Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 400

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 400: Foundation Mythril Armored Long Haochen (II)

The Ice Storm was not completely ineffective: even if Ah’Bao was even stronger, he wouldn’t possibly be able to cover all of his allies. Although the Ice Storm had already stopped, every Demon Hunter Remover aside from him was slowed down to a great extent. Three of them even suffered wounds of different severity.

Thus, although Ah’Bao instantly turned a detrimental situation into an advantage, these Demon Hunter Removers weren’t able to counterattack immediately .

Right at this time, a golden glint of light abruptly appeared on the battlefield, carrying an overwhelmingly brilliant aura of light.

Clang! With an ear-piercing explosion, Ah’Bao’s body suddenly stopped in his tracks, and immediately, his blood colored eyes were erupting with violent sparkles.

That’s him!

Spreading his four wings, Long Haochen descended promptly after launching this blow. Yating’s slender figure appeared above his shoulder, aiming a white glint accurately at Ah’Bao. Long Haochen flapped his four wings and appeared at the back of the demons’ ranks. Erupting with Demon Wiping Flash, he enveloped several surrounding demon powerhouses in its range, blocking their attacks. Meanwhile, everyone from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad arrived and regrouped with the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad in this counterattack.

“Haochen!” Tian Qing called out.

Long Haochen shouted loudly, “The enemies are surrounding us on all sides. Immediately break out of their siege, we will be staying behind. I have my own ways to get away from the battlefield, so go now!”

The sudden addition of Long Haochen’s group immediately changed the present situation. The four headed Haoyue rushed forward in large strides, and everyone in the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad was prepared since long before. With the addition of these strong troops, no matter how strong Ah’Bao was, winning would undoubtedly prove to be hard for his Demon Hunter Remover squad alone.

However, as soon as Long Haochen’s group appeared on the battlefield, in all directions of the sky, many glinting lights approached the place fast, and at rough glance, they numbered over fifty.

Encountering Long Haochen again, Ah’Bao currently felt his blood boiling. With a loud roar, a pair of purplish black dragon wings appeared on his back, and after withdrawing from the battle with Tian Qing, he immediately went after Long Haochen.

But Long Haochen didn’t continue to tangle with Ah’Bao. In a flash, his four wings flapped again, dodging him.

“Big brother Tian Qing, quickly go! Otherwise it will be too late!” Long Haochen shouted desperately once again.

Tian Qing replied with a bitter smile, “Haochen, you go. During this battle, the one in command is me. And since I am the current commander, you must listen to me. Quickly go with your team!”

Long Haochen shouted back in fury, “You’re really wasting time! I said that we have the ability to flee from the battlefield. Have you forgotten how I made Cai’er disappear at that time?”

“None of you will be leaving!” Ah’Bao suddenly stopped in midair, not chasing further after Long Haochen. Lifting his right hand, he emitted an orange radiance and formed an orange colored barrier covering everyone present on the battlefield, including the Demon Hunt Removers under his command, as well as Long Haochen and Tian Qing.

Long Haochen felt his surroundings freeze, and he suddenly stopped in the midst of his acceleration. But it was not only him, Tian Qing and the others, along with Ah’Bao and all the other demons were stuck inside, as if everything in this orange space turned immobile.

Emitting a dense glint from his eyes, Ah’Bao stared at Long Haochen with an ardent look, “I will be paying back the shame you brought upon me. Only your blood can wash off this shame. Today, you will definitely die. ”

Long Haochen’s breath was now extremely heavy. He didn’t know which technique Ah’Bao just used, but it didn’t seem like an ability belonging to him. However, this was not important. This technique obviously didn’t make any difference between their enemies and their own side. Perhaps this hinted that the time of confinement wouldn’t be that long, but it was enough in this situation, because during this short while, the demons lying in ambush were approaching.

Those were fifty Demon Hunter Removers; a total of fifty Demon Hunter Removers! This formidable force was nothing they could contend against at the present time. Even escaping would be very difficult. Long Haochen even had no assurance to be able to activate the Eternal Melody for his comrades and himself to escape.

Desperate straits! Right, they were now in absolutely desperate straits.

The choice of joining the battle or not had been up to Long Haochen. He could have lead his own allies to break out of the siege or use the Eternal Melody to escape.

However, even if Tian Qing’s judgement was wrong, how could he possibly give up on his own allies on the battlefield? Thus, he showed up here with no hesitation.

If Tian Qing had listened to his suggestion, and had immediately turned around to break out of the siege with his comrades, perhaps Long Haochen’s group would still have had the chance to leave the battlefield after separating from them. But what Ah’Bao used seemed to be a particular ability of the Star Demons, and now it was already too late.

It was now not only the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad that was in a dire situation, but also the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.

