Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 415

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 415: Surprise Attack! Light Meteor (I)

Tian Qing didn’t accept it, shaking his head, “I am already not qualified enough to wear this armor. I’m giving it as present to you, younger brother.”

Long Haochen smiled at him, “No, big brother. Don’t tell me you believe that I am unable to win a set of Mythril Foundation Armor by relying on my own strength at our Knight Temple?”

In a flash, Tian Qing remarked, “Right! With your strength, winning a Mythril Foundation Armor won’t be a challenge. That way it will be your own honor. Haochen, it’s really good that you’re safe and sound. I’ll not be saying anything more on this subject. I am not fit to act as your big brother. In the future, if you need any help from our team, no matter how high the danger is, we won’t spare any cost. We will be standing with you shoulder to shoulder. Then I’ll not keep bothering you.”

After saying this, he gave another knight salute to the whole 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, turning back with an ashamed face. He actually didn’t have the face to stay here. His culpability was not something that could be dispelled in such a short time, and Tian Qing secretly pledged to himself that one day he would return this favor, going as far as sacrificing his life, if necessary.

“Captain, Cai’er, she…” Wang Yuanyuan asked anxiously.

Slightly sighing, the grief in Long Haochen’s eyes became obvious to everyone, “Let’s go to a room to speak about that.” When saying these words, he turned around to nod at Cai’er, then led her inside.

The rooms in the team section weren’t big, so with seven people in one room, it was somewhat crowded, and the atmosphere was really depressing.

“Damned demons!” Sima Xian ferociously beat the wall on his side.

Hearing Long Haochen tell them about what happened after everyone separated, they felt enraged, as one might well imagine. Cai’er was merely standing nearby and listened, occasionally giving a look to Long Haochen, filled with hesitation and fear for strangers.

“Can you all tell me who is who?” As if not sensing the grief of the others, Cai’er asked with curiosity.

After losing her memories, she apparently had little courage, but was very curious regarding everything.

Everyone suppressed their own feelings of sorrow and gave an introduction of themselves. After giving them serious looks, Cai’er hid herself behind Long Haochen again.

A change appeared in the coloring of Long Haochen’s cheeks, they turned deeply red, and he slowly drew some air, “My body is fundamentally recovered, so let us discuss our following course of action. Cai’er lost her memories, but her strength increased. It’s just that with her current temperament, it’s hard to say whether she’ll be able to display her strength. The overwhelming majority of the sixteen missions we took this time are completed, and the remaining three missions consist of killing the Devil Snake God Andromalius, a hundred regular Devil Snakes, and two Medusas.”

“Based on the informations I got from Yue Ye, the Devil Snake God Andromalus is located in the eastern Andro Province. I examined the map, and found that Andro Province is located to the north of the Central Province, and quite close from this team section. It is near the northern border of the continent, at the coast. But because it’s very far from the Alliance, the defenses there are not very tight. The biggest mission assigned to the demons there is to catch fish from the sea, to accommodate their deficiency of food. Except for the mission of killing Andromalius, for which we don’t have a great chance of success, the other two missions are quite easy. And furthermore, Yue Ye said that Andromalius was looking for something in the Swamps of Gloom in his territory. If the seven of us can encircle him there, we should have a decent chance at killing him.

My only worry now is regarding Cai’er’s condition. Her battle instincts are still there, but her attitude… is as you all just saw.

Having obtained this information with great difficulty, we can definitely not give up so easily. Cai’er’s strength can temporarily not be counted on. While we are completing the mission, I will possibly let her stay in the Tower of Eternity. This will make it harder for us to kill Andromalius. Of course, the best situation would be to have Cai’er recover her memories and regain her fighting abilities. After the closure of our missions, I will bring her back to have a reunion with her relatives at the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Perhaps, the influence from her family will help her recover some memories.”

Han Yu kept a low voice, “Captain, if we don’t have the help from vice captain, I’m afraid that killing the Devil Snake God will be…”

Long Haochen continued, “Yes, the difficulty is high, but it’s not as if there is no good news for us. After the battle against Ah’Bao, my cultivation level had a breakthrough and I am now at the seventh step. We can at least complete the other two missions, as for whether we can kill the Devil Snake God or not, we will act according to our own abilities.

I pondered carefully during the last few days, and originally planned to immediately bring Cai’er back to the Alliance. But afterwards, I reflected on it and thought that for Cai’er, who has trained for so many years, perhaps a battle will help her recover her memories even better. I will protect her well, so we should head for Andro Province.”

Listening to his explanation, everyone couldn’t help but nod, densely packed with fighting intent.

