Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 362

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 362: Test for Demon Hunt Squads of Commander grade (II)

Long Haochen gave him a doubtful look, “What? Is there any problem?”

“No, nothing.” The staff member clearly stuttered at the time he spoke, gulping his saliva. Formerly, they were the ones who raised an upsurge in the mission tower. And given how young they looked, let alone reaching the commander grade, the fact that they were a general grade Demon Hunt Squad was already extremely shocking.

However, he quickly welcomed the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad. This staff members didn’t dare ask about their circumstances, and only said respectfully, “Please follow me to the Alliance’s Great Stadium. I have already notified the Demon Hunt Squad inspection team. Your test will be conducted in the Warrior Temple’s Stadium.”

“Understood, thank you.”

The Alliance’s Great Stadium wasn’t far away from the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower. Rapidly, everyone arrived at the test grounds.

The serviceman from the Alliance hadn’t told them that the ones in charge for testing were already there. And furthermore, they were actually a group of six. From their equipment, it could be seen that they each came from their respective Temples, and all looked to be around thirty or forty years old.

Seeing the group of seven led by the staff member enter the stadium, these six examiners couldn’t help but exchange looks, displaying some great surprise.

They… They are just too young. Could it be that they mistook this location with the place of promotion from the soldier grade?

However, when the staff members showed the knight examiner the papers Long Haochen’s group just filled before, they understood that there was no mistake, and that they were really prepared to pass the test to rise to the commander grade. However, just how old were they? It didn’t even look like any of them reached twenty-five years of age yet.

That staff member from the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower rapidly retreated after delivering the form. He was going to act as supervisor.

Although they still felt doubtful, there was nothing these examiners could say. After all, the form Long Haochen’s group filled out was very clear. According to their respective cultivation, these youngsters indeed had the strength to take the test for a promotion.

Long Haochen strode forward, arriving before the six examiners. Placing his right fist on his chest, he gave a standard knight salute, “Examiners, Captain of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad Long Haochen reports.”

The knight examiner leading the other group also gave a knight salute, “Hello, I am the knight that will be assessing you this time. Every Demon Hunt Squad needs to undergo our trial to get promoted. The contents of the test will be explained soon, but first of all, we need to check the accuracy of your spiritual energy values. Then, we will be able to start the test of strength.

Everyone will need to pass the test for the team to get promoted. Have you made your preparations?”

Long Haochen gave a respectful reply, “Reporting, all the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad are ready.”

The knight examiner gave a nod, “Okay, then let’s undergo the test of spiritual energy. If everything written on this form is accurate, every one of you should be at the sixth step. Be prepared for individual tests right after that.”


The others all moved forward and lined up in a row. Every examiner handed them a water crystal used to estimate internal spiritual energy, and the first task for them was to release their spiritual wings before undergoing the test.

This was to avoid cheating. After all, some pills could temporarily increase internal spiritual energy, but they couldn’t fake the symbol of the sixth step, the spiritual wings.

Under the examiners’ shocked gazes, the seven of them immediately spread eight pairs of spiritual wings. Intense surges of elementary spiritual energy immediately filled the air in the Warrior Temple Stadium.

The others examiners were still better off. Although they saw that these youngsters were still young, to have dared to accept the test, they should have their own secrets. But the knight examiner was completely startled.

Han Yu’s spiritual wings were ordinary, only a bit larger than the spiritual wings of ordinary knights of the sixth step, which was a visible proof of his great talent. However, at the time Long Haochen released those four wings sparkling in resplendent light, this examiner was absolutely shocked, immediately becoming blank and speechless.

What… What kind of spiritual wings are those? Being a high ranked knight, he had seen uncountable quantities of spiritual energy in the past, but it was the first time he saw such odd wings, consisting of two pairs!

The crystal in Long Haochen’s hand also gave a strong impression. The final count of spiritual energy was 7,316 units, actually showing some visible reservations on his form.

The other examiners also watched him attentively. These four wings were indeed just a too rarely seen thing.

The knight examiner finally came back to his senses with difficulty, “Long Haochen, what happened to your spiritual wings?”

Long Haochen gave a loud reply, “Examiner, I don’t know either. It is very possibly resulting from a variation of spiritual energy.”

Sima Xian at his side couldn’t help but cut his way in, “Examiner, our Captain just has a superior talent, thus naturally did not turn out the same way ordinary people do.”

A superior talent? The knight examiner let the corners of his mouth twitch. Wasn’t his superior talent just too tremendous? This odd situation had to be reported.

“Please wait a moment. Because of your particular spiritual wings, we will have to report your situation to the Alliance, but the others can already start their own tests.”

