Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 403

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 403: Sword Intent, Sword Heart, Technique in the Sword (II)

Right! This was really just too inconceivable, just what level did Ah’Bao’s strength reach? That was the peak of the eighth step, his internal spiritual energy reaching a terrifying level close to 100,000 units!

However, since the start of this battle, Long Haochen actually suppressed Ah’Bao completely, not only leading him along, but also holding the complete advantage. All his attacks could be said to predict Ah’Bao’s intentions completely. Under these circumstances, Ah’Bao clearly suffered some losses.

In midair, Long Haochen turned into a dark golden twirl, carrying an overflowing sword intent that also seemed to carry some of Ah’Bao’s burst power.

The speed of his Condemning Revolving Sword was just too fast. Even if Long Xingyu, creator of the Condemning Revolving Sword technique, was here and suppressed his internal spiritual energy to the same level as Long Haochen’s, he’d still be unable to bring out such a magnificent Condemning Revolving Sword.

Long Xingyu’s Condemning Revolving Sword also contained sword intent, but the sword intent from Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light was one level above it.

Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy was indeed far below Ah’Bao’s, and the same went for his external spiritual energy, but all his attacks gave Ah’Bao the feeling of being indomitable.

Being one with nature. These words sounded very simple.

But how many others were really able to accomplish it? Fusing all of one’s internal spiritual energy, external spiritual energy, spiritual stoves and equipment was not as simple as an addition of forces! To say nothing that one shouldn’t ever forget the greatest secret of Condemning Revolving Sword residing in borrowing force.

Under the increasingly strong pressure, even the demon crown prince Ah’Bao had no choice but to draw back time after time. His only feeling was that the power from Long Haochen’s dual swords was growing stronger and stronger, every blow growing even more fierce. On the other hand, he lost his own weapon and didn’t even have the mental strength to control that horn to return to him.

Spouting blood, one could clearly see Ah’Bao trying his utmost to resist while urging his darkness spiritual energy. Although he could resist the sword of Long Haochen itself, he was unable to entirely resist that terrible sword intent, and cuts started to appear all over his body. Each cut looked distinct and blood gushed from it.

Yue Ye watched the battle attentively, feeling completely blank. When Long Haochen stood upright and unafraid in front of Ah’Bao, she only felt her own mind going blank. It’s over, everything is over! How could he be a match for Ah’Bao? Brother Bao’s strength is not at the same suppressed state as in the Illusory Paradise!

They are going to die, and I will die too! For some reason, Yue Ye wasn’t in a state of great terror, but had an uncomfortable and difficult to describe feeling.

However, after the real start of the battle, nothing went as she imagined, and the powerful Ah’Bao actually ended up entirely suppressed by Long Haochen. The gap of spiritual energy between the two sides seemed to have disappeared, as the fighting strength Long Haochen exuded from the peak of the sixth step gave him a destructive power ordinary powerhouses of the eighth step would be unable to compare with. Each strike of his only carried 10,000 units of spiritual energy, but with the amplification, from a whole set of Legendary Equipment, plus that terrible sword intent, how could that be described merely as 10,000 units of spiritual energy?

In the clash between light and darkness, the purity of his light transcended the powerful darkness. Long Haochen made use of the elementary dominance without restraint, promoting the powerful dark golden radiance released from the Condemning Revolving Sword.


In this time of setback, Ah’Bao let out a cry, facing upwards and suddenly bursting out with fluctuations of a mystical energy released from his body, Dragon Might. That was the Dragon Might of the Devil Dragons.

Rapidly spiralling in the air, Long Haochen suddenly seemed in disorder, and the freely displayed Condemning Revolving Sword finally came to a sudden stop.

From very far, Haoyue’s four large heads flashed with purple light, and his powerful claws unconsciously stabbed the ground, but he still bore with it, not launching any attacks.

Taking advantage of Long Haochen’s sudden pause, Ah’Bao suddenly drew back, and immediately, a gaudy black radiance burst forth from his body.

This black was full of gloom. But why would it exude a feeling of gloom? That was because the thoughts emitted from it were too piercing and strong.

The black radiance wasn’t spread too far. It enveloped Ah’Bao’s body inside and no more. One could see clearly that this black radiance condensed to the threatening shape of a Black Dragon, spiralling around Ah’Bao’s side. And when Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Sword chased further, it turned out that it was unable to come in contact with Ah’Bao, and just clashed against that black barrier.

Devil Dragon’s Undying Body, a powerful Devil Dragon ability.

Standing inside the barrier of the Devil Dragon’s Undying Body, Ah’Bao coldly watched the spiralling attacks of his opponents launched towards him in the air. Producing ear-piercing sounds from the dark golden ball of light, his blood red eyes were really close to gushing blood.

