Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 389

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 389: Long Haochen in his most powerful state (III)

After recovering his spiritual energy, Haoyue rushed out with Lin Xin. Haoyue wasn’t in the same kind of weak state as Long Haochen, and furthermore, with his evolution, his recovery was greatly strengthened. At least until now, Long Haochen had yet to see Haoyue’s limits.

During their fusion, he felt his own body’s limits, and thus couldn’t maintain the fused state with Haoyue.

The reason why Haoyue and Lin Xin rushed out was naturally to reap magical crystals. Lin Xin’s speed of reaction was very fast, but compared to Haoyue, he was still lacking.

Haoyue’s movements were very simple. Rushing ahead, he’d tread on the Jacques Demon corpses to crush them, before engulfing the demon crystals in his mouth.

Although Lin Xin simply recovered the whole corpses, it was still at an inferior speed.

Nonetheless, Haoyue was still generous and left Lin Xin the magical crystal of the Jacques Chief of the eighth step. These things would be very useful to the team, no matter whether used directly or exchanged for contribution points. These were the greatest items they gained ever since getting into demon territory.

The powerful show of strength of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad left these scattering Jacques Demons even more in fear, and the several hundred corpses on the ground were very rapidly looted with the joint efforts of Lin Xin and Haoyue.

On the other side of the battlefield, the recovered Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan, Han Yu and Cai’er joined the ongoing battle, providing support for the king grade Demon Hunt Squad. Although they were unable to kill the second Jacques Chief, the demons were already out of fighting spirit and quickly retreated in defeat.

The battle was finally over, and the king grade Demon Hunt Squad’s consumption was far greater than that of Long Haochen’s team. They didn’t even have the strength left to thank Long Haochen’s group, and one after another fell to the ground, unable to move even one step further.

Long Haochen was sitting cross-legged on the ground, summing up the process of the previous battle. Deep inside, he felt that they had really gained in strength.

When facing an enemy at the eighth step in the past, they were left without choice but to use the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pill. But this time, they killed the opponent grandiosely, and did that even more easily than that time against the Zombie King. Perhaps even without my most powerful state, we could have killed that one with our own strength. And I really didn’t expect the Aria of the Goddess of Light to become such a terrifying divine sword after fusing with Yating.

Although Long Haochen only got to sense the power of a piece of equipment at the Epic Tier for a split moment, it still left a very deep impression in him. Even a powerhouse of the eighth step was unable to resist against its power. If not for the strengthening from the Aria of the Goddess of Light, killing the enemy in one blow like that wouldn’t have been possible, not even in his most powerful state. At the same time, he sensed that when the Aria of the Goddess of Light would become a weapon of such level, it would be powerful enough by itself, without adding any ability. Such an overwhelming sword intent would be so that even if one resists it using their physical resistance, he would still get wounded by the sword intent.

The eighth step, just when would he become a true powerhouse of the eighth step too?

Long Haochen quietly took out the internal spiritual energy measuring gem from his Eternal Melody and poured his spiritual energy inside. Seeing the number which came out gave him a nice surprise.


Whah, it’s already above 9,780? So it’s no wonder that my fusion with Haoyue combined with the use of Spiritual Ignition already broke through the eighth step. So my strength had already gotten that close to the seventh step.

It was already a long time that Long Hoachen didn’t checked the value of his own internal spiritual energy. From this, he immediately rejoiced greatly. His cultivation rate as a god’s chosen one was one of the benefits that he felt were bountiful.

This time, it was for a simple goal that all he chose were Slaughtering Missions. He wanted to help Cai’er to find the opportunity to complete her awakening as a god’s chosen one too. Without a doubt, for she who was the Saint Daughter of Samsara, only through Slaughter Missions would a possibility of awakening appear.

In a private room of moderate size, roughly ten square meters, if one took particular attention, he would see that all parts of the room, be it the roof, the walls or the floor, were pitch-black, like a dark crystal. More accurately speaking, this room was like an immense black crystal cut into a suitable shape.

In the middle of this private room, a deep purple light was faintly visible. If one paid an attentive look, he would find out that it was released by a man.

A soft purple glint kept spreading out, in the midst of going extinct.

Suddenly, that purple glint looked more real, and with two substantial-looking purple glints, all the darkness inside of this space was controlled.

And! The look coming out from these eyes seemed able to pierce the earth and the heavens.

The substantial look of the light coming out from the eyes was reflected onto the black crystal in front of him, actually letting out a series of ‘buzz’ sounds.

A lanky figure floated, sitting upright, and hidden from view by the purple light. One could faintly see that this very handsome face had clearly a pale look. It was merely due to strong surprise that this face showed such an expression.

“Is it his aura?” Feng Xiu murmured, talking to himself, and a severe look flashed past his eyes.

“Huang Shuo!”

