Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 380

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 380: Sword Intent and Secrets (I)

Yating actually didn’t care about letting others see her, and just like Haoyue, right after appearing, she immediately started the chant of an incantation. A dense golden radiance instantly spread out from her, directed in Long Haochen’s direction.

Long Haochen raised his head, gazing at the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his hand. However, he didn’t chant any incantations and concentrated all his attention on the divine sword.

The massive sword intent radiated by the Aria of the Goddess of Light was slowly withdrawn under their gazes, vanishing into the sword. But with each portion that vanished, the look of the Aria of the Goddess of Light changed, shifting from a brilliant golden color to dark gold.

Long Haochen’s eyes gleamed electrified, and he seemed to be forming a single entity with the divine sword. It appeared as if the Aria of the Goddess of Light gained sharpness, and he felt as if the blade was a part of himself.

The tyrannical sword intent kept increasing without pause, and the golden color from Long Haochen’s body looked more and more rich and powerful. In this state, he seemed to have returned to those hills in the Illusory Paradise, but this time, he was not only filled with comprehension, but also with a disdainful pride. Even in front of a powerhouse of the ninth step, he wouldn’t cower.

Haoyue and Yating poured spiritual energy into Long Haochen. Haoyue was using his well-mastered light elemental Spiritual Boosting, but this time, Little Light wasn’t the only one using it. The other three heads converted their own elements entirely into light, and assisted Long Haochen with their full strength.

Yating was using the spell Brilliant World in its simplest form, but her Brilliant World was already over three times more effective than ordinary ones. And all this light elemental spiritual energy went through her purification.

Without exaggeration, the fact Long Haochen couldn’t increase his total spiritual energy in battle aside, his battle strength right now matched at least powerhouses totalling 20,000 units of spiritual energy. Yating and Haoyue’s supportive abilities could only be described as extraordinary.
Finally, the Aria of the Goddess of Light completely turned dark golden, and even his body changed color. This feeling wasn’t strange, but incomparably great. His overflowing sword intent was even felt outside the Warrior Temple. It was as if this strike could split heaven and earth.

Right at that time, Long Haochen moved. Launching his left foot forward, he brazenly struck with the heavy sword in his hand.

It was simple and direct, and didn’t have any embellishment.

Holyfied[ref]most likely, reinforced by Holy Sword[/ref] Asura Strike.  

Although Long Haochen didn’t use Storing Power at the time of launching that blow, his sword intent, close to a condensed shape, was frantically exerted in the air, without producing any sound nor leaking any spiritual energy.

Only seeing this dark golden flash of light, everyone felt the incomparably sharp sword intent causing cracking sounds in the very decorated Warrior Temple hall. The powerhouses of the Warrior Temple had no choice but to urge their spiritual energy into a body armor. And all it took to armor themselves instinctively was the mere sensing of this sword intent. What if they would really face this attack?

Qiu Yonghao’s expression changed this time for real, because he unexpectedly found out that if the one facing this blow was himself, even though he could defeat Long Haochen, he didn’t have the certainty to stay unscathed.

This child’s cultivation was not yet at the seventh step! And Qiu Yonghao was a veteran powerhouse at the ninth step.

However, to everyone’s surprise, that heavenly meteorite remained unaffected, and after launching this strike, Long Haochen stumbled heavily. Yating was the one supporting him from behind, to prevent him from falling down.

A soft golden radiance kept being released from Yating’s body to heal Long Haochen, and Haoyue’s four heads slowly rose, their eyes turning purple.

On Long Haochen’s forehead, nine lines of a purple pattern appeared. The only difference from the past was that after his awakening as a god’s chosen one, the color became purple-gold.

Long Haochen was lightly shaken, and slowly stood up straight. The Aria of the Goddess of Light that returned to its usual golden color was absorbed back into his right hand.

After executing the strike right before, he actually temporarily fainted, and recovered with the help of the healing from Haoyue and Yating.

However, all of this was worth it. The strike right before clearly fused the comprehension he gained from watching the sculpture of Ye Wushang with his own level of sword intent into one. Without exaggeration, his current comprehension on sword intent now reached a very deep level, at least matching Ye Wushang at the time he was thirty.

