Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 408

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 408: Awakening as a God’s Chosen one, Reaper’s Sickle (III)

Haoyue entered the scene! Long Haochen’s good little brother and companion finally appeared on the battlefield.

Why did Long Haochen not have Haoyue help him out when facing Ah’Bao before? The reason was to let Haoyue gather power and prepare.

Perhaps his fusion with Haoyue would have injured Ah’Bao further, but Long Haochen knew very clearly that he would still be unable to kill Ah’Bao. Since things were like this, why not keep Haoyue’s strength hidden as reserve? By taking all circumstances into consideration, one could say that as long as Haoyue was still present, he would have a method to ensure his safe escape from the battlefield.

Essence of Disorder once again appeared on the battlefield, but it wasn’t the same as before. The current Haoyue wasn’t merely three-headed anymore, but became a four-headed beast with the addition of Little Blue. Therefore, the tri-elemental Essence of Disorder now became quadro-elemental. But this change wasn’t as simple as the addition of one head! The increase in power made the powerful multi-elemental chaos a spell of the seventh step.

Haoyue had prepared his magic long before, waiting only for Long Haochen to summon him to his side. Thus, the instant he appeared, he directly attacked with his spell.

Because the Demon Hunter Removers were very close, the instant this spell deployed, all the Demon Hunter Removers were affected. If Long Haochen had enough people with him right now, this would be a great opportunity to wipe out a large amount of enemies.

Unfortunately, Long Haochen could now only rely on himself.

Giving a concerned look to Cai’er, he saw that Cai’er was still in the last stages of her awakening, and that intense grey radiance was fusing bit by bit with her. As the massive grey scythe behind her formed, she grasped it with her right hand. Cai’er’s purple hair gradually gained a crystal-like grey coloration, gaining a sparkle, which seemed very strange.

Long Haochen’s reserves were already back to one third, which was sufficient for him to activate the Eternal Melody and teleport away with Cai’er, but Cai’er’s awakening was not finished yet. If he chose this time to teleport Cai’er as well, who knew what the consequences would be. Even if it was just a tiny wound, he wasn’t willing for it to appear on Cai’er.

Thus, after Haoyue released the Essence of Disorder, Long Haochen didn’t carry out his original plan to immediately teleport himself and Cai’er, but clenched his dual swords and stayed at Cai’er’s side to protect her.

Haoyue didn’t immediately enter a weak state afterwards like the last time. Raising his four heads upwards, he suddenly turned around and swept his strong long tail around.

Under the stifling influence of Essence of Disorder, even those demon powerhouses of the eighth step were in a very weak state, and when swept at by Haoyue’s bulky tail, seven or eight demons were instantly sent flying.

How would the Twelfth and the Eleventh Holy Guard let such a good chance slip? The red figure was already rushing forward, and with a flicker of crimson, its immense bone blade was waved freely. Two demons under the influence of Essence of Disorder were cut in half, and the blue figure waved its staff to summon four fist-sized crystals that faced all cardinal directions. Upon reaching the demons, they violently exploded and blew a large amount of demons away.

The Twelfth and the Eleventh Holy Guard were nourished in Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody, so their cultivation increased along with Long Haochen’s.

The Eleventh Holy Guard was originally an ice mage of the seventh step, but the Twelfth Holy Guard broke through to the seventh step along with Long Haochen. Therefore, both had a strength that reached the seventh step right when they appeared.

They weren’t equipped with formidable equipment, but had their battle skills from ancient times. The two great Holy Guards rushed out simultaneously, immediately repelling the demons under the state of Essence of Disorder.

However, Long Haochen’s group was after all surrounded by six Demon Hunter Remover squads. Including Ah’Bao, a total of six powerhouses of the eighth step were there. With the possession of their higher step, the effects they sustained from Essence of Disorder were relatively smaller. After a short time of turning frenetic, these six powerhouses of the eighth step finally showed the initiative to counterattack.

Ah’Bao was blocked by the Eleventh Holy Guard. The fire bone blade danced freely, and searched for a gap in Ah’Bao’s defense.

However, the Eleventh Holy Guard wasn’t Long Haochen, and although he had a great technique, and could use Asura Strike to its limits, he still didn’t have the powerful sword intent or the light elemental spiritual energy of the former.

Ah’Bao didn’t even avoid the attack of the Eleventh Holy Guard, and let his bone blade strike against his body, counterattacking with his terrible punch.

Although the Eleventh Holy Guard evaded this attack, he had no way to prevent Ah’Bao from charging towards Long Haochen.


Two demons powerhouses of the eighth step sent the Eleventh Holy Guard flying with their cooperation. Even having an even greater dexterity would have been futile in front of the absolute suppression of the difference in spiritual energy. Right at this moment, only Haoyue was left to shield Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Haoyue didn’t keep using magic aside from sustaining Essence of Disorder to weaken all the demons, thus could only use his brute force.

But for the first time, Haoyue completely revealed the current level of his physical strength.

The first one he faced was Ah’Bao, raising his upper body to aim a claw at him.

With a roar, Ah’Bao’s body flickered, revealing his True Devil Dragon Form, rudely aiming straight at Haoyue’s attack.

