple city block.

However, ten days of rushed travel had exhausted Long Hao Chen and his companions, and they were in no mood to appreciate this disparity. They first located a hotel to stay in, ate a good meal, and then returned to their respective rooms to take a warm bath. To loosen up and relax, nothing felt better than this.

According to the reported deadline, there were still four days left before the Demon Hunt Selection. Thus, the five decided to rest in Aimei city for a day, before setting out early in the morning the following day to continue their rushed travel.

After a day’s rest, everyone became a lot more comfortable. Long Hao Chen was currently in his room meditating, when a knock could be heard from the door.

“Hao Chen, come with Big Sis, let’s go for a walk.” Li Xin’s voice sounded through the door.

Dispersing the internal spiritual energy revolving within him, Long Hao Chen slowly stood up. “Coming.”

Following the growth brought through training, his body’s internal spiritual energy had already become considerably pure. Training while combining the effects of the Spiritual Stove located at his chest and the mild golden radiance within him, his spiritual energy gradually compressed and showed signs of congealing. His internal spiritual energy condensing into liquid form would signify that he had crossed the boundary to become an Earth Knight. It would seem that he only lacked around three hundred units of spiritual energy. However, in truth, it was definitely not so easy to break through the gap between the fourth and fifth step.

“Sis, what are we going to do?” Long Hao Chen opened the door to a casually dressed Li Xin leaning against the doorframe outside, sweetly laughing as she looked at him.

Li Xin wrapped her arm around him, saying: “Don’t ask, just come with me. Hao Yue, you stay and watch the house. In a while, this big sis will buy dried fish for you to eat~.” As she said this, she pulled Long Hao Chen out of the room. Little Light and Little Flame both swallowed their saliva and promptly leapt onto the bed, proceeding to sleep. Ever since Hao Yue had eaten that magic crystal, his daily sleeping duration had increased significantly. It was only these past few days that he had gotten a bit better.

Reaching the hotel’s entrance, Long Hao Chen was surprised to find that Lin Jia Lu was already there waiting. Seeing him, she laughed faintly, and said: “Let’s go.”

“You two, what exactly are we going to do?” Long Hao Chen asked suspiciously. He could tell that both Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu had a goal in mind.

Lin Jia Lu covered her mouth and giggled, saying: “Haven’t you been wanting to sell the corpse of that dark green dual bladed demon? Aimei City hosts a very large auction house, and that dark green dual bladed demon can also be auctioned off with very little difficulty. We’ll go auction it off and then split the profit; your big sis also has some stuff she wants to buy.”

“Eh.” Long Hao Chen replied with disapproval. In his mind, training was clearly much more important.

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