In the previous battle, when they were encircled by the six Demon Hunter Remover squads, Long Haochen could be said to have saved the two Demon Hunt Squads on his own, bearing all the pressure. Moreover, with the fact that Cai’er lost her memories as a result, how could they be feeling good? Everyone blamed themselves to some extent, and their hatred towards demons only grew deeper. This great hatred could only be appeased with blood.

News came from outside the team section: at the present time, Major Jacques City was under heavy surveillance, and patrols seemed to be present in every street of the city. Two Demon Hunter Remover squads were staying behind to guard the inside of the city. Not only that, but even outside of the city, a great amount of mounted soldiers was standing guard, searching for traces of them. At the time of Long Haochen and Cai’er’s return, although they didn’t run into trouble, they had to avoid several patrols to get back.

Nightfall. Taking advantage of the night, a group of people came out of a small restaurant. Every one of them was clad in long cloaks, and the one leading them was Long Haochen, clad in his Glorious Holy Armor.

They didn’t leave Major Jacques City through some secret passage, but just came out of the team section at nightfall.

Currently everyone was disguised as demons, with their eyes turned purple. Entirely in the shape of Moon Demons, the only special aspect on them was that everyone was surrounded by a very thick killing intent.

Deciding on a direction, Long Haochen said in a low voice, “According to the map drawn by the people from the team section, the seat of government should be in that direction. Let’s go.”

Currently, the whole Jacques Province was on high alert, so if the seven of them were to try leaving quietly, they would very possibly get found out, and inevitably chased by the enemies. Long Haochen’s plan was very simple. It consisted of launching a surprise attack on the seat of government located in Major Jacques City, to spread chaos in the city, and cause the demons lying outside to flock inside the city, permitting them to leave more smoothly.

This was undoubtedly a dangerous move, but with the existence of the Tower of Eternity, the amount of danger was negligible.

And furthermore, although two or even more Demon Hunter Remover squads were present in the city, they couldn’t immediately appear, and all they needed to do was to launch an attack before retreating, and not to get entangled in battles.

The group of seven rapidly advanced toward the official residence, but after only passing through one street, they ran into a patrol of Jacques Demons.

A group of twenty Jacques Demons barred their way, led by a raging Jacques Demon, “Who are you? Take off the hoods covering your heads!”

Long Haochen slowly lifted his head, two thick and icy glints shooting out from his eyes, “Moon Demons at work. You looking for death?” With a flip of his hand, he revealed his Moon Demon Viscount insignia.

Glared at by his purple demon eyes, the Jacques Demon immediately stumbled back several steps, hastily becoming respectful, “So you were seniors of the Moon Demon clan. My apologies.”

Giving a cold snort, Long Haochen showed the excessive arrogance of the Moon Demons. Not paying the least bit of attention to these Jacques Demons, he led his comrades and kept going forward.

The defenses inside Major Jacques City were indeed very tight. The distance from the team section to the official residence couldn’t be regarded as large, but on their way, they encountered five patrols. Nonetheless, relying on their disguise as Moon Demons, they didn’t run into any obstacles. Their viscount insignia and Long Haochen’s striking resemblance to a Moon Demon, due to his handsome appearance, proved to be of great value.

In the distance, the seat of government came to view. Compared to the official residences in cities of the Temple Alliance, this place could only be described with the words, simple and crude. It only had two floors, yet occupied quite a large area. The building looked old-fashioned, and many areas were damaged, with traces of poorly applied patched.

Long Haochen brought his comrades to a dark corner in an alley, and gave an eye signal to Lin Xin, meanwhile his body flashed with a golden glint of light. Yating appeared at his side without a sound. She had regained her strength along with Long Haochen, and was naturally recovered entirely.

Long Haochen nodded to Lin Xin, “Be prepared, and when Yating’s spell starts, activate yours as well.”

Lin Xin nodded, revealing a look full of excitement, containing even some cruelty. With a wave of his hand, a magic scroll appeared in his hand.

Yating lifted her staff, chanting melodiously. Standing in the center of Long Haochen’s group, she tried to dim the golden radiance emitted from her body as much as possible.

Yating’s incantation was melodious and effective, and the light essence spreading out from her grew more and more dense, as the massive aura of light gradually became impossible to conceal, spreading outward.

The seat of government gradually showed some movement. How could they not pay attention to this dense light essence? Hurried steps already started to sound out, and rapidly, a patrol appeared in Long Haochen’s line of sight.

“What are you all doing here?” A Jacques Demon rapidly rushed at Long Haochen’s group

With a cold glance, Long Haochen gave the order, “Leave no one alive.”

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