Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 365

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 365: The test of the Temple Knight (II)

The Temple Knight was still a veteran powerhouse who quickly returned to his composed self after the shock. After giving a knight salute to Long Haochen, he shouted loudly, “Let’s start then!” Saying that, his unicorn rushed towards Haoyue at a fast pace. It was surrounded by strong fluctuations of light, instantly bursting out from the knight. One could clearly see the powerful Holy Fire conjured on his unicorn. A powerful pressure exuded him, and the Temple Knight’s right hand turned transparent gold, from the use of Brilliant Body. He was really going all out from the beginning.

The other examiners activated the protective barrier of the Warrior Stadium without hesitation. This was a battle involving powerhouses of the sixth and the seventh step. And since they were all using mounts, heaven knew what destruction the battle would cause without the use of the barrier.

To everyone’s surprise, Han Yu and his Demonic Eye stood motionless on the side, not co-operating with Long Haochen at all. Only standing far from them, Han Yu had his sword in his right hand and his shield in his left hand, silently watching the battle.

No one had more confidence in Long Haochen than him. He personally witnessed the awakening of Long Haochen as a god’s chosen one. After that, what was a single powerhouse of the seventh step? Could a Temple Knight who recently broke through to the seventh step really defeat Long Haochen, who was currently at the sixth rank of the sixth step?

Without any need for Long Haochen to give him the instruction, Haoyue rushed forward at the same time the unicorn approached. Stamping the ground with his four robust limbs, he crunched his four claws into the ground, directly rushing at the opponent. Some low-pitched and some resounding incantation sounds were heard at the same time from his four heads, and the light in his eyes intensified.

The unicorn unfolded its wings, brazenly rushing forward and taking flight. Instantly, a pair of large spiritual wings spread out on the back of that Temple Knight, and in tandem with the unicorn, he flapped his wings at a strong pace. His speed almost tripled just at that time, turning him into streams of golden light rushing towards Long Haochen on Haoyue’s back. The Temple Knight’s lance was aimed at him, and emitted golden streams from its point.

The two parties weren’t separated by a large distance anymore, and right after the Temple Knight and his mounted unicorn soared to the sky, they dove down in a split second, falling at an incomparable speed. But right at that time, Haoyue’s four heads were done casting their spells.

After evolving, Haoyue didn’t only gain the head Little Blue, but his evolution strengthened him as a whole. This was clearly reflected in all the spells he used.

A green glow appeared in the sky, directly aimed at the Temple Knight and his unicorn, greatly slowing down their rush forward. With a flap, the Temple Knight instantly strengthened the Holy Fire by twofold, routing that green light in the shortest time possible. This was Wind Constriction, a constrictive spell of the fifth step.

The wind spell was the fastest, but the following attacks were more powerful by a lot.

An enormous fireball and an enormous ice ball instantly rocketed in the air. The two balls soon reached two meters in diameter, and as they rose in the air, the red and blue colors formed a true combination of fire and ice. Furthermore, the instant they appeared and were locked on the Temple Knight and his unicorn, the air in the sky actually changed color.

The Temple Knight felt the air before him burning, while a cold chill reached his back. This was the true meaning of a combination of ice and fire.

Little Light aimed a golden glint at Long Haochen. A brilliant golden light bolt reached out for his chest. Right at that instant, Long Haochen felt the spiritual energy in his body seemingly rise up. He sensed his spiritual energy increasing by 2,000 units.

Because these additional 2,000 units of spiritual energy were coming from external help, it felt incompatible with his internal spiritual energy, but would completely affect his next attacks.

This was Spiritual Light Boost, a powerful supportive spell of the sixth step. Providing incredible support to powerhouses of the light element, it could rise spiritual energy by 2,000 units, which was a shocking number. In fact, usually a knight of the fifth step would only have a total of 2,000 units of spiritual energy or a bit more only.

Facing the powerful attacks of ice and fire, the Temple Knight didn’t dare to use Holy Fire and felt helpless. He could only control his speed and his direction downwards while pointing his lance downward too. Two gaudy golden bolts of light erupted at the same time as the shield in his left hand was shifted to the left side.

With two enormous bangs in the air, the unicorn clearly shook violently, letting out a pained cry, and even the Temple Knight felt very unwell. Although he destroyed the attack from Little Flame and Little Blue, the combined effects of ice and fire caused a change in temperature affecting the stability of the fluctuation of his own spiritual energy. Right at that time, he arrived before Long Haochen.

Pointing his spear forward, he aimed for Long Haochen’s chest.

