Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 491


Chapter 491: Divine Throne of Order and Law (I)

Right at this time, a bizarre golden light suddenly lit upon that tall knight. Affected by the sense of his lofty presence, Long Haochen was totally unable to resist the burst of power coming out from the counterpart. This burst of power directly caused all the surrounding spiritual energy to vanish, including the Cross-Shaped Strike he was in the midst of preparing.

Immediately, Long Haochen sensed a rich blue light rocketing.


In the midst of an immense explosion, the whole Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass trembled, and everyone present gazed at their direction.

This terrible explosion was preceded by the soar of a dark blue light, rising to the sky. Extremely destructive fluctuations of spiritual energy filled the sights of all spectators.

Immediately, an immense gold blue radiance broke into the sky, crushing that dark blue light in pieces. That gold blue radiance remained floating in midair, immediately filling the air with dense light essence.

At the sight of this gold blue radiance, the warriors from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass all cheered in excitement…

  • OH!!! He was fighting his grandfather, who is a 9th step and a divine throne holder. He did mention earlier how he wanted to fight haochen… he should get the armor then because they honestly cheated him. No way a peak 8th step could beat a 9th step with a divine throne, was unfair from the start. Haochen was willing to challenge a peak 8th step because he had a good chance of winning. A 9th step was out of his reach without fusion, or it was a weaker 9th step demon.

    • Qwery Pollock

      I really hope the grandpa gives it to him for the fact that he was forced to use his divine throne to be able to stop that full power attack from LHC.