None of the powerhouses from the Warrior Temple said anything, because they didn’t know what to say. Although they had just seen Long Haochen fail, the terrible sword intent they saw right before was just too powerful. The ones with the deepest feeling were Qiu Yonghao and that auxiliary head who had seen Ye Wushang in battle before. Right at that instant, they felt as if they were seeing Ye Wushang’s resurrection.

Just from feeling this sword intent, they all understood that Long Haochen was indeed qualified to wield the Aria of the Goddess of Light! They wouldn’t find another person of such kind even in the whole Warrior Temple.

“Haochen.” Qiu Yonghao stepped forward a bit, wanting to give a few words of consolation to this child. He was already thinking of whether it would be possible to convince the other higher-ups of the Warrior Temple to let this child become the master of this divine sword.

Long Haochen turned his head with a weak look, smiling with difficulty at Qiu Yonghao. He now felt weak to the extent of being unable to speak, and if not for the help from Haoyue and Yating, he would have fallen in a state of deep unconsciousness.

His consumption of spiritual energy from before was just too big. It wasn’t only about spiritual energy, but even included his own mental and physical power. By now, he felt too weak to even lift a single finger.

Of course, his condition kept improving by the minute with the coordinated help from Haoyue and Yating. A layer of deep purple light continued being released from Haoyue’s body. While Long Haochen absorbed this purple light, his physical power returned bit by bit, while Yating was offering him her purest light essence.

Qiu Yonghao let out a sigh, “Child, I have a suggestion. Although you failed, you still did more than enough. I understand that at least at the present time, you are the only one who can wield this divine sword. The Aria of the Goddess of Light really found a very good owner.

You are the son of Long Xingyu and the sole successor of the Knight Temple. This is something I shouldn’t be saying, but you should also understand that the Aria of the Goddess of Light is of too great importance to our Warrior Temple.

I cannot take out anything as precious as bargaining chip, except for my own position. If you are willing, you can become the head of the Warrior Temple. I will readily renounce my position and assist you with all my strength. You won’t need to keep doing missions with your Demon Hunt Squad, and as the head of the Warrior Temple, your cultivation will get the full backing of the Warrior Temple. I believe that in the near future, you will become a second Commander Ye.

While speaking these words, Qiu Yonghao felt quite enthusiastic. This decision wasn’t difficult to make, and was actually done in a split second, without discussing it with anyone. He believed that he had the ability to convince the others. His words weren’t praise, but came from the depths of his heart. That was indeed how excellent Long Haochen was.

As a powerhouse at the ninth step, Qiu Yonghao clearly saw that both his mount and his light fairy were beings out of reach to any ordinary person, and his dual pair of wings proved his boundless potential of strength in the future. Perhaps the current Long Haochen was only at the sixth step of cultivation, but Qiu Yonghao was absolutely sure that even a powerhouse of the seventh step couldn’t necessarily contend against him. Seeing that a young powerhouse with such prowess appear before him, he was entirely unable to suppress his own feelings of yearning.

However, Long Haochen had just too many unique and unmatched things. What more could he give him? What could be appealing enough for him to convince him to quit the Knight Temple and join the Warrior Temple instead? This way the Aria of the Goddess of Light would forever remain in the hands of the Warrior Temple.

In such a short time, all he could think of was his own position as the head of the Warrior Temple.

The Temple Alliance was formed of the Six Great Temples, and becoming head of one of them was akin to becoming one of the six great heads of the Temple Alliance.

This was already the ultimate honor and position for a human, that only the members of titled grade Demon Hunt Squads could match.

These words shocked everyone present.

Cries of alarm were heard from the mouths of every powerhouse of the Warrior Temple present. They absolutely didn’t expect such words to come from their Temple Head right now. And furthermore, given Qiu Yonghao’s position, and since he already spoke these words, he wouldn’t withdraw them, and in the whole Alliance, no one could possibly stop him. Of course, whether Long Haochen would really be able to sit in the position of the Warrior Temple’s head would still be decided by the unanimous agreement from the higher-ups. But Qiu Yonghao right now was at the absolute peak of the Warrior Temple. With his promise, Long Haochen would already be almost half-seated on the throne of the head of the Warrior Temple.

“Senior, you…” Long Haochen said in a weak voice.

