Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 396

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 396: Dragon Team? (I)

After completing this blow, Cai’er lost her six senses, and her whole body remained as an integral part of nature even as it got transported by Long Haochen to the Tower of Eternity.

This time, the loss of her senses wasn’t due to the aftereffects of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara. After fusing three spiritual stoves, Cai’er could already use the Spiritual Stove of Samsara once without suffering its backlash, and after this use, she only needed to rest for a period of time to avoid the aftereffects the next time she used it. Of course, if she wanted to exert a greater deal of the power of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara by, using it several times in succession, it would still cause the same backlash as before.

Her special state lasted for three days and three nights, after which the changes in her aura calmed and Long Haochen’s worries settled. He knew that Cai’er must have been immersed in a comprehensive state.

While the other members from the Demon Hunt Squad rested and reorganized in the team section, the whole Major Jacques City was caught in a frenetic state.

The sudden strike of the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad and the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, and their success in killing a Demon Hunter Removers squad brought a massive shock to the group of demons living in the city. Demons weren’t idiots; for them to still have gotten raided by a Demon Hunt Squad after searching for such a long time, what did it mean? It meant that the Temple Alliance ought to have a hiding place in the surroundings.

With the momentum, a second underground search was done thoroughly in Jacques City, and six more Demon Hunter Remover squads assembled again in the city. The Demonic Bear, only survivor of the Star Team Demon Hunter Remover squad, was fuming, and searched even one meter deep underground.

The whole Jacques Clan was mobilized by this calamity that happened in the Jacques Province.

The situation outside was very tense, to the extent that even the news conveyed to the team section were becoming rarer and rarer. However, Tian Qing didn’t worry. Given how immense the team sections of the Temple Alliance were, reaching a depth of ten meters, and given their specialized barriers, even the finest powerhouse of the ninth step wouldn’t be able to find its location when exerting his mental force in search for them. As for digging one meter deep, would they really find the place?

Demon Hunt Squads never lacked in patience. After the achievement of killing a Demon Hunter Remover squad, even staying there for several months would be very ordinary for them. This wasn’t the first time such a situation occured.

Sky of Jacques City.

Ah’Bao had a grave expression, standing in a room arranged by the Jacques Demons he looked outside of the window.

Behind him, nine demon powerhouses stood calmly. Yue Ye was among these nine demons, but there was no trace of Leng Xiao.

Although being the son of the Demon God Emperor, among Demon Hunter Removers, Ah’Bao wasn’t much privileged. The team he commanded was just an ordinary Dragon Team type Demon Hunter Remover squad. Except for the fact that he was already at the eighth step of cultivation while Yue Ye only reached the sixth step of cultivation, the other members were all at the seventh step.

The experience in the Illusory Paradise brought Ah’Bao great shame and humiliation. He made the pledge to kill the human that disgraced him, before taking Yue Ye as his wife. Thus, he requested to lead a Demon Hunter Remover squad even with his standing as prince of the demons, and led his team to thoroughly search for traces of Long Haochen and his comrades.

Ah’Bao was completely certain that Long Haochen was a Demon Hunter, and the captain of a Demon Hunt Squad. As long as this was the case, he would definitely have to come to the demon territory at some point. For this reason, he had been waiting for an opportunity and for news.

When he learned about the raid that happened during these past days in Major Jacques City, and especially received the report about a golden figure on the battlefield, he was certain that this golden figure was most likely Long Haochen. This was what led him to bring his own team and wait for ten days.

Although on the surface, Ah’Bao didn’t seem much privileged, who in this bunch wouldn’t know of his status as the demon crown prince? Moreover, even at the eighth step, which other team leader of a Demon Hunter Remover squad could possibly compare with him? Therefore, after his arrival here, the whole Major Jacques City was under his complete control.

The second search was already over, and there were still no clues. It looked as though those two Demon Hunt Squads had vanished from the face of the earth since then.

“Brother Bao, the search is already over. Those Demon Hunters should have already left the area. It seems to me that we shouldn’t keep wasting our time here.” Yue Ye said in a low voice to Ah’Bao from behind.

Ah’Bao shook his head, the expression on his face looking cold and stern, “No, I am certain that they are still in Major Jacques City. It’s just that we don’t know where they are hidden. During the last few days, I carefully asked around several times, and learned that the emergency signal was timely launched by the Demonic Bear, and that the closest two Demon Hunter Remover squads took less than a quarter of an hour to come to their aid. And while arriving, those squads had a good overview over the situation from the sky. So if those Demon Hunters escaped on land, they should definitely have found some traces. However, the Demon Hunters just disappeared, yet no one saw them escape. According to our intelligence, it’s very likely that there is a team section of the Temple Alliance somewhere in Major Jacques City, and they should be hidden there. I guess they are waiting, waiting for us to relax our vigilance to escape or keep attacking. But if they want to have a battle of patience? I’ve never been lacking in that regard.