“This subordinate listens.” From outside, this response could be heard echoing.

The Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu coldly instructed, “Give my order to dispatch ten groups of Demon Hunters Removers from the Central Province to be gathered mainly in the Jacques Province. There, any magical beast with three or more heads found are to be killed, and their corpse brought back to me.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Do you have any other instruction?”

After pondering for a short time, Feng Xiu replied, “Please tell the Star Demon God to meet me.”


Shortly later, quiet footsteps resounded, and an orange figure approached with quick steps, getting closer to Feng Xiu’s before stopping exemplarily at ten meters from him, bowing slightly, “Boss.”

His voice was very soft, touching and let out a special charm at when hearing it, as well as an unreal feel.

This man was entirely clad in orange, and his build looked close to the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu. However, he was more slim, and his handsome face made him look closer to the Moon Demon God Agares. Only, he had a somewhat look, which gave a feeling of extreme delicateness. His orange colored eyes seemed to carry a layer of hazy mist, and his supple-looking orange hair was draped out to his back, just like an orange waterfall spreading out until reaching the level of his knee. The most peculiar was that on his forehead appeared a symbol of orange hexagon.

If Lin Xin were to see his hair, he would absolutely be jumping with envy.

“Vassago, has your body already recovered?” Feng Xiu asked. He visibly entertained a very good friendship with this orange man.

If someone were to underestimate this orange man on the basis of his external appearance, he would definitely be out of luck. That’s because, despite having a weak, beautiful and rather pitiful look, this was the one praised as demon prophet, their Great Prophet, Star Demon God Vassago, whose existence ranked third amongst all the demon gods.

From the human point of view, the Star Demon God Vassago was viewed as the top demon mage, being a rare kind of demon god purely focused on magic among all the seventy-two, and there was no room for doubting his power. In some sense, his position amongst demons made him even more important than the Moon Demon God Agares. His Great Prophecy Technique would make even the Demon God Emperor cautious towards him.

But the Star Demon God Vassago would appear very rarely in the battlefield. He was mainly acting as the brain of the demons, or perhaps the brain of the Demon God Emperor. Among all demons, few people could call the Demon God Emperor brother, and the only ones the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu acknowledged as little brothers were Agares and Vassaga.

“Bro Feng looks to have recovered to eighty percent of his strength.” The voice of the Star Demon God Vassago was still as gentle and pleasant to listen to.

The face of the Demon God Emperor looked stagnant, “You should have sensed that right before right? Your perception isn’t far from mine, but should be even more detailed. Was that really him?”

The Star Demon God’s expression seemed to become very pale, but he nodded without any hesitation.

Feng Xiu’s two eyes shrank, and it appeared as if a bolt of purple lightning flashed in his eyes, “He actually came. But shouldn’t he be unable to leave from there due to the regulations placed on that space?”

The Star Demon God let out a light sigh, shaking his head, with the orange hair on his back moving back and forth like waves, “I don’t understand clearly how this could happen either, but I’m sure that in his current state, he’s still far from comparable to back then. Otherwise, I’m afraid he would have come to find us long ago. Also, I am sure that he knows that we are now in this world. Boss, destroying him is our absolute priority.”

Right then, the Demon God Emperor actually became hesitant just because of hearing the words from the Star Demon God. Unconsciously clenching his both fists, he murmured aloud, “I cannot possibly doubt the prophecies you are making at the cost of your own lifespan, but it’s just that he seems to be able to block us from locating him accurately, so we can only accidentally spot him sometimes. This way, how could we look for him?”

The Star Demon God replied with an indifferent look, “A sun-like meteor has descended in the human world, carrying a faint hint of purple. This sunshine should be related to the God of Light, dispersing gradually the darkness. At dawn, its presence glints in the northwest, ruling over with the brightness of that purple hint. Then, whether the seventy-two cages can resist the light from the sun, and destroy these purple hints in its early stages, or whether the cages are destined to fall against it is up to fate.”

This was the prophecy that the Star Demon God made at the cost of his lifespan.

The Star Demon God continued, “According to my predictions, among the two who are going to bring a catastrophe upon upon us, there’s naturally him, but I still cannot guess the identity of that sun-like meteor. It’s very possibly a human that is going to emerge suddenly; we have to pay further attention to the human’s circumstances. That young human that Ah’Bao met in the Illusory Paradise is very suspicious. If we get the opportunity, we have to kill him at any cost. And according to my predictions, that human is very possibly related to him, and extremely closely. If things are like that, our target is now a lot easier to find.”

Hearing his words, the Demon God Emperor was shaken, “Him? Can it really be him?”

“Boss, were you thinking of something?” The Star Demon God gave the Demon God Emperor a surprised look.

The Demon God Emperor shook his head slightly, carrying a pondering look on his face.

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