Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 500




In front of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was a two hundred meters long slope, a very precipitous terrain, covered by snow and ice all year around. Its entrance acted as a natural fortress, only, after the experience of a year and a half long Holy War, the current defensive weapons of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass were mostly either destroyed in the hands of the demons, or the reserves of the magical beasts to sustain them were insufficient. Now it was fully reliant on manpower to resist the demon offenses.


Afar, eight demon god pillars were glinting, dispersing dazzling light at the horizon. The large army of demons was flowing like a tide, rushing towards the Dragon Resisting Mountain.


It was reasonable for the Demon God Emperor to have assigned the Death Demon God Saminaga as commander for the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Launching attack from the ground was indeed a true challenge, so aerial attacks had much better chances. Fiends were not only expert with flight, and strong physically, but moreover, their clansmen were numerous. In shear strength, outside from the Demon God Emperor’s Devil Dragon Clan, the Fiend Clan was the best. After all, Star Demons and Moon Demons were far unable to compare with the Fiend Demons.


That’s how the two parties experienced over one year of attack and defense in the war. Now most battles were about the Temple Alliance resisting the aerial and terrestrial combined attacks.