Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 374

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 374: Sixteen Slaughter Missions (I)

“What?” The Saint Knight Head Han Qian looked unable to take it anymore, his face filled with shock. In front of him stood a tall knight, who was respectfully bowing down before him.

Han Qian’s composure became obviously somewhat cracked, “These foolish kids, what are they doing?! And originally, I thought they were mature, training steadily for such a long time. Whatever they do, they are becoming overnight celebrities. When did they leave?”

The tall knight replied, “About half an hour ago.”

Han Qian instructed, “Go and bring them back to me, tell them that it is my order.”

The tall knight had an embarrassed expression, “Sir Saint Knight Head, this is no good. It’s going against the rules. Demon Hunt Squads are supposed to be independent, and even the Alliance cannot dispatch them as they please. And everything they did was according to the rules.”

Han Qian shouted in fury, “What bullshit! If something happens to these little guys, the whole Alliance will be in a total crisis.”

“Yes.” The tall knight didn’t dare violate the order of Han Qian for a second time, and turned back to the outside. Right when he arrived at the exit, Han Qian suddenly stopped him, “Come back!”

Startled, the knight stopped his steps and returned back to Han Qian.

Han Qian advanced towards him from behind his desk, pacing back and forth in his broad office, his brows gathered together.

After making that round trip for more than a dozen turns, his eyebrows finally smoothed. Letting out a sigh, he talked to himself, “This boy and that girl are already sixteen. Since they could stay in seclusion for so long, they should have advanced quite a lot. Little birds cannot forever stay under the protection of their parents, or they won’t become true supreme powerhouses. Let’s just let them tamper themselves. Long Haochen, you have to come back alive to me no matter what, little brat.”

Indeed, right before, this knight standing in front of him brought astonishing news. The members of the secluded 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad had suddenly shown themselves at the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower, accepting sixteen Slaughter Missions at once before immediately setting off, and leaving Holy City to go straight to the demon territory.

Those were sixteen Slaughter Missions, and all of them needed one to reach the commander grade to take them on! The simplest one required to kill a demon powerhouse of the seventh step and seize the crystal. And among the missions they took, three were directed against powerhouses of the eighth step, and the toughest one demanded to kill the last ranked of the seventy-two demon gods, the Devil Snake Andromalius. Despite being the seventy-second ranked, that was still a demon god! A powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step, and furthermore, in the range of his demon god pillar, his strength would match several powerhouses of the eighth step.

The mission to kill Andromalius was the hardest among all those at the commander grade. This mission was also directed to the King and Emperor Grade Demon Hunt Squads, and in fact, Andromalius wouldn’t stay alone in one place and let himself be killed. As a demon god, he was also in control of a large army of demons.

For Long Haochen’s group to actually dare accept such a mission was simply courting death! In fact, at the peak of the eighth step, one’s spiritual energy would get close to 100,000 units.

Because the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower was in Holy City, a long journey was necessary for them to return from their missions. Thus, the rules of the Demon Hunt Squads permitted them to accept several missions at once. But it was the first time a situation like this occurred, where one squad accepted sixteen missions at once. In fact, all missions had an allotted time, and if they couldn’t be cleared before the time limit, a penalty in the form of contribution points would be administered.

Of course, when taking more missions at once, the allotted time would extend to some extent. Long Haochen’s group was given a total of two years to complete all those missions, but given their current strength, would they really be able to defeat the seventy-second demon god 安度马里? Even with all the confidence Han Qian had in Long Haochen, he still believed this to be no more than nonsense.

However, since these little guys already left, could they really be chased back? This would be no more than a strike against them. Thinking of Long Haochen’s report of the truth behind what really happened in the Illusory Paradise, Han Qian gradually started to relax from his anxious state.

That’s right, Han Qian already knew about the true fortune Long Haochen’s team had gained in the Illusory Paradise, though he didn’t know how Long Haochen brought everyone in. All Long Haochen had said was that it was a secret that couldn’t be leaked.

