Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 373

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 373: Second Floor of the Tower of Eternity (III)

With a strident exploding sound, the six figures glowing in white withdrew just as fast as they came. And they followed a concerted rhythm, as if forming a single entity, rendering Long Haochen’s swings fruitless.

Long Haochen’s attacks, originally extremely natural and unforced on the ground, were clearly limited in the air. However, he still looked very excited. This was because he clearly understood that he and his comrades lacked training in aerial combat. Undoubtedly, the Tower of Eternity would give them an opportunity to change that.

Of course, Long Haochen’s discomfort in the air was an impediment, but it wasn’t bad enough to make this first trial unfeasible for him.

Three white glows shot out from Yating’s body, shaped like eyes, and landed on three of the white skeletons. Immediately, a powerful force pulled them in Long Haochen’s direction. It was quite baffling that while Yating was the one using the power of the Saint Spiritual Stove, the effect was the same as when Long Haochen himself was the one using it. The enemies would always get attracted or pulled towards Long Haochen.

Pulled by the Saint Spiritual Stove, these white skeletons naturally lost their greatest asset, their agility and speed. In front of the powerful force of Ripples of Light, it took Long Haochen less than five seconds to reduce them to pieces. The three other flying skeletons were struck by Long Haochen in the same way, and like this the first trial on the second floor was passed.

However, Long Haochen felt at a loss that killing these skeletons didn’t gain him any of the high purity spiritual energy nor any technique they gained before. It looked that after reaching this point, there would only be pure trials waiting for them.

Long Haochen didn’t complain though. Anyway, ten units of pure spiritual energy would not be of much use in his current state.

After reaching the sixth step of cultivation, Long Haochen had developed his spiritual cavities, and this was followed by his awakening as a god’s chosen one, Yating’s evolution, and the fusion of spiritual stoves. All of this didn’t only increase his strength as a whole, but also his assimilating ability of the light essence.

As a god’s chosen one, Long Haochen could say without reservation that he became the person with the highest affinity to the light element in the whole world.

During the past four months, his internal spiritual energy had astonishingly increased by more than a thousand units, now reaching a total of 8,500 units, getting closer and closer to the seventh step.

Other than him, the progression speed of his comrades’ internal spiritual energy wasn’t bad either. But the gap separating him from the rest was becoming larger and larger. Even Cai’er was the same, after all, she had yet to have her awakening as a god’s chosen one.

After passing through the first trial, Long Haochen didn’t continue to advance, but withdrew to the first floor, where he told the others about his encounters in detail.

With everyone gaining their spiritual wings by breaking through to the sixth step, training their aerial combat ability also became a pressing matter. Having such a rare training platform, they would naturally not let this opportunity slip. With every bit of strength they gained, their survivability during missions would also increase.

After pondering carefully, Long Haochen came to a decision. While advancing to the tests on the second floor, everyone aside from Chen Ying’er would have to pass every test with their own power, and without the use of the abilities from any spiritual stove or mount. As for Chen Ying’er, the target of her training would be of course to toughen her contracted beast Mcdull.

It was a large hall filled with darkness, covering at least a square kilometer. At an altitude of over ten meters, it was surrounded with walls on all eight sides.

Inside the hall were dark light rays, and on each of the rooms’ eight sides a purple flame was pulsing, providing this mysterious hall with some lighting and an extremely rich aura of darkness.

Right in the center of this dark hall stood a man. With black hair spreading on his back, his eyes shone with a blood-red colored brilliance.

Advancing, launching a punch. Terrible fluctuations of darkness spiritual energy instantly surged out from him, and with every punch of that person, terrible exploding sounds would ripple in the air.

This hall was made of some unknown material, allowing him to wreak such havoc, yet staying unmoved and unaffected.

With every explosion of the spiritual energy he unleashed came a flash of purple light, barely enlightening his appearance. A handsome face with a grave and stern expression, along with a bare upper body which could be seen. With each attack of his, his whole body would be covered with a layer of dark purple scales. And the bloodlust in his eyes was frighteningly intense.

Right when his grandeur seemed to reached its supreme peak, a figure soundlessly appeared behind him. This figure was tall and slender, the body shrouded in a black gown, and long black hair rested on both of its shoulders. Its appearance was shaded and unclear.

Seemingly sensing the sudden menace on his back, the bare-chested man suddenly turned around, launching his fist at the figure that suddenly appeared in the dark.

This punch was concentrated with his powerful strength at peak state, reaching a terrifying level of burst power. The whole dark hall was lit up because of this punch, and all the spiritual energy he used in his previous attacks seemed to have gathered at once in this area, compressing the space with distortions that seemed almost able to destroy this whole hall.

