Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 496



Chapter 496: Golden Foundation Knight (III)


Not long after stepping forward, Long Haochen suddenly stopped in his tracks, took off his outer cloak, and revealed the Golden Foundation Armor.


An aged voice came out, “Greetings, honored Golden Foundation Knight. May I ask what you came for?”


In the fog of light, a tall silhouette could be seen moving out. This elder was lacking his left arm and an eye: that was one of the elders guarding the Knights’ Saint Mountain.


“Greetings elder. I am here to pick a mount. The Alliance head gave me his authorization.”Long Haochen was extremely respectful toward this elder, offering his respects as he stepped forward, before stopping in front of him. It was due to sensing the presence of this elder that he had previously revealed his Golden Foundation Armor.


The elder was quite astonished by hearing the young timbre of Long Haochen’s voice. That was a Golden Foundation Armor of epic tier, but the voice coming from it seemed really inadequate.


The decree this young-sounding knight took out to show him could not possibly be faked. It had complex coded text inside exclusive to the Knight Temple. Very rapidly, the old knight gave the decree back.