Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 499

Chapter 499: Star King (III)

Given his previous speed, turning back instantly was an impossible matter. But this arc showed that he was quite dexterous, letting him carry an offensive power and speed that was directly proportional to his previous speed, minimizing the speed loss to the greatest possible degree.

The Fiend Commander had in his eyes a quite malicious grin. This time, he saw that knight move,a heavy sword flashing with golden light right in front of him.

That is a human’s Glorious Tier equipment. The Fiend Commander immediately made this judgement, but he still didn’t place this knight in his eye. Although a Starlight Unicorn gave a good boost, the best known feature of this kind of magical beast was its lack of offensive power. The greatest determinant for the Starlight Unicorn’s utility was its knight’s strength. However, a knight wielding only a Glorious Tier piece of equipment, even if not weak, couldn’t possibly be a great opponent. What’s more, his allies were right behind him.