Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 469

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 469: Mother (I)

This day, they were told to part from each other, felt very painful to them.

Long Haochen personally cooked a meal for everyone, but at the time of meal, no one spoke a single word.

“Don’t be like that everyone. Great-grandfather is right. The separation today is for the sake of making us stronger on our reunion. I give you my word that within two years, or at most three, I will reform our team. At that time, we will already be a King grade Demon Hunt Squad. And even though this is only a temporary separation, we will still keep contact with each other. The Alliance has a system of communication, so when you arrive in your respective Temples, you have to report your well-being to me by letter.”

Long Haochen suppressed the pain in his heart with all he could, and comforted his comrades.

“Lin Xin, after we separate this time, you are the one that will have the hardest time. Besides having to keep up your cultivation, you have a lot more to do. Please gather your storage devices, and I will transfer from the Eternal Melody all the resources for you to use in there. After you return, make trades for all the resources we need. Especially those going along with the Saw Skates and Forest Boas’. After that, you can just send the Forest Boa Training Pills, and split it for everyone. As for me, I have no need for those. As an awakened god’s chosen one, my physique underwent great changes, and I reckon the Forest Boa Training Pill won’t have much effects on me.”

“You have to make good use of these Saw Skates, give priority to making a good weapon for Yuanyuan, before selling the rest.”

Lin Xin calmly nodded, engraving Long Haochen’s words in his heart.

Long Haochen continued, “Although the crafting aspect is important, your own cultivation is also. You don’t want a gap to appear between the others and you. Although there are not many alchemists in our Alliance, there are still some. I believe that in the whole Alliance, there is at least another outstanding alchemist. With there so many good things we are bringing back from this trip, you can at least employ some alchemist to help prepare our pills. You don’t have to do everything yourself, and must allocate some time for cultivation. Also, the other resources are up for your own use. During this period of separation, no one should buy any pieces of equipment on his own, and leave Lin Xin the responsibility to buy the equipment, to avoid any wastage. Lin Xin, remember not to be afraid of spending, and only purchase equipment at least of the Legendary Tier. If some fitting Epic Tier Equipment appears, go for it.”

“As everyone saw during that previous battle in the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass, the full force spell of the Ninth Holy Guard wasn’t a forbidden spell, but something with comparable power. Therefore, Lin Xin, your other mission will be to look for a forbidden spell scroll of fire element, to make up for your insufficient offensive power. It’s okay for our team to have you as our only mage, and fire elemental scrolls are worth our interest. As long as you find a suitable one, you can buy it.”

If Long Haochen’s words were heard by other Demon Hunters, they would definitely be staring at him with big eyes. But their group was indeed overbearing and rich at this stage. The rest aside, the flesh of the Forest Boa King alone was already a priceless treasure. Having been recorded since long ago as an extinct magical beast, the uses of its body were as one could imagine. And the internal pill and gall of the ordinary Forest Boas were good things as well! And that was only a small part of everything they brought back from demon territory. Just the number of demons at the eighth step filled Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody and moreover Lin Xin had the corpse of Andromalius left.

“Your mission is heavy, but you have to remember that you cannot let that affect your cultivation too much, understood?” Long Haochen kept warning Lin Xin.

Lin Xin nodded repeatedly, his eyes returning to a red color, “Boss, be at ease, I definitely won’t fall behind.”

Long Haochen heaved up a smile, turning to the direction of Sima Xian, “Sima, after returning in the Priest Temple’s side, you have to keep training assiduously, and not act impulsively. Ask for your teacher’s guidance in your training. I believe that the path of a Discipline Priest won’t be an easy one, so if possible, go through the records of your Priest Temple. The Forest Boa Training Pills that Lin Xin will make will be supplied to you in priority. You only have to keep in mind not to rush impetuously in battle, and comply with the arrangements of the Priest Temple. As for the retainer contract, Han Yu and you don’t have to worry. After I became a god’s chosen one, the restriction of distance in the contract disappeared. Between now and the time we reunite, the contract will stay about the same. ”

Sima Xian’s hands were holding his bald head, lowering it without a word. He appeared savage and rough on the outside, but had quite a sensitive heart. At this moment, his face was streaked with tears, and in his mind, the scenes of battle of life and death with his comrades kept appearing. For a moment, he went totally silent.

Long Haochen revealed a slight smile, “And don’t forget about that girl from the auction house, Feng Ling’er. She must have been waiting for news about you all this time.”