With everyone possessing a spiritual stove, they should have no problem defending themselves. And furthermore, Long Haochen was young, but not reckless. It should be okay to just let them temper themselves. And furthermore, that person will make certain to protect them. Right, I should make haste to report this to him.

Reaching this point of thinking, Han Qian temporarily suppressed the anxiety in him, and had that tall knight withdraw first, before hastily leaving his office.

Right at that time, those youngsters who gave the Saint Knight Head such worries were seated cozily in a carriage, looking at the scenery on both sides, enjoying a rare time of relaxation.

Carriages were a special privilege for Demon Hunt Squads. In the past, Long Haochen’s group had shared one, but that was only once, during the compulsory mission.

But this time, they were moving as a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, with the right to have a carriage of their own, naturally making long journeys a lot more convenient.

At least, now they would get ample rest during their journey.

At that time, none of the seven members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad were actually cultivating. On both sides, window curtains were extended high and with the addition of a layer of wood, the carriage didn’t shake.

Instead of cultivating, Long Haochen passed out orders. Since they were on the verge of going on a very long and difficult trip, and had just been staying in seclusion for so long, everyone needed to have some time of relaxation. After this time of repose, there would be some fierce battles against demons.

It had been a whole year since they exited the Illusory Paradise, and everyone was a year older. The youngest ones, Long Haochen and Cai’er were now both reached sixteen years of age. Compared to the year before, now everyone in the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad looked more introverted and less scatterbrained, they also were a lot steadier.

As for the level their fighting strength reached, even they didn’t know about that themselves. After all, it had been a year since they last fought any demons.

Their first stop was Starseeker City. Just like when they headed for the Desolate Hissing Cavern, they were once again heading to the Nareiks Province from the southeast, before penetrating deeper into the demon territory.

The carriage sped along on this trip, and soon, the group smoothly reached Starseeker City.

Over the past year, battles occurred frequently. Every human fort would be subjected one after another to the powerful demon attacks. The most desperate one was of course the Southern Mountain Pass’ City, which the demons had almost destroyed. If not for the prompt arrival of the reinforcements, the aftermath would have been too horrible to contemplate.

The Southeastern Fort belonging to the Warrior Temple was on the contrary the most peaceful one. Perhaps, it was because the Nareiks Province met with great re-assignations, but although the demons frequently launched some harassing attacks, they never launched a large scale battle since then.

Under these circumstances, the Starseeker City known as the garden behind the Southeastern Fort appeared tranquil. Business was boosted effectively, and the ordinary people lived in peace and worked happily. Actually, human ambition would generally be far from that of the demons’: as long they had a peaceful and steady life, they would be very easily satisfied.

Long Haochen’s group of seven didn’t alarm the Office Hall and the military from the Starseeker City. They quietly headed to a medium sized hotel, and arranged for the two carriage drivers to return to Holy City after two days of rest. After all, they wouldn’t be able to return for the duration of these missions, how could they be asked to wait here.

Permitting everyone to return to their rooms to get some rest, Long Haochen took Cai’er’s hand and led her out of the hotel. To avoid attracting everyone’s attention, the two of them were clad in sheltering veils. After all, astonishingly good looks would often attract people’s attention.

Strolling on the main street of the Starseeker City, Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s hand, gently chuckling, “I’m suddenly recalling the time when we just met each other in Holy City. Actually, the tournament we should have given the top priority only served as a prop for our encounters, and instead of those matches, what I awaited the most was the time I could accompany you back home every day.”

Cai’er laughed back, “How is it that I can only remember your foolish sides of that time?”

Unconcerned, Long Haochen remarked with a smile, “Who wanted me to be your idiot? As long as you like it, I’ll be as idiotic as you want.”

Cai’er’s look immediately became softer, drawing closer to Long Haochen. The two of them were surrounded by a very warm atmosphere, while slowly advancing.

On their stroll, the two of them seemed extremely comfortable and at ease, advancing in a straight line until reaching a building. On this two floored building was written in large letters: Yue Ye Caravan.