Qiu Yonghao earnestly continued, “The words I just said won’t be changed, neither will they be cause for regret. As long as you are willing to sit in the position of the Warrior Temple’s head, it will be the start of a glorious period for my Warrior Temple. Although you are young now, you are bound make the Warrior Temple very proud in the future, even surpassing Commander Ye! Child, come, the door to the Warrior Temple is opened wide for you. In the future, you will get to fully control the Warrior Temple.”

Qiu Yonghao’s words were undoubtedly full of appeal. It could be said that over the thousand years of history of the Temple Alliance, it was the first time such a situation appeared. And Qiu Yonghao still didn’t know the real age of Long Haochen. A sixteen years old youth sitting at an important position such as Temple Head was simply an unprecedented event.

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            Warrior strong point is their numbers,Anyone can be a warrior – Any element person at any strength. While to be knight you need Pure light element, otherwise you will be rejected.

            Knights are basically most broken class ingame – They can do everything , Defense- Guardian knights, Attack – Retribution , Heal – Both. And then there are mounts that are only exclusive to them [ Summoners have summons] which help in all 3, and finally the Divine throne powers.
            There are 6 Thrones only named

            Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation
            Divine Throne of Fear and Sadness
            Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter
            Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy owner,
            Divine Throne of Wisdom and Mind owner
            Divine Throne of Order and Law owner

            Also if you saw earlier, each divine throne owner gets a special title when he possess a throne relating to his duties in Knight temple like
            Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter owner, Knight Temple Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial Long Xingyu
            Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy owner, Knight Temple Divine Knight of Defense and Strategy Yang Haohan

            Aka LHC daddy is kind of Justice do’er in Knight temple because of his throne. Yang Hao is defense and planning head. Just more certification to Knight Temple having control over them.

            Also requirement to get throne is Light element + divine Knight. And only knight temple has divine knights 😛

          • Majk

            I Would say that they knight standards play a role in this for sure. After all such object would look only for those with certain qualities and the knight temple is basically the only one that stresses them to this extend. It is possible that they put so much stress into young knights to learn them because that is the only way to even have a chance at getting a throne later on.

          • Athanos

            (Sorry guys, I don’t know whom to reply but this is basically addressing all of your comments.)

            So the consensus is essentially that the Divine Thrones are available only to Knights, right? I wonder if the Warrior Temple head took this into consideration when he decided to lure LHC to the Warrior Temple.

            Also, is it just me or are Knights basically a one-man show? They can do anything from melee offence and defence (Warrior) to boosts and healing (Priest), most of them have mounts (Summoner), and–from what we have seen of Divine Thrones–, they can ultimately become an artillery (Mage) as well. And the Divine Throne is also one of the greatest power-ups knwon to Alliance. The only vocation they cannot replace is Assassin, and that may be the reason why these two vocation are trained to complement each other. Not that I’m complaining, but it must have been tough pretending like the other Temples are of equal standing. =P

          • Majk

            Well they are a one man show but usually they are way worse in some aspects than others who specialize in them. Even now despite focusing on healing Han Yu is still worse than an actual prist. As for mounts well Summoners can use a veriety of beasts while a knight has only one. Mages still outclass them in the long range department and usually in overall damage dealing.
            Basically normal Knights have the most balanced stats. However ones like LHC can be a one man army if needed.

          • Robin

            Well, jack of all trades and master of none. Sure, they can develop in many ways, but without support they are also quite helpless in some regards.

            About the thrones and the Knight Temple: It was said some chaps ago, when discussing the Warrior Temple not possessing something similarly rare as the thrones, that the Knight Temple managed to stay in the leading position for that long only because of the Divine Thrones in its possession.

          • Athanos

            I started off with the Manhua so I’m lacking some details from the beginning of the LN, but LHC’s father can use his Divine Throne for both mass area healing and precision artillery, right? That sound like Knights with Divine Throne no longer has that “master of none” part of the saying.

