Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 376

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 376: Sixteen Slaughter Missions (III)

Demon Hunt Squads were a separate group with authority over all officials. And furthermore, these were existences tempered by facing perils on the battlefield against demons. In the past, there had been a statistic portraying that every member of a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad would have at least killed thousands of demons on the battlefield.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that every Demon Hunter was a hero of humanity. Thus, even officials of such high standing didn’t dare be careless in the slightest when dealing with them. This was also the reason why the two of them arrived together.

“Where is that person?”, the military head asked with an enraged look after shouting at the officer.

That officer didn’t dare utter a word by now, and simply raised his hand, pointing in the direction of Long Haochen.

The consul and the military head looked at Long Haochen, and appeared startled. It wasn’t as if they didn’t see Long Haochen and Cai’er, only that Long Haochen was indeed too young. How could he look the slightest bit like a Demon Hunter from a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad? To say nothing about the fact that he would be their captain!

Seeing these two, Long Haochen’s expression once again became serious. Although he looked quite young, he had experienced life or death situations many times. As the captain of a Demon Hunt Squad, commanding it with experience, he saw many things, and even the Demon God Emperor wouldn’t scare him. And much less those two before his eyes.

“I am the one who called the two of you. I still didn’t consult you.” Long Haochen also knew that his appearance wasn’t very convincing, and didn’t want to waste too much time here. Saying that, he moved his right hand in the direction of that military head, who saw with shock that Long Haochen’s right hand suddenly turned transparent, a clear sign of Brilliant Body, used by Temple Knights at the seventh step.

At the seventh step? That person is at the seventh step?! Isn’t he too young? That’s not right, he’s surely in disguise or using some extraordinary pill.

The military head and the consul exchanged glances, before stepping forward in a rush. The consul clad in his gown declared, “Hello, Respected Demon Hunter. I am the consul of Starseeker City, Shui Mu, and this person is the military head of the city, Han Qianyu.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Hello, you two. The two of you should know about what happened right before. I hope you two will appropriately handle the situation here. I don’t want to see any situation like this appear here ever again, or else, I will be sure to file a complaint to the Alliance, asking to remove you from your positions.”

Without the slightest formality, Long Haochen directly expressed his thoughts.

The consul Shui Mu was still better off, his expression only changed for a bit before returning to normal, but that military head Han Qianyu wrinkled his brows, “I didn’t ask for your name yet, sir?”

“Captain of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen.” Before saying this, he paid attention to release a golden barrier of light, covering himself and the two officials of Starseeker City, isolating all sound.

Regarding Long Haochen’s status, Shui Mu and Han Qianyu didn’t have the slightest doubt. His light attribute, and Brilliant Body of the seventh step said a lot. This was plenty as a proof, thus this couldn’t possibly be a fake.

“Hello, Captain Long. These scoundrels truly ruined the face of the people from Starseeker City today. After heading back, I will naturally handle the matter appropriately. Since your distinguished self is a Demon Hunt Squad Captain, your own missions are all you need to worry about. My commanding of Starseeker City doesn’t need to be criticized to such lengths. The high standings of my humble self in Starseeker City isn’t anything you can relieve with a mere report.” Han Qianyu’s words clearly carried some anger, and Shui Mu was the one pulling his sleeve, without stopping his speech.

Long Haochen was originally keeping his anger suppressed, but hearing that, his complexion turned quite unsightly, and he gave the cold reply, “It seems that those subordinates are merely imitating their superiors’ vices. Demon Hunt Squads possess authority, and you surely know about that sir. Since your distinguished self doesn’t seem to consider the fault in your subordinates behavior, this matter will be reported to the higher-ups. Cai’er, we are leaving.”

Saying that, Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s hand, leading her to the exit, disregarding these two top higher-ups from Starseeker City.

“Peh, what rubbish!” Looking at the leaving figures of Long Haochen and Cai’er, Han Qianyu couldn’t help but curse in rage.

On the side, Shui Mu gave a bitter smile, “Old Han, why bother that much? Demon Hunters are nowhere so easy to handle. And you know, this time it was your subordinate that was in the wrong. You didn’t need to say that just now, and the matter would have passed.”

Han Qianyu, laughed grimly, “What is he going to do to me? Didn’t the soldier only take some money from this chamber of commerce? This trash, even the money in their hands is not in its fitting place! Let’s just go back and let them do whatever they want. Demon Hunt Squads are merely supervisors and no more, and they are only at the commander grade. They would need to be at least at the king grade to be on equal footing with us. Just what are they? They think they are outstanding just after killing some demons?”

Given how sensitive Long Haochen’s hearing was, and the deliberate loud voice Han Qianyu used while arguing with Shui Mu, every single of his words was heard by Long Haochen. This was not simply a provocation anymore, and the depiction of subordinates imitating their superiors’ vices clearly infuriated Long Haochen even further. What Shui Mu thought to himself was, Aren’t you just giving the other party a hold on yourself? However, he also knew Han Qianyu had some basis for what he said. Who let him be the son of the auxiliary head of the Warrior Temple? Otherwise, his position as the military head of Starseeker City wouldn’t be stable like that.

Originally, Long Haochen felt regretful about his exaggerated blaming of the other party. Although Han Qianyu’s previous words weren’t pleasant, it was a fact that he didn’t have the authority to meddle in the military affairs of the city. This matter would be reported up, but his complaint wouldn’t cause much interference.

However, Han Qianyu’s arrogance completely infuriated Long Haochen, to say nothing of the fact that he supported these soldiers in accepting bribes.