Entering the demon territory implied that one had to take great risks, as the scouting on the frontier of the demon territory would be very tight. However, it wouldn’t be the same if they sneaked inside with the Yue Ye Caravan. The demon race and the Temple Alliance were the same in one aspect, which was their tight surveillance on the outside and their lax inspections on the inside. As long as they went in, and disguised themselves as demons from the Moon Demon Clan, carrying out their missions wouldn’t be so challenging. And furthermore, if they could get Yue Ye’s cooperation, their missions would naturally be a lot more convenient.

Approximately five months ago, Long Haochen and Cai’er secretly went once to Starseeker City, meeting Yue Ye in secret at this place.

This was to relieve her from the restriction, and to schedule the operations of this time.

When walking into the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce, there were immediately some workers coming up to inquire about the reason for their presence. Long Haochen handed them a baby-hand-sized emblem, demanding them to look for the person in charge, and waited with Cai’er in the hall of the Yue Ye Caravan.

The caravan was bustling, with people going in and out constantly. This place was only the facade of the Yue Ye Merchant Group, and the goods were not gathered here. But even so, it was very active.

Long Haochen was even more confident in Yue Ye than in the past, the main reason being naturally her performance in the Illusory Paradise. Her cooperation at that time was of great use, and permitted Long Haochen to see her utility for the team in a new light.

While Long Haochen reflected about the sixteen missions of this time, some clumsy steps suddenly sounded from the outside, and then, a group of soldiers entered.

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            I do have to wonder why the mystery Knight can’t be LHC’s dad. He is a 9th step knight. He definitely has a Mythril Foundation Armor. He has a throne, one of three that currently are active so he definitely has the power to threaten the Devil Dragons Guard Captain. He has a vested interest in LHC. He is also currently off the radar making it easier for him to move.

            To be fair they did say he was missing, but that was all before the Illusory Paradise ark. He could of been following LHC in secret this entire time and had to reveal himself by sneaking in among the Temple Knights to continue protecting LHC at the IP so is no longer MIA.

            If you ask me I still think there is a possibility that our Mystery Knight is LHC’s Grandpa. Considering that Xingyu is still pretty young and power houses seem to live pretty far into the hundreds. Adding as well that powerhouses seem to flow in the family. So there is a pretty high chance that since LHC is a powerhouse and Xingyu is a powerhouse that grandpa Long is also probably one. The factors for me point to it being Xingyu or Grandpa Long. They make the most logical sense to me at this point.

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            If he was hiding so well until now that no one noticed him (even the high ranking assassins) then I don’t see a reason for him to show himself in that instance. Also we know that he fought the 7th DG to a draw where they both got seriosly wonded. This fact in itself shows that he is not following LHC and if he was wounded then I it is even more impossible for him to be considered MIA while following LHC around. Plus I don’t see him as someone who would do that honestly. He strikes me as someone who would trust LHC to survive on his own. After all he did not tell the alliance about LHC beforehand despite knowing htat he would be the most secure if he did that ( they only know about him because of a accident).

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            It is definitely possible that he doesn’t know about Cai’er, but if he is truly high ranking enough for Han Qian to be respectful to him I think they would of shared at least that much info with him. Still it is possible the Assassin Temple is keeping that fairly close to the vest.

            For Xingyu’s injuries. It has been quite some time since the fight with Anan and he has probably had some time to rest and recover since then. We don’t really know any of the details of that fight so it is hard to predict how bad the injuries would be or how much time it would take to heal. It is possible he was bluffing against the Devil Dragon Imperial Guard and is still recovering.

            For following LHC in secret…. Honestly that seems exactly like Xingyu’s nature. Just like he was always there watching as LHC went through the Ant Cave. He wanted to help and was always watching, but stopped himself from intervening because LHC needed to grow. Makes sense and would be similar to DD.

            I do have to admit I kind of want it to be LHC’s grandpa and watch LHC get the crap scolded out of him after being saved.

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            As for his nature I do think that he worries about LHC but he would restrict himself from interfering with him. To me he seems like the stick kind of father who will still crying for his kid would still say something like “go and do it youself insted of asking for my help”. I mean if he wanted to keep him protected all the time then he would have told the Knight temple about it and would just instruct them to not give him any sort of privileged treatment in order for him to grow properly.