The orange light disappeared gradually, and the Pull ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove still reached Ah’Bao, but he seemed to have no more but a sarcastic look as reaction. The masses of Demon Hunter Removers were already surrounding them on all sides, and an intense darkness filled the air. Powerful undulations of spiritual energy were unleashed from the encircled Demon Hunters that all had ice-cold looks.

The members from the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad temporarily paused the ignition of their life energy, all having determined look. Since they couldn’t leave, they would all stay here, and kill their way out. After all, since the day they became Demon Hunters, they were resigned to the fact that their deaths would probably come from the demons’ hands. And this day seemed to have arrived.
“Stand back, all of you.” Ah’Bao suddenly shouted loudly.

From his order, the dragon team’s Demon Hunter Removers drew back, temporarily creating a distance between the Demon Hunters and themselves. Long Haochen and Tian Qing’s two Demon Hunt Squads were gathered together, taking advantage of the opportunity, but the encirclement of the other fifty Demon Hunter Removers had shrunk the distance by a lot.

Sixty Demon Hunter Removers against one king grade and one commander grade Demon Hunt Squad; this was already a battle without suspense. No matter how excellent Long Haochen and Cai’er were, if a crowd battle started, they would only be able to curse at the final results. Of course, by relying on the activation of the Eternal Melody, Long Haochen at least had the confidence to be able to bring along two other people, but how could he abandon his other comrades?

Tian Qing stood upright and unafraid at Long Haochen’s side. He didn’t give Long Haochen any apology, as apologizing wouldn’t do any good. Since the situation was already this dire, there was already no way to make up for his mistake. All he thought of doing now was to sacrifice himself to try to create an opportunity for Long Haochen’s group to escape. However, this was indeed quite too hard. Especially seeing so many powerful demons, particularly that black-clad young man. In the past series of exchanges, even after Tian Qing had ignited the flame of his own soul, in front of his attacks, he could only retreat by defeat little by little. And furthermore, that black-clad young man seemed to have not gone all out yet.

Ah’Bao didn’t give a single glance to Tian Qing, Guardian Knight and most powerful in cultivation among those two teams. His eyes only held Long Haochen and his unforgettable memories of the pain he received from that blow of Long Haochen’s sword, he was never able to forget.

“You are Long Haochen, I’m not mistaken on your name right?” Ah’Bao’s cold voice pierced the hearts of every Demon Hunter like a terrible gust of wind.

These were a whole sixty demon powerhouses. Amongst them, the powerhouses of the eighth step numbered at least six, and they were accompanied by more than fifty powerhouses of the seventh step. Even for an emperor grade Demon Hunt Squad, getting away from here would be no easy thing.

“I am Long Haochen.” Taking large strides forward, Long Haochen exchanged a glance with Ah’Bao. If the current Ah’Bao could be said to be a volcano ready to erupt at anytime, then the current Long Haochen was like a deep and quiet pool. The man and the demon were standing face to face, their gazes meeting each other in the air, and Long Haochen didn’t yield in the slightest.

Ah’Bao furrowed his brows, declaring, “The last time we met in the Illusory Paradise, you left me with unforgettable memories. I really didn’t think that you would reappear so fast, and in this kind of situation. I wonder if you have other tricks to save yourself from an unescapable death this time as well?”

Long Haochen calmly asked back, “How would you know without giving a try?”

A dense smell of gunpowder filled the air in an instant, and the powerhouses on both sides were prepared to intervene at anytime.

Ah’Bao suddenly laughed, relaxing his clenched fist a bit, “Very well. I have no choice but to admit that you deserve being treated as my rival. Even if your strength is pathetic compared to mine, I am still willing to accept you as my enemy. You should feel honored of that.”

Long Haochen also laughed at him, showing a great indifference while revealing a smile full of self-confidence on his handsome and very bright face, “Unfortunately, I have never regarded you as my rival, and this won’t ever happen unless one day, you succeed to your father’s current position. In my eyes, there exists only one rival, and that’s him.”

Ah’Bao’s look finally changed. In this state of absolute advantage, he was trying to humiliate Long Haochen with his words, to break his self-confidence before annihilating all the the humans around, thus regaining that lost self-confidence of his. But who expected that Long Haochen not only wasn’t fooled, but also counterattacked.

“Do you even see yourself? And you still want to challenge my father? All right, then don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. If you win against me, I will release all of you now. But otherwise…”

“No need for otherwises, just come at me.” Long Haochen advanced with large strides, without even summoning Haoyue to fight with him.

Haoyue lifted his four large heads, looking at Long Haochen with an ardent look. As if he just received some instruction, he lowered his heads once again.

“Haochen!” Tian Qing called out in worry.

Long Haochen turned around and looked at him, and from his point of view, Tian Qing had a determined look. Strong remorse was filling him, as he seemed to be mumbling some words.

Ah’Bao slowly raised his hand, and all the demon forces retreated, leaving an open space before him.

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