Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 383

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 383: A Journey of Slaughter to the South (I)

Inside the restaurant, the waiters were two humans, busy satisfying the wishes of their guests. Seeing Long Haochen enter, no one called out to him.

Long Haochen advanced towards the Golden Birdy Demon. Arriving at the dining table, he lightly knocked on the wooden material.

The Golden Birdy Demon was startled. He was eating and drinking well, but disturbed in the middle, he became obviously in quite a bad mood. However, when seeing Long Haochen’s face once he raised his head, he appeared shocked.

In fact, Long Haochen had changed into a Moon Demon, making even the clansmen of the Moon Demon Clan unable to spot his disguise, to say nothing of this Golden Birdy Demon.

Purple eyes, an incomparably handsome face, these were all traits of Moon Demon Clan. Seeing the cold glance in Long Haochen’s eyes, he hurriedly stood up and tried to ask, “You are…?”

Long Haochen lifted a hand, showing the viscount Moon Demon insignia before looking him in the eye. He instructed, “Come out with me.”

Seeing this insignia, the doubt in the eyes of the Golden Birdy Demon disappeared. Standing up with haste, he followed Long Haochen out of the restaurant.

Around them, quite a lot of demons saw this scene, and didn’t even dare gasp at the tension of the atmosphere. Although they didn’t see Long Haochen’s face, seeing a great character like the Golden Birdy Demon taken aback, one might well imagine what kind of existence that person was.

Leaving the restaurant, Long Haochen stopped his steps at the door of the restaurant. That Golden Birdy Demon asked very cautiously, “Mister viscount, what do you have to tell me?”

“Come here.” Long Haochen waved him over with a cold voice.

That Golden Birdy Demon hurriedly joined Long Haochen’s side, still feeling resentful from having to part with his meal. He was praying that Long Haochen’s talk would be simple so that he could return to finish his meal soon, otherwise the other guests would surely take advantage of his absence.

Seeing the submissive Golden Birdy Demon before his eyes, Long Haochen revealed a cold glance, lifting his right hand to place it on his shoulder, “Are you aware of your crime?”

“What?” The Golden Birdy Demon raised his head, looking at Long Haochen with shock. Right at that moment, he became alert. Though, everything was already too late.

Long Haochen’s right hand stuck a cold flash of sword intent in his neck, and right then, the eyes of the Golden Birdy Demon diluted.

Was Long Haochen’s right hand so easily touched? It carried the Aria of the Goddess of Light! A surge of sword intent reached out for the brain of the Golden Birdy Demon and crushed it, which caused his sudden death. He didn’t even have the time to scream.

The fact that a powerhouse of the sixth step died like that in the hands of Long Haochen wasn’t so much due to their difference of strength, but the crucial point was his convincing resemblance to a Moon Demon.

His cloak spread out, blocking the line of sight of any passerbies, and with a golden glint, the corpse of the Golden Birdy Demon disappeared into the Eternal Melody.

Not stopping for a bit, Long Haochen headed towards Lin Xin and Han Yu.

Long Haochen’s fight didn’t attract any attention as the battle was already over as soon as it began, but things weren’t as peaceful for his comrades.

Noon was a very good time for Long Haochen’s action, because this was the time when demons had their meal. They were not the same as humans, and would only eat two meals a day, especially high ranking demons.

Thus, all members of the 64th Demon Hunt Squad aimed fundamentally for the time of their meal.

Although Lin Xin’s appearance was inferior to Long Haochen’s, he still had no problem to disguise himself as an ordinary Moon Demon, and at an even more vulnerable state than Long Haochen’s, because he found it right when the Golden Birdy Demon was about to have his meal on the roadside.

From this, it could be seen that although demons were powerful regarding battle strength, in terms of economy and culture, they were clearly inferior to humans, since they were after all strangers to this world. In the Temple Alliance, seeing a powerhouse of the sixth step eating crouched on the street was almost impossible.

The Golden Birdy Demon had a very simple meal, a big wok filled with some kind of meat stew or soup. The ground meat put inside and cooked thoroughly before being eaten. This one was accompanied by four other Great Birdy Demons, eating along with him.

Lin Xin and Han Yu exchanged a glance, and Han Yu nodded to him. A flash of blue light appeared in Lin Xin’s eyes, followed by the resonant sound of a phoenix cry, resounding in the street.

Why were spiritual stoves powerful? This was because ordinary abilities would generally never be able to match one important aspect, their instant burst. Furthermore, almost all the abilities from spiritual stoves would gain in power as long as the user would gain in strength. These were the basic reasons that made people crave the power of spiritual stoves.

When the immense Blue Fire Phoenix abruptly charged at the Golden Birdy Demon, all the demons on the street were stunned. That Golden Birdy Demon was after all a powerhouse at the sixth step, and noticing the danger, he immediately responded, using both of his hands to drag a Great Birdy Demon in front of him. while putting all his force into rushing his spiritual energy, letting a gaudy electric light curl up around him.

However, the arrival of the Blue Fire Phoenix was really too sudden, and this was all he had the time to do.

A cold smile was drawn on Lin Xin’s face, and the blue light filling his eyes became more intense. What followed was the sudden ascending of that Blue Fire Phoenix in the air, before a sudden descent. Actually, he just managed a rapid ascension in the air, before diving down fast.


An immense blue pillar of fire descended from the sky, and the Blue Fire Phoenix instantly returned.