            Robin did bring up a good point about LHC’s mom. I doubt that Xingyu would jsut leave her side after finding her. We can ever refer here to DD where the only reason why Hao was following him was because his wife was killed and his life was in shambles. I mean after he found some hope for her he did stop following Tang San despite him now being in even more danger than before.

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            I doubt that Han Quian would trust a hired force that much, not after even Gao Yingje almost failed at protecting him, and he had a high interest in protecting him. Also, it sounded as if it was the mysterious person’s own intention to protect him and he only needed some information that LHC left. If he didn’t already know about it.

            Good point though with his knowledge about Cai’er. A knight wouldn’t possibly know about her and her status, even his dad wouldn’t know.

            Well, I am also in doubt about the knight being his dad. it was explicitely said that Haochen shall go search for his parents and is not allowed to do so until reaching the 7th step and gaining the special armor. Later on, it was restated that he is not to be told that his dad is MIA after fighting Anan until a certain point. Therefore it wouldn’t really make sense if it was that easy for him to meet his dad by chance or by rushing into too much danger. Also, where would he have left his wife, aka LHC’s mom while following him around?
            I like the grandpa idea as well. It would be a perfect lead in to later on introduce some info about the Long family, which needs to be given at some point. I am sure that there is a really juicy story behind the scenes.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            On the search for LHC’s dad. I feel like if the Mystery Knight is LHC’s dad he will try his best to keep his identity a secret. What might end up happening is LHC goes all out and faints after using everything against the 72nd DG. After that Mystery Knight (who is LHC’s dad) saves him and then has his team keep it a secret that it was him who came to the rescue. After that he runs before LHC wakes up. It would explain what Xingyu has been doing all these years. It also follows roughly a similar pattern to DD.

            For me the reason why I think Xingyu told Han Qian not to inform LHC about his disappearance is because he wants LHC to concentrate on his training and goal. If LHC knew that Xingyu had disappeared knowing his personality worry would consume him and he would immediately drop everything to try to find Xingyu and his mom to confirm their safety.

            For protecting LHC’s mom. That one is actually pretty easy. He was already able to make a house in the middle of the mountains before. He can more than likely do it again and set up a barrier or two to protect her. When LHC is on the move he follows and lets her stay there. When he is in city like he was training he stays with LHC’s mom.

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            No one in his squad would even recognize his dad. Not even Cai’er ever saw him so he would only need to give a false or no name to them.

            Yeah, this is surely part of the reason. My argument focussed more on the stroryline aspect. It is a preinstalled plot twist that sends LHC on a quest to search for his parents and motivates him even more not to dawdle. It looks like cheating if he is led on a wild goose chase while his dad was around all this time. Sounds ridiculous and mean. But true enough, is not impossible.

            Safetywise he could leave her somewhere, but she didn’t want to part from him again and I doubt that she would do so again without dire need.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I think you are really underestimating the power of the Devil Dragon Commander…. Remember the Humans track record for killing Demon Gods. They basically have only once mortally wounded a Demon God Emperor in their history. Even the Demon God Slayers the most famous humans have only killed about one of the highest tier ranked Demon Gods. The real reason humanity has not been wiped out is it would exact too high a cost from the demons to accomplish it.

            This dragon that is blanching is someone with power on level with one of the top 5 Demon Gods. This is not something most Emperor Grade Demon Hunt Squads could hope to pull off. More over he is instilling this fear by himself O.o.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Remember not just any Black Dragon blanch, but THE Black Dragon Imperial Guard Leader. Someone on the level of being up there with the first 5 demon gods.

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            Also seems pretty likely the one Han Qian called is that Knight. The mystery Knight seems to have a vested interest in LHC and crew. He is able to work outside the Temple Alliances authority since even Han Qian has to pay respect to him. Also he has enough power to scare the leader of the Devil Dragons imperial Guard so he can easily take care of himself.

            If it was an Assassin he was calling in for help he would definitely need to contact Ying Suifeng to relay the info in my book.

