Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 368

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 368: Twelfth Holy Guard (I)

Coming out from the rear of the counter, Long Haochen’s group looked very calm, to the point that it couldn’t be said whether they gained something good or not. Although the Demon Hunters outside were very curious, no one approached to ask. These were the rules: no one could ask openly about others’ secrets. Furthermore, these commander grade Demon Hunt Squads were actually even more curious about the ages of Long Haochen’s group of three. After all, they looked far too young. Generally speaking, it was an ordinary thing to see Demon Hunters rise to the commander grade at thirty years of age. However, this group didn’t look close to thirty years at all and should be actually far from reaching that age.

“Boss, why did we buy those two pieces of Legendary Equipment?” Lin Xin asked, whispering into Long Haochen’s ear in a low voice. The excited look on his face had already disappeared, being replaced by a look of worry.

Two pieces of Legendary Tier Equipment had cost them 570,000 contribution points, and Lin Xin had spent 320,000 contribution points on himself alone. In spite of that, Long Haochen had said just before that Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu were to be prioritized.

Long Haochen replied, “Haven’t you noticed already? Legendary Equipment can’t be purchased that easily. We can’t just make the equipment of our attribute appear at will. I have looked in some shops: Legendary Equipment is in very high demand. It’s actually possible that except at the transaction center, no one else has any for sale. This way, a change of plan was necessary for us, and the best would be to buy what we can first, and then give it to whoever needs it. Contribution points are just a number, but equipment is more dependable.”

Lin Xin appeared puzzled over that, “But, what about that Pride of Ice and Snow? We have no one able to use it”

On a side, Cai’er suddenly chided in a low voice, “You are intelligent in normal times, but why are you acting so dumb now? Just because they are unwilling to spend 10,000 contribution points as inspection fee, the Demon Hunters wanting to buy don’t know what pieces of Legendary Tier Equipment are available at the counter. What we bought was of no use to us, but don’t tell me no other Demon Hunter can use it? You’ll just have to set up a vendor’s booth to exchange this staff for something we need and that’s it. If needed, you just have to add some contribution points to compensate, and this way, we will at least get the opportunity to acquire some Legendary Equipment.”

“That’s right!” Lin Xin suddenly realized in a flash, slapping his own forehead. With a laugh and a turn, he went for a run, impatiently setting up a vendor’s booth.

Just as Long Haochen predicted it, the others didn’t find Legendary Equipment that matched them on the third floor of the transaction center, and even Lin Xin’s operation wasn’t smooth. They naturally wanted to exchange the Pride of Snow and Ice for spatial or light elemental attribute equipment, but equipment for the spatial attribute was extremely rare, while equipment of the light attribute was the most needed by people. The people paying attention to the Pride of Ice and Snow weren’t few, but no one was able to make a satisfying deal.

However, as a whole they got some good things out of this trip. At least, Lin Xin’s strength was enhanced one step further. Now with his acquired Spiritual Stove of Phoenix of Blue Flames and his Fire Crystal Staff carrying fire Curse, Lin Xin’s utility for the team only kept growing. After gaining the Wings of Fire Dragon, his strength increased, which was a good boost for the team.

Having still gotten nothing until the evening, everyone returned to the villa. After having dinner, Lin Xin and Sima Xian slipped away. Lin Xin naturally planned on sending Ye Weiyang the dragon crystal, and Sima Xian proclaimed his glorified desire to ensure his safety, while his true aim was naturally…

In the bedroom, Cai’er and Long Haochen were seated in front of each other. Seeing Long Haochen’s pondering look, Cai’er asked, “Are you still worried about the equipment?”

Long Haochen relaxed his brows, replying with a smile, “Yes! I didn’t think that we would actually be unable to exchange the contribution points for good equipment.”

Cai’er shook her head, “Actually, you don’t need to think like that.”

“Oh?” Long Haochen revealed an inquiring look.

Cai’er replied, “Don’t you think you are too hasty for instant benefits? Ever since our Demon Hunt Squad was established, we have experienced quite a few dangerous and painful situations, but our growth truly reaches the point of leaving anyone speechless. In one short year, we went up from the soldier grade to the commander grade. Actually, our current need is not to keep raising our strength at such high speed. Perhaps our cultivation is still stable, but everyone is truly getting too cavalier.”

Hearing her words, Long Haochen’s pondering look immediately eased away, and he replied with a nod, “You are right, please go on.”

Cai’er replied, “In our current state, everyone has at least one piece of Glorious Tier Equipment, and quite a few contribution points left. Of course, the best scenario would be to find Legendary Equipment for every one of us, but given our current strength, we may not be able to immediately use the powerful equipment. Of course, exchanging contribution points for fighting strength is the best, but it’s not the only way. In our current state, we still have many ways to get stronger. I believe that currently our most urgent need is to raise our strength to be in a more stable situation. As for the exchanges to gain Legendary Equipment, it’s totally okay to wait until we reach the seventh step to look for it.

