Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 377

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 377: Descent of the Divine Sword (I)

Back then, when Ye Wushang died in battle against the Demon God Emperor, all the warriors from the Temple Alliance had worn a white cloth as a sign of mourning. And because of that battle, the Warrior Temple gained enormously in status. But unfortunately, since that time, no other genius of Ye Wushang’s scale had ever appeared again in the Warrior Temple.

It was the first time Long Haochen saw a sculpture of Ye Wushang. His appearance wasn’t as outstanding as his fame. Actually, he looked rather close to an ordinary person. The stone Ye Wushang was inclined, his sword held horizontally in front of him. Faintly, his great spirit could be perceived.

However, after watching it for a short time, Long Haochen lightly shook his head.

The expression on Xu Zhongliang’s face changed, “Captain Long, so you…”

Long Haochen sighed with sorrow, “It’s a pity that this sculpture doesn’t portray the sword intent of Ancestor Ye Wushang. The sculpture seems close to an empty shell.”

In fact, this sculpture of Ye Wushang was already a masterpiece, yet Long Haochen couldn’t help but want it to look even better! On the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, the sculpture of the Slumbering Calamity, the Holy Necromancer Elux, had given him a too shocking impression of perfection. Depicting even his powerful bearing and his expressions, it was basically a perfect reproduction. In comparison, this sculpture of Ye Wushang naturally seemed imperfect.

From hearing Long Haochen’s last words, the good impression Xu Zhongliang just had of him seemed to have vanished completely, “Captain Long, please don’t be over-critical on the sculpture of our Warrior Temple’s hero. Otherwise, even if you are a Demon Hunter, I will still want to challenge you, to defend the honor of our Warrior Temple.”

Long Haochen looked slightly startled. This made him realize that his words were indeed quite rude, “Sorry, I need to apologize towards you. I was impetuous. It’s just that in those years, Ancestor Ye Wushang was called the sword of a thousand years, yet it’s a shame that his sword intent isn’t expressed by this sculpture. If this could be done, perhaps someone would come to gain some understanding because of it.”

Xu Zhongliang gave Long Haochen an earnest look, thinking secretly to himself that this youngster was really a sincere one. With a sigh, he declared, “It would just be too hard to let the sword intent of commander Ye appear in the sculpture. Even in those days, no one n the faction of commander Ye could really imitate his sword intent, to say nothing of now.”

“Commander Ye?” Long Haochen asked curiously.  

Xu Zhongliang replied, “Commander Ye was not only the master of our Warrior Temple, but also the commander in chief of the three armies in the Southeastern Fort. The ancestors all addressed him as a venerable mister.”

Long Haochen nodded in silence, replying, “Hall Master Xu, do you know when I could meet the noble head of the Warrior Temple?”

Xu Zhongliang was startled, thinking to himself, This kid really wants to meet the head!? Doesn’t he seem to see himself too much like a great character?

Long Haochen naturally anticipated his thoughts, and earnestly explained, “Hall Master Xu, this time, I came to the Warrior Temple for three matters, and among them, I can ask for your help for two of them. But I will need to meet the Temple Head for the most important one.”

Xu Zhongliang wrinkled his brows, “I’m afraid that meeting the Temple Head will be a bit difficult since he’s busy with matters.”

Long Haochen faced the sculpture right in front, declaring calmly, “What if I said it relates to ancestor Ye Wushang?”

“What?” Xu Zhongliang was shocked, “Related to Commander Ye? Captain Long, can you tell me what this is about?”

Long Haochen didn’t try to beat around the bush and nodded, “It is about the suggestion I just gave. I should be able to accomplish it. I can bestow this sculpture with the sword intent belonging to Commander Ye.”

Xu Zhongliang gasped, and didn’t believe that no matter what. However, he didn’t question Long Haochen because he understood clearly that even the captain of an emperor grade Demon Hunt Squad wouldn’t possibly do this sort of joke in the Warrior Temple. If this was really a joke, this act would really be too condescending toward the Warrior Temple, and no one would dare assume the consequences.

“Captain Long, you… you….” Xu Zhongliang felt unable to express his feelings. He certainly wished for all this too be real, but this Captain Long before his eyes was really too young.

Long Haochen lifted his right hand, and earnestly said, “I have just arrived with my squad from Holy City. I don’t know whether your Warrior Temple has already received the news about the awakening of the divine sword, formerly belonging to ancestor Ye, that happened several months ago.”

Xu Zhongliang clearly felt his own heartbeat quicken. Of course, he heard of that matter, and the Warrior Temple had already dispatched an auxiliary head to investigate. However, when looking for Commander Ye’s descendant Ye Weiyang, she only told them that she didn’t agree to disclose the identity of the person who obtained the sword of Commander Ye. If that person was willing, he would naturally get in touch with the Warrior Temple. She also told them that the new master accepted by the divine sword was a knight, therefore, it wasn’t likely that it would return to the Warrior Temple.

