Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 445

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 445: Secret of the Aria of the Goddess of Light (II)

Now that the effects of the joint magic between the ninth and the eleventh holy guards were gradually disappearing, the swamps were recovering their sogginess.

Lin Xin also came out from the cave. Seeing the satisfied look on his face, it was visible that the corpse of the Snake Devil Demon God was done being handled.

“Boss should we go for a treasure hunt in this cave?” Lin Xin suggested in high spirits.

However, he very quickly realized that Long Haochen’s attention wasn’t focused on the treasures in the cave, and that he was instead gazing at the nearby demon god pillar.

That massive pillar had already lost its original splendor. Standing there for so long, it looked like nothing more than an ordinary stele. A huge snake shaped sculpture was spiralling around it, though the red light in its eyes was a lot dimmer.

“Boss, you can’t be thinking of attempting to destroy this demon god pillar?” Lin Xin unconsciously asked, but to his astonishment, Long Haochen actually nodded to him in confirmation.

Seeing Long Haochen, the others couldn’t help but show surprised expressions.

Ever since the dark era from six thousand years ago, uncountable demon gods died, but until this day, none of the seventy-two demon god pillars were ever destroyed. With regards to this, the Temple Alliance put too much efforts, but even with the might of divine artifacts, they were still unable to destroy any of those demon god pillars.

But at the very moment, Long Haochen was actually showing the intent to destroy this demon god pillar. Even if everyone had trust and belief in him, they still had the feeling that he was overestimating his capabilities.

How could Long Haochen not know of the toughness of the demon god pillar? He after all personally saw what the result of the full force attack of the internal pill of the Forest Boa King against it. But he also knew that the seventy-demon pillars of the demon gods were their foundations. As long as these seventy-two weren’t destroyed, wanting the Temple Alliance to defeat the demon race would be no more than wishful dreaming.

Currently, Andromalius was defeated by them, and his demon god pillar, exposed in front of their eyes. Since that was the last and weakest of the demon god pillars, how could Long Haochen not be tempted?

“I want to try it out.” Long Haochen’s tone couldn’t be considered determined, but seemed somehow emotional. Affected by his emotions, everyone gradually started to carry solemn looks.

Sima Xian carried his Energetic Ball of Light, “Boss, let me try first.”


Right at this time, a low roar came suddenly, breaking off Sima Xian’s suggestion.

That low roar came from Haoyue.

Long Haochen looked at his old partner with amazement. Clearly, Haoyue’s mood felt abnormal.

Seeing that massive demon god pillar, Haoyue’s mind somehow seemed to be disordered. Long Haochen immediately sensed that Haoyue’s mood was even going out of his own control.

With a sort of rashness that would be hard to describe, pain spread out from Haoyue’s heart, even getting transmitted to Long Haochen.

His five large heads were lifted upwards at the same time, roaring in rage. Little Light, Little Flame, Little Green, Little Blue and Little Purple were sharing the same state of mind, filled with an indescribable rage, filled with a desperate wrath.

Immediately, an intense purple glow spread out from Haoyue’s body.

Long Haochen realized to his astonishment that after this purple glow appeared, flames started to blaze all around Haoyue’s body.

“Haoyue, don’t!” Turning pale with fright, Long Haochen attempted to stop him, because he sensed that Haoyue was igniting the very source of his own life.


Haoyue’s five large heads were turned around at the same time, even raving with some cruelty at Long Haochen. Immediately, the pair of massive wings on his back unfolded, carrying his massive body straight towards the demon god pillar.

Purple flames were rising more and more violently, and at this moment Haoyue looked like an unruly kid, whose incomparable stubbornness was something even Long Haochen didn’t managed to tame.

At the time his distance from the demon god pillar reached twenty meters, his massive body started to stagnate in the air.

Long Haochen suddenly had an impression, that as the purple flames rising around Haoyue drew closer, the demon god pillar was actually trembling a bit.

How could that be? The demon god pillar is shaking?

In the midst of Long Haochen’s puzzlement, Haoyue made his move.

The intense purple flames abruptly started gathering above him. Immediately, Haoyue simultaneously roared with his five large heads, and five glows appeared, shot out from them.

These were five bizarre crystals, somewhat resembling each of his five heads. Colored golden, red, green, blue and purple, these five crystals were floating atop of Haoyue’s five large heads. But as released, those purple flames were frantically rushing forth, as if following his intent.

The five crystals were slowly flying, forming a circular formation. Each of the five went in one direction, as that purple fire gathered in the middle of the area formed by the crystals.

The previously massive purple flames rapidly shrank to the size of a fist, but glowing with intense purple golden light.

Gradually, this purplish golden ball of light expanded, taking the shape of an arrow.

Haoyue’s five heads growled simultaneously, after that, the arrow was sent almost immediately at the demon god pillar. While it was launched, Haoyue’s massive body disappeared, and the five crystals returned inside him. One could clearly see that each of Haoyue’s five heads was letting out blood, his body fluctuating with spiritual energy in the meantime.

