Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 407

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 407: Awakening as a God’s Chosen one, Reaper’s Sickle (II)

In other words, as long as Long Haochen was given sufficient time for cultivation, he would finally reach the seventh step, and his future cultivation speed will then become a lot faster than the powerhouses at the seventh step who only opened two spiritual cavities.

The many Demon Hunter Removers standing nearby were all staring with their eyes wide open, but they didn’t dare act on their own. Without receiving Ah’Bao’s order, they didn’t dare move rashly, and moreover, they still felt some fear due to the great display of power from Long Haochen and Cai’er.

If this was in the Temple Alliance and the situation was reversed, perhaps the powerhouses from the Temple Alliance wouldn’t be able to refrain themselves from killing Ah’Bao, even at the cost of a severe punishment, because of the importance of getting rid of a possibly powerful enemy of the Alliance.

But demons certainly were different. They placed high importance to benefit and strength. In their mind, there didn’t exist any target of dedicated focus, only absolute thirst for benefits. What good would it do them to kill Long Haochen and Cai’er? The result would be no more than their sure death, because the fury of the demon crown prince wasn’t something one could bear that easily. This would even possibly implicate their clan. Thus, all they could do was wait.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Long Haochen finally forced all the fist intent out of his body, and although his body was still weak, the fist intent finally stopped wreaking havoc in him. What followed was only a process of recovery.

And furthermore, he found out that his own judgement wasn’t wrong; throughout these two hours, the spiritual cavities in the space between his eyebrows and his abdomen already absorbed a certain amount of spiritual energy, and although it was little, they were gradually taking shape. After spending more time cultivating, and after the spiritual cavity on his chest filled, the stockpile from the spiritual energy gained from cultivating would go to these two new sets of spiritual cavities. In case these two spiritual cavities complete their incubation, his future cultivation, offense, defense, and storage of spiritual energy will become three times higher than now. That’s the precedence of the seventh step over the sixth step, to say nothing that at the seventh step, one can make full use of the powerful amplification ability known as Brilliant Body.

Ah’Bao’s body emitted some purplish black light, and his injuries healed faster than Long Haochen’s. Similarly, he appeared pleasantly surprised that although he didn’t truly start breaking through the bottleneck between the eighth step and the ninth step, as long as he was given some time, he felt confident that after a short period of time, he would become a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Being a successor to the lineage of the Demon God Emperor, he was different from ordinary Devil Dragons. After his birth, he had a very weak strength, the same as humans, and his present strength was acquired through continuous cultivation. Because of his immense talent that far exceeded his clansmen, he could possibly become a supreme powerhouse like the Demon God Emperor. To ordinary Devil Dragons, after breaking through to the ninth step, the growth of their strength will reduce enormously, and unless they encounter very fortuitous circumstances, gaining a huge boost in strength will be very hard.

Some good news at last. The gloom filling Ah’Bao’s heart finally lightened. As long as he breaks through to the ninth step, his position as successor should be settled, and he would then be able to start borrowing the true might of the first demon god pillar. At that time, his strength would increase exponentially, to an extent big enough to crush Long Haochen.

Ah’Bao couldn’t help but lament secretly. If he could always have a rival such as Long Haochen to stir him on, his future growth would perhaps truly surpass his father. But as the ruler of the demon race, when given the opportunity, he still had to immediately kill Long Haochen, to eliminate a future threat.

When Ah’Bao started to reach the bottleneck to the ninth step, Ah’Bao suddenly sensed a great change. Perceiving a substantial danger to himself, he immediately concluded his cultivation and suddenly opened his eyes.

Long Haochen did the same. When the eyes of the two opened, a pair of blood-colored and a pair of golden eyes lit up. They exchanged a glance before turning their gazes to Cai’er.

As expected, a change appeared on Cai’er. Her posture was the same as before. However, her body emitted a dusky luster, and her white skin turned crystal grey, while she stood there like a sculpture.

Still, Long Haochen and Ah’Bao’s expression changed, because they noticed with astonishment that her crystal grey body exuded some physical killing intent. Right, her killing intent actually turned material.

“How… How is that possible?” Ah’Bao asked, dumbstruck.

Right at this time, an overflowing killing intent burst out abruptly, taking the shape of a gigantic blade. With ear-piercing tearing sounds, a small rift appeared in midair, and this rift enlarged and gained altitude at an astounding speed.

This was killing intent tearing up the space!

The massive force and terrifying killing intent caused the Demon Hunter Removers to instantly draw back, and even those Demon Hunter Removers at the eighth step were no exception.

