Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 488


Chapter 488: Gold Essence Foundation Knight Trial (I)

Seeing Long Haochen’s determined look, Yang Haohan nodded slowly, “Then I will arrange that. But you have to remember one thing. If you cannot pass through this test, you will not be able to take the lower ranked trials in the future. You can only remain in the Temple and train, until you can pass through it, and gain the Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Only then can your task for the ten million contribution points start.”

Long Haochen had a start, feeling faintly as if having fallen in a trap. But as a matter of fact, could he cower before that? This would just cause his fighting spirit to collapse.


Yang Haohan secretly laughed inside, Little punk, I shall let you act as haughty as you can. In a moment, you will be put in order.

His goal was very simple: to do his utmost to drag Long Haochen’s stay in the Knight Temple for as long as possible, for him to reform his team to undertake missions as late as possible. And in this process, Long Haochen could only increase his strength to resolve the issue. This move aimed to kill two birds with one stone, naturally putting him in good mood.

Yang Haohan called another knight over.

  • Dips

    Ah man if he feels like he could kill a demon god and his pillar i dont see how a gold knight would be any harder… When will the reunion between father and son or grandfather and grandson happen!

    • well if he wanted to kill a demon god, an 8th step one he could probably just barely handle it on his own. I think it’d be a very close fight. Though in his fusion state, shouldn’t he be at the 9th step right now? i think thats what his is counting on.

      • Xias

        LHC isn’t allowed to get help from Hao Yue as he is not allowed to get Hao Yue’s help on the battlefield either to hide his identity from the demons.

        • this true, but if were talking life or death than whats the point of not? If these a 9th step during the fusion i doubt anyone could bar his escape, or when in doubt eternal melody out.

          • Xias

            He still won’t do it because he knows that the Demon God Emperor is waiting for Austin Griffin a.k.a. Hao Yue to make an appearance.
            Once Hao Yue would take action the DGE would also take actions.
            So rather than using it to escape LHC will aim to call Hao Yue only to destroy a demon god pillar after the respective demon god has been weakened or defeated.
            That way they could destroy the pillar and then run immediately before the DGE shows up.

          • look i know what you mean, but later in the story there is no way Haochen alone can take down the DGE. He’ll either need his whole team in the fight or do the fusing to match up.
            If were talking currently, i don’t se why he wouldn’t risk it. The Eternal melody gives him an escape route he can use any moment. If he were faced against a powerful demon god, he might be able to overcome it. Worse case he fails and teleports.

  • Majk

    This is the same as when he had to fight a knight of the seventh step an kicked his ass. The only way that he could lose is if he can not use Aria and his fairy. Other then that he does not even need HY to kick ass (seriously we saw LHC beat people that were higher then him many times before, plus he he does not win then the whole party wont get beck together for years which we all know wont happen).