Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 369

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 369: Twelfth Holy Guard (II)

Sima Xian finally raised his head, though some rice grains still stuck to his face, “Who said I gave up?! Your bro gets braver the bigger the obstacle. She said she doesn’t like baldies? Has-drugs-bro, I’m going with you today as well, and with a wig on me this time. And she doesn’t like a priest? Then this man will go with his armor.” At first, this guy had tried to appear very polite and refined yesterday, intentionally coming with a priest gown to accompany Lin Xin to the Alliance’s Great Auction House.

Hearing him say that, everyone couldn’t help but break out in laughter, and Han Yu remarked, “Do your best Sima. We will support you whole-heartedly. Just try to forget about that pure beauty as early as you can.”

Sima Xian wasn’t ugly in appearance; on the contrary, he gave a manly and tough look, resolute to the bone and tenacious. His imposing build easily gave a sense of security.

Lin Xin laughed, “I think that you shouldn’t wear a wig. You’d better show your true self. Otherwise, if you really manage to succeed and she discovers you aren’t what you seem to be, won’t it come back to bite you?”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded, “Has-drugs-bro said it right. Since you are the one chasing the other party, you should show your sincerity. Without sincerity, what’s there to talk about?”

Sima Xian patted his own bald head, giving them a grieved and indignant look, “So, chasing after a girl is that hard? But how is it that it seemed so easy for our Captain?!”

“What did you just say?” Cai’er who stayed silent until then slowly raised her head.

“Hic… I didn’t say anything. Oh and, I’m done eating.” Saying that, the bald man tried to escape.

Cai’er turned to look at Long Haochen, “So it was easy? Then how about making things a little harder for you in the future? I’m also done eating.” Saying that, she stood up and returned to their room. Long Haochen just didn’t see that at the time she left, a smile adorned her face.

Staring dumbfounded at the vanishing silhouette of Cai’er, Long Haochen gave an innocent look, “Why am I unjustly accused without having done anything at all?”

Lin Xin laughed in response, “Boss, I am not picking on anyone, but Sima Xian just brought vice-captain up against you with his comments. If I were you, I wouldn’t bear with this.”

Long Haochen abruptly stood up, sweeping an indifferent glance towards Lin Xin, “I don’t need to bear with it.” Immediately afterwards, he called out to someone in the same room, “Sima Xian, follow me to have some training on close quarters battle.”

The auxiliary chief of the Temple Alliance, and auxiliary head of the Knight Temple, Saint Knight Chief Han Qian was lately in a very good mood.

Ever since a genius such as Long Haochen appeared in the Knight Temple, the matters he had to handle aside, the biggest part of his attention was focused on Long Hoachen as well as his Demon Hunt Squad.

When Long Haochen’s group passed the test smoothly, becoming a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Han Qian was indeed worried for some time. Although he was Long Haochen’s grandteacher, and had a huge influence in the Alliance, Demon Hunt Squads were independent existences, and even Han Qian couldn’t easily get involved in the Demon Hunt Squads’ matters.

When Han Qian had a Temple Knight of the seventh step challenge Long Haochen, his goal was simple. He wished for them to fail the test to become a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad and keep them from undertaking harder missions. Hadn’t the Alliance just given them a million contribution points? Couldn’t they behave well and settle down for a while? However, he didn’t expect Long Haochen to actually have reached such a level of strength. He managed to defeat a Temple Knight with his own strength.

Left helpless, Han Qian couldn’t subvert them any further, and right when he had to believe that Long Haochen and his squad would accept another mission and leave Holy City a short time later, they actually chose to train in seclusion, sealing themselves off in their villa to avoid any external disturbance. Furthermore, this seclusion already lasted for four months.

How could Han Qian not rejoice over these news? These outstanding kids actually didn’t let their confidence blind them, and chose to stabilize their strength under these circumstances, consolidating their progress through training behind closed doors. In fact, they could already be said to have the attitude of a powerful Demon Hunt Squad. These youngsters were actually even more level-headed than a lot of veteran Demon Hunt Squads.

That’s right, Long Haochen’s group was already in closed-door training for more than four months, and still remained in seclusion. For the time being, they didn’t plan on ending their seclusion, and to them, today was an important day.

Tower of Eternity.

Long Haochen, Cai’er, Han Yu, Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan, Lin Xin, and Chen Ying’er were lined up in a row.

“Boss, which one of us will go?” Sima Xian asked Long Haochen eagerly. In front of them was the red skeleton that made them go through continuous battles, training and tempering their strength. It was precisely with this skeleton powerhouse that they continuously crossed swords, giving everyone a chance to master ancient battle techniques. But today, they decided to pass all the trials of the first floor of the Tower of Eternity.