Long Haochen was also somewhat helpless, but his spiritual wings were something he couldn’t change. At the time of release, they inevitably came in two pairs.

“Okay.” The knight examiner hurriedly left. While the other examiners also felt really curious, the test had to go on. Since the knight examiner left, Long Haochen and Han Yu naturally could only watch the rest from afar. According to the sequential order, the first to be tested was Wang Yuanyuan.

The others temporarily withdrew from the stadium, only leaving Wang Yuanyuan and the examiner of the Warrior Temple inside.

This warrior examiner had a sturdy build, and an imposing stature. On his left hand was a shield and on his right hand a heavy sword. He wasn’t complacent against Wang Yuanyuan. Demon Hunters and ordinary people weren’t the same. With both sides at the sixth step, Demon Hunters would at least be able to handle two or three ordinary opponents. Although Wang Yuanyuan was very young, this examiner was still extremely prudent.

“Are you prepared?” The warrior examiner asked Wang Yuanyuan.

Wang Yuanyuan replied, “Please wait.” Her spatial armor was neatly worn, and looking at it, the examiner was full of envy. The other party was also only at the sixth step, but already clad in a piece of equipment at the Glorious Tier, while even as an examiner, he had just a spiritual armor.

Bang. The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield suddenly fell to the ground, giving the warrior examiner quite a fright. This terrible shield was even larger than Wang Yuanyuan herself, and carried a domineering aura that was brazenly spread out.

Yet another piece of equipment at the Glorious Tier? The mouth of the warrior examiner twitched once again; being a Demon Hunter truly looks enviable.

While embedding her three spatial gems in the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, Wang Yuanyuan asked the examiner, “Examiner, how do we pass the test?”

The examiner replied with an agonized expression, “We examiners are all approximately at the fifth rank of the sixth step. You will have to defeat us to pass the test.” Because of the shock from the sight of Long Haochen’s four wings, the examiners actually forgot to explain the contents of the test. Their cultivation of the fifth rank of the sixth step meant that they reached the standard of an internal spiritual energy that was above 6,600 units.

“Okay, then I’m ready now.” Wang Yuanyuan nodded.

Their conversation was heard by everyone close to the field, and Sima Xian bravely declared, “Eh, fifth rank of the sixth step. What a lack of pressure from them.”

Long Haochen shot him a glare, causing him to shut up. Nonetheless, the nearby examiners didn’t look disturbed at all. To be honest, you’re just equipped a bit better, but the gap of spiritual energy isn’t something that equipment alone can bridge. But right as their mood was wavering, the battle on the other side started, or more accurately speaking, ended. With a glint of silvery light, it was over in one blow.

That’s right, from beginning to end, Wang Yuanyuan only used a single attack, and actually went to test the ability of her own spiritual stove. Her attack was simple: she instantly teleported through the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gate, before arriving at the back of the warrior examiner and continued brazenly with Space Splitting Sauté. That warrior examiner only made it in time to use his shield to resist instinctively, but immediately, the shield was broken and the man sent flying, landing twenty meters away. He violently crashed to the ground and left a ravine on the ground of the Warrior Stadium. Just like that, the battle, no, the test was over.

Wang Yuanyuan was all the more surprised from this result, murmuring, “Spiritual stoves are really of great use!”

The other four examiner instantly looked petrified. What was that? Just like that? And that female warrior, didn’t she just used instant teleportation? A warrior able to teleport instantly?

Han Yu was the first one to react, launching a healing spell on that examiner from the Warrior Temple.

In truth, Wang Yuanyuan’s strength didn’t present such a large gap with this warrior examiner. But the Spatial Gate was just of too great utility, not only accomplishing instant teleportation, but also perfectly concealing the fluctuations of spiritual energy coming from Wang Yuanyuan in the process. If not for the fact that that warrior examiner unconsciously turned around due to sensing the danger, the Space Splitting Sauté would have hit him directly.

As her own strength went up, Wang Yuanyuan began to be able to bring out more and more of the power of the Divine Soul Shield. In itself, Space Splitting Sauté was a powerful ability of the Divine Soul Shield, and caught off guard like that, even if this warrior examiner had a stronger spiritual energy than Wang Yuanyuan, he couldn’t resist that. Thus, he suffered such a huge loss. Of course, he didn’t end up seriously wounded, since Wang Yuanyuan didn’t keep attacking. Dejected and depressed, warrior examiner crawled up from the ground, and actually gave a look devoid of good intentions to Wang Yuanyuan, declaring the words, “Examination passed”, before leaving with a gloomy complexion.

Wang Yuanyuan came back to her comrades, shrugging her shoulders to hint that she didn’t actually expect the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gate to be of such great use.

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