Long Haochen had always been keeping watch over Haoyue’s situation, and some of his spiritual energy having already recovered, he immediately dashed at him, the four holy guards following closely. Only the Tenth Holy Guard outran Long Haochen, immediately heading toward Haoyue, trying to bear his weight.

However, Haoyue was indeed too massive. As for his enormous weight, the wind specialized Tenth Holy Guard seemed unable to bear it, especially when getting in contact with the purple intent disseminated from him, weakening him.

This time, a yellow glint shone upon Haoyue, greatly reducing his weight. Long Haochen led the rest to gather and look over Haoyue.

In the meantime, the purplish golden arrow had accurately hit the demon god pillar. Under everyone’s watch, it turned into a brilliant ray that made its way inside the demon god pillar, still unmoving.

Originally still somewhat hopeful, the expressions on the faces of the others darkened immediately. Right! Even if Haoyue is powerful, how could he damage a demon god pillar? It’s almost a wonder why they were so expectant.

But as everyone was feeling Haoyue’s sadness, Long Haochen suddenly cried out in alarm in front of the demon god pillar stormed by attacks, “Take a look”

Long Haochen’s perception was far beyond anyone else’s, and as that purple glow of light disappeared, he also believed that Haoyue’s attack turned out ineffective. But quickly, his feeling changed.

That was because he sensed the massive trembling from the demon god pillar before, replaced by a sense of deathly stillness, as if about to collapse. The aura coming out from it was full of desperation.

Purple light reappeared, spreading from the inside to the outside. In the beginning, that purple light was very weak, only rippling weakly on this demon god pillar. But as time went on, it started gaining in power, and tiny cracks started appearing on that massive demon god pillar.

Sima Xian shouted madly, violently swinging his Energetical Ball of Light. The spiritual wings on his back spread out, and advanced toward that massive demon god pillar at full speed.

A tremendous metallic sound came along with sorts of ear piercing whizzes, busting out loudly as it smashed against the demon god pillar.


The area hit by the Gigantic Ball of Light was actually destroyed, and countless dark green glows splattered around. A purplish golden color started to burst out from within at a freakish speed.

Vaguely, one could hear innumerable mournful screams coming out from that demon god pillar, as if many souls were targeted along with the massive destruction.

“Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang…” With loud successive booms, the energetical substance, dark red light that seemed to form the demon god pillar started to scatter around, and the whole Swamps of Gloom shook from that.

A buzzing sound rang out in all the demon provinces, especially those gathered by the frontier. It seemed that all the demon god pillars were uttering sad calls from the destruction of that one, and even the Devil Dragon Pillar belonging to the Demon God Emperor was no exception.

Right, in the shared history of humanity and demons, a demon god pillar was finally destroyed completely on this day. In other words, no more Devil Snake Demon God would appear in the whole continent.

Long Haochen and his sixty fourth commander grade Demon Hunt Squad brought a new tide, as if symbolizing the turn of the battle between the human and the demon side that until now maintained parity.

Staring blankly at that destroyed demon god pillar, everyone was in a particular state of mind. Mostly, they weren’t excited, but moved. It could be said that the hatred all of them had for demons was deeply rooted. The occurrence of the destruction of one of the highest symbols of the demons held even more meaning than their possible future breakthrough to the ninth step.

Many human powerhouses of the ninth step appeared in history, but this was the first time one of the demon god pillars god destroyed! An incomparably precious first time, the seventy-two demon god pillars just became seventy-one.

In some sense, the most important point was that Long Haochen and his crew proved that the seventy-two demon god pillars weren’t indestructible. Destroying them was possible, and this information was just incomparably important to the Alliance.

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            I think they are hitting the upper limit on events for this journey though. They just finished about 17 Slaughter missions, killed an 8th step Jacques demon, had an encounter with Ah’Bao, helped kill almost an entire Demon Hunter Remover team, fought through the Swamp of Sorrow, had Cai’er’s Awakening, finished the Second floor of the Tower of Eternity, killed some Saw Skates, met the Saw Skate King, had Hao Yue get to his complete form, killed the DG Andromalius, destroyed the 72nd DG pillar, looted the Boa King and a ton of Devil Snakes+ normal Boas, and now they are going to explore the cave holding hidden treasure. I think they have accomplished enough on this trip.

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            So the conditions for going to find his father was indeed getting 7th step and a Mithril Foundation Armor. LHC is currently 7th step so the only thing left is go to a tournament for the Armor and then he will probably search for his parents. I think we might honestly have two chapters of a tournament arch. LHC goes up, is underestimated, and then pulls out Hao Yue and Yating to blast all his opponents into infinity and beyond. 6 7th step spell casters plus an overpowered knight versus a more regular knight and a freaking average mount. No contest, lol.

