Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 460

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 460: Forbidden Earth Spell? (II)

However, this deathly stillness increased the sense of fright engraved in the demons. After all, after crossing the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass, they will be in human territory, where they have no way to predict what they will encounter. They had originally thought they had concealed themselves pretty well, and didn’t expect the enemies to find out about them so rapidly. This feeling of being under attack was really hard to bear. They would prefer to confront the armies of the Temple Alliance head on, rather than being confronted to some unknown enemies watching over them and that could attack at anytime.

The Fiend King was very calm, showing his worth as a good commander for this army. This was a role that only strength wouldn’t suffice to bear, especially knowing that on the demon side, powerhouses of the ninth step are definitely not few. This Fiend King didn’t show signs of his anger, only calmly observing the surroundings, keeping the rest of the group in his sight. He was the commander of these troops, their brain.

In fact, in cases of large scale battle, his presence would affect the efficiency of the team by at least three times .

At least the time to pour out a small cup of tea passed, while no signs of movement occurred except for the sudden arrival of the previous ambush.

An ice-cold chill hit the face of the Fiend King, who finally guessed what they were up to. Although he wasn’t certain that those who attacked them were a Demon Hunt Squad, scouts with such individual strength were definitely not numerous. And the people from the other side were definitely a small number, trying to stall for time, for the Exorcist Mountain Pass and the Demon Resisting Mountain Range to prepare to some extent.

“Stop defending, and march forward at full speed.” The Fiend King gave this next order with conviction. Then the remaining scouts also returned, bringing news that no large group of humans was found.

Without the cloaking ability of the Demon Envoys, they had no more obligation to keep advancing slowly. The wisest remaining choice would be for them to pass through the mountain at the fastest speed possible. As long as his group manages to inflict a serious blow to Temple Alliance by annihilating Exorcist City, the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass would be unable to stop the advance of the rest of the demon army.

The purplish black radiance serving as magical defense was slowly revoked, for the sake of preserving spiritual energy. But the Hell Demons and the nearby Demonic Bears once again showed their amazing coordination. After terminating the spell, each of the Hell Demons went straight on the shoulder of a Demonic Bear, letting them proceed forward to easily pass through the ravine in the depths of the mountain range.

Right at this time, the Fiend King suddenly had a bad premonition. This was his natural instinct, which grew with his increase in rank. This was unrelated to one’s race, nor to one’s strength.

Despite not sensing any fluctuation of spiritual energy, this was the first time for him to sense such a fatal danger. Abruptly, he howled, “Stop there and focus all of your energies towards defending!”

At the same time his shout came out, the scene changed entirely.

The demon powerhouses who all heard this order from their commander couldn’t help but be puzzled. But before they could react, a massive oppressive force appeared in front of them. Just like a tall mountain wrapping their thoughts, it appeared to push them down under its control.

They were all standing on the side of a mountain, which unexpectedly slowly shifted to their direction without any omen.

Because that shift started slowly, they didn’t realize that phenomenon until a large amount of crushed rock finally started to present a terrible threat, when falling towards their direction.

Dawn was still nearing, but the sky remained just as dark. Under the pitch-black curtain of the night, an even darker large mountain peak fell at startling speed, coming with irresistible force despite its slow speed. And this whole process only took a few minutes.

If their few powerhouses were to put their whole energy into fleeing they would certainly be able to escape this. But this was an army, and not a small Demon Hunter Remover Squad.

The soldiers numbered five thousand, and a large mountain peak over two kilometers long was pressuring them down. This was even more frightful than some existing forbidden spells of ninth step.

The expressionless face of the Fiend King immediately became pale. He never expected these humans to employ such means. They had actually toppled over a mountain, turning it into a terrifying weapon.

No matter what degree his strength reached, he couldn’t possibly withstand a whole mountain! Among all demonkind, the only one who could accomplish that was perhaps the Demon God Emperor.

Therefore, he could only give the order to retreat, sparing no cost to step back from this hurdle.

The Berserk Demons standing in the front fled at frantic speed, heading back, followed by the Grand Fiends that also showed no hesitation to use their wings to escape the danger zone.

But what about the Demonic Bears and Hell Demons in the middle of the formation? Hell Demons could perhaps rely on magic boost to gain some speed, but the Demonic Bears, demons with ultra powerful defenses, clearly lacked speed. Without need to even precise that their two sides were filled with other friendly forces, they couldn’t possibly withdraw rapidly.

