Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 390

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 390: Brink of the Seventh Step (I)

-Temple Alliance, Holy City, Great Auction House-

A very delicate looking girl was sitting in the backyard of the Alliance’s Great Auction House. Her perfect white long skirt could not hide her moving figure. Her looks were picturesque, extremely tender and carried a hard to describe aura of purity. Only by sitting there, she seemed like a fairy, with all the surrounding scenery seemingly striving to only emphasize her beauty.

A girl clad in a red skirt discreetly came from behind her, suddenly shouting, “Just what are you thinking about, pure little flower?”

“Wah!?” The girl clad in white was startled, suddenly straightening her posture. She turned her head in the direction of the girl in the red skirt, immediately murmuring, “Big sister Weiyang, what’s up with you giving me such a fright? And I said already, I don’t want to be called pure little flower. What an annoying guy, hmpf!”

This girl was the young princess of the Alliance’s Great Auction House, Feng Ling’er. And the one who gave her a fright was naturally the head auctioneer of that same place, the gracious Ye Weiyang.

Ye Weiyang replied with a smiled, “That’s right, I shouldn’t call you little pure flower, but rather little hot pepper. To be so harsh with that person every time, it’s as if you won’t be happy if you don’t drive him out with curses.

And that fool is still coming back every day. However, things are becoming closer to how you’d want it now. Since that person left, he’ll no longer be bothering you.

Ever since Lin Xin got Sima Xian acquainted with Feng Ling’er, Sima Xian became extremely clingy to her out of his feelings of love. He would have come visit her everyday at the Alliance’s Great Auction House if it didn’t affect his cultivation, of course with good help from Ye Weiyang who’d let him at least have a sight of Feng Ling’er every time. But then, as Ye Weiyang just said, he would simply get cursed and driven out every time.

As for the appellation little pure flower, it stemmed of course from Lin Xin who sold out this bald priest as the bad friend he was. Naturally, it became a source of laughter for Ye Weiyang who’d use it to tease her.

Of course, Lin Xin gave Sima Xian quite a lot of help from the shadows, at least with the good food he’d arrange for Sima Xian to bring Feng Ling’er every time. As for her preferences, it was of course Ye Weiyang who told them secretly.

On the night before their departure, Sima Xian brought packets of good food as a gift for Feng Ling’er, and until now, Feng Ling’er still remembered that scene.

That guy was quite robust, bringing at least fifty kilograms of food, carrying all of it on his back. When she’d curse at him, he would show a foolish smile, never answering back. And then, when she’d stop all that cursing from tiredness, he would finally leave.

“Calm your tone, and have a little drink. Otherwise your throat will start hurting from all this shouting,” he had said.

“Starting from tomorrow, I’ll be unable to see you. And this will last for quite some time. Take good care of yourself. I know that you don’t really like me much, but it doesn’t matter, because you at least permitted me to know the feeling of deep love. You can either one day secretly start loving me, or let my feelings remain unrequited, but at least you can’t stop these feelings I have for you.

Thank you, really. This period of time was very happy for me. I never knew that looking forward every day to see one person was such a happy thing. Just from hearing your voice every day, I was content.

Actually, you’re right. I am not fit for you, at least as I am a Demon Hunter. Every time I’d be heading out on a mission, I’ll be in mortal danger. How could a man such as me give you a sense of security? I understand all this, yet I cannot help but have these feelings for you.

Please don’t stop me now, and let me finish to say all this before parting. Perhaps, this will be an eternal parting. I don’t know whether I’ll come back alive, and my only cherished desire is to tell you the words I have kept in my heart with sincerity.Only then can I leave without regrets and let myself kill the enemy without distraction. May I?

Please don’t throw all this food, okay? At least, don’t let it go to waste. Actually, Lin Xin was the one to tell me about your liking for snacks. I’m stupid, right? See, just from telling you all this, I’m already sweating. Today, I’m speaking so much more than in the past.

You… Just consider me as a passing traveler in your life okay? I hope all this entangling from me around you didn’t bother you too much. I just hope that you will stay safe.

Thank you for letting me say all this, I’m leaving. Though you are very fierce to me, I know that it’s because I’m no good. In my heart, you will forever stay a pure and fully occupied little pure flower.


“I… Love you!”

Even after so many days, Feng Ling’er remembered clearly about that scene. When Sima Xian left, he suddenly turned back his head, and shout these three words, before turning his head and running off. From this, Feng Ling’er had a throbbing feeling in her chest for the first time in her life, seeing his strongly satisfied appearance.

“Hey, what are you thinking about? Losing all yourself in your thoughts. You can’t really have fallen for that bald priest?” Ye Weiyang asked with a pleased look.

“Who has fallen for him?” Feng Ling’er reacted unhappily.

