Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 393

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 393: Title hidden for the moment (I)

Recalling his father’s teachings, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel moved, Father, I am about to break through to the seventh step. Can you believe that? I’m still not even seventeen yet! After I break through to the seventh step, I will go to the Knight Temple to look for Mother and you. I will do this immediately after we complete our Slaughter Missions.

After it’s done, I will participate in the trial to become a Mythril Foundation Armored Knight. I will get a Mythril Foundation Armor to stand in front of you.

Reaching this point, Long Haochen’s self-esteem arose spontaneously. Indeed, he didn’t expect himself to reach the seventh step at such speed, it was simply inconceivable.

Ever since separating from his parents, Long Haochen’s life could be said to be very rich, yet filled with serious cultivation, as he completed one mission after another with his team, with Cai’er accompanying him. However, in some lonely nights, he couldn’t help but reminisce about his parents, and fondly remember them.

His mother’s warmth and love, his father’s severity and power were engraved deeply in his mind. In this life, Long Haochen’s most deeply engraved memory was from the time when Odin Town was ambushed by demons, while he accompanied his father and learned about his Divine Throne.

It was a scene he wouldn’t ever forget. Although Long Haochen was very young at that time, back then, he secretly had pledged himself to one day sit on a Divine Throne just like his father.

Cai’er was sitting across Long Haochen. Ever since entering the demon territory, everyone in the team lost the calm they had in the Alliance. They were always in a very alert state, using all their free time for cultivation.

The benefits a year of seclusion brought them were in the midst of manifesting. After the long accumulation of experience, everyone’s cultivating speed increased. This was especially true for Long Haochen whose control over his spiritual cavities was extraordinary by the time he broke through to the sixth step.

During their one year of seclusion, Long Haochen had spent the great majority of his time with bringing his comrades to get battle training in the Tower of Eternity, intending to familiarize everyone with the spiritual cavities through unceasing training. This was a very proper choice, because except for Cai’er and himself, their other five comrades mainly broke through to the sixth step due to the help from the Tower of Eternity, resulting in their foundation not being firm enough. After this year of hard training, their cultivation could be said to have stabilized, and with the gains from the Tower of Eternity, all his comrades had improved immensely.

Cai’er’s cultivation was second only to Long Haochen, having just broken through the 7,000 units barrier recently. Their other comrades were close to the 6,000 units barrier, but this speed could already be called astonishing. Except for Cai’er, the fastest in gaining spiritual energy were naturally Long Haochen’s two retainers, Han Yu and Sima Xian, who benefitted from the Innate Talent Sharing, and progressed very fast relying on the physiques gained from having their innate internal spiritual energy raised to eighty units. The slowest was as before Chen Ying’er, but for some reason, everyone could feel that changes in Chen Ying’er’s manners were gradually appearing.

Major Jacques City.

After several days of disturbance, the capital of Jacques Province gradually regained its calm. However, the attack from the Demon Hunt Squads of the Alliance a few days ago still inflicted a serious blow to the Jacques Clan, which was in itself not such a strong clan.

Because of their slow reproduction speed, the Jacques Clan rarely appeared on the battlefield. Their total quantity wasn’t high, so this blow was considerable, especially with the death of one Jacques Chief, which severely hurt the moral of the Jacques Clan.

A team of ten was entering Jacques City, led by a tall man clad in orange. Intense fluctuations of spiritual energy exuding from his cloak already revealed his identity as a Star Demon.

Behind him followed nine demons of different nature, but none missed to emit a powerful aura.

Walking with vigorous and determined steps into Major Jacques City, all the demons and humans of the city stepped out of their path.

Without any doubt, this team was a squad of Demon Hunter Removers.

The Demon Hunter Removers numbered a hundred teams, commanded directly by the Demon God Emperor. Thus, every member of the Demon Hunter Remover squads was as proud as one might well imagine.

The Demon God Emperor held a supreme position in the demon race, but the setting up of the Demon Hunter Removers undoubtedly consolidated his rule even further. Yet no one from any race dared utter a word of objection.

The setup of the Demon Hunter Removers naturally had instantaneous effects, and many Demon Hunt Squads from the Temple Alliance had already suffered losses at their hands. Some lost members and some were even exterminated completely by the force of these powerful Demon Hunter Remover squads, specialized in handling the Demon Hunt Squads.

The hundred Demon Hunter Remover squads were also ranked based on their strength, from the strongest to the weakest. The three most powerful Demon Hunter Remover squads were led by demon gods among the top thirty-six. They entirely consisted of powerhouses at the ninth step, hence they called themselves Demon God Teams.

Each of those encompassed ten powerhouses at the ninth step, whose power was supreme. The fact Demon Hunter Removers were organized in teams of ten was directed at better handling the Demon Hunt Squads’ teams of six.

After the Demon God Teams, the next lower ranked teams were called Demon King Teams. Their makeup was simple: their team leader was obligatorily at the ninth step, and these Demon King Teams totalled ten.

Following them were the Dragon Teams, Moon Teams, Star Teams and Demon Teams that didn’t differ by much in strength.

