Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 361

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 361: Test for Demon Hunt Squads of Commander grade (I)

In front of absolute strength, everything was futile. The auction hall that was pierced by the power of light, which now had a large hole in the roof, immediately fell silent, and the contestants dejectedly left fast. No one dared to linger around.

Although a lot of people were dejected from that last incident, after the auction, the Alliance’s Great Auction House undoubtedly gained even more in prestige.

The first item presented in the auction was the magical crystal belonging to a Devil Dragon, but the last one they had kept in reserve was the Aria of the Goddess of Light. What item would be more desirable than that? Perhaps this was a piece of Legendary Tier equipment that would not necessarily be above a Devil Dragon crystal in utility, but its fame was far beyond any Devil Dragon crystal. Someone recognized as the master of this divine sword would at least become an honored guest of the Warrior Temple.

Ye Weiyang and Feng Ling’er were the last to leave the Great Auction Hall, and Ye Weiyang told Feng Ling’er to have a rest first, as she headed to a room in the rear of the second floor.

The door was tapped twice, “Senior, it’s me.”

“Please enter.”, came the answer in a downcast voice. It was exactly the person who shocked all the contestants with his might earlier.

“Yes.” Ye Weiyang pushed the door open and entered.

In the luxurious room stood a person, with his back turned towards the door of the room. This person was tall and clad in black, and didn’t turn around just because of Ye Weiyang’s arrival.

“Thank you, you did very well.” The downcast voice sounded quite sad.

Ye Weiyang lightly shook her head, letting tears stream down her cheeks, “I should be the one to thank you senior. With your assistance, the divine sword of my ancestor finally reappeared in the human world. He told me his name is Long Haochen.”

“Oh. If it’s him, he will lead the divine sword into a bright future, and perhaps even surpass your ancestor.”


The black-clad man said in calm voice, “You will see in the future. He broke through to the sixth step at merely fifteen years of age. This is one year earlier than Ancestor. In the future, perhaps all the records that exist in the Alliance will be broken by him.”

Long Haochen didn’t know of this mysterious driving force backing the auctions of this time. After leaving the Alliance’s Great Auction House, he immediately removed his mask. Naturally, he wasn’t afraid of anyone recognizing him as the youth who just gained the approval of the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

Quickly, everyone from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad met outside of the auction house.

“Captain, you…” Lin Xin rushed towards him with some excitement. Having just had a thought, he was however stopped from speaking with a gesture from Long Haochen.

“Let’s speak about this after heading back.” Long Haochen made a gesture to the others who hurried to leave, directly heading to the area of the villas belonging to the Demon Hunt Squads.

It could be said that this time, the results were extremely pleasing. Not only did Wang Yuanyuan obtain the spatial crystal she yearned for, and Lin Xin obtained quite a few good things for a good price. The amount of gold coins he used up wasn’t high, and more importantly, Long Haochen undid the seal on the Aria of the Goddess of Light, making it acknowledge him as its master. Even if its uniqueness and the soul of this divine sword weren’t considered, the weapon was at the peak of the Legendary Tier, leaving them greatly pleased.

As the captain and the soul of the team, the fact that Long Haochen obtained such a weapon would raise the battle strength of the whole team.

Returning to the villa, Lin Xin impatiently yelled, “Boss, hurry up to show us your divine sword.”

With a nod, Long Haochen outstretched his right hand. To everyone’s shock, it turned brilliant gold, just as if he had put on a glove, but this glove was completely fused with his hand. Emerging out from his palm, was a small round gem in dim gold. It was precisely the spiritual bead originally placed on the tip of the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

Long Haochen remarked, “This godly sword cannot be stored in the Eternal Melody. This seems to be due to its own pride. However, it can make its way into my hand, and I seem to be able to sense its power under those circumstances.”

Saying that, he lifted up his right hand. With a flash of golden light, the dazzling Aria of the Goddess of Light appeared once again before their eyes.  

If it was only in terms of demeanor, this godly sword would be inferior to Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. However, the aura released from it made completely up for that. While it reached a terrifying length of two meters, its blade also reached an extreme width of a third of a meter.

Without a doubt, if this godly sword were to appear on the battlefield, it would simply be a weapon of slaughter.

Long Haochen gave his sword an affectionate look. He really became fond of it, to the extent that his excitement from getting it even surpassed the reaction he had at the time he obtained Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was obtained through a trial, so he could be said to have subdued it, but this godly sword actually acknowledged him.

More importantly, Long Haochen cared about the glorious prestige of this sword’s past. In his heart appeared a certain urge to use it.

“I won’t let you remain in the darkness. I will let you shine with the same brilliance as back in the times the divine holy sword wielder Ancestor Ye roamed the whole continent.”

As if understanding Long Haochen’s words, Aria of the Goddess of Light made another buzzing sound.

