Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 497


Chapter 497: Star King (I)

There lied a group of unicorns, all snow colored outside from their golden mane, and the spiral shaped golden horn coming out from their head. Every unicorn had a pair of huge wings, pure white colored with their tip shining golden. In the midst of their walk, one could faintly see golden halos following under them.

Among the ranks of these Starlight Unicorns, an especially tall one was flying in the front, reaching six to seven meters height, with a horn over half a meter long. Its pair of wings were brimming with brilliance, only, the look in its eyes seemed incredibly shocked.

Right, Long Haochen’s current aim was a Starlight Unicorn, which are known as the highest grade of partners for knights.

“Hello, my friend. Do you still remember me?” Long Haochen approached the Starlight Unicorn King leading the group with quick steps.

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