The current Ah’Bao was losing purple blood all over his body, and many of his scales now had cracks on them. And all of this was done by the effects of the sword intent carried by the two swords in Long Haochen’s hands.

Taking a deep breath, Ah’Bao took a step back with his right foot, and his right fist was placed on his waist. His left hand was placed in front of his chest, forming a bizarre posture. Terrible power was exuded as his unyielding darkness energy instantly reaching its peak.

An immense purplish black luster appeared on his back. One could faintly see that this was a very large purplish black pillar looming up to the sky, with a gigantic dragon spiralling around it. Wasn’t this precisely the first demon god pillar, belonging to the Demon God Emperor?!

The stifling feeling of space being torn apart reappeared, but this time it wasn’t limited to a range of dozens square meters. It actually reached a range big enough for everyone present to sense as though it was right next to them, while trying to suck them in.

The purplish black color of Ah’Bao’s body instantly turned completely black, and the same went even for his blood and eyes. And right at that time, his expression looked entirely different, incomparably substantial, and containing an incomparable power, as if he was the only real person in this world.

Fist intent. Right, if Long Haochen could be said to be using sword intent, then the current Ah’Bao was bursting out with the fundamental fist intent, inherent to the lineage of the Devil Dragons.

His cultivation was after all far above Long Haochen’s, therefore, the breakout of his fist intent covered a range far above Long Haochen’s scope.

The two Demon Hunt Squads appeared dumbstruck. Ah’Bao didn’t attack yet with that fist, but it’s terrifying might was already visible to such extent. But what would happen when he’d really attack? Just what terrifying level would it reach?!

Everyone could see that Ah’Bao was entirely blood-soaked, but these were only scratches, without any substantial damage done. And how long would Long Haochen be able to keep up his full strength? That no one knew.

Right at this time, the originally frantically rotating Long Haochen struck the barrier once again, and his body suddenly came to a standstill. Releasing the four wings on his back, he remained in midair, the four wings on his back suddenly pointing their tips forward, as the Aria of the Goddess of Light started producing slight vibrations. Right at this time, Long Haochen, floating in midair, closed his eyes, and his entire body sunk into a kind of mystical state.

With a cold look, Ah’Bao watched Long Haochen attentively. Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but tremble slightly. The reason was simple: this state of Long Haochen’s was precisely the one he was in at the time he broke his horn.

The Rippling Light once again disappeared, this time inside the Eternal Melody. Holding the Aria of the Goddess of Light in both hands, Long Haochen looked slightly upwards as a dazzling golden color covered his body. That golden color seemed like a kind of fire, setting aflame all the light in the sky.

A kind of bizarre chant, close to buzzing, sounded in the air, and on Long Haochen’s back, all the splitting feeling of the space disappeared. A soft golden radiance arose quietly over his shoulder, and in the midst of that mystical buzzing chant, an unreal looking golden luster appeared.

That very illusory-looking luster, fully colored in a faint golden color, could only be described as looking human-shaped. Around this shape, the wide area of gold actually didn’t have any substance.

In Long Haochen’s hands, the Aria of the Goddess of Light exuded a kind of fantastic gleam. The originally blunt heavy sword at that instant gained an extremely sharp point. More terrifyingly, that sharpness gave the completely opposite feeling to his former gentleness.

Humans and demons had completely different impressions. All the Demon Hunters felt a breath of nature from this golden color. And those members from the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad who just had ignited their flames of life, felt comfortably warm, filled with an indescribable comfort, as if their power of life was quietly being restored.

A fantastic radiance appeared on Long Haochen’s face. Right then, he gave off a transcending feeling, yet had a different look from back in the Illusory Paradise.

Charging forward, the Devil Dragon’s fist intent instantly broke out. As the demon crown prince, he could draw support from the power of the first demon god pillar to some extent, showing that Ah’Bao was already starting to succeed the first demon god as his successor. That terrifying fist intent entirely lacerated the sky, rendering it endlessly black, just like a black hole facing Long Haochen. It was as if his body was about to be entirely swallowed.

Right at this instant, Long Haochen struck in an oblique trajectory as lightly as a feather. The dark golden color on the sword now turned bright golden, but this was an exceptionally beautiful golden color, carrying all the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, and purple, all appearingly fused with that golden colour of his sword. From the first reddish golden to the last purplish golden shade, the variations were rapidly changing, but the feeling it gave was that of a magnificent rainbow, produced by the illumination of the sun.

When the sword came in contact with Ah’Bao’s attack in the air, no instant explosion occurred, but as if adhering them together, there was a short moment of stagnation.

It was also right at this moment that Long Haochen opened his eyes. They appeared to be filled with a soft white radiance, completely contrasting Ah’Bao’s pair of black eyes. One’s eyes were filled with wildness, and the other’s with gentleness, and both sets produced incomparable sparks upon colliding.

The next instant, the sound of an explosion finally hit.

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