Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 447

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 447: Starlight Divine Beast, Divine Snail of Sun and Moon (I)

The large snail turned back, and naturally, all that was left in the sight of the group was that magnificent shell. Long Haochen’s both hands were raised, stopping his mates from approaching the snail.

The Forest Boa King’s treasure ended up to be a snail. That was truly quite unexpected, especially when its attribute wasn’t light. In some sense, he belonged to the life attribute type, mixed with some other heterogeneous attributes. And because of living in these swamps, its body also carried poison attribute.

The snail before their eyes was however of light attribute. From its nervous looks, it couldn’t be a good friend of that Forest Boa King, much less a lover.

Then, there was only one possibility. It was an enemy of the Forest Boa King, or rather an object of desire in his eyes. But this snail had been living well for so long. Killing the Forest Boa King had taken Andromalius several months, which also proved that this large snail was a magical beast of the ninth step that had no issue surviving here for several months. From this, its level of threat goes without saying. For this reason, even if this snail was of the same light element as Long Haochen, there was no way he could let the others take the risk to approach it.

“Eleventh Holy Guard, do you recognize this magical beast?” Long Haochen turned

The blue flames in the eyes of the Eleventh Holy Guard, who just joined Long Haochen’s side, starting to pulse as he pondered. Something seemed to have come to his mind, but he didn’t seem so certain.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay even if it’s just a guess.” Long Haochen tried to encourage him. In these lands of death, they had been encountering extinct Forest Boas and other antique magical beasts such as Saw Skates. This large snail was very possibly another kind of magical beast from ancient times, but no one had any information about it, and thus didn’t dare rashly approach it.

The Eleventh Holy Guard nodded lightly, giving the reply, “From its aura, that’s certainly a kind of ancient magical beast. It should be a starlight divine beast, but I don’t know much about them. Ninth may know a bit about it.”

Hearing his respectful tone towards the Ninth Holy Guard, Long Haochen seemed moved, “Eleventh, why is it that although you are fellow holy guards, the three of you so respectful towards Ninth? It’s as if you didn’t have the same status.”

The Eleventh Holy Guard was startled, but still gave a reply to Long Haochen’s interrogation, “Our status is not the same. Master only had nine holy guards following him for a long time, all of whom were elites from their generation, defeated in combat by Master. The Tenth, Twelfth, and I are servants accepted by him. Compared to the Ninth Holy Guard, we differ a lot, be it in strength or knowledge.”

Long Haochen had a flash of understanding, So things were actually like that! The Ninth Holy Guard was indeed a lot stronger than the other three holy guards. At the same time, he started to become even more expectant regarding the Tower of Eternity. With the help they had from these four great holy guards, the strength of their team as a whole almost doubled. If it is possible for him to get the addition of the whole twelve holy guards, what kind of sight will that be? At that time, he will be bound to have reached the ninth step. If it is the same for the holy guards, then even average demon gods would be no issue for them.

However, Long Haochen also thought back about Ye Xiaolei’s words to him. That no matter what, he couldn’t enter the last floor of the Tower of Eternity. Otherwise, he would get controlled by the evil degenerations of the Slumbering Calamity Elux.

“Please bring Ninth Holy Guard here, so that we can see whether he knows this magical beast.” Now was clearly not the time to ponder about the Tower of Eternity. Long Haochen had instead immediately called the Ninth Holy Guard here, to have a look at whether he had an idea of what kind of magical beast that snail could be.

Overall, the cave wasn’t very deep. A little while later, the Ninth Holy Guard arrived with loud steps at Long Haochen’s side. But he suddenly became stiff upon seeing that large snail, and even the soul of powerhouse pulsing in his eyes seemed to have frozen.

Long Haochen didn’t interrupt him. Strength aside, it seemed that the other three holy guards preserved only their feelings and knowledge, with some of their battle instincts and memories. But the Ninth Holy Guard seemed to have a real soul of his own. For instance, when seeing Cai’er, the respect in his behaviour seemed even more apparent than for Long Haochen.

After quite a while, the Ninth Holy Guard seemed to be coming back to his normal state, murmuring, “This is a starlight divine beast, from the peaceful era. A Divine Snail of Sun and Moon.”

Hearing about his familiarity towards this kind of magical beast, Long Haochen’s spirits rose, “What kind of magical beast is a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon?”