“Yuanyuan, after you return to the Warrior Temple, you have to keep contact with Lin Xin. He will help you get a good weapon. Train with great effort, strive for the day you will be able to inlay the seven spatial gems in the Divine Soul Shield.”

“Yeah.” Wang Yuanyuan’s lips were pursued up closely, staring at Long Haochen as she kept nodding repeatedly.

Long Haochen forced a smile, “Don’t be like that everyone. It’s not as if today is the last day we would see each other. This time of separation is only to be more prepared for the next time. I hope that the next time I see you all, you will have grown stronger than me. Ying’er, you are actually the one I have the most expectations for. You said that it is only when you would reach the seventh step, that your ability would truly come out. You are now already a single step away from the seventh step. The next time we meet, you have to show us how strong you are.”

Against the expectations, Chen Ying’er appeared stronger than Wang Yuanyuan in her reaction, “Captain, be at ease. The next time we will meet, I won’t drag the group down, and become one of the main forces of the team. Sorry, I never told you about that, but in fact, my internal spiritual energy is at 92 units. It was a lie that I told before.”

“What?” This instant, everyone couldn’t help but shout? Another god’s chosen one?

Chen Ying’er’s look was apologetic and sad, “It was a promise that I had with my grandmother.”

“Even as another god’s chosen one with above ninety units as internal spiritual energy, I am just too weak. Before reaching the seventh step, my abilities have no way to shine. It’s only after reaching it that I can wield the physique of the Saint Soul Girl, and at that time, my awakening will occur instantly. At that time, I may acquire an ability to communicate with the magical beasts just like Ye Xiaolei. Sorry to have kept this hidden from everyone. This is a secret that even in the Spiritual Temple, only Grandmother knows about.”

Long Haochen appeared pleasantly surprised, patting her shoulder, “Ying’er, there’s no need for you to apologize. Everyone have their own secrets. Most of all, it is a good thing for everyone here. Since things are like that, your awakening will surely be completed the next time we reunite! But take care to learn from Cai’er’s lesson, at the time of your breakthrough to the seventh step, you’ll have to be in a safe place, and have one of the super powerhouse of the Spiritual Temple protect you.”

Chen Ying’er proudly replied, “Captain, my goal for the next time we meet is the eighth step. I will definitely overtake everyone.”

Long Haochen gave out a laugh, “All right, I am looking forward to that.”

The proud look on Chen Ying’er’s face dissipated suddenly, and tears started flowing out, “Captain, I want to have a hug with you all. Can I?” Even though she may appear stronger than Wang Yuanyuan, her strength had its limits.

“Of course.” Long Haochen stood, wearing the same frustrated smile on his face, and spread his arms to welcome Chen Ying’er;

An hour later, the others returned in their respective rooms, leaving the place for Long Haochen and Cai’er. They were the only couple in the team, and these lovers experienced real pain and misery. Although extremely unwilling, the rest could only leave them more time.

“How about we have a seat in the rooftop?”


Snuggling up to each other, among the two, Cai’er wasn’t crying, only tightly gripping onto Long Haochen’s body.

“Haochen, do you think I will have regained all my memories from the past the next time we meet?” Cai’er asked softly.

Long Haochen shook his head calmly, “I don’t know.”

Cai’er then asked, “Then do you want me to regain them?”

This time Long Haochen didn’t give any reply. Of course, he hoped that she would recover her memories, but he didn’t want her to recall of the painful things from her past either.

“I will definitely regain my memories. That’s because I want to know what kind of existence you were in my memories. I’m sure there was a very special feeling”

Cai’er opened her eyes wide, gazing at Long Haochen. His handsome face appeared even more resplendent under the sunlight.

He is so handsome, and so strong. And more importantly, the way he treats me is so… So…

Although Cai’er was gradually starting to accept him, the shadows in her memories were in the end wrapping in her head. She felt that it was as if a gap had formed between the two of them, as if making her to unable to face him with her true self.

Lightly caressing Cai’er’s hair, Long Haochen finally had a feeling of ease. His look was very warm. He was also able to feel the barrier that was starting to form between Cai’er and him, but he wasn’t worried, and wouldn’t press her, because he believed that no matter whether her memories come back or not, he would one day gain back her heart.

Separation would form a kind of stability, for everyone to calm down their own heart. Maybe the next time they meet, she will have really recalled everything.

This temporary separation was only announcing a better reunion.

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