Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 387

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 387: Long Haochen at his most powerful state (I)

Right at this time, in the little hills nearby, three different beasts appeared. Two were at the fifth rank and one at the seventh rank, and these three magical beasts arrived in a mad rush at the same time. Closing in to this side of the battlefield, Chen Ying’er was seated on the back of one of the magical beasts of the fifth rank.

Before, it was for the sake of creating a diversion that Long Haochen urged her to use the Creature Summoning Gate. In case they managed the rescue, Chen Ying’er’s summons would create a diversion for Long Haochen and the others to escape, relying on McDull who transformed into a Demon Holder to restrict them from flying away.

However, no one expected the battle to turn out this way. The army of a thousand Jacques Demons crumbled under their attacks, causing rapid changes on the battlefield. Since Chen Ying’er clearly saw the situation of the battlefield, she naturally didn’t fall behind and brought her summoned beasts to regroup with the others, joining the battle.

The eighth step was still the eighth step, and although the Jacques Chief was affected by the mucus from the Demon Holder, his response remained very quick. Galloping on his four hoofs, he directly rushed towards Long Haochen’s group of six.

While he advanced, a black halo spread under his feet. One black halo after another spread, and his scales gained a pitch-black layer of gloom. Tiny black flames started to burn on his body, igniting that annoying mucus, while increasing the vigor of the Jacques Chief.

In his hand he carried a pitch-black spear. Once his distance from Long Haochen’s group was close to fifty meters, the Jacques Chief let out a snarl towards the sky. A faint black shade spread from his back, widening just like a black hole that engulfed everything.

Turning halfway, he lunged his right arm with the spear backwards, before throwing it at Long Haochen’s group fiercely.

Strangely, this black spear clearly flew towards them, yet that Jacques Chief still kept the main body of the spear in his hand.

“Be careful, that’s Tyrannical Extermination.”

From afar, the knight from the king grade Demon Hunt Squad shouted loudly, but he didn’t have the time to look after someone else and was unable to provide aid to Long Haochen’s side.

To avoid getting injured, the two Jacques Chiefs actually didn’t go all out before, but the situation changed when their subordinates got crushed that easily. These two powerhouses of the eighth step were both set on fire by that sight. Although their position among demons was not as majestic as that of demon gods, as the first and the second chief of the Jacques Clan, they almost ruled the whole Jacques Province.

Although the Jacques Province was the smallest province in the demon territory, it was still one of the twenty four provinces. To be reduced to such a sorry state by a dozen humans, and with the great amount of casualties among their subordinates, it would be rather strange to see these chiefs stay calm.

The instant that pitch-black spear was thrown, the sky suddenly darkened, and even the sandstorm was dispersed. It felt as if it had the might of Asura Strike while it affected an even larger area.

The terrifyingly intense pressure gave everyone the chill, and created the threatening feeling that this Tyrannical Extermination was directed right at themselves. This technique, launched by a powerhouse of the eighth step, was as terrifying as expected. What followed was the launch of the twisted black spear and its indistinct flight trajectory.

However, right at this moment, Long Haochen proudly rushed forward, with a white light emerging from his back. It was the Saint Spiritual Stove’s Attraction ability, aimed accurately at the Jacques Chief of the eighth step.

When facing a powerful enemy, be the first to face him. This was the courageous pledge of a Guardian Knight, no matter how strong the enemy was. The Guardian Knight of the team needed to always be the first to rush in. Long Haochen handed the Rippling Light from his left hand to Yating, and took the Aria of the Goddess of Light with both of his hands, abruptly stopping his dash in midair. Immediately, his whole body entered a bizarre state, raising his hand at a deceivingly low speed.

This was a one against one fight, where Long Haochen wanted to rely on his own strength to face the powerful attack of the Jacques Demon at the eighth step.

Right now, the changes on him reflected clearly on Aria of the Goddess of Light. The original strong radiance of his sword vanished, and it again turned dark gold. Along with that mysterious raising motion, Long Haochen gave the feeling of treating this divine sword the same way as a new bride in a veil.

If a true expert of the sword had been present, he would definitely recognized that scene as shocking in a glance. What Long Haochen showed wasn’t as simple as fusing with his sword, but rather like fusing with nature. Accumulating sword intent, without letting any scatter, he grasped the real essence of the use of a sword. Perhaps, he wasn’t able to show some magnificent swordplay, but ever since getting the Aria of the Goddess of Light, his understanding regarding swords had already vastly increased.


Darkness and dark gold clashed with each other, and Long Haochen’s whole body was shaken, before being sent flying several meters back. He was stopped by being knocked against Haoyue’s massive body. However, that shadow spear was forcibly repelled to the sky.

