Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 395

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 395: Star Team Annihilated (III)

The most shocked were naturally the members of the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad, who would never have expected a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad to have already reached such a terrifying level of strength. Were they really at the sixth step? Despite the massive gap of grade, they actually didn’t look affected in the slightest. How could this be?

Yet during the battle in midair, which was the first cooperated battle between the king grade Demon Hunt Squad and Long Haochen’s group, they noticed that everyone seemed to have a piece of Legendary Tier Equipment. From the start of the battle till the end, their attack, power, and cooperation with each other was flawless. During the duration of the air battle, four of the Demon Hunter Removers were killed by the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, earning them half of the merit. With Cai’er killing the Star Demon, the utility of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad was more than what they had hoped for.

According to the agreement between Long Haochen and Tian Qing, the corpses of the demons would belong to whichever of the two Demon Hunt Squads delivering the fatal blow. The profits aside, the contribution points tile would record the kills by itself. During the attack, the two Demon Hunt Squads launched their attacks from two different directions.

After going through this battle, Tian Qing was amply convinced that it wasn’t by luck that Long Haochen’s group had managed to kill a Jacques Chief of the eighth step.

Just what had they managed to do? Long Haochen led their assault, with a Light Elementary Fairy at his side who was able to use the power of a Saint Spiritual Stove to get the attention of four of the Demon Hunter Removers. And with his own power, Long Haochen managed to repel the attacks from the four Demon Hunt Removers to give his comrades the chance to launch their attacks from the air.

And those allies of his, just what were those people? Their techniques and attacks were simply unheard of. A shield used as a battle axe, a huge ball used to launch destructive smashing attacks, and one squad member that made a phoenix appear. And the fiercest of them was still their summoner, just what did she call out? Wasn’t that a Devil Dragon? With its appearance alone he left those demons half-dead of fright, so that they didn’t even put up a fight. The results were obvious, and that terrifying four-headed mount of Long Haochen’s didn’t even participate in the fight.

If one could say that during the battle against the Jacques Demons, the seven members of the king grade Demon Hunt Squad were shocked by the fighting strength of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, then this time, they were totally numb.

Even though Tian Qing clearly understood that he shouldn’t ask about the secrets of other people, he felt too curious about the fact that a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, only reaching the sixth step, would match their own king grade Demon Hunt Squad in fighting strength. Never before did he hear of such a powerful commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, and furthermore, given the number of their Demon Hunt Squad, they should have advanced in grade pretty recently. However, he could still see that Long Haochen’s comrades were mainly powerful regarding burst strength and no more, yet their burst attacks were really terrifying.

Actually, it was no wonder that Tian Qing found this hard to comprehend. Who could have guessed that Long Haochen’s team was actually entirely equipped with spiritual stoves? And the overwhelming majority of their group even had fused spiritual stoves. This was the most important reason for the high level of burst power of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.

The two Demon Hunt Squads quickly landed afar, after reaching the place Tian Qing found somehow by following natural landmarks. A rock moved , revealing a dark cave. They entered after they first concealed all their traces.

This path was also leading to the team section.

After everyone entered the team section, their faces were brimming with excitement.

A sure kill with one attack. With the exception of the Demonic Bear, this whole Demon Hunter Remover squad had been destroyed, including even one Star Demon at the eighth step. One might well imagine their outstanding military service from that alone. The death of a Star Demon of the eighth step was one of the missions accepted by Long Haochen’s group, one which had huge rewards. This was also what pushed Cai’er to take risks aiming for the enemy’s life.

“Haochen, where’s your comrade? Is she alright?” Tian Qing inquired. Actually when Cai’er killed the Star Demon in one blow, her attack even caused changes in the sky, giving them a great shock.

Long Haochen shook his head, replying, “She’s all right. Let us rest and reorganize for now.” Lin Xin who used the Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix and Sima Xian who made use of the Spiritual Stove of Purple Thunder looked both somewhat pale, clearly from the secondary effects of the spiritual stoves. They all needed some rest. After saying this, he hastily returned his comrades to their respective rooms, not giving Tian Qing the time to inquire any more.

Seeing the figure of Long Haochen’s back as he left, Tian Qing sighed secretly. After suppressing his curiosity, he still found not asking too much was for the better.

Cai’er had been transported to the Tower of Eternity by Long Haochen, and although he looked rather calm, he was actually burning of anxiety deep inside. Cai’er and him had always been together, which was to say, no one could understand Cai’er better than him.

Under normal circumstances, even by using the power of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, she could not instantly kill a powerhouse of the eighth step, even if that powerhouse of the eighth step was purely specialized in magic like a Star Demon.