            I am personally also predicting LHC goes on that journey alone. For a few reasons. One is that this is his own personal business and not related to being Demon Hunters. So if there is danger on this search he will probably not want to bring his team trouble because of that.

            Another part would be he needs to give them a chance to train and start catching up. After all these life and death battles I think they will benefit from some closed door training.

            Also when they get back Lin Xin is going to be able to put together more than enough Swamp Boa pills to help them all with clean their bodies. The biggest thing though would probably be plain old mental stress that has accumulated throughout this journey.

          • nadyvina

            Oh, that´s right! I forgot about it, they should grab some, well that´s why I wondered last time if the DGP has some GPS hability xD If they really take some of the DGP parts I think they will give a little as prove but keep a major part to make weapons and armours, well the DGP actually has some spatial properties so, maybe the Warrior Girl will have one more spacial gem.

            About the conditions, hahaha I´m happy that I was actually right! Yes, that´s one thing too, it is a personal matter, and there is something too, all of them need to go back to their owns temples to aquire new and higher level tecniques, afterall all of them are bog shots of their temples, even Shima is now the Priest Temple´s head´s personal disciple. I´m really sad that Wun Wyayan (hehe I tried my best to remember her name) did not acompanny Haochen to the Warrior´s Temple at that time when he went to give the sword intent to them. Oh! but now that they killed a DG and destroyed a DGP, for sure they will have a lot of attention, so nourturing resources and etc will be there for sure!

            About Haochen going in a solo journey, I wonder if his retainers will go with him, well I´m not that sure about Shima, but I think Han Yu would go with him, well knowing Han Qian that may be his order. And about Cai´er, Haochen already had decided in some past chapter that he will take Cai´er to his parents after these missions, I felt at that time that the past Cai´er would not accept that, I wonder if this Cai´er will actually accept this, or maybe she will decide to go with him so she can stay with him, training her identity, back then she was sturborn, but now I think she is even more, and she is not happy knowing that Long Haochen don´t trust her, so in the future it will be major insult for her xD hahah

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            I like the idea of Han Yu following LHC to find his parents. That makes a lot of sense considering his grown character and sense of responsibility. He would also probably be good as another Shield in LHC’s own personal undead DHS since he already has a plethora of Damage between the two mages, one Assassin, Hao Yue who is five more mages, and the Flame Sensei.

          • nadyvina

            haha right?! I´m sooo looking forward to see Han Qian´s reaction! hahaha But it really will be the Mythril Foundation Armour Tournament arc that is following. Ah! I don´t want to see the Assassins Temple reaction, and I really feel that if Haochen leaves Cai´er with his parents to go on a solo journey with his Personal Demon Hunt Squad, he will be breaking his promise to Cai´er; she will turn on in her yandere mode then.

            I would like to know if that guy who is taking care of them from the ditance is his father, but that is another thing…xD

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I think he can trust Cai’er to her family to protect and love her. I mean her Grandpa is the 9th step leader of the Assassin’s guild so protecting her is pretty simple. She is powerful and strong, but I think maybe being around other important people from her family and other humans might help her jog some memories. Also I think the biggest thing she might need now is probably some quiet time in a safe place to try and remember stuff without having to rush around worried about the danger.

            Also I have to say this novel probably is the record holder for teasing interesting things and not explaining any of them. Is LHC the successor the DGE keeps talking about, who is LHC’s mom and whats her relationship to the DGE, what is the true story of Austin Griffin, what happened to the Demons home world and how did they end up here, who is the mystery knight that has been watching over LHC, what was LHC’s deal with Ye Xiaolei entail, does Austin Griffin’s perfect form have nine heads, if it does have nine heads what elements would they be, and my favorite…. WHEN THE FUCK IS LHC GOING TO USE A NECROMANCY SPELL?!?

            God and that is not even the complete list of unanswered questions T.T. I can probably think up some more pertaining to Bright Rain, Hibiscus of Light and what the next level of the Tower of Eternity is going to be like. As well as what the hell LHC is going to spend this astronomical wealth on.

          • nadyvina

            What about his Divine Throne??? hahah well no, it is still too soon hahaha. You´re really looking forward to the Necromancy thing! I think he will use it just when he inherite that Necromancer, because there is some true and lies that has to be discovered. About his mother I think she was kidnapped and raped by that DG, well maybe not. I don´t think she has any relationship the DGE, but with another DG, I´m not that anxious about Haoyue´s world, but I want to about his mother, DGE expectation on Haochen, well yes Haoyue´s hatred (uhh now I´m interested in Haoyue´s backround too xD)

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Welcome to my world. The waiting for any kind of explanation continues… T.T.

            Personally I just think the Necromancy thing is cool and was super psyched when they first introduced it. Seeing the forces that the Tower of Eternity has made to fight LHC as well it seems like it would be like a stupidly strong summoner.