From that small rift, a shining grey light abruptly dropped down, floating above Cai’er’s head in the shape of grey ripples. On her forehead, a grey sickle gradually took form, and meanwhile, in the midst of the radiating grey, a black dagger emerged floating behind her back.

A purple lightning was abruptly shot from the rift, accurately aiming at the dagger. Immediately, Cai’er’s body shivered violently, and the black dagger suddenly turned grey, while the intense grey radiance was absorbed by it. The dagger expanded and curved, turning into a massive grey sickle filled with deathly stillness.

This sickle was really too huge. It’s handle alone exceeded three meters in length, and it’s one third of a meter wide blade also was more than two meters long. The large grey crystals forming the blade radiated a soft light, looking like rippling waves, and a large amount of black luster filled the surroundings.

As one might imagine, if such a lethal weapon was swung on a battlefield, the results would be a terrible bloodshed.

“Awakening?” Ah’Bao finally realized the truth. What aftereffects? This was evidently an excuse made by Long Haochen. This powerful female partner was actually having an awakening, and that was the awakening of a god’s chosen one!

Right at this time, Ah’Bao revealed his firmness as the demon crown prince, for whom the safety of all the demons took priority. Suppressing his own heartache, he shouted in fury, “Kill them!”

As a single god’s chosen one, Long Haochen was already a future mortal enemy, but in case another god’s chosen one was to appear by his side as a comrade, in the future they would very possibly become an existence able to overturn the demon rule. What was his own heartache compared to the life or death of his race? With these thoughts, Ah’Bao immediately gave the order of kill.

As Ah’Bao gave this order, Long Haochen would naturally not sit still and await his death. After he recovered for two hours, his reserves were only replenished to one third, but he had been preparing for this situation all along. It was just that he didn’t expect Cai’er’s awakening to occur that fast, and now to actually end a lot faster than his own back then.

This was actually quite normal. The process of Cai’er’s awakening went more smoothly than for Long Haochen because of her relation to the Dagger of Samsara. It could be said that Cai’er’s physique as Saint Daughter of Samsara had been strongly influenced by the Dagger of Samsara, which brought her the inheritance of the god of death. Long Haochen wasn’t the same, his physique as god’s chosen one was a result of his own efforts, and his entire process of awakening relied on his own comprehension.

Although the Dagger of Samsara was tyrannical, its aftereffects were also very great. During Cai’er’s awakening, it acted as a bridge, and under these circumstances, her awakening naturally went a lot faster. After the short time of a little more than two hours, her comprehension was complete, and the inheritance of the god of death was bestowed upon her.

Two radiances rushed out of Long Haochen’s chest: one red and one blue, swiftly flying to the battlefield.

These two massive figures brazenly blocked Ah’Bao’s way, and a terrible aura of ice was suddenly released from that blue figure, abruptly forming a tough Resisting Ice Ring.

And that Resisting Ice Ring wasn’t single-layered! It combined three overlapping layers, the second one outside the first, and the third one outside the second. The three concentric Resisting Ice Rings were united as one, producing a very powerful colliding force.

All of this happened very suddenly. The fastest ones to react were Ah’Bao and Long Haochen, but the two of them were still seriously injured. Ah’Bao’s injuries were lighter than Long Haochen’s and his recovery also a little better, but only half of his strength was recovered. At this time, the toughness of the Resisting Ice Ring abruptly emerged. Immediately trapping Ah’Bao inside, it forcibly repelled all the surrounding demon powerhouses several meters.

Right at this time, an intense purple glint burst forth from Long Haochen’s forehead, and a massive figure appeared brazenly in front of him.

That huge creature was over ten meters long. Raising all its four heads, the eight eyes on them were filled with purple light, radiating nobility.

Two of their purple gazes simultaneously landed on Long Haochen and Cai’er, while the other two landed on the red and the blue figures. Immediately, a terrible scene occurred, and a massively twisted extraordinarily tyrannical energy was exuded from this massive figure, covering a radius of a hundred meters.

Screams came out from the mouths of every demon, including even the crown prince Ah’Bao.

It came from the pain of sensing their bodies being ripped apart, as the magical power in them was going in complete insurrection, with the elemental essences surrounding them fluctuating madly.

The demons of the eighth step were still better off, but only by hastening their spiritual energy to protect them could they save themselves. Those demons of the seventh step were somewhat weaker, and had their flesh lacerated. Although they weren’t directly killed by the warping entanglement of Essence of Disorder, they still sustained massive damage.

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