I asked Grandpa Ying, and he told me that in a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, a team possessing a piece of Legendary Tier Equipment is already pretty good. But what about us? Lin Xin’s new item aside, you have the Aria of the Goddess of Light, I have the Dagger of Samsara, Sima is about to get a piece of Legendary Tier Equipment from enhancing the Energetic Ball of Light, and Yuanyuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield advanced to this level without doubt from getting another Spatial Crystal. That are already five pieces of Legendary Tier Equipment! And all of us have spiritual stoves. I daresay that with our team formed of six people with fused spiritual stoves, if there were to be a competition between all commander grade Demon Hunt Squads, we would probably be the final victors. Today, you actually defeated a Temple Knight of the seventh step by yourself. In the whole battle, Han Yu didn’t even have to do anything.

By saying this much, I wanted to tell you that our current strength is already great enough. For this reason, you need not to worry so much about raising everyone’s strength.”

Long Haochen nodded in response, “Then, what do you think we should do next.”

Cai’er replied, “We should proceed according to your original plan. We can keep looking for Legendary Equipment, letting Lin Xin set his vendor’s stall for half an hour a day will be enough. A piece of equipment of the Legendary Tier like the Pride of Ice and Snow will surely catch the public attention. As long as he keeps coming at fixed hours every day, someone desirous for exchange will appear sooner or later. We can also start to make use of the few remaining dragon crystals on our side, to start enhancing everyone’s external spiritual energy while having everyone cultivate spiritual energy. We should actually wait a bit before entering the Tower of Eternity. As long as we focus on cultivating internal spiritual energy, we can get rid of our reckless attitude and become more steady step by step. We will need only a short amount of time to recuperate like this. In the meantime, we can take out some contribution points to get the abilities we all need. After reaching the sixth step, we will need some powerful secret techniques to strengthen ourselves. This is another way to raise our fighting strength. And actually, I believe that focusing on abilities is even better than to focus on equipment, because abilities can be used forever.”

Looking at Cai’er, Long Haochen showed a smile, “You’re right. You should have told me all of this earlier!”

Cai’er shook her head lightly, “Your decisions and your plans weren’t mistaken in any way. And moreover, you are the captain of our 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. Let’s keep our private conversation between ourselves; you don’t need to tell them about my help to reach these conclusions. An excellent captain should better have a single voice, even for us…”

Reaching this point, her charming face blushed slightly but she didn’t keep speaking further.

Long Haochen took Cai’er’s hand, and declared in a quiet tone, “You are really my good wife. Can I give you a hug?”

“I don’t want to.” Cai’er replied in alarm, launching herself to the ground. Ever since the intimate moment between the two of them after the fusion of spiritual stoves in the Illusory Paradise, she appeared a lot more bashful than in the past, actually unwilling to let Long Haochen approach her lightly.

Long Haochen scratched his head in helplessness, “Don’t run away. Don’t tell me you think I would force you?”

Cai’er giggled, “Annoying! Just who’s your good wife? How could you already be so perverted at fifteen years of age?”

Long Haochen smiled in response, “I just don’t know who insisted on sleeping on the same bed as me. It seemed to me that this person was younger than me.”


In the morning.

Long Haochen, Cai’er and their comrades sat in a circle as they were used to, sharing their breakfast.

Sima Xian held a huge bowl of rice in his hands, eating his share in a wheeze.

Chen Ying’er couldn’t help but worry for the table, “Bald man, pay attention to your image, will you?”

Lin Xin revealed a mocking smile, “Ignore him, he’s really depressed now.”

Long Haochen spoke next, “Oh right, what did Miss Weiyang say when you went to offer her a dragon crystal? And what’s up with Sima?”

Lin Xin replied, “Miss Ye didn’t accept our dragon crystal. She said that you were right: a divine sword isn’t something that can be considered over money. Since you could make its light reappear to the world, Miss Ye is already satisfied. She says that if we really want to compensate her, we can support her in case she ever needs some help in the future.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows. He would actually have prefered to pay the cost of a dragon crystal over having a commitment towards the other side. After a short time of pondering, he gave the reply, “Then go back to her today, and tell her that helping her is okay, but this would be limited to me alone, and cannot involve our whole team.”

“Okay.” Lin Xin gave his agreement.

Long Haochen studied Sima Xian who was eating with great concentration, and gave Lin Xin an inquiring look.

Lin Xin laughed hard, “He has been struck hard. When seeing that pure beauty, she directly told him: ‘I don’t like baldies, and I don’t like bald priests all the more.’ Then she left, without giving him a single glance. And now, he’s trying to reduce his grief with food.”

Chen Ying’er laughed on the side, “Sima, you cannot give up just like that, you know!? Chasing after a girl is not so easy you see! However, I just feel that you shouldn’t hope for too much when pursuing that pure beauty. It’s the beauty and the beast, the contrast is too great, hahaha.”

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