            I believe there is definitely more than just skeletons and specters he can probably summon up as undead. It is also my dream for LHC to become kind of like a general with his own Skeleton army fighting against the Skeletons of Hao Yue’s world in this giant clash of skeletons and zombies. Light Skele’s versus Darkness ones tearing at each other apart. The 12 Holy guard standing as the Lieutenants and Squad leaders… God I would really love to watch that animated… T.T.

            To me Elux’s tower kind of serves two purposes. One is to raise LHC’s power, but another part is to show him different tactics of a top class Necromancer. Especially the fights at the end of the first floor where Elux started mixing and matching the Undead types together to compliment each other.

            The reason I am frustrated though is the author keeps bringing up issues, solving them, but then never has LHC just use it! First block was LHC doesn’t want to be a Necromancer and has light element. Solution: Elux is also light and guess what you don’t have a choice. Second block: using necromancy is evil what about my teammates. Solution: teammates will take whatever they can get to survive. Third Block: LHC refuses to learn the spells. Solution: Elux literally forces him to learn the information or he cannot cultivate, lol.

            LHC has literally all the tools and knowledge to use necromancy. He has his teams blessing and has even come to accept Elux’s gifts and use them for training. He has even accepted using the Holy Guard, but he won’t just freaking cast the spells! Its not even an issue with energy anymore since the Eternal Melody + Yating means he has almost endless energy recovery. All LHC would have to do from my guess is make the Skeletons then regather his energy to full to fight as a Retribution Knight or a Guardian Knight.

            Another thing I really want to see again is for LHC to meet with Asura Ye his second teacher again. God it has been a long time since he last saw him. I really liked him and was hoping when LHC came back to the city after his first excursion they would have a little face to face.

          • nadyvina

            I was really dissapointed when they came back from the Priest´s Temple´s battle and that he didn´t met with Asura Ye, but I´m just soooo looking forward to see his prowress after the innate talent sharing thing xD

            About Haochen using his necromancer´s skills, I tell you he won´t use it until the true come out to light, and that will be when he inherits it in seventh floor, and he will be forced to go to that floor, remember Ye Xiolei told him not to go there, so that just reinforced in him the idea of evil, and the source of human kind falling in this state in front of the calamity represented by demons.

            And what is the true behind the church or whatever holy thing that Elux fight against, some corruption that is even more evil thing than demons and death, something about revenge bla bla bla, similar to Tang San´s.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I am also pretty curious about the Brilliant Church. Once I learned that Elux was also a Scion of Light it seems inevitable that he was involved with the Brilliant Church in some way.

            The Holy Guard as well are interesting. To me they seem less likely to have started as allies of a Necromancer and might have been the guards of Elux when he was still at the Church.

            One theory I just thought up is maybe Elux was born with Necromancer parents, but his Element was light making it almost impossible to be a Necromancer. He went and joined the Holy Church and eventually learned he was the Scion of Light while hiding his background. Then the Church decided to start its crusade on the Necromancers and maybe killed his family…

          • nadyvina

            yes, yes, yes something like that…or maybe just like pursuing something that is in Necromacer´s hands they atacked them, maybe Elux never was related to the Brillant Church but was part of Necromancers, and the BC in order to force him to something killed his loves ones!

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Another possible story is that Elux was born a Necromancer. The Brilliant Church found out he was the Scion of Light and therefore stole him from his parents to try and raise him to be their next champion. Later in his life he found out they killed his parents and so ran away. Learned the arts of Necromancy and dedicated his life to revenge.

          • nadyvina

            that´s a really beautiful posibility, I vote for that! the good thing is that this story is complete, so in order to have answers to our bets we just have to wait!! ho ho ho :3

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      • Jonathan Hurd

        100% agree with all your points here, :D. To me this DG pillars destruction is just too sudden. It came out of no where and against someone who was basically in the back country supposed to look after food procuring.

        A possible scenario is this is all part of some larger plan humanity has set up. They secretly sent squads to multiple DG’s who are isolated and this is just the first strike. Instead of randomly going out and attacking I think consolidating, checking in with all the DG’s to make sure they are safe, and figuring out what happened is for the best. After that then you can start thinking up counter actions.

        We know LHC basically could win because of a fluke and Austin Griffin. The demons however do not have that information and so the problem stands. Also considering the burst of power Austin Griffin just gave off that is another big issue that needs discussion and counter measures in itself.

        Another thing I would say about the demons cooperation is that it honestly seems a bit away from harmonious. They are all under the DGE, but that is basically it. They are united in fear towards him, but do not seem to really have anything else bringing them together.

        I kind of see this in a few different places. One is Andromalius himself. He specifically went alone into this highly dangerous swamp because he didn’t want anyone else stealing his prize. We can see that with the fourth DG with the Howling Cavern. He refused to call in help from others because he wanted those treasures to himself.