          • Robin

            Yes, that and also, Han Quian trusts him to keep LHC and company safe even while they try to kill a DG who is probably surrounded by his army. Only a really powerful person would be able to do so, and regarding the vocations, only knights possess the necessary force to protect while fighting. Assassins need a light to bring out their ful power, mages, priests and summoners are not qualified, and warriours are a bit lacking. They are also so far portrayed as a little… simple.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            To be fair, a guy who can contest and probably kill someone at the level of the top 5 demon gods…. Is not going to be struggling when facing the 72nd Demon God and their army, hehe. Also it makes things even easier if he just wants to run instead of fight. With his strength if letting off a bunch of youngsters save his head I think that is a deal the 72nd DG will be more than happy to accept. 😀

          • Luke Confidential

            Warriors are too simple to achieve this task?

            What about the former owner of Eternal Requiem [otherwise known as Aria of the Goddess of Light] who fought the DGE to a standstill? Sure he was more slayer than guardian, but shield warriors are a thing as well.

          • Robin

            I said that they are portrayed as such, not that they really are simple. But you have to admit that most of the warriors we met so far have been muscleheads or at least not the brightest candle on a cake. The hero of the warrior Temple is the bright exception so far, and it was also mentioned that the Temple didn’t produce an equally genius fellow since then. Of course, a hidden trump card like that would be qualified for the spot of our mysterious one.
            But, since the warrior Temple only gained an interest in LHC after he acquired the sword, and I still think that A the mysterious one has a connection to LHC and B is the same one appearing in the IP arc, it doesn’t fit the bill.

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    They will probably complete the first 15 missions within a year (the ones that require them to kill demons of the 7th step are nothing but a joke to them). The only problem will come from the DG since even they will need to get him when he is away from his pillar (or Cai’Er can get him before he uses it). Unless they will all be at the 8th step by then in which case they will be able to kick his ass but I doubt that anyone besides LHC and maybe Cai’Er (if she awakens) will be able to do this.

    • Robin

      They first need to reach the seventh step. This will need some time and I doubt they will reach it during this trip. Or at least, not all of them.

      • Luke Confidential

        This trip will last up to 2 years. At the rate this lot progresses I see no reason all of them *couldn’t* break through the seventh step. Now whether Ying-Er and Yuan-yuan pull it off or not remains to be seen.

        • Robin

          If it really lasts 2 years, I agree, they will all advance. But at my estimate, they will probably succeed sooner.

          • Majk

            So woudl you say that they woudl get the DG by ambushing him when he is away from his pillar? Or do you think that they are strong enought to get him even with it?

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Personally I feel like a Demon God could summon his pillar to support himself so it probably doesn’t matter if he is away from it as long as he has enough time to call it. A sneak attack would probably be the smartest tactic to try and kill him early, but I am not sure they could pull off a good enough burst to kill a Demon God just like that.

            They also will have to be careful of that Demon God healing technique like the Fiend Successor used. So if they don’t instant kill him there is a high chance he will heal back to full and try to kill them.

            To me, I see the DG pillar coming out and a 7th step LHC desperately fighting him by fusing with Hao Yue. an 8th step fused LHC with all his abilities is probably stronger than a normal DG at that point.

          • Majk

            They could burst him down since without the pillar he would basically be an 8th step with some extra power and some equipment (even with the extra power he would not be at the level of a 9th step since then it would be well…dumb to introduce him as a 9th step).
            As for the pilalr it was said that the DG’s don’t bring their pillars with them often so even if he uses it I don’t think that he would summon it directly (I assume that it would take some time to do so) but rather do something like Yue Ye where she summoned some of its power. After all he might underestimate them and if he doesn’t then he would probably not risk losing the pillar even if it meant dying. Plus he is the lowest of the DG’s so he would be attacked more often than others.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            To be fair a peak 8th step is a pretty scary existence especially considering everyone on LHC’s team is likely to be at most peak 6th step or newly 7th steppers. That is also not including his army and followers that he will naturally have with him.

            The big thing to remember with Yue Ye and her spell is that there were a few factors in that. One was she was only 5th step. She was also casting a spell imitating the 2nd most powerful Demon God Pillar. It was also not originally her power she was borrowing it from her spiritual stove and the scroll so it took quite a long time to manipulate.