            Also, I strongly doubt that the Divine Thrones are the sole reason why Knight Temple retained its position; they also have mounts that grant them a great advantage over Warriors. Just for contrast, I understand that LHC is special, but he took down an experienced Warrior of comparable cultivation without fancy techniques, equipment, or even his mount. So I cannot see how a Warrior could defeat a Knight (with his mount) if they are otherwise equal in equipment, experience, and cultivation. Not to mention that a Knight–unlike a Warrior–can also do some rudimentary boosting and healing. All in all, I suspect that the line about Warrior Temple taking over Knight Temple’s position was only because of Commander Ye, and that wasn’t really an achievement of the Warrior Temple as much as that of an extraordinarily gifted individual. Not to mention that Commander Ye would have been far more fearsome and powerful if he were part of the Knight Temple instead, because then he’d also have a mount and, possibly, even a Divine Throne.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            So a few things to keep in mind. The Knight temple is limited to light element users. The warrior temple can have anyone. Without the warrior temple the melee fighting force would be fairly pathetic. Especially considering that about four of the other 5 temples all have squishes or flankers. There is a pretty big need for mass producing Meat Shields which warrior temple offers.

            Another thing to remember is LHC has eaten 7th steppers for breakfast for most of the novel. So a warrior of even level to him isn’t even really an opponent for him at that point. He is more the exception than the rule in that regard. Lets also remember that Flame Sensei is probably a Warrior and look how awesome he is.

            The other thing to remember about 1v1 duels is they can change drastically with power level. So for instance they said before that at 5th step a single warrior can basically own a mage hands down. Then after both are 5th step mages get to the point of being able to take on a squad of warriors in their sleep. Each of the temples has their strong points and that was why they had the differing rules when facing each other.

            A thing to think about with Commander Ye is that what made him so awesome was just how focused he was on swords. They said it themselves since he was a kid he loved swords. He focused every part of himself to those swords. I don’t think he could of become what he was if he had to focus his time on the codes of a knight or a mount. I do think that a mount could of potentially added something to his strength, but for someone like him I think the sword is still probably the biggest part. Being part of the Warrior Temple is what let him shine as far as I see it.

          • Athanos

            Actually, LHC never took on a 7th stepper at the time by relying purely on the basic techniques, without any fancy equipment or even Hao Yue. I’m not even sure he took on a 7th stepper on his own at the time at all. And the duel took place long before LHC learnt the ancient martial arts from the Flame Sensei too.

            Speaking of Flame Sensei, you can probably already guess that if he also had a mount he’d be far more of a challenge than without it. So I don’t quite understand the remark about him being a Warrior; the only reaction that comes to mind is “okay”.

            As for differences in power level, you’re right. However, seeing as Warriors and Knights both focus on basically the same positions in melee combat, their progression alone should introduce no gap like the comparison between pre and post Xth Step Mages vs. Warriors. This qualitative jump of Mages can be easily explained by looking at basically any fantasy game, but there is nothing that could explain such a thing when you’re comparing two melee (tank-ish) classes. And we know that Knights–not Warriors–have those “extra circumstances” that increase the gap. Knight that doesn’t have mount nor Divine Throne should be still on comparable level with Warrior of same experience, equipment, and cultivation, but Knight with a basic mount already has an advantage. Then there are more fortunate Knights with evolving mounts who have ever increasing advantage, and finally those ultimately fortunate Knights who also obtain a Divine Throne and who most likely cannot even be compared anymore.

            If I understand your argument correctly, you’re saying that Warrior Temple provides quantity, while Knight Temple provides quality. That is something I agree with, but also the reason why I believe that Warrior Temple couldn’t and shouldn’t really take over Knight Temple’s position in the Alliance. If we simplify; who would want grunts in the leadership position?

            You may be right about Commander Ye, but most of what you say is really just a speculation. He loved the sword, trained with it all the time, and even slept with it, but that doesn’t really mean he couldn’t have done that with the same rigour as a Knight. It’s not like having a mount distracts one from training unless your mount is Hao Yue apparently. And the only vocation that focuses uniquely on swords is the Retribution Knight; offensive Warriors can apparently use different weapons, which may or may not mean that they have to undergo a basic training for some / all of these weapons in the early stages of their training.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            For me personally I’m not sure what would be bad about the warrior temple leading. As long as they have the power to unite everyone seems fair enough.

            For comparing who is stronger between warriors and knights I would honestly say we have a pretty limited pool to look at. I mean back at the DHS selection tournament LHC almost lost to Wang Yuanyuan. To be fair that was because of lack of gear but the same reason can be given for why LHC could beat flame Sensei.