As the name implied, the Dragon Teams would naturally be led by a Devil Dragon and the Moon Teams and Star Teams would have a Moon Demon or a Star Demon as their team leader, while the remaining Demon Teams were of more inferior quality.

Aside from the ten Dragon Teams, Moon Teams and Star Teams, the rest were all Demon Teams.

The Demon God Teams and the Demon King Teams aside, the strength of the remaining four types didn’t differ that much. It was only that the teams with a Devil Dragon, a Moon Demon or a Star Demon as a captain would have a better cohesion, and also were a little bit stronger.

This Demon Hunter Remover squad was undoubtedly a Star Team.

The members of this Star Team felt gloomy these days. The Demon Hunter Removers were already established for more than a year, yet for some reason, their team always had bad luck. From the beginning to now, they never had encountered a human Demon Hunt Squad, and their chief, Xing Suo, was very thirsty to battle with a human Demon Hunt Squad.

After the establishment of the Demon Hunter Removers, they got the full support of the demon resources, and all human alchemists and artisans from their side worked to make equipment for them. However, the equipment wasn’t given for nothing, and only by killing members of Demon Hunt Squads would they gain more preferential treatment.

However, finding Demon Hunt Squads wasn’t easy at all, and at least until now, they had never encountered any, and hence didn’t gain any reward.

Ten days before, the Demon God Emperor suddenly ordered them to search the Jacques Province, and after ten days of search, they didn’t even spot the shadow of a Demon Hunter.

The other Demon Hunter Removers had already returned to give their report or inspect another place. But an order came from above: three teams of Demon Hunter Removers, including their own, had to keep searching in the area of Major Jacques City for a month.

“Team leader, this order from above is just too nonsensical. Do they want us to search for thin air? It’s still nowhere as good as fighting the armies of the Temple Alliance on the border.” A relatively sturdy demon behind Xing Suo complained.

This person reached a height of 3 and a half meters, his shoulders extending to two meters breadth, and his sturdy hands looked like gigantic pillars. His whole body was covered in black leather, and his face was covered by a full beard, to the extent that he looked like a person. But the fierceness in him as well as his black hair revealed his real identity.

The demon race with the highest physical strength, Demonic Bears.

The Demonic Bear God Valefor, ranked sixth among the seventy two demon gods, was known for his extraordinary strength, standing like a wall in battle. Under his banner, the Demonic Bear Clan focused on power as their core. If the Devil Dragons could be called the kings of the demons, the Star Demons their brain and the Moon Demons their spirit, then, the Demonic Bears could be called their guards. Their powerful guards.

With their terrifying attack and defense, they were unyielding existences on the battlefield. This was a terrifying clan with the opportunity to reach the ninth step through the cultivation of their external spiritual energy. Of course, they also had their shortcomings, like their inability of flight no matter their strength as Demonic Bears.

Xing Suo let out a snort, “Stop with your nonsense. Act as the orders come. It’s already noon, let’s look for a place to eat for now.”

The Demonic Bear let out a laugh and stopped complaining. His massive figure was standing behind Xing Suo like a protective barrier.

In the team, Xing Suo and him had the highest positions, while the other members were merely powerhouses at the seventh step. As for him, he was at the peak of the seventh step, and Xing Suo was a powerhouse at the eighth step. And a Star Demon of the eighth step was an absolutely terrible existence.

The group of ten demons strolled through the city, looking for a place to eat. As Demon Hunter Removers, they obviously didn’t need to pay for their meal. Just a Demonic Bear could ruin the business of a whole restaurant.

As they stepped forward, the expression on the face of the Star Demon suddenly changed, and he stopped his pace. He suddenly aimed the staff in his right hand at the ground, causing a strong orange radiance to suddenly burst out from his body.

An illusory looking figure flashed at this time, letting out strident sounds of breaking while bursting out of that orange colored radiance.

Xing Suo let out a snort. He drew back and on his chest appeared traces of blood. Fortunately, the necklace on his neck released a powerful black glint, which protected him from being severely injured, making this a light wound.

“Human assassin!” Xing Suo called out in fury, lifting up the staff in his hand again. He conjured terrible and sticky darkness essence and sent it at the direction of that already visible figure. This was Elemental Shock, the most effective rapid attack for mages of the eighth step?

Mages indeed feared assassins, but in case they seized the counterpart in their line of sight or brought distance between them, an assassin could only become a target for the mage.

Of course, Xing Suo didn’t have any need to create some distance. The moment he suffered the attack, the Demonic Bear immediately stood before him, and the others flocked nearby, like bolts of lightning ready to pierce that white clad assassin.

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            Another example would be when he took that first determined step towards the 8th step Moon Demon. He knew it was suicide. He knew the smart option was to stay back like everyone else. He knew that if given the time he would easily be able to stop that Moon Demon in the future, but he didn’t back off. Every single knight and Demon Hunter on that battlefield had the same test. Is their life more important that thousands of grunts. Only LHC answered no.

            Even the time with Yating it was shown that he really did want her and felt just as much longing as everyone else, but that was eclipsed by his feelings of empathy and sympathy for her.

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