Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 042

Chapter 42: Knights’ Sacred Mountain (IV)

Long Hao Chen moved his arm and took his Radiant Shield out; he was taught that all knights were required to stay on constant alert.

This enormous silhouette was slowly nearing the ground, currently at a distance of 3.3 meters (10 zhang). This incredible figure was a flying magical beast.

However, this flying magical beast was even more imposing than Ye Hua’s Vibrant Mountain Bird. With its appearance of a divine enchanting horse; its height of roughly six meters, and its whole body emitting a faint golden light, it was a dragon-headed beast with a body of bird. Its head as well as its tail was covered with long feathers with five different colors. After landing on the ground, it slowly folded its wings and raised its head; what a beautiful creature!

Seventh step magical beast, Dragon Eagle. Long Hao Chen instantly recognized the specie of the beast.

A Dragon Eagle is a light attribute flying beast. To knights, light attribute mounts are the most valuable ones, because they are able to substantially increase their fighting capability.

Two people jumped down from the back of this Dragon Eagle, a middle-aged man accompanied by a young boy. They just got down from its back, so they didn’t see Long Hao Chen yet.

“Oh! Look who it is. It turns out that it is Elder Brother Ye Hua, long time no see!” Looking at Ye Hua, they were a little surprised at first, but quickly wore smiles on their faces as they approached.

Ye Hua looked as cold as before and he did not even bother to welcome them.

This middle-aged man wore golden armor, clearly letting out a holy aura. He didn’t have any weapon, nor a helmet, and his long golden hair was spread out behind.

He seemed a little younger than Ye Hua, his face looked a little feminine, specially his pair of sensual eyes, giving off a vague impression of someone who thinks he is hot stuff.

The youth beside this middle-aged man resembled Long Hao Chen a lot: he looked approximately 17-18 years old from his appearance, and his body was quite tall. His face was clearly showing some arrogance.

The middle-aged man approached, asking with a smile: “What’s wrong? Doesn’t elder brother Ye Hua recognize me? Even though it was only six or seven years since the last time we met? Still, we grew up together. I just saw this Vibrant Mountain Bird from afar and although it is only a sixth step magical beast, its species is quite rare so I deduced that it was most likely yours.”

Ye Hua coldly talked back to him: “Gui Ying[ref]Gui Ying means ‘sly shadow’[/ref], you are still as arrogant as before.”

The expression on the face of this middle aged man changed, and the youth beside him could not help but blurt out in an angry voice: “What did you just say?!”

“Shut up!” The middle-aged man faintly smiled; his face’s expression was already back to normal, “Ye Hua, Teacher really misses you, you know? It has been a while since you left our Xiu City[ref]Xiu City literally means Cultivation City.[/ref], but you haven’t even come back once to visit Teacher. Teacher for one day, father for life, have you forgotten that!? ”

Ye Hua’s complexion became colder than ever before, “I don’t need you to teach me that. We will leave.” While speaking, without paying the slightest attention to Gui Ying, he grabbed Long Hao Chen’s hand and they left together in the direction of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

Looking at their leaving figure, the youth couldn’t help but ask Gui Ying: “Dad, who is he? How can he be so insolent?”

Gui Ying unenthusiastically answered him: “He is nothing more than a trash. This time, it looks like he came with this youth to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain to help him in getting his mount. After entering the Mountain, if you have the chance, you have to cause trouble for him.”

The young guy excitedly nodded, “I will make him understand what power is. Let’s see what kind of magical beast will be willing to get close to him after I break one of his legs.”

Gui Ying narrowed his eyes, they looked as if they were intensely shining as his memories from a few dozens of years before flashed little by little before his eyes.


“Big Bro Ye Hua, you’re gonna turn into a Knight soon. How are you cultivating your spiritual energy so quickly? Do you have any kind of secret? Is it okay to teach it to me?”

“You have to rely on your own efforts and practice diligently, there isn’t any shortcut.”