This matter shook the higher-ups of the Warrior Temple, but since Ye Weiyang was the descendant of Commander Ye, they couldn’t force her no matter what. All they could do was secretly search for the knight who had inherited Ye Wushang’s Aria of the Goddess of Light of. They actually even made contact with the Knight Temple.

Only, after several months passed, that person never showed himself.

In the meanwhile, hearing Long Haochen mention that, Xu Zhongliang’s shock was as one might well imagine.

Xu Zhongliang saw Long Haochen’s right hand that appeared to be of a brilliant golden color emit a soft golden light. It materialized quietly, and immediately, a cold sword intent flashed from it.

A gigantic golden sword was held high above his head, the bead on its tip sending out a bright light. The sword intent was not only projected from the divine sword, but also from Long Haochen’s body. In that instant, Xu Zhongliang’s shock was just too great. Only by standing there, Long Hoachen gave him the unsurpassed feeling of a man being one with his sword.

In fact, as an Auxiliary Hall Master of the Warrior Temple, Xu Zhongliang already surpassed 90,000 units of spiritual energy, standing as a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step. But right at this moment, he actually felt insignificant in front of Long Haochen.

It wasn’t only him: all those people in the hall of the Warrior Temple stopped due to sensing the golden light. Of course, they didn’t have any hostility. That was the light attribute, which couldn’t belong to an enemy. Afterwards, that overflowing sword intent made everyone feel dull.

In that instant, they actually felt a misconception. It was as if the figure releasing all that light was really the sculpture of Commander Ye. But this was just an object.

The comparison was too intense. That tyrannical sword intent seemed to pierce the Warrior Temple, and that figure being in perfect unison with its sword appeared to be really extremely tall.

During the year he spent in seclusion, Long Haochen’s progress was earth-shattering as one might well imagine. Naturally, he didn’t only succeed the divine sword Aria of the Goddess of Light, but also its sword intent. In the meanwhile, he managed to combine it with the comprehension he gained at the time he repelled Ah’Bao while having his awakening as a god’s chosen one. Now, it was his own sword intent that took shape.

Undoubtedly, this was accomplished with the help from his great attributes as a god’s chosen one. Accurately speaking, the sword intent Long Haochen emitted had a specific difference from Ye Wushang’s all those years ago, and also his understanding of the swords was far from being able to compare with Ye Wushang at that time. However, in his hand was the Aria of the Goddess of Light, and he received the assistance from its sword intent. How could it not shock everyone present in the Warrior Temple.

The first time Xu Zhongliang saw the Aria of the Goddess of Light, he showed the greatest warrior salute as etiquette, before every warrior present immediately followed suit to present their respectful salute jointly.

The golden light vanished, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light disappeared back into Long Haochen’s hand. The unyielding sword intent disappeared accordingly, and ardent looks were directed at Long Haochen. Xu Zhongliang nodded with force, “Captain Long, please wait a moment. I will immediately report to the head.” After saying that, he swiftly turned around and left.

Long Haochen remained at the same place, looking at the sculpture before him without speaking. Although this sculpture didn’t contain the sword intent of the holy sword wielder Ye Wushang, in his heart, Long Haochen could feel the free and domineering aura of desperation he had on the battlefield. He vaguely felt a different understanding regarding sword intent on him.

This trip to the Warrior Temple was obviously not only to handle that military head of Starseeker City. That was just some side errand. The most important objective for him was to deliver the sword intent of Ye Wushang. That was the primary reason for his trip to the Warrior Temple.

A short time later, a dozen men entered the hall from the staircase. In front of them was an elder clad in a deep golden gown. This elder had a shock of silver hair, but gave off immense pressure, standing as domineering as a mountain.

Xu Zhongliang and the others, some of them possessing a tyrannical presence, followed at the back of this elder, and directly headed towards Long Haochen.

The elder in the golden gown revealed an excited expression, heading towards Long Haochen’s side in large strides. However, just as if he didn’t see him, Long Haochen was still staring fervently at that sculpture of the sword of a thousand years.

Xu Zhongliang was about to say something, only to be stopped by the elder’s hand. His eyes flashing with an extraordinary splendor, he murmured some words telling him not to disturb Long Haochen as he stood near him, scrutinizing this handsome youth closely.

No less than half an hour later, Long Haochen suddenly opened his eyes wide, and stepped forward with his left foot, as his right hand moved forward like a bolt of lightning. Indistinctly, a faint golden radiance followed his movement.

With a very carefree feeling a sigh escaped from his mouth, and instantly, sharp hissing sounds rang out in the whole hall. The hissing disappeared in a flashing second, but the higher-ups of the Warrior Temple standing nearby were still filled with surprise. They had distinctly perceived the power in Long Haochen’s right hand. Without any fluctuation of spiritual energy, it was merely filled with pure sword intent. Just who was this youth?

“You’re Long Haochen?” The elder in the golden gown finally spoke, though his voice surprisingly seemed to be shaking slightly.

Long Haochen had a fright, discovering that another person stood at his side. Turning around, he happened to face the enraged elder in the golden gown.

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