Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 470

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 470: Mother(II)

The two of them were seated. As the sun set off, Long Haochen sorrowfully left. Cai’er was still seated, as the moon took place of the sun in the sky, tears flowed from her eyes beyond her control.

“I want to be with him.”

Long Haochen and Han Yu were travelling together, accompanied with four Hidden Knights. At such a crucial stage for the war, this was the most Sheng Yue could dispatch of his forces. And their task was of course to escort them north, until they reached Knight Temple , the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

In the legends of Shengmo Dalu, it was said that dragons used to live in the north-east. For the sake of resisting dragon invasions, human from ancient times had established this Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to withstand the dragon invasions.

Compared to the other mountain passes, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was in a rather smooth terrain, completely covered in snow and ice. Snow fell all year around, and outside the mountain pass, in a very large range, terrible cold spread all over, and frequently, the weather phenomenon would be as severe as forbidden spell Ice and Snow Tempest. The almighty great nature became the natural barrier of this mountain pass. Therefore, despite the Knight Temple being the leader of the Six Great Temples, their Demon Resisting Mountain Pass was not frequently under attack. Moreover, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was originally set to counteract attacks from the dragons. Among the Temple Alliance’s great six passes, this was the most imposing one, which also possessed the most mighty weapons inherited from the ancient times.

The pain from the departure became their driving force to advance. The Exorcist Mountain Pass was the nearest to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass’ stronghold, and Long Haochen and Han Yu were under the protection of four Hidden Knights. Alternately travelling on foot and flight everyday, it only took them five days to arrive at this mountain that houses the headquarters of the Knight Temple.

Just as they were informed by the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass also suffered the attacks from the great demon armies. The battles were severe, but the situation was better than the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Before entering the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, they gained the related informations pertaining to it. Outside were gathered the first, third and fourth elite legions, led by the Demonic Bear Demon God, and two great armies, aided by six other demon gods stationed in the area.

Although the conditions outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass were nasty, the troops garrisoned there were without exception only elites of the demon race. The army only totalled three hundred thousand troops, but their battle strength as a whole far surpassed the million on the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

From the Hidden Knights, Long Haochen and Han Yu got the information that this Holy War really involved the whole of demon forces. Among the seventy two demon gods, fifty six were involved: eight per human mountain passes. The Demon God Emperor was leading seven demon gods in the rear of the great battlefield, and could potentially appear at any side of the battlefield.

And in fact, the Demon God Emperor was alongside with the Moon Demon God Agares, and the Star Demon God Vassago. Put together, these three powers possessed strength that one could well imagine.

And this time, the Demon Hunt Squads from the Temple Alliance played a decisive part. At the time the demons announced the launch of the Holy War against the Temple Alliance, the top ranked Demon Hunt Squads were in the lookout for the actions of the Demon God Emperor’s side, ready to intervene at anytime. And because of this, the Demon God Emperor didn’t join in the lot rashly. But who knew for how long this restraining effect would last.

After five days of travel, for Long Haochen and Han Yu sadness, and their sorrow about the separations finally could be considered diluted.

The 64th commander Demon Hunt Squad was temporarily disbanded. Although the separation was painful, everyone was full of determination. To strive their hardest in their cultivation, for the sake of making preparation for the time the team would reform.

Why would the Temple Alliance have them disband and return to their respective Temples for training? Wasn’t it precisely because of their insufficient strength, because they were not at ease letting them act freely in demon territory? Long Haochen and Cai’er were important targets of protection, especially Long Haochen that the Alliance decided to protect. There was his position as the cornerstone of the future resistance against demons, and the only person with the hope of destroying demon god pillars! Therefore, the Temple Alliance decided to temporarily conceal them, but the duration of this concealment was hard to determine in advance.

But at least, Sheng Yue showed them a path. By breaking at least all through the seventh step, or the eighth step while gaining the title of Gold Essence Foundation Knight for Long Haochen, could they have the possibility to reform their Demon Hunt Squad and fight against the demons.

Therefore, to reform as fast as possible, their only possibility was to strive their hardest in growing. For now and for the future.

But against Long Haochen and Han Yu’s expectations, at the time they returned to the Dragon Mountain Pass’ City, the Knight Temple had already arranged everything for their arrival, and they had people waiting for them.

Those present to welcome them were not many, only a dozen or so. But when Long Haochen saw the two people at the front, he was unable to restrain his emotion anymore.

Dashing forward, Long Haochen let out an emotional cry, kneeling to the ground and shouting from the bottom of his heart, “Mother…”

Right, among the two people waiting for them was his mother Bai Yue.

Ever since leaving his parents in those years, Long Haochen hadn’t met his parents for over five years! Seeing Bai Yue stand before his eyes, how could he not become emotional?

