Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 409

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 409: The Body as a Shield (I)

A black spear quietly struck from the vast sky, but it was not aiming at Long Haochen but at Cai’er, who was in the last moments of her awakening.

Desperately spreading his golden spiritual wings to meet that spear with full force, Long Haochen forcibly deflected it, but the golden spiritual wings also couldn’t bear this heavy burden. They shattered under the impact and were ripped apart, bearing large holes.

Crack! A large blade violently struck the shoulder of the Mythril Foundation Armor, leaving a deep indention. A violent breaking sound came from Long Haochen’s shoulder, and his whole left side went numb.

Bang! Lifting up his knee, he parried another huge cone aimed at Cai’er’s lower abdomen. The Mythril Foundation Armor was in the end not omnipotent, and one could watch Long Haochen’s left leg being twisted backwards. It was visibly fractured.

But even then, his eyes still had the same look. Resolutely rushing to the side, he used his right hand that was still able to move to grab Cai’er. Long Haochen slung his arm around her waist and used his broad back to stop the purple ball of light aimed at her.

In the midst of a terrible explosion, Long Haochen unexpectedly didn’t let Cai’er sustain any damage, but he couldn’t help but spit a mouthful of blood staining the helmet of his Mythril Foundation Armor. He only could do this because, every time he met an attack, his chest bubbled forth with a golden light protecting him. Otherwise, he would already have been torn to shreds by these demons.


A shout of extreme anger, proud, unwilling and full of rancor, abruptly resonated all around, and a massive purple glint of light abruptly shot out from Haoyue. Be it Ah’Bao or all the other present demons, all were monstrously dispersed by that purple radiance.

Ah’Bao’s expression was finally filled with distinct shock, “Argh, die!” His voice was trembling for the first time.

With a loud bellow, Haoyue finally turned all his heads to look at Long Haochen.

Looking at him, Long Haochen finally activated that golden skull on his chest, producing an intense golden light enveloping Cai’er, Haoyue and him. Right then, the last grey radiance finally fused into Cai’er’s body, and Cai’er’s right hand firmly grasped that massive grey scythe.

With a golden flash of light the two humans and the beast instantly disappeared, only leaving behind the purple glint in the sky as the Eternal Melody teleported them to the Tower of Eternity.

“Escaped? They actually escaped?!” Ah’Bao bellowed searching the sky, but his eyes were filled with fear. Right, that was fear. This fear wasn’t brought to him by Long Haochen, but that final purple radiance.

Besieged by six teams of Demon Hunter Removers, the two Demon Hunter Squads finally escaped without a single casualty. Not only that, they managed to seize Yue Ye in the process, and took the life of eight Demon Hunter Removers. This battle could be said to be a crushing defeat for Ah’Bao.

“All of you stay here to deal with the aftermath!” Ah’Bao let out a low cry, flapped the pair of wings on his back, and soared to the sky. Not even giving himself the time to recover from his injuries, he directly rushed back in the direction of Modu Core City.

Tower of Eternity.

Yue Ye stood there, with a blank look on her face. Since Long Haochen teleported her to this place, she was in this state of fear.

A strong deathly breath filled the air. It wasn’t the same reek of death as from the darkness element, but an incomparable deathly stillness, emanating a feeling of imminent death.

She clearly remembered Long Haochen’s instructions, and thus didn’t dare move in the slightest ever since arriving. She only stood there, completely stiff.

Fortunately, the ice-cold murderous intent from Cai’er that almost froze her blood disappeared gradually in this place.

Can… Can they make it back alive? Yue ye didn’t know how she should be feeling at this time. For her sake, Ah’Bao was willing to give the two Demon Hunt Squads the chance to escape, so staying unmoved by that was impossible for her. However, she was all the more unwilling to see Long Haochen and Cai’er die, and that was not only because of the restriction placed on her. Time passed very, very slowly, and Yue Ye sunk into a blank state here.

Finally, after some time passed, a golden glint suddenly pierced the dimness, and immediately, a huge beast and two figures appeared in front of her.

Long Haochen fell to the ground right after appearing, and Cai’er was still in that straightened posture. Haoyue’s four heads dropped to the ground right after appearing, and he lay down, his eyes closing. His body still emitted a faint purple glow. Right before falling deep asleep, Little Light raised his head with difficulty, casting a golden radiance on Long Haochen, providing healing for his body.

Back, they all came back! Yue Ye immediately felt overjoyed at this great news, but she became quickly stupefied at the sight of Long Haochen’s desperate state. His left shoulder was completely broken, with his arm dangling limp and lifeless. His right leg was bent in the wrong direction, and the Mythril Foundation Armor had a massive hemisphere-shaped indentation on it’s back. The bones on his back were all shattered to pieces, and his state looked critical. From the current Long Haochen, she actually didn’t feel the slightest breath of life.

He… Why did he sustain such severe injuries? Since he could teleport here, how did that happen?

Staring lifelessly at the unconscious Long Haochen, she was completely unsure of what she should do.

After a long time, she came back to her senses, feeling ashamed, and rushed to Long Haochen’s side with haste. Crouching down beside him, she carefully examined his condition.

From the Mythril Foundation Armor covering Long Haochen’s entire body, blood was constantly seeping out.

The Mythril Foundation Armor had a very detailed design, with every part of it blending well with the others. Looking for a long time, Yue Ye finally found an opening below his armpit, and carefully opened the armor bit after bit.