Sensing the change in Long Haochen’s mood, Cai’er emitted a cold intent, “Should I go?”

Long Haochen shook his head and replied, “You cannot act against them. They are administrators of the Alliance, so if you act, you will be the one in the wrong. We have to follow through official channels. Let’s go back for now. I have a way to handle this matter. This person is truly obstinate and self-opinionated to the core, and isn’t fit as the military head of this city.”

Finished speaking, he pulled Cai’er back to the hotel.

On the morning of the second day, Long Haochen went on a walk with Sima Xian to tell the people from the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce that they would be passing by the Southeastern Fort. Then, the group of seven took the initiative to leave Starseeker City, directly heading for the Southeastern Fort.

Long Haochen didn’t tell his comrades about everything that happened the day before, determined to handle this matter on his own. When reaching the Southeastern Fort, and arriving at the hotel arranged for them by the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce, Long Haochen left by himself. Cai’er originally wanted to come along, but was stopped by Long Haochen.

With simple inquiries, Long Haochen looked for his destination, the headquarters of the Warrior Temple.

“Please forward the message that the captain of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen, seeks for an interview with the head of the Warrior Temple.” Long Haochen told the guard on duty at the Warrior Temple while showing his own Demon Hunt Squad’s tile.

To be capable of becoming a guard of the Warrior Temple, he naturally was prudent and hastened to give Long Haochen a warrior salute, before taking his tile and making a report.

Seeing that at this age, Long Haochen was the captain of a Demon Hunt Squad that managed to rise to the commander grade, it was clear that their Demon Hunt Squad would very possibly reach the king or even the emperor grade in the future. This kind of commander grade Demon Hunt Squad was treated quite differently.

The six Temples were all assigned to guard a fort, forming the defensive line of the Temple Alliance. On the southeastern border, the Warrior Temple had the absolute authority. And because the Southeastern Fort was the closest to the central province of the demon territory, Demon Hunt Squads would frequently be stopping here and visiting the higher-ups of the Warrior Temple, communicating with each other or even seeking for help sometimes. Thus, Long Haochen’s request for a meeting was a very normal thing, though it wouldn’t be easy to tell whether the head of the Warrior Temple would be willing to meet him.

Long Haochen’s look was very peaceful, and today, he specifically changed into the Glorious Holy Armor to come to this place.

A short time later, that guard was already back, and with him came a forty-something middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was clad in red, extremely tall and bulky. His build actually made Sima Xian pale in comparison. Looking at Long Haochen, he was also startled, “Whoa, really young! So you’re the captain of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Hello, yes I am.”

The middle-aged man laughed out loud, “Captain Long is really young! I am the auxiliary head of the Warrior Temple named Xu Zhongliang. Welcome, Captain Long.” Saying this, he made a gesture in the direction of Long Haochen.

With a nod, Long Haochen followed this auxiliary head inside the Warrior Temple.

The Warrior Temple looked less elegant compared to the Priest Temple, and more simple and awe-inspiring. After the entrance was an immense hall. The roof, reaching a height of thirty meters, gave a very wide feeling. And right in front of the door, in the middle position of the hall of the Warrior Temple, stood a sculpture.

Seeing it, Long Haochen couldn’t help but stop his advance, giving a respectful look to this sculpture before performing a knight salute. His right fist placed against the chest of his Glorious Holy Armor made a metallic colliding sound.

Xu Zhongliang couldn’t help but stop his steps, seeing Long Haochen in a new light, with an increasingly good opinion.

To the Warrior Temple, this sculpture was a sign of supreme glory. Since this person was clad in knight armor, he was clearly a knight. But by giving such respectful salutations to this sculpture in his first moments here, how would he not have gained the favorable opinion of this auxiliary head of the Warrior Temple? And furthermore, Xu Zhongliang appeared straightforward, but was actually pretty meticulous, and had a good eyesight to judge people. He was entirely certain that the respect Long Haochen paid to this sculpture came from the depths of his heart.

It was a matter of course that Long Haochen was sincere. Beside this sculpture stood a horizontal inscribed board. On it the words: A sword of thousand years.

That’s right, this was the sculpture of the holy sword wielder Ye Wushang. It could be said that over the past several decades, the greatest genius that had ever appeared in the Six Great Temples was Ye Wushang. He even sparked the hope that the Warrior Temple could gain the leading position among the Six Great Temples and that they would all get gathered under his command. Unfortunately, this holy sword wielder died too early.

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            weren’t the ones that had opened a space rift. Back then, our elders’
            cultivation level was far from being high enough. Only the heavenly
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          As for Totobro using human steps for Hao Yue, when and where exactly did that happen? Anyway, I hope that either didn’t happen, or that Totobro goes back to the correct translation.

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            This is still using the old ranking system so its talking about ‘beast ranks’ in the paragraph rather than ‘human steps’. Basically Toto switched over a while back because with Hao Yue it started getting a bit confusing using beast ranks with him.

            Considering how much energy Hao Yue had to invest to even get to the peak of the 5th step I find it highly unlikely he could completely skip through 6th step all the way to 7th step without some kind of outside stimulus. Actually part of the reason he probably skipped so many steps was because of the outside stimulus of LHC’s blood and that green pill he found. Relying solely on his energy I think he stopped at 6th step with 5 heads.

            For the using Brilliant Body before 7th step we did admittedly see an example of that when Zhang Fangfang did it while being peak 6th step. It would be one thing if LHC went full body transformation, but with only one hand it is still highly possible LHC is only peak 6th step.

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