        The thing with Yue Ye’s Cavaran could also be seen as an example of the strained relationship between demons. To be fair the options for the demons who jumped the the Caravan was rob or die slowly of starvation so they were in pretty desperate straights, but at the same time the fact that they had to steal rather than able to ask for help also speaks a bit of the relationship.

        Look at the interactions of the DGE and the Moon DG. The DGE might see the Moon DG as his friend and brother, but the Moon DG seems acutely aware of the power difference and afraid of him. That is how the second strongest DG acts towards the DGE. How do you think the DG’s with numbers above 10 feel about DGE if he scares even number 2.

        Fear means they will definitely follow his orders, but at the same time I don’t think the first thought coming up for them will be revenge. I think the biggest thing on their mind will be self preservation. Who knows when they might be next. Until the circumstances come out I think other than following direct orders from the DGE they will probably gather together for safety or surround themselves with their strongest minions and turtle up.

        • leopold1983

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          • Jonathan Hurd

            If I remember correctly they weren’t really sending the DHR squads because the 8th step Jacques demon died. They sent them because how he died was the super fusion between LHC and Hao Yue. The DGE sent all those DHR squads and to fight Austin Griffin since that was the only way they would have a hope of victory. That was less vengeance and more trying to find Austin Griffin and fast because he showed that he was nearing peak power. Even that is more for the DGE’s self preservation than feelings of camaraderie.

          • Kilimandaros

            Chapter 389 – DGE sent 10 DHR teams because he sensed Austin Griffin aura, he didn’t have any knowledge about death of Jacques demons.

    • Jonathan Hurd

      Personally I would put forward in the situation that the world is randomly presented with an alien invasion the reactions of people would probably differ from person to person. Some would say we should talk, some would say an immediate offensive, others would want to wait and gather intelligence, and some others would just be confused about the situation and seek to protect themselves.

      The idea that the Pillars can be destroyed is not new. The DGS’s said themselves that they accidentally tipped the demons off to this and therefore the DG’s have become much more conservative about bringing the pillar out to battlefields. The shocking part is whose pillar was broken. Andromalius is basically as far from the front lines as possible. He is no where near the humans, but he was not only killed but also lost his DG pillar. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to suspect maybe this is the first part in some plan of humanity to attack vulnerable DG’s simultaneously. I feel rushing a decision is a bad idea and like Kilimandaros said gathering more information about the circumstances and also confirming the other DG’s safety and protection.

      Another big reason not to go on an all out offensive is the big picture. The Demon Race is now weaker than they were before losing not only a DG but also a pillar. They know that if they took all their forces and threw it at the humans they would still probably emerge the victors but at huge losses. The problem with that is as they themselves proved after such a huge win you are the most vulnerable to a surprise attack by another faction. The only reason the demons had such an easy time to establish power over the humans was because the human factions finished a all out war of annihilation between themselves with the Necromancers facing the Brilliant Church.

      • nadyvina

        and I have my own theory about the Necromancers and Brillant Church, I just hope this will come to be true, with Haochen keeping the inheritance (just you know how this author aparently dislikes holy and brillants churchs xD).

        • Jonathan Hurd

          Lol, I know right? Though the author does do a fairly good job of avoiding painting one side as good and the other evil. Its more like each side has its own goals and desires that oppose a different one. That is why he has Tang San kill so many people, lol.

          • nadyvina

            and even here I feel that Haochen and Light things are not that pure, when the author makes demons not that disgusting beings, well I´m fairly atached to the DGE and Ah´Bao xD, they looks just like nice guys but with their own goals to preserve their kind, after all the DHS just infiltrate in their territories and kill them keeping their corpses to make pills and weapons, but then you see they being all angry because the hungry demons eat humans hahaha

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I do like how the author makes a big deal of the Knights keeping their pride. They do require them being of Light Element, but past that what truly makes a knight a knight is the honor and upholding it. That is probably the biggest reason I root for LHC since he is so upstanding.

            I honestly can’t really fault either side for their motivations. What I like is both sides fight each other, but there is definitely some mutual respect mixed into that. It shows they are not completely consumed by their dislike and it feels more like a struggle to survive in a place that lacks sufficient resources.

          • nadyvina

            I think (or I hope) maybe in the future demons and humans will fight alongside against another supreme being from Haoyue and the demon´s dimension, because right now they are like two countries just like you said, and I really feel that DGE is quite tired of this situation with humans, maybe his solution is just like Rome who absorb other nations throught all meanings, but we have to accept the great concede that he planned suggeting the second demon god to make as his succesor a half human/demon, and even him considering Haochen as his other potential succesor (I´m really sure that he refered to Haochen at that time)

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Honestly other than Haochen I can’t imagine anyone else who would fit the bill for DGE human successor. Now that might be pretty complex since he is linked to Austin Griffin who apparently hates the pillars. So we’ll see how that turns out.