The bright light of the sword vanished, and returned into Long Haochen’s right hand, whose palm turned golden again.

Long Haochen turned around, looking at his comrades, “Everyone should rest for today. Tomorrow, we’ll go and raise our grade in the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower. Then, we’ll try to find Legendary Tier Equipment for everyone as fast as possible, before getting some training in the Tower of Eternity and proceeding with our journey.”

This simple instruction explained all his future plans. After getting promoted to the commander grade, they would be able to head to the third floor of the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center to buy some Legendary Tier Equipment. After changing to new equipment, and returning to the Tower of Eternity to continue their training to increase their group’s battle strength, they could return to complete missions as a Demon Hunt Squad.

“Lin Xin, can you please go back to the Alliance’s Great Auction House tomorrow and offer one of our remaining Devil Dragon Crystals to lady Ye Wushang? Just tell her it’s a little something from me to make up to her.”

“Okay.” Although Lin Xin was a stingy person, he clearly knew about accounts; giving a dragon crystal for the Aria of the Goddess of Light was no loss for their side.

Next day, Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower.

Demon Hunt Squads of different grades would come to accept different missions in the Mission Tower. When a Demon Hunt Squad wanted to get promoted to a higher rank, their members would have to apply for the upgrade at this place, and undergo a test initiated by the mission tower.

On the second floor of the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower arrived a group of youths, totalling seven people, who proceeded on their way after showing their tile as general grade Demon Hunt Squad.

The staff members behind the six counters stood at the same time, giving these youths respectful looks.

Ever since the problems about the mission ‘Exploring the Desolate Hissing Cavern’, the Alliance firmly cleaned the ranks of the staff members working in the Demon Hunt Mission Tower. And with the direct execution of the previous coordinator, the current staff members working there were not only a lot more prudent, but also showed a much better attitude. This was especially the case on the second floor.

“Excuse me, can we know the procedure to raise our rank to the commander grade?” This group of youngsters was led by a very handsome person. He looked like someone who came out of a painting, with his black hair draped over his shoulders, and his eyes of a limpid golden color. Even with a mere glance, his image would easily leave a deep impression.

The youth who asked this question was Long Haochen, and at his side were the others from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Long Haochen directly addressed the staff member behind a counter. In this place, there were only six counters, and six staff members to manage them.

“You want to rise to the commander grade?” The staff member was startled, but continued, “Respectable Demon Hunters, raising your rank to the commander grade requires all the members to have broken through to the sixth step of cultivation, and to pay a hundred thousand contribution points. Additionally, your squad has to undergo a test. Are you sure you want to proceed?”

Long Haochen nodded, “I am sure. But just what is this test about?”

This staff member appeared very patient, “Due to the fact that the missions increase marginally in difficulty after gaining a grade, the Alliance created a certain test for the sake of the Demon Hunters’ safety. Thus, at the time you want to raise your grade, you will need to pass this test, and only by succeeding can you indeed accept higher missions after advancing in rank. Of course, the contribution points required to rise to the next grade are only paid once. Even if you cannot pass the test now, you can try it again after raising your strength.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Okay. Then we want to take the test to rise to the commander grade.” The need for a test to ascend in rank was the t Alliance’s way to take responsibility for them, so they naturally had to go along with that. Demon Hunters always strived to pass missions of a high level of danger, but without sufficient strength this could easily result in their death.

“Okay. Then please wait a moment. I will ask you to pay 100,000 contribution points first.”

Without being told by Long Haochen Lin Xin stepped forward, and transferred 100,000 contribution points to that staff member. The staff member took out a form to be filled by Long Haochen, before leaving in hurry to inform the staff for the test.

The form was very simple. It only encompassed gaps where the team members had to fill in their names, strength, and original Demon Hunt Squad number.

Long Haochen filled the form this way.

21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Captain: Long Haochen, Radiant Guardian Knight of the sixth step, internal spiritual energy 7,000 units.

Vice-captain: Cai’er, Stealth Master of the sixth step, internal spiritual energy 5,000 units.

Member: Wang Yuanyuan, War Ancestor of the sixth step, internal spiritual energy 5,000 units.

Member: Sima Xian, Red Cardinal of the sixth step, internal spiritual energy 5,000 units.

Member: Lin Xin, Magic Conductor of the sixth step, internal spiritual energy 5,000 units.

Member: Chen Ying’er, Beast Master of the sixth step, internal spiritual energy 5,000 units.

Retainer knight of Captain Long Haochen: Han Yu, Radiant Knight of the sixth step, internal spiritual energy 5,000 units.

When Sima Xian wrote the words Red Cardinal while filling the form, Long Haochen unconsciously looked at this Red Cardinal focussed on brute strength, and helplessly shook his head.

The staff member didn’t leave for a long time. As he returned, he glanced at the form filled by Long Haochen. After a mere glance, he lost his voice, “You are the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad?”

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