Compared to the past, Bai Yue seemed to have lost her sickly look, but her face still looked thin and pallid. Staggering while running to meet Long Haochen, she held her child in her arms, breaking out in tears.

Since young, Long Haochen had been growing up alongside his mother, and his feelings towards Bai Yue were the deepest among all. The mother and son relied on each other for survival, until Long Xingyu came to look for them, time when their family gathered at last.

Having separated for such a long time, and seeing his mother in front of him, Long Haochen became extremely emotional.

The one standing alongside Baib Yue wasn’t his father Long Xingyu, but one of the most respected elder in Long Haochen’s eyes, Chief of the Knight Temple and holder of the Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy, Yang Haohan, also known as Divine Knight of Defense and Planning.

Yang Haohan still retained the same appearance. When meeting again with mother and child, he seemed to show a concerned look.

Looking at her son, Bai Yue felt as if she was far from having looked at him enough. Having not seen for five years, Long Haochen had already become a tall and big young man from the youth of these days. The childish nature on his face disappeared, in its place was a firm and persistent look.

Fondling her child softly with difficulty, Bai Yue didn’t say anything. Being a mother, she had been thinking of her child for over five years. Finally meeting him, her frame of mind could be well imagined.

Mother and son were crying on each other’s shoulders.

No one disturbed them. Everyone knew that they had many feelings to vent, especially Long Haochen. This time, his team ended up disbanded, and originally feeling bad, he finally met up with his mother. In front of her, he was no more than a child, not a captain of Demon Hunt Squad. That instant, all the heavy burden on his shoulders seemed to have been relieved entirely.

Han Yu stood in front of Yang Haohan, paying his respects before standing to the side. This was the first time he saw such a sight of Long Haochen. At this moment, he could feel that Long Haochen was a lot younger than him, and wasn’t the same as when he acted as their captain and excellent strategist.

After crying for a good while, Long Haochen was finally done venting his gloomy feelings. Immediately feeling a lot more unobstructed, he finally supported his mother to stand up. Then he paid his respects to Yang Haohan, “Long Haochen salutes the Alliance’s chief. Grandpa Yang, are you well?”

Right, Yang Haohan was not only the chief of the Knight Temple, but also the chief of the Alliance. The Knight Temple wasn’t the same as the other Temples. Only one who could become a Divine Knight could become a Hall Master, instead of an Auxiliary Hall Master. Therefore, at this day the Knight Temple had three Divine Knights, and three Hall Masters existing. This point was exclusive and uncontested by the other Temples. After all, the Divine Knights had always been among the strongest human powerhouse of the ninth step .

Yang Haohan smiled at him faintly, nodding in response, “I am well. It was tough on you, kid.”

Long Haochen shook his head in silence, standing wordlessly beside his mother.

Yang Haohan told the fourth Hidden Knight, “It was hard on you four. Please have a rest in our town if you want.”

The head of the Hidden Knights replied, “Many thanks, Alliance Chief, but we better return. Head Sheng Yue is waiting for our report, and the Exorcist Mountain Pass still needs us.”

Yang Haohan didn’t insist further, nodding to his words. The four Hidden Knights made their salutations to him once again, disappearing instantly afterward. As Long Haochen was safely sent to Yang Haohan, there naturally remained no more worry of danger. That was a Divine Knight, existence that even the Demon God Emperor would have to face seriously.

Long Haochen finally recovered from his moody state. Lending an arm to support his mother, he asked, “Mother, what about Father? Is he still in the front lines?”

Hearing Long Haochen mention Long Xingyu, Yang Haohan and Bai Yue’s expressions changed slightly. Bai Yue replied gently, “Son, we will be speaking of the matter after entering the city.”

An ominous feeling filled Long Haochen’s heart. His eyes shrank suddenly, “Mother, father, he, he’s…”

The human and demon campaign took place for so many years. Although Long Xingyu was a Divine Knight, dying in the battlefield wasn’t impossible for him. For a moment, Long Haochen felt as if his chest was stuck with a sharp blade, his cheeks becoming totally red.

Seeing her son’s face, Bai Yue immediately became anxious, “Haochen, don’t have stray thoughts. Your father is not necessarily having issues.”

Long Haochen asked in a rush, “Just what happened? Mother, quickly tell me.”

Bai Yue seemed unable to keep the matter concealed any longer. Letting out a deep sigh, she said, “Foolish boy, do you know why your father and mother left you back then?”

Long Haochen replied without any hesitation, “Didn’t he tell me that a chick under his father’s protection would never grow wings on his own? Isn’t that why he had made sure that I would put great efforts in training, and experience a lot and improve myself to meet up with you in r Knight Temple in the future? ”

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