            Yeah the DGE definitely seems to have plans of incorporating humanity and having them as an additional force for his eventual conquest of other realms. Its not really too farfetched if he manages to take Ye Xiaolei. He already rules the rest of Demon kind through fear. The humans don’t really hold much of a candle to him.

            Sure if the majority of the Top Brass did a suicide attack maybe they could wound him, but that seems about it considering the sheer power the DGE holds and that is even before he takes out his Pillar. We saw the power up the 72nd DGP gave Andromalius. It allowed him as a peak 8th Stepper to actually fight a 10th rank magical beast.

            Think of what the DGE’s pillar, the strongest power up, can do combined with a DGE who is over 5 times stronger than the strongest humans already, lol. With the eminent deaths of the DGS’s who are the only people with even a 5% chance of fatally injuring him at this point taking over the Temple Alliance seems to just be a waiting game more than anything else.

          • nadyvina

            It really is true that Haoyue being Austin Griffin complicated the DGE plans with Haochen, but who knows what will happen?

            You are right, if demons and human fights for real, demons would have (it is have or has? can´t remember xD) the upper hand in the battle, that´s why I think that until Haochen mature this war won´t happen, so we just have to sit and wait for that time to come, maybe we will get to read it in four years xD.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            It also helps that by the point LHC has completely matured the DGS’s will probably have died of old age. By that point I think LHC will have made too much of an impact to be ignored and will have started to take over their role. The DGE might need to start the plan before LHC can grow to be even more of a hindrance at that point.

          • nadyvina

            mmmm I´m sad about this turn out of event on the DGE´s plan with Haochen (I´m sure I read a dissapointed and hurt voice in the DGE, when he learned about Haoyue being Austin Griffrin TwT, -I´m crying with you my dear DGE!!!)
            For another eight to ten years definitly there won´t be any war, if I´m not mistaken the DGS should be being around for another 10 years…right?

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I think the DGS’s have about 10 years if they push their lives to the very limits. A full scale war is going to take quite a bit of planning anyways so I don’t expect it to be anytime soon anyways.

            Probably in the next few years the Demons will start gathering their strength, but they will probably wait until the DGS’s pass before starting it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end the DGS’s don’t try for one last all out attack to try and take someone with them.

          • nadyvina

            yes, they may (and for sure) die in battle, maybe the third Demon God will be their target, I think something will force the war, and anticipating that the DGS are now more weak than ever they will choice to go to war (I mean the demons) so the DGS and Haochen´s Squad may lead the humans, maybe LHC will be in posession of one of the thrones. I can´t remember if there are any restriction in being a DH and having a Throne, there should not be right? well he is the succesor of the Knight Temple, and actually everyone of his squad is the potencial succesor of their temples, sooo…

          • Jonathan Hurd

            The only real restrictions on the Divine Thrones that I have seen thus far is to be chosen by one. The Knight of the DGS’s said he would of had one but he got greedy. He was chosen by I think three of them, but he wanted the first one and therefore lost his rights to all of them.

            I think there is nothing really stopping you from being a Demon Hunter and having one. I think all the Knights upon getting to the 9th level get a chance to be tested by the thrones and see if one will choose them.

            The one thing I wonder about with LHC and the thrones is how they will view the Eternal Melody and Necromancy that LHC is now connected to. Considering what the title of the novel is I have to assume he will get a throne because otherwise that is the biggest misdirect of the entire series, lol.

          • nadyvina

            Mmmm, I don ´t think Necromancers are evil, and like divine tier artifacts the DT should be wiser than Ye Xiolei. I believe that there is some misleading in the information that came trought time till Haochen (you know that winners write history, and there is times where wins not good guys but the bad ones); and why not? he being a Necromancer make him be choosen by the first DT, well just with his status of Scion of Light should be enough, but what if it is a plus? xD

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I think in Ye Xiaolei’s case it is a little different from the Divine Thrones. They are pure Light Element so what they reject is Darkness Element. For Ye Xiaolei though she isn’t Light but Life Element which is the direct opposite of is the Necromancer’s Death element. So its less that she hates Necromancers on principal and more that their energies directly reject one another. That was shown with how she got a kind of electric shock when she tried to touch the Eternal Melody.

            Knowing LHC’s pure mentality I don’t think there is a high chance of him being rejected by anything that he actually wants to make a pact with. I mean even though he is the Necromancers successor even Ye Xiaolei made a contract with him, lol. If LHC can’t get a Divine Throne then no one should be able to.

            She did say that normally being a Light Element Necromancer is usually impossible. The only reason Elux and LHC can be one is that they are Scions of Light. I definitely sensed some admiration from her when she described how Elux managed to by himself walk a path that shouldn’t have even been possible and with no real precedent for it.

