Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 444

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 444: Secret of the Aria of the Goddess of Light (I)

Cut in two in one swing. This description was perfectly fitting for the scene.
When he was close to his peak state with the help of the Demonic Collapse Great Spell, Andromalius was immediately sliced in two by the Aria of the Goddess of Light. Neither his skills nor body managed to stand in front of the powerful attack of the Aria of the Goddess of Light.
It was an instant kill. Long Haochen managed to kill the enemy instantly. But how did he accomplish that? How did he get so strong all of a sudden?
Only Long Haochen completely understood how this happened. At this moment, his thoughts couldn’t help but go back to the time in the Warrior Temple, when he delivered back the sword intent in the Aria of the Goddess of Light.
The head of the Warrior Temple, War Deity Qiu Yonghao had a short one to one with him, during which he told him a secret. This secret had been kept buried in Long Haochen’s chest ever since then.
At that time, Qiu Yonghao told him that the Aria of the Goddess of Light had a secret. That on it existed a powerful seal, branded originally by the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang before he left the world, for the sake of concealing the real might of the Aria of the Goddess of Light. This was to avoid accidentally injuring the younger generations. Qiu Yonghao also told him that to get rid of this seal and unleash the true power of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, the wielder’s cultivation would at least need to reach the eighth step. By causing an overdraft in conjunction with power storage, it could barely be tried at the seventh step.
Afterwards, Qiu Yonghao taught Long Haochen the method to remove the seal. Qiu Yonghao could be called the former retainer of the Holy Sword Wielder Qiu Yonghao, and also the only person aware of this method in the whole continent. The sincerity Long Haochen had when coming to deliver back its sword intent moved him and led him to reveal this secret in the end. That was because, he also wanted to see the birth of a new godly holy sword wielder, able to inherit of Ye Wushang’s legacy.
Just a moment ago, Long Haochen drew support from Storing Power to help raise his spiritual energy to its peak, and managed for the first time to remove the seal of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, then use the real might of this divine sword for the very first time. As for Andromalius, he became the first offering to the godly sword.
The reason for Long Haochen to have done this was very simple. He simply didn’t want to give Andromalius any opportunity to counterattack, having learned enough from the Forest Boa King. For this reason, he used his most powerful attack to thoroughly crush the Devil Snake God, and completely rid of his soul and life, and obliterate him through the godly holy sword.
A dark red light started to glow on Andromalius’ corpse, flying back outside. This occurrence was just too sudden, even surpassing the Tenth Holy Guard in speed.
One could vaguely see that this was a crown, a dark red crown that was dripping with dark red blood.
When Long Haochen’s group killed the successor to a demon god, they obtained an Inheritance Crown. But the aura coming out of this Demon God Crown was a lot more powerful than that time. Obviously, it was trying escape and merge with Andromalius’ demon god pillar. This way, many years later, a new Devil Snake Demon God would reappear and command the Devil Snakes.
Long Haochen didn’t make it in time to stop it, as the others including the two Holy Guards were still in shock because of Long Haochen’s earth shattering attack. When they recovered from the shock, that dark red crown was already floating past them.
Because Yating helped Long Haochen to display the full might of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, she went into a weakened state and was unable to even use the Pull Ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove. In his state of great shock, Long Haochen found himself unable to stop it.
But right at this moment, rapacious aggressor appeared suddenly in the only road of that dark red crown. This demon god crown was indeed really fast, to the extent that even avoiding it was impossible, but it just ended up being entirely swallowed.
With a thin golden glow, to everyone’s shock, the one who swallowed the demon god crown was exactly Little Light, one of Haoyue’s five heads.
Little Light’s pair of golden eyes were glinting, and vaguely, his body started to ripple with purple intent. Everyone felt that the fluctuations of spiritual energy on his body were starting to twist, before returning to normal, as if nothing happened.
Lin Xin’s response was the fastest. He was not only has-drug-bro, but also a scrooge beyond scrooges. The first thing he did was to run over and attempt to ask Haoyue, “Dear Haoyue, can you please spit it out?”
Little Light unhappily glared at him, and shook his head with pride. It seemed to be saying, Want me to split out something I just ate? You’re dreaming!
“Don’t be like that, Dear Haoyue! That’s a demon god crown! If this thing is brought back to the Alliance, we could exchange it for quite a lot of Legendary Equipment, and even one or two Epic Equipments would be possible! How can you keep everything for yourself,”