            All in all there really isn’t anything showing that warriors have to be weaker than knights. Sure they might not have mounts, but they can have alternative elements like Wang Yuanyuan’s spatial. Even the lack of a divine throne was overcome by Commander Ye.

            I feel like we might be underestimating the warrior temple because we are always following LHC. They are admittedly a temple with just as much history as the knights and their own secrets to boot.

          • Athanos

            Wouldn’t that further prove that Warriors cannot compare? After all, it was the side with special gear (i.e., Legendary Tier axe shield) that lost in confrontation between LHC and Wang Yuanyuan. And we know that Yuanyuan is very special Warrior as well; at least LHC fights like a Knight, though he goes back and forth between the two specialisations.

            By the way, the different attributes don’t balance out the mounts. The diversity of attributes only suggests that there is diversity among Warriors, and that there are more Warriors than Knights because more applicants are eligible, but that’s all. While there is diversity of attributes in the Temple, each Warriors usually has only one attribute (I expect dual-attributes are rare overall, and the only known dual-attribute isn’t even a Demon Hunter). Compared to that, mounts may or may not introduce secondary attribute(s) to the Knight, but they always increase their fighting ability.

            Also, what makes you say that the lack of Divine Throne has ever been overcome by Commander Ye? And even if it were, there is nothing to suggest that he wouldn’t have been all the more powerful if he actually did have a Divine Throne. So far there is only suggestion to the contrary.

            Finally, we aren’t really underestimating Warriors solely because of LHC. There are many different confrontations and factors that are considered implicitly because of the topic we’re discussing. That said, we cannot simply dismiss LHC’s fights because he’s special; we need to consider the circumstances. LHC’s special constitution–for the better part of the pre-Illusion Paradise sequence–was mainly responsible for his speed of cultivation and his truly special mount. In other words, if his opponent was of comparable cultivation and LHC didn’t call his mount, his special constitution would provide little other benefit. In fact, since he was so younger than his opponents the remaining benefits of his constitution all probably went to balance out the the opponents’ greater experience. In other words, his fight against the wind dual-axe Warrior was by all accounts a very good demonstration. Even if the Warrior were only “an average” for someone of his experience and cultivation, he was still from a squad nearly qualified for Commander Grade. Moreover, the Warrior went all out, yet LHC took him down with no effort, no advanced techniques, no mount, no notable equipment, nothing. It’s true that LHC called out Yating, but that was only when the Warrior used the golem that was given to him by his squad-mate. No matter how special LHC may be–and his specialness was all but balanced out in this confrontation–, the many handicaps LHC implemented made this a demonstration not only of the gap between the two individuals, but also of the gap between the two vocations.

            Not to mention that even story mentions that mounts give Knights an advantage in this regard. So for a Warrior to compete with a Knight of the same cultivation, the Warrior has to be much more skilled and / or have more experience than the Knight in order to both negate the Knight’s mount advantage and defeat them.

            Anyway, you’re right that we have very limited pool of information, so I may be wrong about this. That said, limited information is still information, and it’s indication is fairly clear on the matter.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            So to start with why I believe Commander Ye is better than knights even with a divine throne is they said it in chapter 360…

            ” Two hundred years ago, two Divine Knights were approved by the Divine Thrones of the Knight Temple, but amongst the Six Great Temples, of that generation, the strongest powerhouse was neither of them. That was because an even stronger person existed in the Warrior Temple. This person was known as the holy divine sword wielder Ye Wushang.”

            He definitely could of been more powerful with one, but again I still think part of what made him who he was is his complete dedication to his sword. If he were a knight he would have had the obligations to learn and focus on the Standards of a knight rather than connect with his sword his whole life. I feel like that would of changed him and he probably wouldn’t of become the Sword Saint at that point.

            For the fights with LHC in them… We have to remember some factors here. His dad is a famous 9th step Retribution Knight and passed LHC untold amount of secret Techniques and teachings to his son. His Mount is the most powerful creature in the whole Demon World. He was taught a custom made technique by his father which he has used to win quite a few fights in the early parts of the Demon Hunt Selection.

