Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Star King (II)

No wonder… No wonder some said that a Starlight Unicorn is the optimum mount for a knight. It turned out that it would give such a large boost to him, or at least, if compared to Haoyue, the boost of Little Light alone wouldn’t be sufficient to match Star King. Although Yating also had a pure light attribute, she wasn’t the same as Star King. In comparison, Yating’s help was more global, while Star King’s specialization was boosts. The attacks of Starlight Unicorns were generally not their key strength.

When riding Star King, Long Haochen really felt as if he had already become a knight of the ninth step.

But unfortunately, the distance separating him to the rank of Divine Knight was still very large. According to his estimate, he would need at least three more years to gain the possibility of breaking through. Of course, these three years would certainly be extended due to the large barrier represented by the extension of the ninth spiritual cavity.

Less than half an hour later, Star King brought Long Haochen to the foggy area surrounding the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. As it hovered above the ground, Long Haochen jumped down from its back, and after having a small talk with the elder of the Knights’ Saint Mountain, he finally brought Star King out from the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

“Star King, seeing that there is no contract between the two of us, if I need to conceal you, would you be able to return to the Knights’ Saint Mountain?” Long Haochen asked.

Star King shook its head, “There is no need for that. Even if there was a contract, this wouldn’t be necessary. We Starlight Unicorns have our own methods.”

While saying that, it raised its head, and its forehead was lit with the shape of a five-pointed star. Rich golden light gathered from that star, and with a flash of golden light, this star surprisingly came out from its forehead, landing in Long Haochen’s hand.