Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 490


Chapter 490: Gold Essence Foundation Knight Trial (III)

Long Haochen’s shock was really reaching an intense level. He had just utilized the force of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, each of his strikes being perfectly fused with his light essence. By asking himself, he reached the conclusion that his sword intent should be not far from the level of the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang back in those times. Only his cultivation was lacking in comparison. But as a god’s chosen one, his use of the light essence was not anything Ye Wushang could compare to.

But he still didn’t manage to pass through the defense of this tall knight. And Long Haochen had the feeling that until now, this tall knight had yet to display his full strength.

Having made an all out effort on his two past attacks, Long Haochen was slightly gasping for breather. But he wasn’t discouraged because of that. Taking deep breaths, he lifted up his swords on the two sides, the glint in his eyes becoming a lot gentler.

A brilliance similar to sunlight shone from his back, flourishing with great intensity. Its splendor was so intense that it could cause anyone present in the training field to not dare look straight at it.

This sun-like light bubbled up from Long Haochen’s body, as his imposing manner kept rising. It seemed to take only the time of a few breaths for the white flames surrounding Long Haochen’s body to look viscous, attach to his body, and turn the whole Glorious Holy Armor white.

“This is… the God Descent Technique?”