The mountain falling from the sky would not wait for them, and kept falling down regardless of their reaction! At the time its massive body fell, the Fiend King of the ninth step who relied on his superior spiritual energy to bring a few dozens Demonic Bear outside.

That loud explosion nearly shook the whole Demon Resisting Mountain. Without regard to their demon race, all the demons in the range of the terrible seismic waves were sent flying. Under the raging seismic waves, although they were all elites of the demons, such terrible seismic waves were in no way easy to bear for them. Only the Grand Fiends, gifted with the ability of flight, were better off. But they were only better off for a short instant.

The toppling of a mountain peak, how frightful was that? The violent explosion coming along, with the massive weight, caused landslides in the seven surroundings mountains. Who knows how many stones of over three meters diameters fell as a result, as if this was the reaction of the god of the mountain, frantically smashing these debris over the demon army.

At the time of the mountain’s crumble, a golden glint was soaring in the sky, floating in midair helped by the four wings on his back.

On the toppled mountain underneath, a yellow flow of light surged, flashing back to its chest, and its aura disappeared instantly.

This was a genuine landslide! This was the first time for Long Haochen to see such a awe-inspiring scene. Although his trust in the capabilities of the Ninth Holy Guard was high, he wasn’t quite expecting that he would be given such a pleasant surprise.

He actually made a whole mountain fall? To the demons, this was no less than a fatal blow.

While evading the huge rocks in the air, Long Haochen’s face was brimming with an uncontrollable smile. No matter how steady he is as a person, not showing excitement in such a time was inconceivable. At least two thirds of the Demonic Bears and Hell Demons were crushed under the rocks, and even those who could escape this fate by a fluke would simply be subject to the most terrible and direct impact from the seismic waves.

The loud explosion even propelled the distant Long Haochen away, to say nothing about those bearing the impact at close range. The demon elites from this army ought to be all crippled.

“Haha…” Long Haochen laughed heartily, before suddenly coming to a stop. With a flash of golden light, his figure then disappeared in the sky, heading for the Tower of Eternity.

Almost at the same instant as he disappeared, a dark golden glint flashed through, the next instant the loathing and enraged Fiend King appeared.

A human? Could this human have come alone? No, this can’t be!

The damage that occurred just now was catastrophic in the eyes of this Fiend King. His troops were simply sent to death before the main assault even started. The damage caused by that great mountain to his army was simply indescribable. Of such a massive mountain peak, although half was sent straight in the ravine, the remaining amount actually propelled to its sides. If it was him alone, perhaps he could drill a cave in the mountain using his domineering spiritual energy, but only he was at the ninth step. That wasn’t the case for his subordinates.

Ever since this army was set up, it was under his control. All the powerhouses forming it were selected very carefully, and went through a strict training. The only one in control of them was the Demon God Emperor, but at the time he integrated it, he wasn’t a mere Fiend King anymore, instead becoming the second legion corps chief subordinated to the Demon God Emperor. But these absolute elites commanded by him were inflicted fatal losses without even spotting the slightest human force. This was beyond a mere disgrace. This was an incomparable failure. The guilt from such a loss was simply unbearable!

Who was that enemy in the end? How did he disappear without a trace? What kind of ability could that be? His fluctuations of spiritual energy were visibly weak. Could he have made use of a forbidden spell scroll? But he’s a light element user! To cause the collapse of such a large mountain, at least a magic scroll of the earth element at the ninth step would be needed.

At the time Long Haochen disappeared, he clearly had a burning hot sensation over his chest. This signified the absorption of powerful souls into the Tower of Eternity through the Eternal Melody. And they were naturally from the army of demons…

After appearing without any trace in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, he couldn’t refrain from bursting out in loud laughter.

No matter how strong you Fiend King are, and how valiant your elite army is, let’s see how you will keep launching your attack on humans.

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    This also further illustrates what kind of a place the ancient world of Elux’s era was before the fall of humanity.

    • Jonathan Hurd

      Well all the Holy Guards are top ranked 9th step powerhouses who were considered worthy of standing by the God’s Chosen one Elux. Sure they have shown that they have great skills, but that was while being restricted to the 7th step. This spell right here is probably the first taste we’re getting of what at least the first 9 of the 12 Holy Guard can do at full power.

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