I have already prepared an inescapable trap, and don’t believe that he will still be able to escape from me this time. I will personally kill him, before present you his heart as a gift of marriage.”

Just like human powerhouses collected demon crystals, demons liked to take the heart of human powerhouses as spoils of war. To them, a human heart indirectly moisturized by the spiritual cavities was an absolutely good gift.

Ah’Bao didn’t notice that after he said this, Yue Ye’s eyes flashed with traces of hatred. They were just hidden extremely well and very fast.

Yue Ye didn’t follow the matter any further, because she understood clearly that when Ah’Bao was really determined to do something, even the Demon God Emperor would hardly be able to change his mind.

Among the young demon generation, Ah’Bao was undoubtedly the most outstanding. Being the successor of the Demon God Emperor, he was not the same as the other Devil Dragons. His strength was gained through his own efforts, bit by bit. At the time of his birth, he hadn’t been any different from a weak human baby. This was a process every successor of the Demon God Emperor, carrying his bloodline, had to go through. Only this way could they skyrocket in strength after breaking through to the ninth step, becoming a respected member of their generation of demons.

However, his brilliance and standing as successor of the Demon God Emperor made Ah’Bao susceptible to a weakness that was yet not seen as a weak point by other people. That was his pride. More nicely said, it was his absolute confidence in himself.

And Yue Ye happened to not like this trait. She knew that, although Ah’Bao was treating her well, he would never think things through from other people’s point of view. Even a suggestion from her would very rarely be paid any heed to by him.

Yue Ye had no choice but to acknowledge that Ah’Bao’s choice was proper, because she also knew clearly who was part of the Demon Hunters. Wasn’t the place where Long Haochen’s team separated from the Yue Ye Merchant Group near the Jacques Province? This was what made her all the more anxious. Yet, she was neither able to persuade Ah’Bao to leave, nor did she have any way to warn Long Haochen because she didn’t know where he was. Right when Ah’Bao made his resolve to act, Yue Ye also made a resolve deep in her heart to do all she could if the time came, even if she had to use herself as a bargaining chip to help them escape. After all, her own life was in the hands of that girl.

Originally, Yue Ye had already accepted her fate. Who would dare oppose a marriage decided by the Demon God Emperor and the Moon Demon God? She absolutely didn’t dare, and didn’t have the heart to resist. But her originally fixed marriage was delayed due to Long Haochen. When Ah’Bao told her the news with an ashamed and uneasy feeling, Yue Ye actually discovered that she rejoiced about these news. This gave her all the more reason to help Long Haochen. As long as he didn’t die, perhaps she would not need to marry Ah’Bao. When she’d reach an age high enough to lose her beauty, perhaps he would not be interested in her anymore.

Team section.

“Haochen, good news came. The Demon Hunter Removers are already retreating, and now, only one team is remaining in the city. They should be staying at the castle of Jacques City. What do you think? Should we give it a try?” Tian Qing’s eyes gleamed.

After pondering for a moment, Long Haochen asked, “Couldn’t this be a bluff? Although this time, the demons have been searching for another fifteen days, they still left too quickly without any results. I find that abnormal.”

Tian Qing nodded in admiration. Haochen looked young, but his character was extremely steady.

“What you’re speaking about isn’t impossible, but risking our lives is originally our mission. We are always in danger, but danger is also synonym for opportunity. We have been staying here for too long. When we act again, we’ll have to leave this place no matter whether it turns out as success or failure. For this reason, we have two options. First, to leave without acting. Or second, to attack that team of Demon Hunter Removers staying in the city before leaving. The searches outside should have ceased, and the frequency of the news reports we are receiving from our people keep increasing. If you are still unsure, how about we wait for more information for some days, before finally coming to a decision.”

Long Haochen cheerfully agreed, “Okay, then let’s do as big brother Tian Qing says.”

Three more days passed in the blink of an eye, and news kept coming from the outside, indicating all kinds of happenings. Those Demon Hunter Removers indeed all left, but the demon side dispatched a Fiend Cavalry of one thousand to help guarding the Jacques Province. The news indicated that soon no more Demon Hunt Removers would stay to guard the city.

“Haochen, we cannot keep waiting. According to the news that just came, the last Demon Hunter Remover squad is already outside the city, and should be about to leave. This is an extremely good opportunity.”

Long Haochen still had some hesitation, “Big brother Tian Qing, this time we got quite good results here. How about going for the dependable way and leave this place now? In another place, we can also ambush Demon Hunter Removers.” For some reason, in his unconscious mind, he felt a certain feeling of danger, as if some indistinct eyes were watching him all the time.

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