Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 448

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 448: Starlight Divine Beast, Divine Snail of Sun and Moon (II)

Among Starlight Divine Beasts, Divine Snails of Sun and Moon have a very special status. Close to a thousand years after the Gigantic Divine Dragon first appeared a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon appeared. And at the same time appeared a human, just like master and you. With the Divine Snail of Sun of Moon acting as his shield, he finally killed that Gigantic Divine Dragon, and starting from that point, humans finally started to reveal their brilliance, starting the process of unifying the whole continent.

“A human like me?” Long Haochen’s eyes flashed with light, “Are you saying that it was a god’s chosen one?”

The Ninth Holy Guard lightly shook his head, “In the ancient times, there wasn’t the appellation of a god’s chosen one. Humans were like magical beasts; it was only after ruling over the world that they started getting praised as an existence of higher grade. If this was the ancient times, you would be called a Starlight Divine Beast.”

“Eh?” Not only Long Haochen, but the members of the whole squad cried out in surprise.

The Ninth Holy Guard stating that Starlight Divine Beasts were god’s chosen ones of the Goddess of Light was something no one expected. It was no wonder that Long Haochen had such an amiable feeling upon entering. And after coming here, they all started to have the feeling that the aura spreading out from that Divine Snail of Sun of Light seemed similar to Long Haochen’s. The level of purity of their spiritual energies didn’t differ by much, and in some sense, they were similar existences, only belonging to different races.

Lin Xin murmured, “Then, if I eat a piece of your meat, would I evolve?”

The Ninth Holy Guard instantly became ice-cold, “Want to harm Master? Just die!”

Lin Xin hastened to clarify with a smile, “I’m just asking out of curiosity, nothing more”

The Ninth Holy Guard shook his head, “It’s only by eating master’s whole body that you would be able to inherit the blood of the starlight divine beast.”

Cai’er suddenly remarked, “Let’s rather call them god’s chosen ones. Really, the term ‘beast’ sounds so unpleasant to hear.”

At the time, the Ninth Holy Guard who wasn’t affected by any of the others, looked at Cai’er, fear started to appear in his expression, as he gave a nod while looking down.

Meanwhile, Long Haochen seemed to have put his thoughts in order, “So to sum up everything you just said, there had been in the past a gigantic dragon with a supra divine tool in his possession, who managed to eat up a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon after killing it, thus becoming the Sacred Gigantic Dragon that ruled over the continent for over a thousand years. Then, it ended up being killed by a chosen one of the Goddess of Light like me, which established the foundation for the unification of the continent by the humans. Right? Then what about the third a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon?”

The Ninth Holy Guard replied, “When the third time one appeared, the continent was already under human rule. The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon having found out about the surprise attack against it, no one managed to pierce its defense, until it escaped. The one we are seeing today is very possibly the same one as back then. Since I never heard of the appearance of another kind of peaceful divine beast appearing.”

Wang Yuanyuan murmured, “Sounds like the times Divine Snails of Sun and Moon appeared announced a transitional period before a change of rule in the continent. But the only exception was the third time. Now, the timing of appearance of this Divine Snail of Sun and Moon happens to coincide with our destruction of a demon god pillar. Doesn’t it signify that the demons are going to perish under our hand?”

Although Wang Yuanyuan only said that, everyone had a feeling of excitement when hearing her. At least, this was a good omen. And furthermore, the Ninth Holy Guard didn’t seem to contradict this conclusion.

“The third time a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon appeared preceded the start of the war between the humans and master.”

For a moment, everyone went silent, and Long Haochen immediately reacted at the Ninth Holy Guard’s words, “Are you saying that the Holy Necromancer who set up the Tower of Eternity, Slumbering Calamity Elux, was one of the leaders of the necromancers who opposed humans in that calamitous war.”

The soul of powerhouse pulsing in the eyes of the Ninth Holy Guard suddenly became burning hot, giving a serious reply, “He was indeed their leader.”

From these simple words, everyone was shocked. Didn’t that mean that Elux was precisely the main culprit of the calamity that befell upon humanity, the chief of all necromancers, that ruled over their group? Then, it was no wonder that the Tower of Eternity would be that formidable, so things were like that.

Long Haochen’ lips were pursed tightly, and the blood in his cheeks became clearly visible, clearly showing his unstable state of mind.

Everyone was able to understand his current mood. Despite being a knight, he had been leading his comrades to gain the graces of a sinner against humanity, one who brought the previous human catastrophe, nearly causing the extinction of humanity. And it was precisely because of that catastrophe that human suffered a large blow after which followed the dark era that lasted for six thousand years. How was it something Long Haochen could bear so easily.