            So for the 5th brother fight I would just like to point out you said he didn’t use any powerful techniques, but he actually ended up using two. He used Demon Wiping Flash which he had newly created and Ripples of Light which he also invented. Those two were rated as top level 5th step skills and they also had the advantage of complete surprise since he newly created them. These things added to a Light Elemental Fairy are pretty out of the ordinary. I mean hell consider how rare it is for anyone to even have a Spiritual Stove much less one as amazing as a Light Elemental Fairy. The balance is pretty in LHC’s favor in that point especially bringing out Yating.

            I am not saying we should discard LHC as data, but at the same time he is hardly the norm. I mean look at how hard he kicked the crap out of Yang Whenzhao who was hailed as the top of the Knight Temples younger generation before LHC showed up. Do you think anyone but LHC could pull off what he did against 5th brother? Honestly you put Yang Whenzhao in LHC’s shoes for that fight and I give fifth brother 9:1 odds of him wiping the floor with Yang. Lets also remember that Yang also has a 9th step father to teach him techniques and at least 2 Spiritual Stoves as well and he still would probably get his butt kicked, imo.

            People like LHC and Cai’er are kind of exceptions when trying to get a baseline. Their training was completely abnormal and carried out personally at the hands of 9th steppers. They have been bestowed abilities by those 9th steppers and also gifted some amazing treasures.

            To be honest after the Illusory Paradise LHC’s entire team has kind of hit that point. Consider how rare it is for people to possess even a spiritual stove. Then consider how hard it would be to be a DHS and gather so many first class Spiritual Stoves together.

            This is why I think it is a bit unfair to compare people to LHC and consider them weak. I mean as I have said LHC has had the power to kick the crap out of 7th steppers since the beginning. People aren’t supposed to be able to skip one level much less two. He is an exception not the rule when it comes to how powerful a knight is.

          • Athanos

            I still don’t understand why you think, though. The things you cite and most of what you write still only shows that Commander Ye was remarkable, and that he would most likely be better off as a Retribution Knight. Vocation that uniquely uniquely focuses on swords, and that would also likely facilitate a decent mount and perhaps even a Divine Throne of his own. If we go into pure speculations (e.g., he couldn’t have become this great as a Knight) then I can venture equally supported speculation that if he were a Knight he would have actually defeated the Emperor that time.

            I’m not sure why the factors you mention are to be remembered at this time. Basically all children of powerful Demon Hunters are handed the techniques with inheritance rings (or whatever it’s called), though they are limited to the stuff that matches their cultivation. The rest are taught by their teachers whatever is deemed appropriate. Moving on, LHC’s mount isn’t the most powerful being in the Demon World; it used to be, and it is likely going to be again, but—for the better part of the story all the way until this moment—it’s probably not even the most powerful mount in the Alliance. And—more importantly—LHC relied on neither of those things during his confrontation with the 5th Brother.

            I didn’t count those techniques because they are self-made and therefore lack proper categorisation; he simply learnt them by understanding himself, his techniques, and his attribute. Since the Ripples of Light was basically learnt when he was redeploying Divine Obstruction (or something) in the Desolate Hissing Cave, it would have been something 2nd or 3rd Step stuff. And I cannot recall what went into the other technique. Suggestion that use of Spiritual Stove—in face of the opponents “cheating”—is enough negate all the other handicaps is really just moving the goal-post. If we decompose this into questions: Did he use equipment that matched his cultivation (like his opponent)? Did he use his mount (like he could in a fair match)? Did he deploy his more powerful or even the most powerful techniques (like his opponent)? In the end, he did none of these, and he only used Yating when his opponent used a third party golem (i.e., “cheating”).

            Yes, considering their past confrontations, I believe even Yang Whenzhao could defeat the 5th Brother. LHC actually had to put some real effort—including summoning Hao Yue—into fighting Yang Whenzhao when their cultivation was closely matched. Therefore if Yang Whenzhao’s cultivation were comparable to 5th Brother, he would most likely defeat him as well if the past confrontations are any indicator.

            I understand that you’re setting LHC and Cai’er apart from their peers, but why are you then using Commander Ye as a reference to what Warriors can do? To illustrate, you say this about LHC “He is an exception not the rule when it comes to how powerful a knight is.” but then you argue that Warriors can this and that because Commander Ye pulled off something remarkable; this sounds suspiciously like cherry picking.

            I agree that post-Illusory Paradise the entire squad got OP, but I did specifically mention “pre-Illusion Paradise” in my previous comments to make the distinction.