“Hmph, I’m sure Teacher favored you and taught you a special training method. Otherwise, how could you turn into a Knight while you are only three years older than me?”


“You dare hit me? You dare hit me… ”

“What if I hit you? If you dare tell it to Teacher, I’ll just break all the limbs in your body, and the Hall Master of Xiu City will lose his interest in you. Get lost, I never want to see you again.”

That year, he was twelve years old, while Ye Hua was fifteen years old.


“Gui Wu[ref]Gui Wu means sly military[/ref], if you have the occasion, go ahead and break all the limbs of this little boy.” With a cold sneer, Gui Ying took big steps forward.

An air of arrogance appeared on Gui Wu’s blank face, “To break all his limbs! Isn’t that too ruthless? Never mind, I like this idea.” A fierce expression was drawn into his face.

Ye Hua silently stepped forward, his face was as cold as before, and Long Hao Chen, who was so familiar with him, could feel that his state of mind was currently quite unstable.

“Teacher, is this person an enemy of yours?” Long Hao Chen asked in a calm voice.

Ye Hua gave him a quick glance, “We were formerly from the same place; Xiu City, a city adjacent to the headquarters of the Temple Alliance, the biggest city of the Alliance. My teacher was a Temple Knight. He possessed a Silver Foundation Warrior Armor. I joined the Xiu Chen Chief Hall at 13 years old and broke through the third step at 15 years-old. I was acclaimed as the best genius of the 100 last years in Xiu City. I was Teacher’s direct disciple. But after taking a step into Heaven, I took a step into Hell. When we discovered that my internal spiritual energy was nine, from a genius, I became a useless individual in their eyes. I trained with great efforts for two more years in Xiu City, but the cultivation of my internal spiritual energy was incomparably slow. As a result, Teacher drove me away from Xiu City Main Hall, and the among the few people responsible for driving me out, Gui Ying was included. The one who ridiculed me the most, calling me a useless trash nonstop, was him.”

After he finished speaking, Ye Hua became completely silent. It almost seemed as if all he said was completely unrelated to him. And the pace of his steps suddenly sped up. He was relying on his spiritual energy to speed up, as if an arrow was shot at him from behind.

Long Hao Chen couldn’t refrain from clenching his fists as he pledged that the disgrace of his teacher, would be cleansed. Although Ye Hua explained his situation casually, he could imagine that his teacher of those days had surely suffered a lot from this situation too, and that Gui Ying was the first person who provoked this situation of his.

Turning his head to peek a glance at Gui Ying and his son, a third of a kilometer away, Long Hao Chen’s golden colored eyes shone brightly from afar.

A distance of fifty kilometers was nothing at all for them, and after an hour, Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua were already near the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

As they approached the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the light-element aura became even stronger. A haze filled with light element aura was being emitted from behind. The mountain peak was faintly visible, towering in the sky. Clearly, the Knights’ Sacred Mountain was not a single mountain, but a mountain range. The haze scattered as they approached it, so the sight was not as unclear as one may think.

Slowly walking across this haze that faintly shone, Long Hao Chen discovered, to his surprise, that this haze was imbued with a very pure light attribute, and after entering the haze, the light attribute was at least five times superior compared to outside, and did not contain any impurity.

“Feel it. The light element attribute here is a lot stronger than outside. The Knights’ Sacred Mountain is actually, in itself, an enormous magical array that extends throughout an entire mountain range. This light essence is also issued out by the magical array, and if knights like us cultivate here, it will be, as a result, twice more effective, but obviously, this is impossible because as long as these light essences exists here, the violent nature of these magical beasts will be suppressed. Thus, no knight is allowed to stay in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain to cultivate. None of the elders that guard it would allow it. Otherwise, the balance of the light attribute magical array would be destroyed and it would likely result in the rebellion of the magical beasts that reside here. Upon entering the mountain, the self-rotations of one’s internal spiritual energy will not matter anymore, and obviously, you will be forbidden from meditating to increase your cultivation speed.”

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