Over the past four months, following Cai’er’s warning, Long Haochen decided to prioritize everyone’s cultivation of internal spiritual energy. Calming down their scatterbrains, they got used to the changes in their strength upon reaching the sixth step. Their days went by, training their newly obtained abilities, searching for Legendary Equipment to buy, and using the Devil Dragon Crystals with precious drug ingredients to let them nourish their bodies.

The Devil Dragon Crystals were of even greater utility than they imagined. By the means of some rare ingredients getting rid of impurities along with the darkness properties, they gained extremely good results at every bath. Be it in strength, toughness, or attack power, they progressed in all regards.

However, after every use, the volume of the magical crystal shrank, until they completely disappeared. In a bit more than four months, they had already used up three Devil Dragon Crystals, and everyone felt that any further gain in external spiritual energy now amounted next to nothing. After that they stopped bathing with them. However, this external spiritual energy wasn’t gained for free. It was with the help of assistive medicine, which had cost them close to four millions gold coins and 150,000 contribution points.

They had obtained another two pieces of Legendary Tier Equipment. As they wished, they had bought a Legendary Tier sword for Han Yu and an accessory called Necklace of Prayers for Chen Ying’er.

The sword of the Legendary Tier was exchanged for the Pride of Ice and Snow, as well as 100,000 contribution points. Then, in addition to the Necklace of Prayers, Long Haochen bought another sword at the Glorious Tier and some secret techniques. Now the total amount of contribution points of the team amounted to only 50,000. So many hundreds of thousands of contribution points were used just so extravagantly.

Over more than four months, they could be said to have used up contribution points without inhibitions, so it was natural that their reserves were now used up.

“I will be the one going. This skeleton senior taught us what fiery encroachment is, so I wish to be able to truly defeat him in a one versus one, to show that his steady company wasn’t for nothing.” Long Haochen said in a serious tone.

No one objected, and after separating from each other, they made sufficient space for him.

With the Glorious Holy Shield in his left hand and the recently acquired sword Rippling Light in his right hand, Long Haochen walked in large strides towards that imposing red skeleton.

The two sides closed the distance quickly. On Long Haochen’s back, with a glint of golden light, his four wings unfolded. When he entered the range of twenty meters from the red skeleton, flames twinkled in the eyes of the red skeleton. Its three meters tall body immediately produced a spurt of flames aimed straight at Long Haochen.

Long Haochen didn’t step back. Abruptly speeding up he aimed to clash against the red skeleton, but didn’t use any dashing technique.

The distance was cut down, and when it was five meters, the red skeleton suddenly did a crouching motion, dexterously aiming the massive bone blade to cut Long Haochen’s neck.

Long Haochen already crossed swords with him innumerable times, and thus naturally knew what followed the red skeleton’s crouching motion. His charge didn’t slow down; only his footsteps appeared lighter and slower, while being a lot more dexterous. Abruptly bending his arms back, he flashed through the blade of the red skeleton.

The red skeleton put his power into his two legs, suddenly moving about with a half turn. Meanwhile, the shield in his left hand was swept toward Long Haochen in an earth-shattering motion.

To conform with the skeleton’s huge size, his shield was also extremely broad, giving Long Haochen an unavoidable resistance.

Of course, Long Haochen could rely on his spiritual wings for flight, but he didn’t do that. In the Tower of Eternity, the altitude was restricted. And if he tried to fly forcefully, avoiding the effect of Forbidden Sky would prove to be hard.

Against commonsense, Long Haochen who seemed to be unable to avoid the attack, suddenly did an unexpected movement: he started to crawl.

Precisely, in the instant the shield of the red skeleton was swept horizontally, he actually crawled on the ground in response.

That immense shield was swept above his back, almost making contact with it.

A Shield Back-charge was aimed at the ground, causing the crawling Long Haochen to instantly shoot up, letting his Rippling Light blossom with a myriad of brilliant rays. Against the red skeleton that temporarily lost the protection of his shield, he used a Demon Wiping Flash.

It could be said that Long Haochen’s response was quite imaginative. Along with the increase of his external spiritual energy, his flexibility increased incredibly, permitting him to do a lot of movements he was previously unable to do.

The red skeleton didn’t panic because of Long Haochen’s sneak attack. The immense bone blade instantly did a chopping motion, actually launching an Asura Strike. Exactly, he used Asura Strike with a single hand, and even with the backlash of his shield still affecting him.

After crossing swords with the red skeleton for so many times, Long Haochen and his group had painfully learned about the fact that in battle, no movement was superfluous.

However, this red skeleton clearly did a miscalculation. The myriads of light rays were suddenly condensed to another direction, aiming at the edge of the bone blade.

With a crispy Ding sound, the red skeleton fell back in spite of his massive build. As for the shield in his left hand, it couldn’t be used as a result of his previous action. This time, Long Haochen showed his ability to counterattack from a passively defensive state.

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