            For the truth behind Necromancers I definitely agree that history is written by the victors. While there really isn’t anything left of the Brilliant Church they did manage to blame humanities downfall on the Necro’s. In my opinion it is very likely that the war is not as simple as Necromancers bad Church good. Also Humanity is in a position where it can’t really afford to be too choosy about where it gathers its power sources from.

          • nadyvina

            Oh I agree with it, and yes actually there was some admiration from Ye Xioalei and finally, what in this world is entirely fair, good or bad? there is just who offended first (that´s even a principle in war laws, actually laws I mean in real world). That is something that I really like in wuxias or xianxias like BBTH and WDQK where the MCs aren´t angels with pure heart, maybe gentle nature, who won´t offend someone for nothing, but would retaliate if are offended, but that is another thing…

          • Jonathan Hurd

            There have admittedly been debates for centuries to try and figure out if there truly is something like an absolute Right or form of the Good. A lot of different answers have been passed down. (Personally a Philosophy major so learned a hell of a ton about these theories, :D).

            I do also really like the MC’s in BTTH and WDQK. I like a protagonist that is willing to hit back when hit. I also gotta admit I like reading about honor and face. It is interesting to see just how much the cultures in the stories value these things even sometimes over their own lives.

            I love LHC’s Character too. He is probably the most pure MC I have ever read, but he has also learned to be merciless against his enemies. I know it seems out of character when he tricks the Demons, but I like that aspect of him. I feel it adds depth and he is true to himself. In a completely fair fight he will not cheat. An all out fight… no holding back :D.

          • nadyvina

            Well, this is when language barrier just turn in backlash on me, it would be wonderfull to talk about this theories from my own major perspective, since Philosophy is our mother, Philosophy of Law has developed to his own perception of human living in society behaviour and how it´s knowleged can be contained in regulations writen or not, depending on the laws systems of the country (we have to save it until I can properly write in english, there is high posibility of good chat about them, lot of fun!!! I´m really an otaku of Laws and Literature xD).

            About MCs, in the chinesse literature I´ve just read three authors so far, BTTH and WSQK autor, Divine Throne author, and Mad Snails (TDG and Star Martial Artist), and came from japanesse manga´s MCs, like Dragon Ball, Naruto, or Black Clover; so if you´ve read before shounnen japanesse mangas you´ll see heroic MC that is more a redeemer, well the bad guys are not that bad, they just have some personal issues), but there is always that factor of redemption at the end. And in xianxias I started with Tales of Demon and God by Mad Snails, where Nie Li has his own circumstcances, and don´t pay major attention to small fries, and I didn´t really pay any attention to his behaviour. But now, before reading BTTH and WSQK and read Divine Throne, where Haochen was really kindhearted but ruthless with demons, of course that was a shock for me comming from Naruto or Black Clover and Hunter x Hunter, where redeption was one of the main elements (and that is why I support the DGE this much, just can´t help it). And then another shock meeting Lin Dong and Xiao Yan (ohh damish I forgot Linley from Coiling Dragon) who are merciless, all the time at the beggining I was like “ohh my…Haochen I miss you, you would not do that in this”) and there is when I found my self in “just let it be every author has his own world”. But this is just comparing japanesse and chinesse readings (in my poor literature reading till now hahah) when you see an MC in manga you will see that he will fight until he dies because of honor, and the author WSQK has already written that Lin Dong does not care about fleeing, because when there is life there is hope and you can always wait and come back (really useful and practical thinking).

            You Know I really enjoy reading Cao Cao and Liu Bei strategies battles tricking each other, of course they are battling not like head on soldiers but generals (ohhh my this is just soo long to say! why did you stimulate me soo much???? Now I´m just mixing a lot of ideas that I have so don´t take to heart my delusions and trying to answer xD)

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Discussion on Laws and the Good are always pretty amusing to me personally, :D. Most of my education in it has admittedly been in the more Western Philosophies basically starting with the Greeks such as Aristotle and Plato going up to Kant and Hume. I have read a little bit about the Eastern side and know a little bit about the idea of Karma and other aspects, but always happy to learn more. I honestly have found the Greek philosophies especially Plato seem to hold similar ideas to some of the Eastern Philosophy. Involving letting go of the physical and reaching a state of enlightenment. Always found that idea intriguing personally.

            I really do enjoy the story of Tales of Demons and Gods. For me I think I read that one more for its world than its characters. I like how the author went out of his way to tell us that Nie Li has experience from his past life, but he doesn’t really expand on it directly. Therefore we as readers don’t really have a scope of just how far his power actually went. This helps for me especially in the early parts to enjoy the conflicts Nie Li has and give it weight. If we honestly knew even a fraction of what Nie Li had achieved at the beginning I feel like the story would of lost a lot of its early impact.