The silence lasted for a long time, before Long Haochen gazed at the others, “We cannot change what already happened. But in the future, we cannot keep going the same way. I have come to the decision that in the future, we won’t go to the third floor of the Tower of Eternity and further. Sorry everyone.”

Saying that, he bowed down before the others.

These words carried two meanings. First, he wanted to give his apologies and take responsibility, having gained the graces of this necromancer, and then, because of the decision he came, to stop bringing the group to train in the Tower of Eternity.

The other six from their Demon Hunt Squad instantly broke away, none of them able to bear Long Haochen’s bow.

Han Yu supported Long Haochen, “Boss, don’t be like that. The fault doesn’t lie with you; we knew nothing of that in the past! Moreover, everything you did was done with the team in mind. You aren’t in the wrong. We will support your decision with our all. And you know, we haven’t done anything that would benefit the necromancers, only gaining some favors. In the other hand, we have already gotten rid of one demon god pillar. From everything we have done, we can have a clear conscience. So much, that we can claim ourselves to be worthy of standing on the same ground as our compatriots.”

Han Yu’s words were categorical, as he tightly gripped Long Haochen’s arm. If Long Haochen could be treated as a sinner for humanity, then who in this world could be called worthy?

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen gave an earnest look to his comrades. His tense face gradually eased up, and after letting a sigh, he declared, “We are going.”

“Master, that Divine Snail of Sun and Moon…” The Ninth Holy Guard reacted with eagerness. No matter in which era, a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon was an absolute treasure! But seeing his expression, Long Haochen actually looked willing to let go of it.

Long Haochen replied calmly, “The Forest Boa King is already dead, so it doesn’t have any more enemies. Maybe living in this land of death is the safest place for it. According to your words, it is, like me, a starlight divine beast. How could I harm it? All I can do is to hope that it will give humans its blessings in defeating demonkind, so that the continent recovers its shine.”

The matter of the Tower of Eternity had been a fatal blow to them, but more importantly, after knowing about the antecedents of this Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, his already non-existent desire to get it was reaffirmed. Not wanting to get into trouble on account for possessing a treasure, Long Haochen came to the conclusion that he did not have the ability to protect this Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. Although his cultivation wasn’t low anymore, compared to true powerhouses, he was still lacking very much. As for eating this Divine Snail of Sun and Moon after killing it, that was something he didn’t even give the slightest thought to. First of all, Long Haochen wouldn’t harm a magical beast that is no threat to him in any way, but even if he had the intention to harm this one, he wouldn’t possibly be able to put himself through that act.

Without a doubt, the Forest Boa King wracked his brain quite a lot after discovering the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon laying here, but didn’t gain his desired recompense. Otherwise, he would be rather closer to the bearing of a dragon king.

Seeing Long Haochen go away, his comrades followed with no hesitation. The current Long Haochen was actually at his weakest state of mind. Now was the time that he needed the help of his comrades the most. Even the greatest scrooge that Lin Xin was, didn’t give a single glance to the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon.

The Ninth Holy Guard was standing at the back. At the time he turned his head back, giving a look to the enormous Divine Snail of Sun and Moon before glancing at Long Haochen, the soulfire in his eyes started to pound suddenly. Who could be indifferent upon seeing an existence such as a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon here, voluntary letting it go? Even his past master Elux would never have been able to do that.

Thinking back about Elux, the body of the Ninth Holy Guard started to shake, as if remembering some terrifying experience. Then, he lowered his head in sadness and followed the others outside.

“Actually, in this world, there is no real correct thing to do, and no absolute mistake. Even during those days, the calamity of the necromancers was just a big shame. The ones who restored humanity finally ended up framed as their greatest enemies, exterminated by their hands? Who wouldn’t be sighing when hearing this?”

An unclouded voice suddenly resounded in the midst of the vines, making Long Haochen almost react instantly, taking out his two swords.

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon that came out of its shell at some point, had a pair of pitch black eyes, gazing at him. His look was very gentle, and a pair of soft horns appeared above his head.

Long Haochen was in shock, “Were you the one who spoke?”

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon nodded at Long Haochen, as if it was a human, “Right, it was me.”

Long Haochen turned his head back, and his comrades reflexively stood in guard around him. What a surprise was it to see the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon speak in human language.

Long Haochen directed an ardent look at the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, “I don’t understand your words.”

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon gave an enthusiastic reply, “One’s innate talent isn’t something everlasting. Everything one gets after birth is bound to affect it somehow. The same goes for the chosen Scions of Light, they can also get affected by the vices of the external world. Even the purest heart in the world can get infected.”

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