            For the actual 72nd DG he is going to have a way better connection to it and is more than 10 times more powerful than Yue Ye was when she did that. His pillar is also the lowest rank nothing that can compare to the 2nd DG’s. So there is no way it would take him as long as it did for her to use that spell imitating the Demon God Pillar.

            I am not a hundred percent sure how the pillars and their summoning really works honestly. I know they started being more careful with them, but I feel like that might be more for not giving people the opportunity to snipe them. Some of the info the Demon God Slayer’s Knight said was that the Pillar remains with the dead DG for a few hours and every time they kill a DG a bunch of others rush them to stop them destroying the pillar. So it might be that even if the DG hasn’t summoned the pillar to him it will still appear upon his death.

          • Majk

            As for the summoning we don’t knwo how it works but I would still say that it would not be instantenius.
            When it comes to the Demon God Slayer’s then the problem is that I don’t really know if we can take a look at this situacion as they have. I don’t think that he was talking about hte pillar apearign when the DG dies but rather he was talking about what happened when they fought a demon god that had one on himself (the demons only started to hide them after some were destroyed) and to show LHC and his team that the pillars are more important then even the demon gods since only after he died did the other demons grew desperate and try to protect it. There is also the possibility that they confronted the DG’s in their own territories to get to the pillars and I don’t think that LHC would do that.

          • Robin

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            A trump for them could be that they will probably be underestimated by the DG. Pride and arrogance are two of the worst flaws of demonkind, even afflicting the really intelligent and powerful demons. Facing such a young DHS, the Dg might find it unnecessary to call out his pillar until it is too late.

          • Jonathan Hurd

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            I do feel like LHC’s team will have an advantage because of being underestimated. Who would expect a bunch of 6th steppers or even a 7th stepper to challenge a DG much less kill him and destroy his pillar. That might work in their advantage.

          • Robin

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          • Jonathan Hurd

            That would be badass…. There is still Cai’er’s Dagger of Samsara as well. So they at least have equipment good enough to do it.

          • leopold1983

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      • Majk

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        If the rest of the team reached the 7th step with these conditions then they should be able to kill the DG.

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    • Majk

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      This was to relieve her from the restriction”

      • Jonathan Hurd

        She might have earned more trust, but there is no way she has managed to convince then to completely release her yet. LHC is trusting, but not stupid.

        • Majk

          I think that after all that he knows that he can trust her plus he was troubled by this since the begging because he has such a pure hart so he might. Other wise Psyside would be right about the one year time limit which I don’t think LHC would risk (she is not only his ally but her caravan is important to the demons and humans helping both sides) since on this mission he can’t be 100% sure that they will see her in time.
          Althou I am not acounting for Cai’Er here who might wanna keep the leash on someone who wants her man.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            They did say he extended it five months before they left for Starseeker City this time. I do agree she has earned herself a lot more trust, but I don’t feel like that has been proven to the point of completely releasing her.

            She helped them and her assistance was definitely important, but I still feel it will be hard for LHC to completely trust her considering her connections to the Moon Demon God and how much she knows about LHC. Quite honestly if she sold this info to the DGE, the Imperial Devil Dragon Guard Captain, or hell even Ah’Bao. The rewards she could get would be amazing. Keeping that in mind would make it pretty hard for me to just give her free rein.

          • Robin

            I doubt that they released their hold over her completely. I think it refers to the restriction that her life would end without seeing Cai’er. They went to meet her and prolong her life, especially since she proved a lot more valuable during the IP arc and they know that they will need her help again soon. LHC would probably free her, but Cai’er is more cunning and would not forfeit a chess piece unless it is absolutely necessary, especially such a valuable one.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I feel LHC would definitely release Yue Ye if doing so didn’t also potentially endanger his teammates. I feel if it was just a risk to him then sure, but as captain he has to make decisions that protect his team.

          • Robin

            Yes, as long as others are affected, he won’t set her free. And Cai’er wouldn’t agree even if it only endangered him.

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