            I really love as the story goes forward we get little parts of the world explained and then as the story continues the picture of the world constantly expands. Part of this is learned from following Nie Li, but I like also how the author makes it completely clear that even for Nie Li there are plenty mysteries in the world he has yet to unlock. It gives the story a pretty fun mysterious feeling to me that I can’t really get enough when they enter a new land or place to meet a new group of people. The formula for how Nie Li acts in each place is pretty much set. He first figures out what the people want then brings out a monopoly of that. Purchases all the things of worth using that and powers up accordingly, lol. I feel that does help keep the story grounded and helps the reader keep in familiar territory especially as we start visiting more and more fantastical lands.

            I will say I especially like how Tales of Demons and Gods uses its reincarnation storyline to the maximum. Nie Li is using every bit of information he got from his previous life and using it basically exclusively to help his friends and loved ones. He is desperately working to destroy his past regrets and it makes perfect sense since in his previous life he didn’t lose them once but twice.

            I love how much contempt he treats authority figures with now that he has gone back to his youth, hehe. It kind of speaks to a very realistic desire I can see in myself. If I was in his shoes after attaining so much knowledge and experience I would also really love to feel the power of being flippant to those who inspired fear and reverence in me before. He still obviously respects them otherwise he would never help them, but at the same time it is kind of his way of getting rid of petty feelings built up from long ago.

            A suggestion of a really awesome LN by this same author that has probably some of my favorite fight scenes is Douluo Dalu. The main character Tang San basically becomes a control specialist fighter. He gets some comrades and commands them in fights and the most epic moments are really just how perfectly he predicts his enemy reactions and uses that against them. Timing things down to the second to destroy enemies he really doesn’t match up to in power.

            A really great Japanese LN I would also suggest reading if you are interested in the idea of morals and what is right is called “The Rise of the Shield Hero”. It is probably the darkest take I have ever read on a transported hero story.

            The main character is one of my favorites of all time. Someone who is faced with shit over and over, time and time again, but he keeps moving forward. He doesn’t act much like a hero and he honestly throws away working for justice for a more pragmatic type of value. People will try to cheat and steal from you and so he will take what is his even if he has to by force. The translation of it gets a little rough, but the whole thing is translated and ends in a very satisfying manner. Also has some of the best punishment moments I have ever seen.

            The last suggestion I would make and one I am currently loving is actually a Korean LN called “Everyone Else is a Returnee”. This one is kind of fascinating in how it reverses a lot of different tropes and things. The main character is a guy named Yu Ilhan who has been constantly left out of groups and is a natural loner. His very presence seems to just not be picked up.

            The first day he gets into College all of a sudden all of humanity disappears. So naturally in something of a panic he runs home hoping it is a dream. There he meets an angel and is told that the world has apparently leveled up and will get mana. Earth will basically become inhabited with monsters(animals mutated with mana) and humans will be able to cast magic. All of Humanity apparently has been sent to different worlds to get used to mana and adapt. Only problem is Yu Ilhan was overlooked… Lol.

            Basically instead of the story line that the MC is sent to a different world. Everyone BUT the main character was sent. The first few chapters are about how he starts training for everyone’s eventual return. Partly so he can survive in a changed Earth, but also partly he trains to stay busy so loneliness doesn’t drive him completely insane.

            The story telling is pretty epic and the author is super creative. One of the things the author likes to do is blatantly have the characters foreshadow stuff and then have it come to fruition. The funny part about it though is Yu Ilhan is kind of self aware about the foreshadowing so there get to be some pretty funny conversations about that as time goes on. The MC has a very interesting and slightly tortured personality.

            He accomplishes a lot in his time alone and you appreciate the power he gains, but at the same time you also realize the main reason he worked that hard was to stay sane. So the power comes with a slight tinge of sorrow. He turns into one of the strongest people, but what is pretty funny about it is he doesn’t want to be the top. He wants other people to be there and be the hero since he doesn’t want to risk his life and face extreme danger.

            All in all it is one of my favorite stories and systems. In the story people get levels from the Akashic Record. Your level starts at one and goes up by killing other living things and absorbing their records(experiences and lives) into yourself. The thing is monsters can do this too and are set to try to kill Humans. For Humans they just gain strength and mana per level, but monsters whose body is infused with mana their bodies get stronger the higher level they become.

            The idea is then that you kill monsters then harvest their skin and bones to make armor since it is naturally tougher than materials without mana. The items made from materials have their own stats and ranking systems. It kind of plays like what if Earth turned into a fantasy world. How would people react? What difference of jobs would come out and other questions.

            The whole thing has a variety of items and abilities that are all pretty fun to read and imagine. Also there seems to be some shady stuff happening in the background that Yu Ilhan keeps randomly running into that promises future interesting developments down the road and the presence of at least some intentional organization or big bad he will need to fight.

            I now have probably typed more than I should, but what can I say I like talking about LN’s and no one in RL or my family will actually bother to read them so comments sections must do, :D. Till next we type!

  • leopold1983

    It seems there’s a typo in the Tittle:” Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 446: Secret of the Aria of the Goddess of Light (II)” It should be Chapter 445.