This wasn’t the first demon of the eighth step that Long Haochen faced, and his comprehension regarding the power of the eighth step was really profound. In particular, given her perfect concealment when Cai’er launched her attack, making a sure kill in one blow, something was bound to have happened. Thus, after finding out that something was wrong with Cai’er, Long Haochen had no choice but to take the risk of exposing the Tower of Eternity by sending her there. He prefered to take the risk rather than staying any longer on the battlefield, where it was really too dangerous for her.

For the rest of the battle, Long Haochen also kept going all out, to take care of the battle as fast as he could to return as soon as possible. The reason was naturally to examine Cai’er’s condition, and not because he was in a hurry to return to his room.

With a glint of bright light, the Eternal Melody was reactivated. Long Haochen transported himself to the Tower of Eternity very impatiently right after getting back to his room.

Although they could already train at the second floor of the Tower of Eternity, the entrance of the tower was still on the first floor.

Cai’er was quietly sitting there, cross legged, and in one glance, Long Haochen’s look immediately changed. This was because he abruptly realized that he could feel no sign of life from Cai’er’s body, while she sat there like a sculpture.

“Cai’er!” Long Haochen called out in anxiety, but still, he was in the end no impetuous person who rashly dared to touch Cai’er’s body. Cautiously crouching closer, he used his great mental force to scout for Cai’er’s breath.

At such a close distance, Long Haochen finally managed with difficulty to sense traces of Cai’er’s fluctuations of spiritual energy. The feelings of unease in him gradually turned into surprise. Cai’er’s breath was still present, but it was very weak. And the spiritual energy in her seemed to have blended in with her surrounding environment, as if she turned into a part of the Tower of Eternity. Since none of her habitual killing intent was emitted, she gave off the feeling of being one with the world.

Could it be that Cai’er is having her awakening as a god’s chosen one? Long Haochen wasn’t certain, but felt faintly that although Cai’er’s current state couldn’t be described as good, it wasn’t a dangerous one either.

“What a foolish girl you are, to act so recklessly.” Long Haochen sighed lightly, but had an indulgent look towards Cai’er. Sitting near her, his gaze didn’t strayed from her, sensing some changes in her aura. Before Cai’er awoke, he could absolutely not leave her side.

As Long Haochen guessed, it was obviously not by using her normal strength that Cai’er managed to kill Xing Suo in one blow.

According to Long Haochen and Tian Qing’s plans, the assassin from their king grade Demon Hunt Squad was supposed to try assassinating the Star Demon.

Their assassin was a powerhouse of the seventh step, and an assassin at the seventh step had certainly some chance of success in killing a mage at the eighth step. Based on their original plans, they didn’t have extravagant hopes of success to kill the Star Demon, and only hoped to inflict some serious damage. Not familiar with Cai’er’s strength, Tian Qing gave her the mission of assisting in the assassination from the sidelines.

However, the first time the Star Demon’s senses saved him, the assassin of the seventh step was found out faster than expected. Although he gave his all to launch his attack, it only inflicted light wounds on the Star Demon and did nothing more. However, the intervention of the assassin of the seventh step attracted without a doubt the attention of all the Demon Hunter Removers. And right at this time, Cai’er, who was using the Necklace of Invisibility in combination with her own ability of the sixth step, Invisibility, stayed floating at a distance of a hundred meters from the ground, waiting for an opportunity.

Cai’er understood very clearly that to get rid of this Demon Hunter Remover squad within the shortest period of time possible, the most important matter was to suppress the fighting power of the Star Demon acting as their leader. Otherwise, given the great power of Star Demons and that unstoppable Great Prophecy Technique, when trying their utmost against them, some casualties would very possibly occur.

Thus, right at that time, Cai’er only had a single thought, and that was to try her utmost against that Star Demon. As for how much she’d be able to do, she didn’t give it much thought as she knew that Long Haochen would definitely come to save her in case of mortal danger.

This absolute confidence got rid of any worries from Cai’er’s side, and her determination brought her into a very special state. The Saint Daughter of Samsara was not inferior to the Scion of Light in the slightest, and an unprecedented power emerged in Cai’er’s body.

Right then, Cai’er’s eyes and mind were solely focused on her target, as if nothing else except for that Star Demon or herself existed in the world. While having an absolute focus, vanishing entirely, and raising her senses to their ultimate level, Cai’er disappeared entirely. Just like Long Haochen sensed it before, in her previous attack, she became like a cloud in the sky, a gust of wind among the clouds. Even the Star Demon of the eighth step had no way to sense her existence.

Under these circumstances, the Dagger of Samsara and the Spiritual Stove of Samsara produced an unprecedented destructive power that appeared in Cai’er’s mind. Right at that moment, she felt her own senses merge with each other, drawing all their power from her instincts. She herself didn’t even understand how she launched such a blow.

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