Right, this wasn’t a strike aiming to meet force with force, but aiming to send the enemy flying high.

Long Haochen was after all only at the sixth step, and although his internal spiritual energy was already not far from 10,000 units, he was still after all only a Radiant Knight of the sixth step. Even with the most amazing Legendary Equipment, beating a powerhouse of the eighth step with pure force was impossible. However, he managed to repel the enemy using an ability such as Tyrannical Extermination with his own strength.

Looking at it, this attack was very simple. Long Haochen had simply changed the trajectory of the enemy’s attack, and cut off the connection between his intentions and technique. But was it really so easy to pull that off? His move was exercised with the perfect co-ordination between his strength and his sword intent. This simple-looking attack was however the result from Long Haochen’s fusion of his sword intent with the battle skills from the ancient times.

That Jacques Chief was also shocked when seeing his own attack being repelled by Long Haochen in such a way. He absolutely didn’t expect this knight with fluctuations of spiritual energy far from equalling the other knight, to actually push him back. And this was while he was using such an astute technique as Tyrannical Extermination.

Filling the air with intense killing intent, the Jacques Chief roared once again, spreading the wings on his back. Stepping on the ground, he launched a full strength charge. Since long distance attacks weren’t going to work, going for close-quarters battle was better. And under the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove, his only available target was Long Haochen.

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen calmed his boiling blood. The great increase of his external spiritual energy indeed had some good benefits. The resilience of his body was now a lot better than in the past. Else, even if he deflected the enemy’s attack, he’d probably also have ended up wounded.

Spreading the wings on his back, and giving a sudden flap, Long Haochen set his own body in motion, dashing forward. On his back, Yating conveniently turned back, transforming into a ball of light chasing after Long Hoachen. In some sense, she was a part of Long Haochen’s body, and thus kept up with his speed with ease. The others from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad also followed at high speed.

Cai’er once again became invisible, and Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light was circling above his head. His chest was glinting purple, and exuded some scorched smell. This was the backlash of the Spiritual Stove of Purple Thunder.

Wang Yuanyuan quietly embedded four spatial crystals in her Divine Soul Shield, and Han Yu recovered his shield, taking the Wild Scarlet Blood in both of his hands.

They were already prepared for this challenging battle, which was the first time they confronted a powerhouse of the eighth step while relying on their own strength.

If they were in Major Jacques City, Long Haochen couldn’t possibly make this choice. But this place was in the wilderness, and if they really weren’t a match, they had the possibility of escaping. Since things were like this, why shouldn’t they try to go all out against a demon of the eighth step? Only this kind of powerhouse would enable them to measure the level of strength they now reached.

Ree With a wild roar, the Jacques Chief lifted his two front hooves, before landing back onto the ground. With a loud bang, strong black streams of air were urged towards Long Haochen, meanwhile, the spear in the right hand on the demon turned into myriad of black rays, going straight for Long Haochen.

With a distance of ten meters between the Jacques Chief and him, Long Haochen immediately felt the air becoming sticky, and the strong darkness element completely repelled the light element. Furthermore, that Jacques Chief released a strong pulling force, dragging his counterpart towards him. His strong demeanor and powerful attack were as pressuring as a tall mountain.

That was the eighth step! The last time they faced a Moon Demon at the eighth step, Long Haochen had used the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pill, and thus had had an entirely different feeling. But this time was not the same, and he was now facing the Jacques Chief of the eighth step on his own. That immense pressure affected his willpower enormously, and this was due to the gap in strength, and the absolute suppression of his spiritual energy. If not for the fact that Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was of the purest light type he would hardly have had even the idea to battle against a powerhouse at the eighth step.

His two lower wings flapped, while the upper ones stayed motionless. Long Haochen’s body was suddenly raised several meters up into the sky, fortunately avoiding the breath of darkness released by the Jacques Chief below. Meanwhile, Long Haochen’s whole body shone once again in that eerie golden light, forming one entity with his sword. When the shadow spear of that Jacques Chief was rushing at him from all directions, the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his hand kept resisting attack after attack, as if he was a boat in the midst of violent waves.

The Jacques Chief, having an extremely profound perception, felt that this human should have died the moment his attack landed on him. However, every time he felt that he was about to kill the enemy, the enemy’s heavy sword would briefly touch the spear at a crucial location, and by borrowing force from his spiritual wings, he’d escape the danger by a hair’s breadth.

Currently, Long Haochen was just like a shadow. Resisting against the shadow spear, he still didn’t fight hard against that Jacques Chief, completely relying on technique and agility. This left the powerhouse of the eighth step unable to launch his irresistible offensive power at him.

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