However, the figure that appeared so suddenly didn’t move in response to such a terrible punch. The only reaction from the other side was to lift one white finger and point it at that tyrannical fist.


Time seemed to freeze right then, without any sound. That slender-looking finger actually didn’t emit any fluctuations of spiritual energy. Still, the robust bare-chested man was reduced to the same state as a shell launched from a Magic Cannon. Crashing against the distant wall, he let out a dazzling brilliance all around his body.

Pam. After being pressed up against the wall, his body fell to the ground.

The slender-looking person placed his hands behind his back, “Forcing too much power. This will only make you lack in flexibility, and if you keep this up, you’ll never reach the defying state.”

This voice sounded gentle. If some familiar person were to hear it, there would only be two possible results. Either would he or she kowtow on the ground, or be astonished without limits.

The man slowly rose from the ground, but didn’t stand up. He remained kneeling and lowered his head with respect, “Father.”  

“Your injuries are already pretty much healed, so why are you still not leaving this place? What about your all-out struggle for the matter of this marriage?” The slender looking man slowly raised his head, letting his long hair scatter and revealed his ultimately handsome face.

That was Feng Xiu, the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu.

And the one kneeling down in front of the wall, with traces of blood running from the corners of his mouth, was actually Ah’Bao, the Devil Dragon prince who ended up seriously wounded from his fierce battle against Long Haochen in the Illusory Paradise.

Bowing his head, Ah’Bao replied enthusiastically, “I don’t have the face to take Yue Ye as my wife.”

The Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu gave the indifferent answer, “So you’re unable to endure after such a small setback?”

Ah’Bao lifted his head, looking at his father, “But that’s not simply a setback. This time, some successors of demon gods died in the Illusory Paradise, and we finally failed at our main objective. Although esteemed father has absolute authority, this time we caused too big a crisis. Even Huang Shuo was extorted of ten dragon crystals. The blame is all on me. I knew how great of a pressure esteemed father had to confront to protect me. I am the sinner of our clan. I failed to live up to your expectations, and I….”

The Demon God Emperor waved his hand, cutting in, “Okay, okay, no need to say all this. As one at the top, you cannot bother so much with the benefits and demerits behind every single little thing. Thinking too much will only increase your worries.

Why don’t you try to use a different reasoning? Like humans would say, no need to get entangled with past matters. This time, your loss was no injustice, and it was mainly a matter of luck. In the whole course of events, you didn’t make any mistake. If I were in your stead, I wouldn’t have done any better. You were just unfortunate to encounter a god’s chosen one, a being that didn’t appear for the past ten thousand years, and confronted him right at the instant of his awakening. Even if he were to try hundreds and thousands of times, he wouldn’t be able to reproduce that blow.”

“Esteemed father, I am unresigned. I am not ready to accept my defeat against a weak human. What’s with the nonsense of a god’s chosen one, I…” Ah’Bao’s two eyes were blood red. In front of others, he would always appear calm, but only when confronting the Demon God Emperor, he would expose his true self.

“Shut up.” Feng Xiu’s voice once again became strict.

Even as the successor of the Demon God Emperor, Ah’Bao felt the anger of his father, and couldn’t help but immediately bow to him. He didn’t dare utter any more words.

The Demon God Emperor coldly continued, “If you keep this attitude, you will only lose when facing him the next time, and even more miserably. I cannot possibly come to save you in time every time. Do you know, that this time, when I tore the space to get you back, those annoying Demon God Slayers took advantage of that to kill three of our clansmen? They were warning me. They are real idiots, and there are other existences like the Demon God Slayers. Humans are becoming harder and harder to handle. As my successor, if you cannot admit the strength of humans, you are not qualified to succeed to the title of emperor.

I know that you are not convinced because you believe that this human is a lot weaker than you. However, did you calm down to analyse the true reasons of your loss? Except for the fact that this person is a god’s chosen one, which permitted him to use such a powerful blow at death’s door, is there no other reason?”

Ah’Bao raised his head, looking at his father, “Because they got the support of the Illusory Paradise, and his attribute was compatible with the Illusory Paradise. And afterwards, he joined hands with the spokesperson of that goddess of nature to fight against us.”

The Demon God Emperor asked in a calm voice, “Then why is it that he managed to accomplish that?”

Ah’Bao was startled, and couldn’t come up with an answer.

The Demon God Emperor continued with a heavy voice, “It is because of intelligence. We demons, often become conceited because of our superior strength, and this is the reason why you were defeated. It’s also good that you want to postpone the marriage. You know what you should be doing now, right?”


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