In the flames, the four Great Birdy Demons were instantly reduced to ashes, and the Golden Birdy Demon roared as his body twitched violently. His massive body seemed to have almost instantly turned into a scorched black mass. Such a terrible high temperature wasn’t anything his body could withstand. Originally, even the Zombie King of the eighth step had been forced back by the Blue Fire Phoenix.

A lofty figure quietly arrived at the back of the struggling Golden Birdy Demon right at that time. Lashing out with a golden red light, he brought the demons’ struggle to an end as his head fell down. The figure first carried and then launched the head of the Golden Birdy Demon towards Lin Xin like a blue artillery shell.

A blue flame leaped up, instantly engulfing the head of that Golden Birdy Demon, before being extinguished, as the head was absorbed into a magic storing device. Lin Xin then turned around and left, followed by Han Yu after he quickly recovered his sword. In a flash, the two of them disappeared into an alley.

From the instant Lin Xin launched the attack to the end of the battle, the whole process only lasted a few breaths. The assassination was carried out neatly, and they returned quickly after the end of the battle.

Right at that time, Lin Xin’s face was extremely pale, and his fists clenched tightly. His whole body actually trembled slightly. However, he clenched his teeth and endured bitterly. Under Han Yu’s protection, he headed back to the caravan. After the constant training he went through in the time of seclusion, his ability to endure the backlash of the spiritual stove actually increased a lot.

The backlash of the Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix was different from the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, which was almost impossible to resist. But conversely, resisting the backlash of the Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix was a type of training for Lin Xin, and after attempting continuously, and learning through experience, his ability to bear the effects of the spiritual stove improved with time. Only this way would the spiritual stove get closer to its future evolution.

Right when Lin Xin finished his battle, Sima Xian’s side also completed their part.

The enemies Sima Xian was up against were somewhat more numerous than Lin Xin and Han Yu’s: they were six Great Birdy Demons and one Golden Birdy Demon eating together in a restaurant.

Sima Xian wouldn’t ambush the enemy like Long Haochen. After confirming the presence of the target in the restaurant, he entered and took out his evolved Energetic Ball of Light.

Indoors, the dark golden Energetic Ball of Light emitted a terrible pressuring aura. Its thick iron chains had also gained in size, from ten meters to sixteen and a half.

The massive metallic ball made terrible strident sounds, smashing against the Golden Birdy Demon.

This Golden Birdy Demon felt something was off right when Sima Xian entered: the killing intent on him was just too dense. Thus, when Sima Xian launched his attack, he leapt up and attempted to evade the attack from the Energetic Ball of Light. In the meantime, a golden lightning spear appeared in his hand, and the six Great Birdy Demons threw themselves at him at great speed, attacking Sima Xian from different directions.

Sima Xian’s right hand held onto that metallic chain and shook it in a flash, actually stirring it up this way and making it follow the Golden Birdy Demon.

This was after all a restaurant. While not giving the Golden Birdy Demon much room for flight. All he could do was to incline his body while letting his spear burst out like a golden lightning launched against the Energetic Ball of Light.

However, when the innate lightning unleashed by the Golden Birdy Demon came into contact with the Energetic Ball of Light, it disappeared in a flash, just as if it was sucked in. Next, the Golden Birdy Demon felt a massive power descend on him, and, left without choice, could only use the spear in his hand to defend himself.

But right at this time, those six Great Birdy Demons launched themselves at Sima Xian, pointing their spears at him.

“Go to hell!” Sima Xian roared loudly, and an immense white pillar of light abruptly burst out against his opponents, enveloping the weapons of those six Great Birdy Demons in its range.

A terrible scene emerged. The Six Great Birdy Demons were immediately set aflame with a white fire, screaming as they fell to the ground. Their spears indeed hit Sima Xian’s body, but only managed to pierce his cloak.

This was Holy Spirit, a technique of offensive armor used by priests of the sixth step. Consuming an enormous amount of spiritual energy, it would come with extra powerful purifying effects. Seeking for efficient cleaning, Sima Xian immediately launched this powerful ability.

At the same time he killed the six Great Birdy Demons, the Golden Birdy Demon was already hit with the Energetic Ball of Light.


Without suspense, his spear broke into pieces, and more terrifyingly, the Golden Birdy Demon flew along with the trajectory of the Energetic Ball of Light, directly causing the explosion of the roof. The Golden Birdy Demon was unexpectedly not sent flying by the attack, but was stuck to the Energetic Ball of Light. It could be clearly seen that some purple substance was entangled with the Energetic Ball of Light. Immediately, with the loud Bang bang bang triple sound, three purple balls of light exploded in succession against the Golden Birdy Demon.

And then, nothing was left of him.

A gold colored magical crystal surrounded by electricity was stuck close to the Energetic Ball of Light, and with a pull on the chain, Sima Xian retrieved it. The Energetic Ball of Light returned to his hand as he turned around and left, while not even ashes were left of that Golden Birdy Demon.

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            Furthermore, the interpretation of Necromancy probably hugely depends on the attribute of the Necromancer. While the Darkness Necromancers likely focus on the (icky) stuff like animating corpses or rotting enemies, the Holy Necromancer likely focus on the souls and soul energy itself (e.g., condense it, use it to attack, imbue objects with it, etc.). After all, even the skeletons in the Tower of Eternity are likely condensed soul energy–supplied by LHC via the Eternal Melody–instead of animated skeletal remains.

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