Ye Weiyang showed a happy smile, “Right, he’s not fit for our little princess. All those chasing you can be thrown out of the city by us. He’s neither tender nor gentle in the slightest, and isn’t any good at courting. The idea of bringing you nice food every day was mine. Right, he brought you those dried fish before leaving right? If you’re not eating these, give them to me, just like those from before. Hehe, helping you finishing these is so good.”

Feng Ling’er gave her an empty glare, “Sis Weiyang, how bad from you! It’s clearly the things you like to eat, that you’re placing on me. Could it be that there’s no one willing to buy these for you?”

Ye Weiyang suddenly let out a soft sigh, “Aren’t you a strange one? Why do you think I’d let that bald priest get close to you? In the past, I’ve been helping you to drive away all these nasty beasts.”

Feng Ling’er unconsciously nodded with attention.

Ye Weiyang continued, “It’s because I’m very interested in their captain, and really want to meet him and get to know him better. That’s why I tried to get in contact with the ones by his side, and learn more about him. As the one who succeeded the divine sword of great-grandfather, I really want to know what kind of person he is.

However, both Lin Xin or that bad priest aren’t willing to say much. All they said was that their knight stayed in secluded training all this time, and I have never succeeded in my plans. Ling’er, your big sister has been using you, would you blame me for that? However, Lin Xin and that Sima Xian aren’t bad people. At least they’d make very good friends.”

Feng Ling’er asked, “Can’t you just go see him directly when he will be out of seclusion? Why would you drag me in all this?” These words carried some anger, with a hint of resentment.

Ye Weiyang showed a bitter smile, “That’s because I’ve lost all self-confidence. I still clearly remember the scene from that day. That a man’s eyes could be that bright..”

“You can’t be interested in him?!” Feng Ling’er asked in alarm.

Ye Weiyang nodded without concealing anything, “I am. However, I’m afraid I don’t have the slightest chance. Lin Xin told me that he already has a very close female friend, and that it’s their vice-captain.”

Feng Ling’er reacted with the words, “So what, they aren’t married, are they? With the many wiles of my Sis Ye Weiyang, can’t you snatch him away?”

Ye Weiyang shook her head, “That’s impossible. I have the very strong feeling that I will never be able to manipulate this man. And it’s not love that I feel for him, but interest, or rather curiosity. After all this time passed, you should have realized that both Lin Xin and Sima Xian are extremely outstanding. In the young generation of the Temple Alliance, they are all among the elite. I don’t really know Sima Xian, but I’ve known Lin Xin for a very long time. His grandfather is an auxiliary head of the Mage Temple, and he’s the most outstanding alchemist of the young generation. He’s now a Demon Hunter, and I already checked for his cultivation; he’s actually already at the sixth step!

And just like that, I don’t know if you realized this, but every time Captain Long is mentioned, their expressions change and hold deep respect, right, deep respect. They haven’t been Demon Hunters for long, and thus, Long Haochen’s age should be close to theirs. But even such a young person actually gained the deep respect of two of the young elites of the Alliance. From this, we can well imagine how outstanding that Long Haochen is. For this reason alone, I felt all the more curious about him. I say without shame that when I saw him lift the divine sword, I felt that I was no match for him.”

Hearing her say this much, Feng Ling’er felt dazed from listening. She knew the best how arrogant she was to the core, but such an arrogant Ye Weiyang actually felt inferior to a man? This was simply inconceivable.

“Ye Weiyang, tell me, can they make it back alive?” Feng Ling’er asked in a low voice.

Ye Weiyang nodded lightly, “I don’t know either.”

Feng Ling’er knitted her eyebrows, “Didn’t you say they were extremely strong? And about that mysterious captain, he indeed looks really out of the ordinary.”

Ye Weiyang mused, “That’s really a double-edged sword. Because of their strength, the choice of missions they take are out of the ordinary. Lin Xin is only a little more than twenty, and if the others are close to him in age, their whole team should be under twenty five of age. But I heard Lin Xin said that they are already a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. This means that they are all at least at the sixth step, thus the missions they take are also at this grade.”

For some reason, when hearing Ye Weiyang’s words, Feng Ling’er suddenly felt a pain in her heart, blurting out the words, “Sis Weiyang, don’t take the things that guy brought for me. I’ll be eating those.”

“What?” Ye Weiyang gave her a monstrous look.

As if she didn’t see that, Feng Ling’er continued, “I hope they’ll make it alive.”

The battlefield was already cleaned, and after getting a short time of rest, the two Demon Hunt Squads were in a better shape. In particular, the king grade Demon Hunt Squad really looked to be in a bad shape.

“Hello, I am the captain from the 17th King grade Demon Hunt Squad, Guardian Knight Tian Qing. Thank you for your help.” The Foundation Armored Knight already took off his helmet, and a very resolute face appeared. He looked about thirty five or six, and had thick and broad arms, looking strong.

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