            Finally, about the “I think it is a bit unfair to compare people to LHC and consider them weak” bit; I explained that this isn’t the case in my theories, so I cannot understand why you bring this up again. If you still believe my comments simply do as you say, then you probably went over my comments too quickly or didn’t pay close enough attention to the explicit and implicit considerations therein.

            And as for “LHC has had the power to kick the crap out of 7th steppers since the beginning”; yes, you did say that, and we know that it isn’t true. LHC couldn’t manage that even with his entire squad until some time ago, and he only got to the point where he can manage this on his own fairly recently.

            In any case, we’ll just have to agree to disagree because we’re clearly unable to prove to each other that our respective views hold more merit. We’ll just have to see what the story has in store for us.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Okay so to clear up a few things….

            On the difference of treatment of Commander Ye and LHC: Both of these two individuals are basically exceptions. They stand above the rest as powerhouses of their professions. Neither one can really be compared to the rank and file person since they far exceeded them in talent. I point at Commander Ye to say that there are examples of powerful Warriors and therefore the Warrior temple could be worthy of following. The Knight Temple has their examples as well as we can see from LHC. Same could be said for the Assassin Temple looking at Cai’er and the former Scion of Samsara. What I am basically arguing is the level of LHC, Cai’er, and Commander Ye is something more often to be striven for or a goal for common folks rather than a standard to base them on.

            For Commander Ye being more powerful as a knight. That is admittedly a lot of what ifing that we will never truly be able to answer. In your interpretation you see the addition of a Throne and a Mount as pushing him above where he was. For me his single minded dedication to the sword and combat was what made him what he was. To be fair we will never know what that kind of change would effect so focusing too much on it is probably useless. In my mind both theories make some sense.

            For LHC beating 7th steppers. He with Cai’er and Hao Yue combined did that on their first official mission. So yeah… LHC has been facing people at the 7th step from the beginning of his demon hunt squad. Considering facing an opponent one step higher is usually unthinkable for anyone normally…. LHC’s DHS skipped that from the start and just kept going up.

            On the argument that Yang Whenzhao could of beat 5th brother. I would argue that Yang Whenzhao and Duan Yi the other top ranked 5th step knights in LHC’s year would disagree with you. They both recognized that LHC was at least as strong if not stronger than themselves. Yet they still started by betting against LHC in the duel. No one of LHC’s year thought LHC could make it and they all know he is stronger than them.

            For the fight with fifth brother. So Demon Wiping Flash is basically Light Thorn a 2nd step base line knight ability and Ripples of Light together to make what the story called a top ranked 5th step secret skill. Ripples of Light is also a custom skill that amazingly enhances power. Ripples of Light also strengthens the stronger you get so I find it easy to classify that as fifth step as well for when he was using it. Add to the fact that LHC used Bright Rain, Hibiscus of Light in that fight (a piece of armor that naturally sat at legendary rank and was growing) and we can see that LHC outclassed fifth brother in terms of… Skills, Spiritual Stove, and Equipment. He also used all of them. These are all things ordinary knights would not have their hands on. That is why I find calling fifth brother weak because he lost to LHC a little hasty.

        • Jonathan Hurd

          The thing about the Divine Thrones that you have to keep in mind is the factors required to get one. First you have to have a Light Element. Second you have to be 9th step. Those two eliminate almost the entire human population in one go, but the most important factor past those two is the Divine Throne must choose you. There are no assurances that you will get a throne just because you hit 9th step and are light element. That is shown with the Demon God Slayer’s Knight’s case. He was too greedy and lost his chance because he was holding out for the first throne.

          As far as number of thrones… I think there are 10. I am pretty sure there are more than 6. I tried looking it up but it gets kind of annoying with google since the entire series is called Divine Throne, lol.

          To be completely honest having a throne like that makes more sense for a caster type to me personally. It makes sense to sit on it and cast spells more than it does to completely eliminate your mobility and slash from one, but then again at 9th step you can probably do fine even sitting.

          • Evilage

            It’s six, i just checked. Evidence below:
            Long Hao Chen who seemed unconvinced said: “But there are only six of these divine thrones, what if it becomes not enough?”(chapter 13, divine thrones)

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Ah cool. Good job. Googling it was becoming annoying, lol.

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