Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 495



Chapter 495: Golden Foundation Armor (II)



Han Yu nodded, resisting with great difficulty the urge to follow Long Haochen. “Many thanks to you two grandpas for your help.” He finished his secluded training long before Long Haochen, and had already become a Saint Knight of the seventh step.


Long Tianying was accompanying him all this time, sending him to complete some missions to familiarize himself with the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.


“Grandpa Yang, I want to know when I can take the examination to become a Mythril Foundation Knight.”


Han Yu was looking on helplessly at Long Haochen, clad in epic tiered Golden Foundation Armor. Although he was quite far below Long Haochen, as a knight, he also had an incomparable thirst for honor.

  • Translation mistake, 8th step is saint knight and 7th step is Temple(or Templar) knight