With a glint of silver light, the Mythril Foundation Armor separated itself from Long Haochen’s body and returned to the shape of a silver box, exuding soft undulations of light, while it regenerated itself.

When Yue Ye saw the state of Long Haochen below his armor, she couldn’t help but feel a cold shiver run down her spine.

The current Long Haochen was in a desolate conditions. Deep wounds covered his whole left shoulder. The flesh was totally lacerated, and even his bones were visible. His body was completely covered in blood, and his left leg strangely bent. His whole back was pierced with blood continuously leaking out from his mouth and nose. His handsome face was deathly pale.

Even a formidable priest would be helpless when encountering such serious damage. The most severe injuries were his crushed bones, and his continuous loss of blood from the countless wounds.

Yue Ye very cautiously examined Long Haochen’s breath and heartbeat.

His breath seemed imperceptible, and his heartbeat very weak. On his chest, the necklace with the golden skull radiated a soft light, as if protecting his heart. It preserved his life, but after sustaining serious damage, Yue Ye didn’t know how he could get healed. In particular, regarding the damage on his bones, if something turned out badly, it could end with lifelong deformities.

Cai’er still stood on his side, preserving her initial posture, but the murderous spirit emitted from her showed unstable fluctuations and her body was also trembling lightly.

During the last moment of her awakening, although she already absorbed all of the inheritance bestowed upon her, she was in the end forcefully teleported to another space without having completed her harmonization, thus her spiritual energy was in chaos.

“What’s to be done? What’s to be done?!” Yue Ye anxiously looked at Long Haochen, as agitated as a cat. Being of the darkness element, she didn’t dare try to help by healing Long Haochen, since this would only have the opposite effect.

During the battle against Ah’Bao, it looked as if Long Haochen wasn’t losing but in truth, he was no match for Ah’Bao. The gap in spiritual energy between the two of them was too wide, and moreover, with Ah’Bao being the successor of the Devil Dragon Clan.

At the start of that battle, Long Haochen had stealthily taken the newly created Spiritual Ignition Pill made by Lin Xin, stirring one’s potential to an extreme extent.

This Spiritual Ignition Pills didn’t produce an amplification as great as the Spiritual Bursting Pills, but their duration was very long, and their amplifying effect was incredible. But it had even stronger side-effects. By squeezing out excessive potential, it could very possibly cause permanent wounds.

So that his comrades would be able to leave from there alive, Long Haochen was already doing his utmost starting from back then. Although he successfully broke through to the seventh step, the excessive overdraft made him enter an extremely dangerous state. In the last moments, to defend Cai’er, and give her have as much time as possible for her awakening, Long Haochen didn’t spare any cost to act as Cai’er’s shield. Otherwise, if she couldn’t completely absorb the power from her inheritance, her life would very possibly have been in immediate danger.

Although the current Long Haochen was nearing death, his face portrayed a calm smile. All those years ago, he told his father that he wanted to become a Guardian Knight because he wanted to protect the people he cared for. And today he managed to accomplish that. For his beloved Cai’er, he nearly sacrificed his own life.

If not for Haoyue’s pleading and his look filled with despair, combined with Long Haochen’s consideration of his safety, he would probably have endured it even longer.

A god’s chosen one was still a person, and would therefore also die when inflicted with mortal wounds. Long Haochen had the protection of the Eternal Melody, the Mythril Foundation Armor, and could share some of the damage dealt to him with his comrades, but his vitality was still rapidly decreasing.

The serious internal and external wounds were stripping him off his life energy, and as the ignition of his soul was gradually receding, even his powerful soul was in danger to dissolve.

Right as Yue Ye didn’t know what she should do, and wanted to help by at least bandaging some of Long Haochen’s wounds, a grudgeful voice suddenly resounded, “I really didn’t want to come to such a nasty and deathly place. What have you been doing to end up in this state?”

Under Yue Ye’s shocked eyes, a faint green radiance bubbled forth from Long Haochen’s stomach. And this green radiance was filled with the breath of life. As the green light was bundling up, a green colored gate was gradually formed, from which a slim and fair little bare foot appeared, stepping out from that bright gate.

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      2nd is the making and receiving
      3rd is trying to wear that new outfit

      It like Cai’er already receive the strange cloth (inheritance) which she need to keep happy (alive) and somehow the tailor are gone (she got teleported) so she has to figure out how to wear that outfit by herself (harmonizing). Its still easier when the tailor arround but even if the tailor are not arround, as long as she already has the outfit, she won’t be sad (dead)

      Thats my opinion.

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          “At that time, when Long Xingyu had told Long Haochen about the five
          tiers of spiritual stoves, he had also told Long Haochen a last thing;
          that in legends, another type of spiritual stoves existed, which could
          even exceed the first tier. However, it had been said to have only
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          It had never existed in the history of the Temple Alliance, but it
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          However, Long Haochen had assumed at that time that this kind of
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          Looking at the commanding Ye Xiaolei, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel secretly astonished. Could this young girl be one of the legendary spiritual stoves Father spoke about?”

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  • Evilage

    For a second there i thought LHC would lose his plot armor. Well atleast that didnt happen. Anyhow i feel like he is gonna get a powerup after this. Or maybe not. I cant predict tang jia san shao’s works.(i’ve only read 3 dho, Child of light was predictable but good nontheless.)

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