Long Haochen was standing on Haoyue’s back, preserving a hunched posture. In his left hand, the Glorious Holy Shield was ready since long ago, and brazenly blocked the attack. Right at that time, a golden light silently rose behind him. Scarlet golden flames instantly surrounded Long Haochen’s body, while an intense golden halo rushed against the attack of the Temple Knight.

All of this happened very quickly, and the spectating people only saw Long Haochen and the Temple Knight confront each other, meeting head on for the first time.

The Temple Knight rode his unicorn to attack from above Long Haochen, but in his defensive posture, Long Haochen only retreated slightly, illuminated by golden light from Divine Obstruction.

All the observing examiners were dumbstruck. At the sixth step against an opponent of the seventh step, he forcibly blocked his all out attack as if it was nothing?

How could they know about the boost granted by Haoyue and Yating, and the weakened state of the opponent? Long Haochen also used Divine Obstruction, known as the most powerful defensive spell for knights.

The fact that he managed to stop this full force attack implied that Long Haochen had the strength to deal with the opponent.

The unicorn did a turn in the air, once again confronting Long Haochen, and the expression on the Temple Knight’s face looked more serious. At the time his lance collided against the Glorious Holy Shield, his senses were assaulted like a shaking mountain. Even if he was greatly weakened, given his use of Brilliant Body, he should be suppressing Long Haochen completely on the elementary aspect. But things actually turned out contrary, and to his stupor, he found out that the one whose element was being suppressed was himself. Long Haochen’s light seemed a lot more pure, and above his shoulder floated a Light Element Fairy, but how did it look so substantial? And atop of that, it should have been one of her abilities that blocked him.

At that time, Yating stayed in the size of a third of the meter, silently floating above Long Haochen’s shoulder.

“Houuu” Haoyue raved with his four heads simultaneously, and indistinctly, a massive purple illusion appeared above Haochen’s head. It looked simply like a flash, and no one saw clearly that right at that instant, the unicorn suddenly came to a standstill before swaying in the sky in panic. It was forced to slowly land on the ground.

Forbidden sky? So Haoyue’s mere roar managed to trigger a Forbidden Sky?

Long Haochen was already experienced, so how would he let such an opportunity slip by? His spiritual wings rushed out from his back, and all four flapped. In a flash, he appeared before the landing unicorn. In his right hand, with a surge of light, the Aria of the Goddess of Light was thrown into battle for the first time under his control.
A massive golden sword blow took shape in the air, forming a terrible glint of light in a circular sector, chopping directly at the Temple Knight.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light let out some sob-like buzzing sound, as if expressing its frustrations accumulated for more than a hundred years.

The Temple Knight was also outstanding. When facing such a sudden attack, he swiftly discarded the shield in his left hand, pushing this hand on the back of his unicorn instead. As he emitted a powerful surge of light element spiritual energy to help the unicorn stabilize, his lance was released like a bolt of lightning. He aimed right at the core of Long Haochen’s strike, actually looking for the sharp point of the Aria of the Goddess of Light in the midst of his Asura Strike.

“Ding.” A ringing clashing sound was spread widely all around.

It could be clearly seen that a golden trace was left on the armor of the Temple Knight, coming from the power of Asura Strike. Long Haochen’s attack was finally blocked by the Temple Knight.

However, this was just the beginning of the Temple Knight’s shock. At the time his lance clashed against the sharp end of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, it hit that spiritual pearl, and the sharp point of his own lance dissolved at a shocking speed. The instant the two parties clashed against each other, his lance actually lost over a sixth of a meter in length.

Not only that, but with a flash of purple light, Haoyue unexpectedly appeared under Long Haochen. With an horizontal sweep of his tail, he violently whipped the unicorn and the Temple Knight.

“No good!” The Temple Knight secretly called out, rapidly grabbing the shield on the saddle with his left hand, while standing on his toes. Rushing out from the back of the unicorn, he clashed against Haoyue’s tail.

A shocking scene happened next, and Haoyue’s four heads became all purple colored right in the instant he clashed against the Temple Knight. Immediately afterwards, with a loud bang, a Shield Charge was launched by the Temple Knight, but was actually overpowered by Haoyue’s tail, causing the unicorn to crash against the ground, falling down in a trembling heap.

Of course, Haoyue’s massive figure also dropped down due to the effects of gravity.

However, Long Haochen landed before everyone else, flapping his four wings. With a purple gling he appeared next to the falling Haoyue. Although the shock from the fall still shook the ground greatly, this only raised some dust.
This was the utility of their blood contract on the battlefield. After breaking through to the sixth step, the link between Long Haochen and Haoyue enabled a connection close to instant teleportation between the two of them, proving to be of massive use in battle.

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