As for Lin Xin’s pained appearance, Little Light acted as if he didn’t see it at all and just turned back his head. At the very moment, the Ninth Holy Guard and the Eleventh Holy Guard outside were also coming back.
Wang Yuanyuan let out a laugh, “Let it be, has-drug-bro. Can you stop being so greedy? Having Haoyue eat it is a lot better than letting it go away. I can’t believe that this is for real, we actually really killed a demon god! This would really be unbelievable to anyone.”
She wasn’t the only one to find that unbelievable. Even Long Haochen who delivered the last blow felt like he was in a dream.
They really succeeded, in killing the Snake Devil God Andromalius. Although he was no more but the last of the seventy-two demon gods, he still brought the group a total of over 500,000 contribution points! If they could kill one a bit above in the ranking, the reward would surpass one million points.
A golden light started to glow on Long Haochen’s chest, and Chen Ying’er and Cai’er were finally summoned. It was just that the two of them didn’t look so good.
“What happened to you?” Chen Ying’er looked stunned at the sight of Long Haochen who was borrowing support from Han Yu’s arm, and Cai’er was pouting with an unsatisfied expression. Since the others were summoned by Long Haochen for such a long time, they were evidently thrown in a battle, but she wasn’t summoned until now.
With difficulty, Long Haochen smiled to her, “It’s nothing, I’m just feeling a bit weak. I just need to get some rest.”
A golden glow was spouted out from Little Light’s mouth, enveloping Long Haochen, helping him to recover some spiritual energy.
After Haoyue evolved to the level of getting five heads, his support wasn’t pertained to only the aspect of spiritual energy, but even his vitality and overflowing latent capabilities helped him recover. For this reason, after receiving Little Light’s support, Long Haochen’s face immediately looked a lot better.
Seeing the great amount of corpses of Devil Snakes afar, Chen Ying’er and Cai’er were stupefied.
Chen Ying’er had a doubtful look as she inquired, “Don’t tell me the battle is already over? Oh my god! Is that a demon god pillar? And what about the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius? Did he escape?”
With a laugh, “Escaped? Just where do you think he would flee? He’s right there, though only mincemeat is left of him. Still, that’s all good things! I’ve gotta pack it all later.”
Wang Yuanyuan blurted out without reservation, “Has-drug-bro, won’t you stop showing more and more arrogance?”
Hearing that the Snake Devil Demon God died, Cai’er was still better off, since she was after all amnesic, but Chen Ying’er stood dumbstruck, “Are you saying that the Devil Snake Demon God was killed by you? My god! How is that even possible?”
A golden glow of light was emitted by Han Yu’s body, enveloping everyone inside. That was the power of the Spiritual Stove of Blessings of Light, tremendously accelerating the recovery of spiritual energy of everyone inside its range. Even the aftereffects of the Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder affecting Sima Xian started to lessen.
Long Haochen let out a smile, “Nothing is impossible, didn’t we just succeed? Although luck played out a large part, we still succeed. And with this we are done with all the missions we have taken this time.”
At this point, he started clearly to show some pride. But after looking at Cai’er, his joy lessened by much. Right, no matter how much gains they had this time, compared to Cai’er’s memories, it was not even worth mentioning. If he had the choice, he would have rather not chosen to make this trip in demon territory, so that Cai’er wouldn’t have ended up in this state.
“You’re still not trusting me!” Cai’er showed a grumpy side, but said no more than that, because of seeing the sad look on Long Haochen’s face, containing some lament. For some reason, every time she saw Long Haochen like that, the depressed feelings in her heart disappeared involuntarily, as she felt stuck in her throat.
The others shut their mouths unconsciously. In this strange atmosphere, they recovered while bathed in the Blessings of Light.
Very rapidly, everyone outside of Long Haochen who went largely beyond his limits and Sima Xian who was suffering from the side effects recovered, back to their peak. Even the four holy guards were no exception, and from that, the great might of the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings could be seen.
Long Haochen declared, “Time to sweep through the battlefield everyone.”, and took the lead to head for the corpse of the Forest Boa King.
In the battlefield, the Forest Boa King aside, there were corpses of six or seven ordinary Forest Boas . After the extermination of the Devil Snakes, the Forest Boas that were able to get away were really few. But this only inconvenienced Long Haochen’s group.
Long Haochen carefully recovered the corpse of the Forest Boa King in his Eternal Melody. He could still feel the heat emitted by the Eternal Melody, visibly absorbing the soul power lingering in this battlefield.
Devil Snake elites fare quite high in price, to say nothing of the magical crystals they have. The storage capacity of Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody being close to unlimited, it took a moment for them to bring everything recoverable here, making the battlefield a lot cleaner.

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