The Ninth Holy Guard replied, “Even during the ancient times, their rarity exceeded even that of dragons. To speak about the Divine Snails of Sun and Moon, I have to mention the starlight magical beasts first. They are a kind of extremely powerful magical beasts from these times, all of whom are of light attribute. Any types of magical beast may give birth to a starlight divine beast. And each one of them are existences at the tenth rank. They are standing as representative for light, and their worth is really enormous. Every time a starlight magical beast appears, various races will be bound to attack it from all sides, like when humans run across a divine tool. There is no race that doesn’t harbour a desire for them.”

“Consequently, the starlight magical beasts are unable to reproduce, and their numbers kept lessening with time, until they finally went extinct, and none ever appeared.”

“What are the benefits that starlight magical beasts can bring?” Long Haochen asked with curiosity.

The Ninth Holy Guard replied heavily, “I can give you a simple example so that you understand. In the past, when master built the Tower of Eternity, he used in its core three magical nucleus of starlight divine beasts. And up till now, the Tower of Eternity is still as glorious. This is precisely because of the existence of these three nucleus, making the Tower of Eternity a supra divine tool!”

“A supra divine tool?” Long Haochen heard yet another brand new word.

The Ninth Holy Guard explained, “A so called supra divine tool is an item like that pillar we just destroyed. However, that pillar seemed to be still not at the rank of supra divine tool, only at its fledgling stage. But that pillar seems to be just the part of a kind of ultra divine weapon of even greater terror than a supra divine tool. We have never seen something like that before, at the very least in the knowledge of our master, it doesn’t exist. In this world, we have come to scour some information regarding ultra divine tools, but in fact, there are not many records about them, even in any ancient books from our world. ”

At the side, Lin Xin couldn’t help but ask, “Then, how can you be certain that this divine god pillar is part of an ultra divine tool?”

The Ninth Holy Guard replied, “From its aura. Although its might is far beyond compare with ordinary weapons, at the time it was destroyed, it let out the aura from an ultra divine weapon. This kind of terrifying aura is tenfolds more powerful than the Tower of Eternity. Such an existence cannot be explained unless calling it an ultra divine tool.”

Long Haochen nodded lightly, as if understanding the perilous situation they were in. Divine tool, supra divine tool and ultra divine tool. That was the first time he was hearing of this categorization for divine tools. But no matter what, there was no doubt about their existence. Wasn’t the Tower of Eternity a supra divine tool, that never missed to put them in awe with its mysteries? And it was even more probable for the seventy-two demon god pillars to be part of an ultra divine tool. So it was no wonder that over the past six thousand years, no human was able to destroy one. But since things were so, how is it that Haoyue was able to?

For a moment, Long Haochen’s mind seemed to be thrown in disorder. It was as if he came to a guess, but without anything to confirm or prove his thoughts. Moreover, his hypothesis wasn’t complete either, and still full of gaps.

The Ninth Holy Guard continued, “Starlight divine beast were for some time, also existences of same grade. And among the divine tools that are inherited from ancient times, at least nine out of ten among the ones that have light attribute, are related to starlight divine beasts. The overwhelming majority of the starlight divine beasts have great battle capabilities, so killing them to gain benefits from their resources is bound to require a huge cost. And among all the starlight divine beasts types, the hardest one to deal with is of an extraordinary kind. Because it doesn’t have any offensive strength of itself, it cannot wound any of its enemies, and would simply flee upon exhaustion of the enemy. The starlight divine snail before our eyes is this kind of starlight divine beast, a formidable magical beast close to unparalleled in defense.”

And because it cannot attack, among starlight divine beasts, it is known as a peaceful one.

Han Yu raised the question, “It cannot attack? Then couldn’t we capture it, and then think of a way to handle it? It should sooner or later show a gap.”

The Ninth Holy Guard shook his head, replying, “The defense of a Snail of Sun and Moon is the reason why it is praised as an everlasting remnant. Not only blocking the overwhelming majority of the attacks, it can also negate any negative effects. In the history of the ancient times, a Snail of Sun and Moon is said to have appeared three times, but there was only one time it was slain. That time, it encountered a supra divine tool specializing in attack, and wasn’t able to use its peak defense from the beginning of the battle, since attacked by surprise. And that was the only time a Snail of Sun and Moon died.

And after eating the meat of that Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, that almighty one ruled over the world for a thousand year. That was a dragon kin, who became a Gigantic Divine Dragon upon eating the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. But do you know how his rule eventually ended?

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