With a violent clash, Haoyue’s massive body shook, and under Ah’Bao’s bombardment, he was pushed aside. But even under the use of the True Devil Dragon Form, Ah’Bao still staggered from that claw attack.

Not only that, but Haoyue also had the time to sweep his massive tail, and knock his four large heads in four directions, forcibly stopping the attacks of four powerhouses of the eighth step.

Although they were weakened by Essence of Disorder, these were still demon powerhouses of the eighth step! Yet confronting the robust Haoyue, they were actually unable to completely break through his defense.

However, Haoyue was still unable to defend all sides at the same time, and from one side, a demon powerhouse of the eighth step arrived in front of Long Haochen.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light welcomed the red sword of the Fiend of the eighth step. With an ear-piercing buzzing sound, Long Haochen was shaken but didn’t draw back in the slightest, and his dense sword intent left a deep trace on the chest of his enemy.

The Eleventh and the Twelfth Holy Guard were already back at Long Haochen’s side, protecting his two flanks while displaying their fighting strength to the fullest.

However, also right at this time, Haoyue’s Essence of Disorder started to lose effect and the powerhouses of the seventh step started to recover from Essence of Disorder, also launching their attacks from all sides.

Crossing his two swords, Long Haochen was under the effects of the Bursting Spiritual Pill and the Bloodthirsty Pill he took just before. He went as far as possible to muster every bit of his strength. However, he was in the end still a person and not a god, and when besieged by so many demon powerhouses, Haoyue, Long Haochen, and the two Holy Guards all started to show some injuries.

However, Long Haochen was still unwilling to give up. He clearly knew that as long as he lasted for some more time, Cai’er’s awakening would be completed. Until this time came, he couldn’t bring Cai’er back through teleportation.

Bang, bang, bang Haoyue and Ah’Bao were battling with their full strength, and Ah’Bao actually didn’t hold much advantage. Haoyue’s four large heads were like four huge battering rams that attacked the enemies unceasingly. And the bulge on one of his heads emitted a faint red and seemed to be breaking out at anytime.

The battle was growing desperate, and Long Haochen was using his full strength to exert Asura Strike in combination with the sword intent from the Aria of the Goddess of Light, which finally sent that Fiend of the eighth step flying. But a demon of the seventh step took advantage of the situation to attack right then, aiming a black blade at his waist.

A fiery figure brazenly appeared at Long Haochen’s side, forcibly using its body to block that blade. Its rib was instantly crashed, but this Twelfth Holy Guard still straightened its posture and valiantly used his shattered bones to forcibly stop the opponent’s long blade. Striking him with red glint, he forcibly sent that demon of the seventh step flying.

A similar situation appeared in the other side. The spells of the Eleventh Holy Guard finally crumbled in front of so many powerful enemies, and he used his own body to block a purplish black round projectile aimed at Long Haochen. One of its arms was ripped from its shoulder as it exploded.

The injuries on Haoyue’s body were even more serious as he was facing five demons of the eighth step by himself! His total strength was however only at the seventh step and no more. Even with greater physical power, he was in the end only at the seventh step. One cut after another appeared on his body as his mournful cries sounded out, but these injuries were healing at an astonishing speed under the shocked gaze of the demons. Haoyue’s attacks were still as frantic as before, the only difference being that his eyes gradually darkened and the purple light on his body became more and more intense.


The red Twelfth Holy Guard was finally turned into fragments by the attacks of that Fiend of the eighth step. Turning into a red glow of light, he flew back into Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody, and the Eleventh Holy Guard on the other side could only last one second longer.

The blue figure was also smashed to pieces, similarly returning to the Eternal Melody. As long as their master didn’t die, given sufficient time, they would recover.

Having lost his two protectors, Long Haochen had to face the encirclement of the demon powerhouses directly. Currently, he was already physically and emotionally exhausted.

However, behind him, Cai’er was still absorbing the last bits of grey luster from the air, and didn’t yet complete her awakening.

Clenching his teeth fiercely, golden light was released from Long Haochen’s eyes as a decisive power burst out from his body. An intense dark golden flame ignited. Just like Tian Qing did when pushed into a corner, the current him was igniting his own flame of life.

After all, being a god’s chosen one, the ignition of Long Haochen’s flame of life produced far greater results than Tian Qing’s. The illusion of the goddess of light that appeared before came to view once again, and with his dual swords carrying a profound sword intent, he forcibly chopped past two demon powerhouses of the seventh step. His two swords harmoniously executed Asura Strikes, bursting against the red sword blow of a demon of the eighth step, forcing him five steps away.

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      Remember that none of the other teams are not nearly as powerful as LHC’s team. If it weren’t for LHC they probably wouldn’t even be a commander grade squad yet. In any other team they would have been considered very good teammates (well, I say that, but 2 of them are actually leeching off of LHC’s innate talent and wouldn’t be as powerful without him) and wouldn’t hold anyone back, if their team worked around their quirks of being a defense only mage, attack only priest etc.
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            I was more referring to the suspense build in this arc. The story is nervewrecking and one holds the breath in wait for more. And no one can really predict what will happen next.

            Sorry, the chapter is not ready yet. The release will be done as usual, as soon as the work is done and the workday allows it.